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Dr. Shahpour Esfandiari MD, Anesthesiologist

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Dr. Shahpour Esfandiari is an anesthesiologist practicing in Cleveland, OH. Dr. Esfandiari ensures the safety of patients who are about to undergo surgery. Anestesiologists specialize in general anesthesia, which will (put the patient to sleep), sedation, which will calm the patient or make him or her unaware of the situation, and regional anesthesia, which just numbs a specific part of the body. As an anesthesiologist, Dr. Esfandiari also might help manage pain after an operation.

Education and Training

Teheran Univ, Fac of Med, Teheran, Iran 1967

Board Certification

AnesthesiologyAmerican Board of AnesthesiologyABA- Critical Care Medicine

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Dr. Shahpour Esfandiari MD
Dr. Shahpour Esfandiari MD's Expert Contributions
  • What kind of anesthesia is used for wrist surgery?

    There are local anesthetics plus what we call conscious sedation (mild sedation where you're comfortable, yet you are awake), or general anesthesia if your condition is okay that puts you totally to sleep. Some folks do like that both are safe. General anesthesia is very safe these days. Some medical centers use local plus mild sedation just not for safety because it is less costly to their system. You should decide on that unless someone’s proved to you that general anesthesia is detrimental to your health. READ MORE

  • Can anesthesia change your personality?

    It may change your personality because some drugs that may use but most of them is temporary let say within 24-48 hours. Unless something has gone bad and damaged your mind like cardiac arrest or lack of oxygen to your Brain most of new drugs are short acting should be out of your system by few hours READ MORE

  • What type of anesthesia is used for a vitrectomy?

    General anesthesia is preferred. Some rare places they use local anesthesia, but that could increase your ocular pressure, something you don’t want that happens. Also, it is extremely uncomfortable to stay motionless. My advice is general anesthesia; it's safer and more comfortable. READ MORE

  • What drugs are used in general anesthesia?

    Depending on the type of surgery, hospital stay or outpatient surgery, and your health status, your anesthesiologist will decide after reviewing your data. There are over 50 different drugs, so it is a wide range of options. READ MORE

  • Does hand surgery require general anesthesia?

    No anesthesia needed, it is quick; no pain, no anxiety. For MRI, may need sedation if you are claustrophobic, but not for CT. READ MORE

  • How long does breast augmentation surgery last?

    Around 2-3 hours. Give 45-60 minutes for preparation and anesthesia, maybe an hour in recovery room. You are talking close to 4-5 hours before you are sent home or if they keep you over night in the hospital. READ MORE

  • What happens when anesthesia fails?

    Normally, this is not true. When you say anesthesia, you are talking close to 40 different anesthetics drugs. It may true that patients could be resistant to one, but then you could switch to another drug. Also, dose is different among patients. At all times, anesthesiologists monitor brain functions and cardiac function to ensure proper depth of anesthesia. On rare occasions, people have recall during surgery, but most happen from either error or bad drug. BIS is monitoring of brainwave finding patient is completely asleep and unconscious. READ MORE

  • Is it dangerous to have anesthesia with sleep apnea?

    Absolutely not dangerous. They have and will monitor you more carefully. Post-op, if you wear BIPAP, THEY WILL PROVIDE YOU. READ MORE

  • Is a CT scan done under anesthesia?

    No anesthesia needed for diagnostic CT. It is short and relatively open space and no claustrophobia unless they do certain procedures under CT. READ MORE

  • Why is epinephrine used with lidocaine?

    Simply epinephrine added to lidocaine to cause Vasoconstriction, resulting in less bleeding in the field. But sometimes it causes high blood pressure and increases the pulse rate. The surgeon or person who does the procedure should explain to the patient the pros and cons. Overall, it is safe. READ MORE

  • My son was given anesthesia before his CT scan and is now drowsy. Is this normal?

    Yes, it could be the case, depends what type of anesthesia they use. It may take sometimes between 4 to 12 hours for the effects of the drug to disappear if he has a normal kidney or liver. If any problems with the liver or kidney, even longer. READ MORE

  • Can anaesthesia for a patient who is on sleeping medicines be dangerous?

    No, in general terms, not knowing what kind of sleeping pills he is taking. almost in the vast majority of cases one should have no problems. Most anesthesia doctors will adjust their anesthesia medication plan tailored to each patient prior to medication. If there is a problem, it is days after the surgery, and the team again will adjust the dose of sleeping pills to either a higher or lower dose, in most cases, s higher dose because now they have pain and anxiety after the surgical procedure. Good luck. READ MORE

  • Am I really paralyzed under general anesthesia?

    Not always but in 70 -80% operation they use muscle relaxant to facilitate the operation literally muscle relaxants paralyzes you temporary at the end of operation they reverse it but all them you are unconscious and pain free There are many way anesthesia team monitor the depth of unconsiousness and paralysis . public they should know in extremely rare cases people have experienced awareness this is very rare always human error or problem with the potency of drugs again it is a rare event. *shahpour* READ MORE


  • Cleveland Clinic Fndn, Anesthesiology; Fairview Gen Hosp, Anesthesiology; Resurrection Med Ctr, Internal Medicine  

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