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Dr. Susan Fredericks is a Dentist practicing in Woodland Hills, CA. Dr. Fredericks specializes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases and conditions associated with the mouth and overall dental health. Dentists are trained to carry out such treatment as professional cleaning, restorative, prosthodontic, and endodontic procedures, and performing examinations, among many others.

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UCLA School of Dentistry D.D.S. 1981

UCLA B.A. Biology 1977

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Dr. Susan Fredericks D.D.S
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  • Will my root canal be canceled next month?

    I am not sure what you mean by cancelled. Is that in relation to offices being closed due to covid-19? Root canals do not heal on their own. They need definitive treatment to resolve. Your appointment may be delayed, but you still need treatment. READ MORE

  • Can a small crack in my tooth heal on its own?

    Cracks do not heal. Most fractures are only in enamel. Enamel does not heal. If it is small, it likely won't be a issue. Most people have some small chips and fractures. I do! READ MORE

  • What can be the cause of my teeth pain?

    Upper teeth can hurt for several reasons. It could be sinus related if during spring with lots of pollen. You could be grinding your teeth and setting them off. Or you could have decay , if you haven't been to dentist recently READ MORE

  • Do I need gum surgery?

    It would be extremely rare for you to need gum surgery at this age, unless you have never been to the dentist. You may just need a professional cleaning. Best route, visit your dentist and get a check up READ MORE

  • How do you prepare a tooth for a zirconia crown?

    YOU PREPARE THE TOOTH as you would for any crown. It's just a different material than gold or porcelain fused to gold. These are strong crowns, but not always the most esthetic. READ MORE

  • Do gaps between teeth close by themselves?

    If you were an 7 years old boy and had spaces, I would say there is a good chance as the other adult teeth erupt in, that the space will close. At this point you will likely need braces or Invisalign to achieve this READ MORE

  • Do crowns hurt afterwards?

    They can often hurt for a few weeks to hot cold or biting, but the majority of the time, this resolves quickly READ MORE

  • Can I treat gingivitis at home?

    Generally, more fastidious oral hygiene can help very much. Daily brushing 2x and flossing before sleep are big drivers of better oral health. READ MORE

  • Is fluoride toothpaste safe?

    Very safe, unless you are allergic to fluoride, which would be very unusual. Fl helps prevent and it some instances, reverse decay!! READ MORE

  • What happens if you never get your wisdom teeth pulled out?

    Some people can keep their wisdom teeth all their lives, with no problems. Many people need their wisdom teeth out simply because there is not enough room or space to accommodate them. They then push your other teeth out of alignment, or they erupt in at poor angles. So, if they are straight and in, keep brushing and flossing and NO PROBLEM! READ MORE

  • How do you massage your gums with braces?

    Buy a rubber tip at drug store or see if your dentist or orthodontist has one they can give you READ MORE

  • Are there any remedies for teeth clenching?

    The best remedy is to get a night or grinding guard to wear. You cant control grinding, but you can control negative effects READ MORE

  • Are dental CT scans for infants dangerous?

    I have never heard of this unless it is for a growth or development problem. To do this for routine care is not normal . Unless your child has significantly delayed eruption of teeth, I would not agree to this. CT scans are large doses of radiation READ MORE

  • Does apple cider vinegar help with toothaches?

    No sorry READ MORE

  • Why are my gums swollen?

    Yes, In general inflamed gums means you need your teeth cleaned and possibly some deep cleaning under anesthetic. If skin on you hand was constantly inflamed, swollen and bleeding, you would get a doctor to look at it. This is the same. Could also be a underlying systemic problem. READ MORE

  • How can I help my child stop grinding his teeth?

    Many children grind their teeth, especially when they are teething. Most just grow out of it. Kids lose a night guard in like 3 days!! It's not really considered a problem unless it persists when kids get older...like 12 years old. If grinding as a teenager, consider a night guard. READ MORE

  • Will my teeth shift if I lose a molar?

    If the teeth being removed are wisdom teeth, there will be no shifting. If you lose a forward tooth and this tooth is not replaced either by implant, bridge or removable denture...yes, your teeth will shift. And then, at a future point that you may want to address missing tooth, you may need orthodontic braces placed to correct movement. READ MORE

  • Why does the gum around my crown hurt?

