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Dr. Thomas Kovack is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in shoulder, elbow and knee disorders and surgery. He is a partner at Hand and Microsurgery Associates, 1210 Gemini Pl., Columbus, Ohio. His office is near the Polaris mall. He also practices at Dublin Methodist hospital in Dublin, Ohio. He performs the typical procedures in the shoulder, elbow, and knee such as joint replacement, tendon and ligament repair or reconstruction, fracture repair and arthroscopy. He also performs other procedures such as joint resurfacing for younger or highly active older patients who don't want the limitations of conventional joint replacement surgery. He also performs cartilage restoration procedures to help avoid joint replacement surgery. He also performs robotic total and partial knee replacement surgery which has shown the advantages of less pain, less invasive, more precise and faster recovery. He also performs arthroscopic procedures where most perform open through larger incisions. These include arthroscopic biologic total shoulder resurfacing with osteochondral allograft, massive rotator cuff repairs, Latarjet procedure for instability and graft procedures for rotator cuff repairs. These procedures are described in more detail on his website www.columbusshoulderdoc.com. 

Education and Training

Kansas City University of Medicine DO

Board Certification

American Osteopathic Board of Orthopedic Surgery

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Male English 12 years of experience
Dr. Thomas Joseph Kovack DO
Dr. Thomas Joseph Kovack DO's Expert Contributions
  • Dr. Kovack - First Robotic Total Knee at Dublin Methodist Hospital, Dublin, Ohio

    Dr. Thomas J. Kovack is now offering Stryker's Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Total and Partial Knee Replacement ProceduresInnovative Technology Allows Surgeons to Personalize Procedures to Each PatientMarch 20, 2019. Dublin, Ohio- Dr. Thomas J. Kovack is the first orthopedic surgeon at Dublin Methodist...

  • Robotic Knee Replacement

    Robotic total knee replacement is now being offered at Dublin Methodist Hospital in Dublin, Ohio by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Thomas Kovack. This procedure has shown the potential advantages of less pain after surgery, more precision, less blood loss and quicker recovery. This procedure is typically...

  • What surgery is done for a dislocated shoulder?

    If you did have a true shoulder dislocation where it came out of socket and had to be reduced or put back in place I would recommend an MRI with arthrogram to see how much damage there is. If there was just some capsular injury then you may not need surgery. If there is more extensive damage like a labral tear, ligament tear or fracture then you may more likely need surgery. This is typically a repair performed arthroscopic through small incision and minimally invasive. It is outpatient or same day surgery. Recovery would depend on how much had to be repaired and can range from 6 months to a year for complete recovery. READ MORE

  • Can my son wait to have ACL surgery?

    Usually ACL surgery is not an emergency. However, if he would have a bucket-handle meniscal tear causing his knee to lock up and reduce his motion or a loose body floating around in the knee these conditions could meet some of the the criteria of the current guidelines for having surgery now as opposed to waiting later with the current restrictions of elective surgeries under COVID-19. READ MORE

  • How to manage knee pain?

    You first need a diagnosis. Treatment is dictated by it. You can start with your primary care doctor or see a specialist, like myself, if your insurance will allow. READ MORE

  • How soon can you walk after rotator cuff surgery?

    You typically you can walk the same day. After the anesthesia wears off usually within a few hours. READ MORE

  • When should you see a doctor for elbow pain?

    If the elbow limits your function and is not helped with anti-inflammatories, rest or ice. Usually give it a few days to a week. If it’s still painful and limiting then see a doctor. READ MORE

  • How long does a torn ACL take to heal?

    It depends whether it’s a partial or full thickness tear. Partial tears can take up to 6 to 8 weeks or longer to heal but usually require some type of immobilization initially. Full thickness tears will not heal and he may need to seek further treatment with an orthopedic surgeon. READ MORE

  • What happens if tennis elbow goes untreated?

    If you are symptomatic, you can continue to have pain and possibly some loss of activities that you’re normally used to doing. You can develop partial thickness tears in the tendon and even injury to the ligament underneath the tendon overtime. READ MORE

  • What could cause a numbing sensation in my knee?

    If you had swelling around the knee the pressure from the fluid can press on the skin nerves and cause the numbness. Also if you hit your kneecap on something like the ground this can cause swelling from a contusion and can also cause the numbing feeling. It should go away over time. Ice and elevate for the swelling. You could even take a short course of NSAID’s such as Ibuprofen or Alleve. READ MORE

  • What can I do for son's shoulder pain?

    If he had a traumatic injury such as a fall and has significant pain he probably needs an x-ray to rule out a fracture. If there’s not a fracture and I t’s more of a contusion or a soft tissue injury then you can try and treat this conservatively for a period of time. If it does not get better advanced imaging would be the next step. READ MORE

  • How important is stretching?

