Joel Walker, HSE Advisor, Emergency Physician | Emergency Medical Services
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Joel Walker, HSE Advisor


3606 Ambassador Caffery PKWY Lafayette LA, 70503


Joel W. Walker- Critical Care Remote Offshore Paramedic / HSE Advisor

Education and Training

College Of Central Florida Medical Science 1991

Pasco/Hernando Community Paramedic 1998

Provider Details


Areas of expertise and specialization

Emergency Medicine/ Critical care Paramedic

Charities and Philanthropic Endeavors

  • Humanitarian relief volunteer programs , Projects in many different parts of the world.

Joel Walker, HSE Advisor's Practice location

Practice Remote Offshore Facilities , Vessels.

3606 Ambassador Caffery PKWY -
Lafayette, LA 70503
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Media Releases

Get to know Critical Care Remote Offshore Paramedic & HSE Advisor, Joel Walker, who works in Lafayette, Louisiana. 

Joel is a critical care remote offshore paramedic & HSE Advisor with Pharma-Safe Industrial Services, Inc. in Lafayette, Louisiana. 

Having been serving as a paramedic/HSE manager both offshore and onshore in remote locations around the world since May 2012, his contributions extend beyond providing medical care to clients and local inhabitants. He has set up medical clinics and stations in some of the most isolated and challenging areas, ensuring access to healthcare for those who would otherwise struggle to receive it.

In these remote regions, Joel has encountered patients with traumatic injuries, requiring critical care and immediate attention. His expertise and quick response have proven invaluable in saving lives and stabilizing patients until they can be transported to more comprehensive medical facilities.

As part of his commitment to making a difference, Joel goes beyond immediate care by providing medical training to clients and local healthcare professionals. This ensures that the impact of his work extends beyond his direct involvement, leaving a sustainable legacy of medical knowledge and expertise in the communities he serves.

Taking on the responsibility of setting up workstations and clinical laboratories, Joel enables thorough patient evaluation and treatment even in the most remote environments. He diligently maintains client records and files, ensuring seamless continuity of care and the ability to track medical histories for each individual.

Health, safety, and environmental observation and inspections are also integral aspects of his work. His keen eye for safety measures helps create a secure environment for both workers and locals in these challenging settings. Furthermore, Joel is equipped to provide emergency response and evacuation for large-scale projects in remote locations across the globe.

Throughout his 25-year journey, his humanitarian efforts have taken him to various corners of the world, including Tanzania, Equatorial Guinea, and over 30 other countries, often serving on offshore vessels and remote sites. His experience and dedication have earned him the role of a critical care paramedic, EMT, and HSE advisor for numerous international projects.

Having been actively engaged in charitable and philanthropic initiatives, Joel channels his efforts into humanitarian relief volunteer programs across various regions worldwide. His selflessness and expertise have positively impacted countless individuals and communities in some of the most challenging circumstances worldwide.

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