    If the crown was recently placed , it might be a problem called biological width pressure. If the crown has been there for some time, you may need to get your teeth cleaned, if it has not been done recently. Best to have check up READ MORE

  • Impacted wisdom tooth?

    In the short term, you can get a water pic load it with salt water or a very dilute amount of bleach in it....2 drops when filling entire reservoir , and trying to flush out the food. The BEST solution is to remove the impacted tooth/teeth as soon as possible. The rinsing flushing is helping the symptoms of the problem, but not an actual solution. READ MORE

  • What is the best way to treat a cavity?

    By removing the decay and placing a filling. READ MORE

  • Are sweets bad for oral health?

    Depends on the sweet. Eating dark chocolate covered nuts has some health benefits. But just eating high sugar, sticky snacks is slowly dissolving the enamel of your teeth. Yes, you should cut down on eating much of this. READ MORE

  • What are the best home remedies for toothache?

    If your son is young, under 11, he could be having pain from erupting teeth. If so, address with OTC gel called Orabase and massage onto gums. Has your son had a dental check up lately? He may have cavities that need to be addressed READ MORE

  • Why do my teeth hurt after eating sweets?

    When you chew on sweets, the sugar begins to liquidate. If you have existing unaddressed decay, this sugar is getting in there and worsening the decay. Would be good to have a check-up. READ MORE

  • Does Listerine work well?

    Yes, I love Listerine. It has essential oils in it that others do not. But any mouthwash is going wash away fairly quickly from your own saliva. READ MORE

  • How can I improve my dental hygiene?

    Sounds like you are doing a great job! Have regular dental check-ups, too!! READ MORE

  • Can I eat before my wisdom tooth removal?

    If you are being put to sleep, you should not eat anything for 8 to 10 hours prior to appointment time. If you are having local anesthetic, try not to eat anything for 2 hours before and make it a light meal. READ MORE

  • I have a question about rinsing after brushing teeth?

    Rinsing with the standard non prescription products is freshening your breath, but doing little therapeutically.. Rinse if you like to, but for someone in good dental health, not a necessity READ MORE

  • Can I swallow my saliva after mouthwash?

    No, it won't hurt you. But try to spit out most of it. READ MORE

  • Can I scrape plaque off my teeth?

    After I have my teeth cleaned , it is usually a week or two before I feel the re-emergence of new plaque/calculus/ Plaque is the soft stuff and should be easily removed with a toothbrush. The more difficult to remove is the harden calculus. I keep dental instruments at home to clean this off in anterior area. This is why you need to get your teeth cleaned regularly by a skilled trained professional with the right tools. READ MORE

  • Are at-home teeth whitening kits reliable?

    At-home kits can work, but they take longer. If you have dentist supervised whitening, we can prescribe up to 35% bleach solutions. Home kits are usually 10%. Higher percentages require supervision, but you do see more dramatic results. READ MORE

  • Should I go to the doctor if my gums are swollen?

    YES, ABSOLUTELY!!! You likely have gum disease. Gum disease is a slow moving destructive condition that is slowly eating away the supporting bone around your teeth. The gums are inflamed as a reaction to the disease. You should seek out an appointment very soon. Ignoring it will cause the problem to worsen and ultimately loss of teeth. READ MORE

  • Can root canal treatments cause diseases?

    If you need a root canal, you already have a diseased, infected tooth. The procedure will eliminate the disease and restore this area to health. READ MORE

  • What tooth do you massage for a toothache?

    Generally, massage works well on young  patients who are having teething pain. When you are in your age group, you often think of wisdom teeth coming in. If the pain persists for more than a week, you should consider seeing your dentist, as it may be impacted teeth. READ MORE

  • Is a teeth cleaning by a dentist necessary?

    This is somewhat variable. I have a few patients on a once-a-year schedule. I have 20% of my patients on every 3 or 4 months. Most people need a cleaning every 6 months. You can't get all the crud off your teeth yourself. READ MORE

  • What toothpaste reverses gingivitis?

    Toothpaste won't do it. Regular cleaning, and sometimes every 4 months, not 6. There are prescription mouth rinses that can help, but you need to see your dentist. READ MORE

  • Should you rinse your mouth with water after mouthwash?

