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Dr. Monika Korff practices Allergy and Immunology care in Columbia, MD. Dr. Korff specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of asthma and other allergic diseases. Allergist-Immunologists are trained and certified to treat each patients sensitivity and response to allergens of varying severity. Dr. Korff provides several means of testing and treatment to increase immunity to potentially harmful substances.

Education and Training

Loma Linda University MD 2001

Board Certification

American Board of Allergy and Immunology

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Female English 11 years of experience
Dr. Monika Korff M.D.
Dr. Monika Korff M.D.'s Expert Contributions
  • Do allergies change?

    Yes, that is possible. Allergies can change over time - sometimes new sensitizations develop or old ones resolve. It is important to follow up with your allergist on a regular basis and update your evaluation periodically. Especially if you note any changes in your reactions.  Hope that helps.  READ MORE

  • What could be the best medicine for allergic rhinitis?

    Hello, allergy sufferer,  There are several options for you, each of them has risks/benefits, pluses and minuses, so I cannot say that one is the "best" one. I hope that by going through the options and dissecting them for you, you can make the choice that is a best fit for you.  1. Allergy medications - the one class of medications that offers most relief is nasal steroid sprays. Most of them are OTC now - Rhinocort, Nasacort, Flonase, Flonase sensimist. The work of variety of pathways and thus offer relief of most symptoms - sneezing, nasal congestion, post nasal drip, eye itching and swelling as well. However they will offer such relief only if taken consistently (daily) during the season which bothers you the most. Another advantage is that they can offer what we call pre-seasonal prophylaxis - if you start them 2-3 weeks before the peak of the season you will minimize or eliminate the breakthrough symptoms once the pollen gets very high. The most common side effects are nasal irritation and potentially nose bleeds, some people also get a sore throat.  Antihistamines  - Claritin, Zyrtec, Allegra, Xyzal, the good old Benadryl can also help but they work on fewer symptoms compared to the nasal steroid sprays. They primarily help with itching, sneezing and runny nose.  Oral decongestants such as Sudafed, phenylephrine can help with congestion but we do not advise using them frequently because of their stimulant effects and stress on the cardiovascular system.  2. Immunotherapy - known commonly as "allergy shots" is a very effective way to desensitize patients and make them mostly symptom free over time. They require allergy testing to decide which allergens need to be included in the solution and should be administered by a licensed allergist or another doctor's office that is comfortable with giving allergy shots. That is necessary to minimize the risk of an allergic reaction which is the biggest risk one takes on when pursuing allergen immunotherapy.  There are some oral tablets for oral immunotherapy which can be done at home by the patient that are less risky and while helpful in reducing symptoms, may be not as potent as the shots. However, you still need an evaluation by an allergist to see if you are a candidate.  Hope that helps inform you of your options so you can decide what is best for you.  Sincerely,  Monika Korff, MD READ MORE

  • What causes lactose intolerance in certain people?

    Dear mom,  I am sorry about the issue you are dealing with in your young child. We do know what lactose intolerance results from - a lack of enzyme that is needed to break down lactose that is a sugar found in milk. Unfortunately, we do not know why some people are lacking that enzyme. There are some hereditary patterns - some parts of the world for example have a higher prevalence of lactose intolerance. Sometimes people are born with the deficiency and their issues with dairy are noted early in life like in your child and other times people develop the deficiency over time - as they get older. At times the progression is sudden (people develop issues with dairy quickly) and other times gradual and slow - people notice the GI symptoms slowly creeping up on them. It is not clear why the enzyme's production diminishes or is completely lost in those people - at times that is a result of a GI virus, other times prolonged illness and use of antibiotics and other medications for long periods of time but the reality is each case is different. Lactaid products are rarely helpful and I generally do not recommend their use in my patients.  I would like to reassure you though that your child will not be lacking nutritionally because of his lack fo dairy consumption and will grow and develop without any issues. Dairy by itself is not a requirement for human development. Calcium, fat, and protein, which are found in dairy products is what humans need, but the reality is they can find those nutrients in many other food groups. Fresh fruits and veggies, eggs, legumes, meats, and seafood are all good sources. There are a variety of non-dairy milks currently, which can provide your son with what he needs - combination of tree nut milks (almond, cashew, hazelnut, etc.), coconut milk as well hemp and pea protein milk are all excellent choices.  I hope that helps and relives some of your angst.  Sincerely,  Monika Korff, MD READ MORE

  • Is Pubic itching sign of an allergy?

    I am sorry to hear you are uncomfortable. While an allergy could be present, it is the least likely cause for the symptoms. A thorough GU evaluation and also dermatologic exam will be important and should be done first. Taking cultures and evaluation for potential bacterial or fungal overgrowth should be done as they are more common and can certainly trigger the symptoms. Allergic triggers usually cause generalized itching, so such localized symptoms while could be allergy related will require contact with the allergen only in that body area.  Hope that helps,   Monika Korff, MD READ MORE

  • How should I deal with my daughter's oral allergy to apples?