    Stretching is very important especially as we age. The older we get the less flexible we become and the more prone to injury you are. I would stretch the body part you’re going to be working out with before and after your work out. This will help keep muscles, tendons and ligaments from injury. READ MORE

  • Can working out too much be bad for my health?

    Actually that is true. Your body does need rest in between workouts. If you are strength training your muscles need rest in between to grow. I see many overuse injuries because people don’t give their body enough rest. READ MORE

  • Should I see a doctor for my shoulder pain?

    You can give it a few days to see if the pain resolves. You can take some ibuprofen for the pain if needed. Also ice for any swelling. Rest it and don’t do any activities that bother it for a few days. If it is still hurting I would go get an evaluation. READ MORE

  • Is tennis elbow a chronic condition?

    Tennis elbow is something that can be chronic. It can also come and go. You can have times where you’re fine and other times you’re not. One thing you could try that you have not is a Cortizone injection. Also we are using PRP or platelet rich plasma injections for tennis elbow with good results. It is a technique where we take some of your blood and spin it down to get the platelet rich plasma or growth factors. We injected into that area to help heal the tissue and decrease the inflammation. If your symptoms persist despite conservative treatment I would recommend an MRI. Sometimes there’s an underlying tear in the tendon and or ligament. READ MORE

  • Are there any stretches I can do to correct shoulder pain?

    Stretching is an important part to warming up before you play. Bring your arm all the way up to the front, the side and behind you about 10 times each way to warm up. Strengthening is also important. Hopefully you were doing that as well. If your shoulder pain continues despite this you can try taking some anti-inflammatory medication like ibuprofen. If it still persist I would recommend getting a diagnosis so you know what you’re treating. READ MORE

  • Will a CT scan of my spine show how to treat my injury?

    A CT scan will only help if you have a fracture. If it’s more of a soft tissue injury like a disc herniation you will need an MRI scan. READ MORE

  • How long will it take for me to recover from a shoulder surgery?

    The length of recovery depends on what all was done in surgery. Typically shoulder surgery can take anywhere from six weeks to six months for full recovery. Most of the time you should be nonweightbearing of the operative arm for the first 4 to 6 weeks. If you have a desk job you could go back to work within the first week as long as you are off pain medication and not lifting with that arm. You would also have to find a ride to work if your arm is in a sling. If you have to go back to work when you can lift it may be at least six weeks to three months. Depending on how heavy you will have to lift. READ MORE

  • Why do I have pain in the back of my knee?

    Sometimes you can get fluid in the back of the knee called a Baker’s cyst that can cause some discomfort. I have seen swelling below the knee due to this. It can be caused from something inside the knee such as arthritis. You would have to be examined to confirm this. READ MORE

  • Why do my knees hurt after running?

    It could be tendinitis, bursitis or even early arthritis. I doubt it’s anything that would need surgery because you are so young. Usually try rest, anti-inflammatories and always stretching before your run. If it gets worse I would recommend to see someone to examine you. READ MORE

  • What kind of doctor should I see after potential knee injury?

    I would see an orthopedic doctor for something like that. Sometimes insurance will require you to see your family doctor first for a referral. READ MORE

  • Is it ok to work out if I am still sore from an injury?

    I would make sure you’re stretching before and after exercise especially the hamstrings that was injured. I would stay away from any exercises that are aggravating your hamstring. You can go back to them once it’s feeling better. If you’re having some discomfort I would recommend an anti-inflammatory medication like ibuprofen. I would give it a few weeks but if you’re still having issues I would recommend seeing someone for it. You could start with your family physician first or else go to an orthopedic specialist if your insurance allows. READ MORE

  • Does elbow dislocation require surgery?

    What is her age? It really depends if there was any other injuries such as a fracture. Most of the time if someone dislocates the elbow and then has it reduced and there are no fractures it can heal without surgery. Initially there is a period of immobilization then physical therapy to gradually get back the range of motion and strength. Most the time it takes about three months to get back to normal. If the elbow should be unstable after that surgery may be an option but most of the time these can be treated without surgery again if no other injuries such as fractures occur. READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Total shoulder resurfacingArthroscopic Biologic Total Shoulder ResurfacingRobotic Total and Partial Knee ReplacementArthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair with Collagen PatchCartilage Repair and Restoration in the Shoulder, Elbow and KneeAdvanced Arthroscopic Surgery in the Shoulder, Elbow and KneeReverse Shoulder ReplacementTendon TransfersKnee and Elbow ResurfacingKnee ACL Repair and ReconstructionKnee Meniscal Repair Surgery

Professional Memberships

  • American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons  
  • American Medical Association  
  • American College of Osteopathic Surgeons  

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