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Dr. Norman Druck, MD


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Dr. Norman Druck is an ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctor, also known as an otolaryngologist, practicing in Chesterfield, MO. Dr. Druck specializes in diseases and disorders of the ear, nose and throat as well as other parts of the head and neck. Such structures an ENT may work on include the sinuses, larynx (voice box) and mouth in addition to the ear, nose and throat. There are seven areas of expertise that an ENT might specialize in, and these are: allergies; facial reconstructive surgery; head and neck; laryngology; otology/neurotology; pediatric otolaryngology; and rhinology.

Education and Training

Univ of Il Coll of Med, Chicago Il 1970

University of Illinois College of Medicine 1970

Board Certification

OtolaryngologyAmerican Board of OtolaryngologyABOto

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Dr. Norman Druck, MD
Dr. Norman Druck, MD's Expert Contributions
  • What could be the reason for chronic sinusitis?

    This is a complicated question, as in a child we need to consider congenital issues as well. But the first thought has to be an allergy, and allergy testing is important here. Immune deficiencies, especially IgA, should be evaluated. Nasal obstruction can do this so an exam for a deviated septum or choanal atresia is needed. If nasal polyps are present, then she should have a sweat chloride test to rule out cystic fibrosis; although this can exist even in the absence of polyps. Or, the simplest explanation is that just as in many adults, this is the end result of a bad viral infection and should eventually respond to medical treatment. She should be evaluated by an ENT physician to look for these answers. READ MORE

  • My son is 4 years old and is suffering from throat irritation. Could it be a strep throat?

    Yes, he could. The usual signs of strep along with a sore throat would be a fever over 101 and swollen glands in the neck. And in a 4-year-old, also lethargy and irritability. You should have the pediatrician see him and do a strep test, and start antibiotics as this is a bacterial disease and should be treated with medication if present.   READ MORE

  • vertigo and meat eating

    I have never heard of this before and doubt any association. Of course, there is the potential for unusual sensitivity reactions, such as red meat allergy due to tick bites, or a reaction to additives, such as salt or antibiotics that may be in the meat. But vertigo has many causes so if it is persistent and bothersome, a visit to your local ENT doctor is advisable. READ MORE

  • Post-nasal drip for 2 years?

    Sometimes you just have to see the doctor to find out what is actually the problem. Your symptoms have a number of possible causes. Allergies, chronic sinus infection, acid reflux, abnormal structures or lesions of the pharyngeal (throat) mucus membranes, congenital abnormalities are some of the possibilities. I suggest at least one visit to your ENT doctor and have a real medical evaluation. READ MORE

  • Help, please. Question about laryngitis treatment.

    In general, acute laryngitis can result in prolonged hoarseness. The vocal cords have very few lymphatics so that swelling and inflammation can take a long time to resolve. Treatment is usually voice rest and increased fluids; using antibiotics when there is evidence of actual infection. In your case, the azithromycin seemed to help so there must have been some infection. You were fortunate that the hoarseness resolved so quickly, but you should not have been smoking anything that soon. It is not necessary to be concerned with the value or harm from marijuana as a drug. Any smoke has particulate matter and gases that are irritating that would make the inflammation worse. Fortunately, resting your voice and drinking a lot of water, and giving this more time should let the problem resolve completely. Next time you don’t feel well, try some Tylenol and read a good book to relax. READ MORE

  • tooth abscess

    A true abscess is an acute process and is usually quite painful. It should either have drained and resolved or expanded and caused problems that would have demanded immediate attention. If it is a real, chronic dental problem, such as a periodical abscess, then you most likely need the services of an oral surgeon who would be more able to deal directly with this type of problem. However, I have doubts about the actual diagnosis and a consultation with an ENT doctor may help clear this up and suggest or provide more appropriate treatment. READ MORE

  • Am I at a risk of throat cancer if I quit a smoking habit of 3 years?

    The short answer is yes. However, having quit, the risk decreases over time. Recent evidence suggests that after 10 years, the risk may return to what it would have been had you never smoked; but this is not a proven fact. In any case, don’t smoke; if you do, quit and don’t start again. READ MORE

  • Can I have reduced taste sensation during a sinus infection?

    If you look a little harder, you might find that our taste is normal. Sweet, sour, bitter, and salty are tasted on the tongue and are probably intact. Temporary anosmia, or loss of your sense of smell, is fairly common with a sinus infection, and is caused by the swelling of the nasal lining and blockage of the upper part of the nasal airway where the olfactory fibers are located. This can be a prolonged problem if the sinus infection becomes more chronic, but usually it resolves when the infection subsides. Much of your sense of taste is actually due to your sense of smell, which is why this happens. You probably can’t smell a cup of coffee, but a potato chip will still taste salty. READ MORE

  • Is it possible to experience nasal blockage after a slight blow to the nose?

    Yes. Some swelling is to be expected from a direct hit, even with a rubber ball. If there is bleeding or nasal blockage, then injury to the septum must be considered. The most serious issue would be a hematoma; if this is the case, the nose is usually quite tender to touch and there will be a fleshy looking mass inside the nostril. If this is the case, immediate consolation with a ENT specialist is warranted. Otherwise the septum could be fractured or displaced. There would probably be nasal obstruction that would persist and eventually need consultation, but this is not urgent like the hematoma. Try ducking next time. READ MORE

  • What causes a sharp pain behind the back of the neck and ears?

    In this case, it is most likely neuromuscular; most likely a strained ligament or muscle. Symptomatic treatment should be adequate. READ MORE


  • Sinusitis
  • Hearing Loss
  • Ear Infection
  • Acid Reflux
  • Ear Wax

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