    No let it stay in your mouth. READ MORE

  • Are there any painful side effects after a teeth cleaning?

    If you have not had your teeth cleaned for some time....like over 2 years, your gums will likely be inflamed. Because of this, you may have some bleeding and discomfort. But within a few days, your gums will feel better than before they came in!! READ MORE

  • Teeth cleaning and wearing a partial?

    I think in your cases, the best bet would be to have an implant consult. Get rid if the partial altogether! Partials erode the teeth they are anchored to in the long run and then you end up with more missing teeth. Partials are inexpensive, but not a great choice. READ MORE

  • Why is my gum swollen around one tooth?

    Likely you have an infection in the gums, or you need a root canal on this tooth. Best to see your dentist. READ MORE

  • Does periodontal disease go away on its own?

    In only one case does it go away on its own...pregnancy inflammation. In most cases, it gets worse without treatment. READ MORE

  • Can I keep my teeth with periodontal disease?

    Left untreated, you will lose teeth. It will take some time to have this happen, but the long-term prognosis is not good. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in patients over 35. READ MORE

  • Can you kiss with Invisalign on?

    Sure, why not? Most men probably won't notice anyway! READ MORE

  • What do I do when filling falls out?

    Get into your dentist right away and have it replaced. Non action can make the situation worse and cost more if you delay too long READ MORE

  • Will antibiotics stop tooth pain?

    Antibiotics will treat the symptoms, but not the cause. They will help, but when finished, the pain will come back. Best to see the dentist. READ MORE

  • Can I go to sleep if my tooth extraction is still bleeding?

    Yes. Put an old towel over your pillowcase. Lying down decreases your blood pressure and this helps decrease bleeding. This is true if you have only a small amount of bleeding, or sporadic bleeding. READ MORE

  • What are the treatment options for oral ulcers?

    It is important to know what is causing the ulcers. Many people have food allergies and contact on membranes can cause ulcers. Ulcers can also form on the lips and mouth due to stress, like cold sores, and sunlight. In the worst case scenario, it could be a hpv or syphilis ulcer. Best to have your doctor check this out and diagnose the issue. READ MORE

  • What are the benefits of a dental bridge?

    A bridge is a very common form of replacing a tooth. Generally, if you have a healthy tooth on either side of the missing one, this works fine. The alternative is a single tooth dental implant.. often this is a better choice. This is because no treatment on the adjacent teeth is involved. If the adjacent teeth have no restorations in them, a bridge is not the best choice. Insurance companies will OFTEN NOT PAY for an implant, because it costs more and most of the time they want to pay for the cheapest although not best treatment possible. READ MORE

  • Does the hole from a pulled tooth close?

    It depends on several issues...if the tooth was infected, the area will take longer to heal. If it was an impacted wisdom tooth and bone had to be removed to access it, this could take 6 to 8 weeks. In general extractions site heal up in 4 to 6 weeks. Other factors, such as chronic diseases such as diabetes, affects this also.  READ MORE

  • When can you eat after a filling?

    If you had a silver mercury containing filling, you should wait 1 to 2 hours. Modern tooth-colored fillings set immediately, so you can put pressure on the tooth. However, IF YOU ARE STILL NUMB, you may want to wait to do any chewing until after the numbness goes away, as you could bite your lip! READ MORE

  • My filling hurts with the slightest amount of pressure?

    If the filling was large or deep or both, it may be irritated from the drilling. They should resolve in 2 to 8 weeks. If it does not resolve or gets worse, you may need a crown placed on this tooth. This will encase the tooth and take the biting pressure off of it. READ MORE

  • Can I get a filling without a root canal?

    Absolutey!! More than 90% of fillings are done with no root canal required READ MORE

  • How often do I need to get dental crowns replaced?

    Crowns can last a few years, or over 25! I had a gold crown in my mouth done in 1981. I had it replaced in 2005, as I no longer wanted to show gold. With regular visits and good care, it will last many years. If you do not get regular check-ups, it could fail in a few years. READ MORE

  • What should I do if my filling is loose?

    Go to the dentist right away and have it corrected! Waiting will introduce decay and bigger, more costly problems! READ MORE

  • What types of problems can dental x-rays identify?

