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Dr. Anthony Dalessio MD, Emergency Physician

Dr. Anthony Dalessio MD

Emergency Physician

400 Penn Center Blvd Suite 602 Pittsburgh PA, 15235


Dr. Anthony Dalessio practices Emergency Medicine in Pittsburgh, PA. Dr. Dalessio assesses patients who seek immediate medical attention at any time of day or night. Emergency Medicine Physicians are trained to efficiently work with each patient and situation no matter how acute or life-threatening. Dr. Dalessio examines patients, determines means of testing, diagnoses conditions, and decides the best treatment methods.

Board Certification

Emergency MedicineAmerican Board of Emergency MedicineABEM

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  • Allegheny Gen Hosp, Emergency Medicine  
  • Allegheny General Hospital  

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Anthony Dalessio, MD

400 Penn Center Blvd -
Pittsburgh, PA 15235
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New patients: 412-823-3782
Fax: 412-823-5041

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