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Dr. Gregory Bernard is a Chiropractor practicing in Saint Paul, MN. Dr. Bernard specializes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating conditions associated with the neuromusculoskeletal system, while improving each patients functionality and quality of life. Conditions treated include sciatica, neck pain, and arthritis pain, among many others. Dr. Bernard seeks to reduce pain and discomfort through manipulation and adjustment of the spine.

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Dr. Gregory Winton Bernard D.C.
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  • At what age is an adjustment safe for children?

    Your question is a good one. Chiropractic schools train doctors to adjust and work with pediatric patients and many chiropractors specialize in peds. We adjust many babies to improve nervous system function, help with digestion, ear aches and reducing the traumatic effects from birth. The youngest I have personally worked with was about 2 minutes old. In your case, if your 13-year-old is having back pain, she should see a chiropractor who does a complete examination, perhaps even radiographs if indicated, and find the source of the pain. A trained chiropractor should be able to explain the back pain mechanism to you, so you understand the implications. Back pain in a 13-year-old is not normal and can be from a plethora of causes and should be evaluated diligently.  READ MORE

  • I am having pain in my calf muscles. What is the treatment recommended to get relief?

    You should have it professionally checked, because sometimes pain and cramping in the calf muscles can be related to more serious health conditions. Diabetic problems, poor blood flow, progressive neuropathies, etc. Given, you had that checked, then you need to review activity. Example: if you stand on concrete all day, that could be a factor, etc. There are some simple yet effective methods to keep muscles loose and reduce pain provided you don't have other serious causes. Dr. Bernard READ MORE

  • I have a back ache after my car accident. What can I do?

    First, my advice to anyone in a car accident even if very minor should have and examination and be checked out. Often, subtle damage can lead to long term pain later in life. Remember the pain does not correlate with the seriousness of injury. Often cancer has no pain or a sliver in your finger has a ton of pain. Get checked out to protect yourself down the road! Dr. Bernard READ MORE

  • Is yoga recommended to treat sciatica?

    Many Yoga stretches can provide great relief and reduction of sciatic type pain. If you have had sciatic pain for six months, you should have it looked at and determine what the cause is. Disc herniation? Degenerative changes causing nerve irritation? Just a piriformis spasm? Without the proper review of the cause, it may not respond to any conservative care until you know why? Further, in some circumstances any stretch or activity could make it worse. READ MORE

  • I've been suffering from scoliosis since I was 19 years. I am now 32 years old. Will this problem be corrected with surgery?

    Your question is very complex and with the limited amount of data provided it is impossible to answer with any certainty. Scoliosis has poor outcomes with surgery and with nonsurgical treatments. You will need to have a comprehensive work up with a competent neurosurgeon and then get another opinion. The options for surgical interventions are extensive, and varied. You have to understand the difference in technique and approach from a neurosurgeon vs and spinal orthopedic surgeon and if you are a actual candidate for surgery at all. READ MORE

  • I have undergone about 5 X-rays in the last 2 months for my spinal problem. Are there any risks?

    Without knowing the injury and or the rational and reason for the x-rays, it would be impossible to comment on the risk/benefit ratio of having 5 x-rays. Certain techniques use multiple x-rays to provide feedback on improvement, bio-mechanics and rational for treatment. The newer systems use much less radiation and most trained professionals only use radiographs when warranted. If your concerned ask the provider to explain the rational and use, so you understand the risk/benefit ratio. Dr. Bernard READ MORE

  • Why is there pain in my neck and head every morning?

    You really need a free consultation to answer this question adequately. First, is the pain new, old, chronic? Have you had any trauma? What do you do for work? These are examples of questions that play an important roll in establishing correct advice. You may need X-ray, MRI, etc., but without a correct history guessing is all you have. READ MORE

  • I have lipoma under my arms. Can a chiropractor help?

    First, establishing that it is a lipoma is critical. Ruling out more serious things first. Most lipomas that are problematic have to be excised, and often return. I have read articles of people trying to manipulate and break up with marginal results READ MORE

  • My mother has developed a problem of shaking hands. What could be the reason behind it?

    She needs an adequate diagnosis, finding out if she a central nervous system (brain) problem. This is to rule out many causes of hand shaking. Get an evaluation, then MRI and don't waste time as some conditions can progress quickly. READ MORE

  • Experiencing numbness and pain after elbow fracture treatment. Why is this happening?

    It is not unusual to have some numbness or nerve involvement after an elbow surgery depending on severity or nerve involvement and or scar tissue. If it persists, you will need an EMG/NCV to determine the exact location and possible MRI. These tools allow you to treat the problem without guessing. Many people suggest just doing soft-tissue and or pain control, but without the "wiring" diagram treatment will be guessing. READ MORE

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