    X-rays are an important tool to identify all kinds of issues we cannot see (infections, impacted teeth, tumors or growths, or missing or additional teeth). Digital X-rays deliver 10% of the radiation of the old type and much safer for patients. READ MORE

  • Can you get partial dentures with no back teeth?

    Absolutely, this is the most common type of partial performed. But you may want to consider implants, as they are much more functional and they don't come out of your mouth. READ MORE

  • Do all cavities need to be filled?

    In general, yes. However, I have patients who have been with me many years and sometimes I notice very small decay. Because they come in very regularly, I am just observing it. If it gets worse, I can always do a filling. READ MORE

  • How long does oral surgery take for wisdom teeth?

    A skilled oral surgeon can accomplish this in 30 to 45 mins when no complications! READ MORE

  • What is the small fluid filled bump in my mouth?

    Sounds like a salivary gland to me or a clogged gland. If it does not resolve, see a dentist. READ MORE

  • Is it normal for your tooth to hurt after a filling?

    Yes, no body part likes to be drilled on. Teeth are no exception. It may take a few weeks to have this resolve gradually. READ MORE

  • How can I reduce the sensitivity of my teeth after whitening?

    Most dentists have desensitizing gel they can give you. If not, brush with a desensitizing tooth paste. the best ones are by presription READ MORE

  • Can Invisalign aligners be worn while drinking tea?

    Yes, you can drink most clear liquids with them on. You may want to remove and rinse off when done> READ MORE

  • Is a root canal treatment safe?

    A root canal is totally safe, as long as it is done by a competent professional. Many root canals, especially molars on back teeth with multiple canals, are best served being done by a specialist, an endodontist. Most of them have a microscope to look into the tooth and find all the canals! But root canals can and do fail, but that rate is very low - less than 2%. All the best,    Dr. Susan Fredericks READ MORE

  • Do crowns ruin your teeth?

    in general, crowns are placed when you have a very large filling or when the tooth is substantially broken down. Crowns are generally not placed on teeth, unless there are clear problems READ MORE

  • What does it mean if your tooth hurts when you touch it?

    If you mean by touching it, you put pressure on it, it may be fractured or need a root canal. Best to have it checked out. READ MORE

  • Do I need a root canal before a bridge?

    As long as the support teeth are strong and healthy, usually a root canal would not be needed READ MORE

  • How long is the recovery after a root canal?

    In most circumstances, you recover in a few days to a week or so. However, if the tooth was badly infected, it may take a few months for all symptoms to resolve. Healing varies considerably in humans READ MORE

  • Professional tooth whitening better than OTC whitening strips?

    In terms of getting your teeth their whitest, I would say use trays with doctor purchased gel. Dentists can sell gel strength of up to 35% OTC is usually 10%, so it takes much longer to get good results READ MORE

  • The tooth where I need a root canal isn't bothering me. Why do I need it?

    Because there is infection present. I have encountered many patients like this who don't want to move forward. The infection can get so bad as to involve the adjacent teeth, that then need root canals, or land patient in hospital. THis has happened to several patients. Not usually the case, but if you had an infection in you skin and it did not hurt, would you ignore it? Just because you cant see it doesn't mean it is not a problem READ MORE

  • Are braces the only way to fix buck teeth?

    The correct way would be either metals braces or Invisalign or clear trays READ MORE

  • Why is my face swollen after a root canal treatment?

    The infection and inflammation has not fully resolved, Sometimes this can take 2 weeks. Take your antibiotics! READ MORE

  • Can dental implants cause heart problems?

    Dental implants do not cause heart problems. And folks with heart problems can have implants. They just need special management READ MORE

  • How long does a dental implant procedure take?

    If you need an implant placed in sound bone in an easy to access area,, no more than one hour. However, if you need bone or tissue grafting along with implant it will take longer. READ MORE

  • How is a bridge attached to the teeth?

    Most bridges are done but cutting down or shaping the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth, so that a crown can slip over them and hold the fake tooth on either side. If the adjacent teeth are healthy and without fillings, you should also consider a single tooth implant READ MORE

  • What will a dentist do for a broken tooth?

    Depending on the extent of the break, it can have a filling, a crown, or if very bad, an extraction. READ MORE

  • What happens when abscess ruptures?

