Dr. Dave K. Dorroh, DDS, PA, Dentist
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Dr. Dave K. Dorroh, DDS, PA

Dentist | General Practice

505 W Main St Tomball TX, 77375


Dr. Dave Dorroh is a Dentist practicing in Tomball, TX. Dr. Dorroh specializes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases and conditions associated with the mouth and overall dental health. Dentists are trained to carry out such treatment as professional cleaning, restorative, prosthodontic, and endodontic procedures, and performing examinations, among many others.

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Dr. Dave K. Dorroh, DDS, PA
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  • Can your mouth reject an implant?

    The real question is: Are implants 100% successful? The answer is no. To date implants enjoy a 90-95% success rate after 10 years! READ MORE

  • How can I make my dentures more comfortable?

    My question to you is- Did you just have extractions of all of your remaining teeth or are these dentures a replacement set? If these are Immediate dentures following tooth extractions- You can expect to be a little "miserable" for a couple of weeks while your mouth is healing. A soft temporary tissue conditioning reline placed inside the dentures by your dentist will maximize your comfort. If these are just new dentures they really should be evaluated by your dentist so that the dentures can be adjusted to remove areas inside the denture that are producing the "sore spots" that you are referring to. If the dentures fit properly and correctly these can be eliminated in one or two adjustments at the most. READ MORE

  • Are root canals more painful than fillings?

    The short answer is no. The real question is: Why does pain often occur for some people and not others following fillings and root canals as well as all dental procedures? The long answer is quite simple-some teeth are sicker and more broken down than others. If a cavity is small most often the patient will have little to no discomfort beyond 24-48 hours and that can be minimized by using a combination of Advil and Tylenol taken at the same time. Taking them at the "same time" is the secret! To quote my old pharmocology professor -"taking them at the same time is when the magic happens"! This combination of drugs is more effective than Codeine. Even severe pain responds to this powerful and effective therapy. The patients that have the most severe pain are the patients that have infected nerves or "pulps" inside their teeth at various stages of degeneration. Some of them have abcesses or they are undergoing the process of developing an abcess. Most of the time antibiotic treatment as well as actual treatment of the situation will eliminate the pain that occurs along with the pain med "combo". Most of our new patients come in and are expecting me to hurt them only to be amazed at how painless modern dentistry dilivered in a gentle manner can actually be even when they presented with pain. READ MORE

  • Does a dental implant procedure require general anesthesia?

    The short answer is no. The real question is do you require sedation to deal with your anxiety? If not local anesthesia in combintion with laughing gas READ MORE

  • How long does it take for a crowned tooth to stop hurting?

    The real question to be answered is: Just what kind of condition was the nerve inside of your tooth. Or how "big or deep" was the cavity. How close did it come to the actual nerve inside the tooth. If it was close you may need a root canal. My next question is: How well does the temporary crown fit? Is the actual tooth that was prepared for a crown covered with no exposed margins? Poorly fitting temporary crowns can have a multude of problems, including bite related issues as well as issues with the actual temporary cement. Best advice is to call your dentist and ask him to correct the problem . READ MORE

  • Is ibuprofen good for toothache?

    Advil combined with Tylenol is what I recommend to my patients to take for dental pain provided the are not allergic. Ultimately, you need to see a dentist and allow them to propery diagnose your problem and come up with a treatment plan to treat the problem. READ MORE

  • How can I quickly close the gaps in my teeth?

    The fastest and simplest way to close "gaps" between the front teeth is with bonding material. Ideally an evaluation should be done to identify the severity of the spacing problem and diagnose any biologic issues that might be present like decay or gum disease. After your problems are evaluated a review of findings and an action plan could be formulated to address your specific needs. If your "gaps" or spacing is too severe bonding would not be an appropriate choice. The only way to determine what is most appropriate for you is to have an examination in order to know for sure. Regards, Dave K Dorroh DDS PA READ MORE

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Dr. Dave Dorroh, DDS

505 W Main St -
Tomball, TX 77375
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