    Unfortunately, your daughter is not alone. Oral allergy syndrome with fresh fruits and vegetables is quite common. It results from cross reacting proteins found in certain pollens (Birch tree, ragweed, mugworth and Timothy grass being the main ones) and those fruits and vegetables. While this oral allergy carries negligent risk for systemic reactions and normally does not require Epinephrine device, the symptoms can be quite bothersome and include itching, during, mild swelling or hives. They are usually self limited and resolve without intervention though oral antihistamines may prove helpful. There is no direct treatment for this allergy - we generally recommend avoidance of the offending fruit or vegetable but those can safely be eaten in a cooked form. So fruits from cups, cans and in baked goods as well as apple sauce or juice will be tolerated. Some patients who choose to undergo immunotherapy (allergy shots) for their inhalant allergies may see an improvement or sometimes complete resolution of the oral allergy symptoms though this is not the outcome for everyone.  So, in a few words, she can safely eat cooked forms of apples but I would advise avoiding raw/fresh apples for now and any other fresh fruits/veggies that trigger similar symptoms in the future.   Hope that helps.   Monika Korff, MD READ MORE

  • How effective are lactase enzyme tablets?

    In my clinical experience not very effective. First, however, let me clarify that lactose intolerance is not an allergic issue. It is a food intolerance caused by a deficiency or a lack of enzyme needed to break down lactose. Some people are born lacking the enzyme and others may develop the deficiency later in life. There is no “cure” for the condition as we cannot replace the enzyme. The tablets may help to reduce the symptoms a bit but for most of my patients they have proven ineffective. The best approach is to avoid consuming dairy - you and may try lactose free products but even those at times may prove to be a challenge. Hope that helps. Sincerely, Monika Korff, MD READ MORE

  • Does echinacea work?

    Depends on how you define "really works." It is not harmful and can contribute to better functioning immune system. However, if you expect the turn off the cold symptoms in 24-48hrs just because you started to take it, you will be disappointed. Remaining on it during the cold flu season daily (similar approach with vitamin C) may prove to be more beneficial than as needed use.  Hope that helps,  Monika Korff, MD READ MORE

  • Why am I allergic to just soy milk and no other soy product?

    Very good question. Many of the other products contain soy lecithin or soy oil which are devoid of actual soy protein which is the molecule that the human immune system develops an allergy to. While soy beans and tofu do have concentrated soy protein cooking those products (the heat during cooking) alters the structure of the protein and is some patients (like you) that prevents the immune system from recognizing the trigger thus not triggering an immune response. So, as long as they do not bother you keep eating those foods - I suggest avoidance of soy milk as you have alternatives and there is no need to unnecessarily stimulate your immune system.  Hope that helps.  Sincerely,  Monika Korff, MD READ MORE

  • Strange allergy, what is it?

    What you are experiencing is not strange at all. It is called oral allergy syndrome - OAS for short. Believe it or not, it is an extension or a result of your inhalant (pollen) allergies.  When we develop allergic (IGE) antibodies to certain pollens - ragweed, some grasses and minor weeds and birch tree pollen - those antibodies make the immune cells in the oral cavity (mouth, tongue, the back of the throat) react to certain fresh or raw fruits and/or vegetables. Families of proteins are shared between those fruits and vegetables and the pollens and so the immune response is triggered or stimulated. The most common foods involved are apples, stone fruits, melons, carrots and celery, cucumber, bananas, kiwi, avocado. At times, peanuts and tree nuts can trigger such symptoms. When those foods are processed or  cooked the proteins change their form so the immune system is not activated as it does not recognize the food as a trigger any longer.  The good news about this syndrome is that it is fairly benign and there is less than 0.5% of systemic or anaphylactic reactions so we usually do not prescribe an epinephrine in such cases. You can safely continue to consume the offending foods in their "cooked/processed" forms, just avoid eating them raw/fresh. Some patients who do allergen immunotherapy or allergy shots for their inhalant allergies notice less or even no reactions to the foods over time, but not everyone experiences an improvement to a degree to allow them to freely eat the foods. So, not much to worry about. Thank you for the question and hope this helps you in some way.   Sincerely,  Monika Korff, MD READ MORE

  • Wheat sensitivity?

    I am sorry you are experiencing discomfort. It is certainly possible - not as frequent as gluten sensitivity, but I have seen it. Unfortunately, just like with non-celiac gluten sensitivity, there are no reliable tests no confirm it as the process of sensitization is not well understood. I think it maybe easier to switch to gluten free products as that will ensure no cross contamination. However, if there are products that do not trigger the symptoms you can certainly continue to consume them. Hope that helps. Sincerely, MK READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Food/medication allergies, oral and subcutaneous immunotherapy, asthma, inhalant allergies, atopic dermatitis and urticaria management


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  • America Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology
  • American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology
  • Maryland Allergy Asthma Medical Society

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  • Howard County General Hospital ( Columbia, MD )

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