    You need to go to the dentist. It ruptured because the pressure was to great to hold the amount of pus. It will reform and refill and you will go thru this repeatedly, if you don't treat the cause. READ MORE

  • How long does it take for a cavity to form?

    Varies tremendously. Some people take several years to form a cavity, others can take less than 6 months. Best to have regular checkups READ MORE

  • Do cavities get worse if untreated?

    Yes sometimes very quickly, sometimes very slowly. Best to have it checked regularly. READ MORE

  • How many dental implants can you have?

    A patient can have up to 8 to 10 implants per arch if needed. If all teeth are missing. And this can be done all at once READ MORE

  • What is the best dental floss?

    The one you like to use and are comfortable with READ MORE

  • How long does a temporary crown last?

    Temps usually last a few weeks. Sometimes they can be lab made and last 4 to 6 months READ MORE

  • Is it normal for your tooth to hurt after a crown?

    Yes it is usually sore few a few days to a week after READ MORE

  • Do root canals hurt after?

    Yes, they are usually sore for a few days...between very sore and mild pain. most symptoms resolve in a week or two but can take 6 to 8 weeks. READ MORE

  • Is it unusual for a crown to fall out?

    It varies . Crowns can be in place for years with no problems. But eventually the cement bond fails. If you chew a lot of gum or eat sticky candy, you can pull them off much more quickly. It also depends on how much tooth structure was left when crown was placed READ MORE

  • Can enamel grow back on teeth?

    No, once it is eroded or decayed away, it does not grow back READ MORE

  • Can missing teeth affect your speech?

    Missing teeth can absolutely affect your speech. If they are in front, it can also affect your self esteem and how others view you. READ MORE

  • When can I stop rinsing with saltwater after tooth extraction?

    3 to 5 days usually sufficient READ MORE

  • Can surgery remove canker sores?

    No surgery is not a treatment READ MORE

  • Should you go to the emergency room or dentist for a lost tooth?

    It depends. If it is a traumatic accident, you are bleeding and in pain and it is after hours, an ER is appropriate. But during regular hours, by all means see your dentist. READ MORE

  • Why do my dental implants hurt?

    They hurt because the surgeon drilled holes in your bone/jaw to place them. THe body does not like to be drilled on. The soreness will go away. READ MORE

  • What causes yellowing teeth?

    Smoking is the number one cause of yellowing teeth . It also has negative effects on your gums. My advice quit smoking!! Other causes are coffee, tea and red wine of coke. You will need to have whitening done to get rid of this. It will make it much better, but if you keep smoking it will come back quickly READ MORE

  • Does a root canal take longer to heal for a diabetic?

    Absolutely! All procedures take longer to heal. And gum disease is very common in diabetics. Please get your teeth cleaned regularly READ MORE

  • How soon after getting dentures can you drink alcohol?

    You can drink as soon as you get home or to a bar! READ MORE

  • Can food get stuck in dentures?

    You can absolutely get food stuck in a denture. You can also get very heavy and discoloring calculus buildup on them. Dentures should be checked and professionally cleaned at least once a year. Calculus can cling to any surface, dentures, crowns, bridges veneers and implants and of course, your own natural teeth. Susan Fredericks DDS MPH READ MORE

  • Does wearing dentures make your breath stink?

    A denture is made of plastic and acrylic and therefore can absorb smells to a small extent. But if you ate garlic, your breath would smell of that too, regardless if wearing a denture. It is important to keep a denture clean. Daily brushing and soaking overnight in a solution that cleans and refreshes should eliminate any problem or concern. Dentures do stink when they are not properly maintained! Susan Fredericks. DDS MPH READ MORE

  • Can a receding gum line be reversed?

    Receding gums can be reversed, but usually only by a surgical procedure. If the recession is not too bad, the doctor can take your own tissue and reposition it apically. If it is more severe, it may be necessary to do a connective tissue graft. If you are having recession at age 29, you may need to alter your brushing technique. Talk to your dentist about this. Happy Holidays,   Susan Fredericks, DDS, MPH READ MORE

  • What is the safest form of teeth whitening?

    All delivery systems are safe, whether they are at home trays or in office whitening. However, there are significant differences in sensitivity. Both systems can make teeth sensitive. In office bleaching delivers a high octane bleaching punch...the bleach is much stronger than you take home...35% Patients can have significant discomfort for 24 hours. But the whitening is done in 2 hours. Take home trays, you can get anything from 10% to 22% bleach. If your teeth get sensitive, don't wear the trays for a few days. The disadvantage...you have to be diligent and wear them. And with low power bleach, it might take you two weeks to get thereWearing the trays 90 minutes each day.  Dr. Susan Fredericks  READ MORE

  • How does a child get a tooth extraction under anesthesia?

    I would assume that by "Stubborn", it may imply a ankylosed tooth. This means the tooth may be partially fused to the jawbone. That being the case, it may be best to give the child some light to moderate sedation as well as local anesthetic. If the roots need to be picked or drilled out, this could prove to be emotionally traumatic without some sedation. This will need to be done by an oral surgeon or a pediatric dentist. Both have training in sedation.  READ MORE

  • Are silver fillings safe?

    Hello, Dentists in California and other states have to collect silver filling waste and dispose of it in a toxic waste container. Silver fillings have mercury in them, which is toxic to the human body. I do not do silver fillings anymore. Unfortunately, insurance companies like them as they are the cheapest material around. So, they are still frequently used.  And the dental board still deems them reasonably safe. I find it fascinating that the only two save spaces to store mercury silver fillings are in toxic waste dumps and peoples mouths! I would strongly suggest you ask about other materials for fillings. READ MORE

  • What will be discussed at my periodontal follow up?

    Not all surgeries are 100% successful. The doctor wants to see the result. The doctor will also tell you the perio disease is like high blood pressure. It is something you control long-term, not have a procedure done and you are cured. Many people don't understand or grasp that it is something that needs to be managed the rest of your life. READ MORE

  • How painful is a dental implant?

    The short answer is it is not very painful. I have had a patient get as many as 10 implants in one appointment and tell me the day after post-op that all he took was 600mg of motrin that night. Most patients report less pain from implant placement than from an extraction. Patients often anticipate great pain.That is not correct. However, the anxiety can be a force behind this. In cases like this, it is often best to be sedated for implant placement. You wake up and it's over.  READ MORE

  • Is ridge augmentation possible at my age?

    Age is not necessarily a defining factor in ridge augmentation. It depends on what you are trying to achieve. If you have osteoporosis that is affecting your jaw, there are other treatments. If you are considering placing implants and there is not enough bone to imbed implant into, you may need augmentation to create enough bone to stabilize the implant(s). This would all be determined by an oral surgeon and with 3D X-ray scans. Augmentation can be done in several ways, including taking bone from hip or utilizing part of the fibula. You may want to get several opinions. Age, overall health, and medications are all factors to consider. READ MORE

  • How many teeth can be in a bridge?

    Like so many situations, it depends. If you are missing 2 teeth, your bridge would need to be at least 4 teeth in total, the 2 missing teeth and one tooth on either side to anchor it. Under ideal circumstances, and very healthy anchor teeth, you could go with 4 missing teeth and two anchor teeth for a total of 6 teeth. Other alternatives are placing 2 implants. If the adjacent teeth to the 2 missing are in poor shape,(root canaled or periodontal bone loss), it may need to have 4 anchor teeth total. There are variables, but that is a ballpark! READ MORE

  • How long should my child be brushing their teeth?

    The recommended time is a minute on the top teeth and a minute on the bottom. Get a small timer for them and leave it in the bathroom. Tell them to set it for 2 minutes and brush. This makes it a game! READ MORE

  • How often should I mouthwash?

    It depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you have gum disease, rinsing twice a day, once after breakfast and once before you get in bed is best. If you have chronic bad breath from post nasal drip, you might want to rinse 3 times a day...or more. Make sure you brush your tongue, too, as it often has lots of bacteria on it. Listerine rinse has essential oils in it that others don't. It's my favorite to prescribe, but there are a number of good ones. READ MORE

  • Is tooth sensitivity a sign of decay?

    Tooth sensitivity is the number one complaint of patients. It can be caused by several issues. The most typical reason for sensitivity is gum recession and exposure of the root surface, that is not like enamel and has nerve ending that react to hot and cold and sweet/sour. Typically, if an individual tooth has decay, it can gradually start feeling more sensitivity. Since your questions referred to your molars, it could be you are grinding your teeth and this is the problem. The best resolution would be to have a check-up. READ MORE

  • How do I whiten my teeth once my braces come off?

    This is a good question and a common problem. Maintaining good hygiene, while wearing braces can be a constant issue. Often, when braces are removed, patients notice discoloration, often in an outline of where the bracket was bonded on. You can either do in-office bleaching, use trays and apply the bleach yourself, or do both. Doing both will probably get the best results. You may not be able to completely resolve and get perfect blending of color, but it will be a great improvement. READ MORE

  • I wear dentures. My gums are aching! What can I do?

    Losing all of your teeth and wearing full dentures is for most people, a very long miserable experience. Dentures are like popping in a plastic eyeball and saying this replaces your eye. Dentures replace only 10% of your chewing function. Lower full dentures are particularly awful, as they have no stability. The tongue is constantly moving them around and lifting them up. Adhesives are of little value. The best course is to try to save your teeth, at least some of them. There is a fairly new product out there the help the edentulous patient; it is the all on 4 implant retained denture. This is put in and not removable by the patient. The denture is attached to the 4 implants and does not press on the delicate lining of the mouth. The denture does not move around. Most patients are very happy with this treatment. The downside, it is costly. Even if you have dental insurance, it will cover only $2,000 out of approximately $22,000 per arch. The expectation is that the implants will last forever, the denture has a metal framework with a lifetime guarantee.....but the plastic teeth on the denture will need to be reset periodically. Most of the cost is upfront. It really is a quality of life issue. This treatment is so much better than the traditional denture . In answer to your sore gums.....try to wear the denture as little as possible....hardly a great answer, but a common problem, with no great inexpensive solution. READ MORE

  • How do I reduce plaque buildup?

    Plaque build-up is more a question of individual body chemistry than anything else. Some patients could get their teeth cleaned 4 times a year with scrupulous care and hygiene and others, who are not susceptible to heavy build-up, once a year with marginal self-care. I know, it's not fair. Keep brushing and flossing, you can keep in good dental health, it will just be more work for you. READ MORE

  • How to fix cracks in the teeth?

    Most people have surface cracks in the enamel of their teeth. For most people, it's not a problem and not noticeable. If patients drink a lot of coffee or smoke, these surface cracks can get stained and discolored. This is usually the problem. The simplest route would be to bleach the teeth, to make this less noticeable. However, bleaching becomes an issue that has to be maintained. The other solution is the veneer the front teeth. The veneers won't restain. This is a more expensive solution, but a more permanent one. READ MORE

  • Is root canal the only way to treat a tooth cavity?

    If a tooth has a deep cavity, either into or close to the nerve of the tooth, it will likely need a root canal. If a large amount of tooth structure is decayed, in some cases it is better to extract the tooth and place an implant, or a bridge. The depth of the decay and the sensitivity or pain the patient is in, are the factors in determining whether a tooth needs a root canal READ MORE

  • Why do I have sensitivity in all my lower teeth?

    The number one most common reason for sensitivity is recession of gums. This is very typical, especially with people who are adamant about good oral hygiene and scrub their teeth and gums hard. Try a toothpaste for sensitive teeth and brush more gently! READ MORE

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  • Lecturer UCLA School of Dentistry 2014 - Present
  • Board of Directors West Hills Hospital 2018 - Present


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  • Implant Supported Dentures
  • Dental Bonding
  • Full Mouth Reconstruction
  • Tmj Treatment
  • Sedation Dentistry
  • Tooth-colored Fillings
  • All-On-Four Implant Supported Dentures
  • Dentures

Professional Memberships

  • California Dental Association  
  • American Dental Association  
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry  
  • Professional Member American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry 
  • Professional Member American Dental Association 
  • Professional Member California Dental Association. 

Charities and Philanthropic Endeavors

  • Board Member, MEND Pacoima

Dr. Susan Fredericks D.D.S's Practice location

Susan Fredericks

6325 Topanga Canyon Blvd Suite 402 -
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
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New patients: 818-346-3337

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