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Dr. Steven Parrett is an experienced and compassionate dentistry expert who has dedicated over 40 years of his professional practice to prioritizing the comfort and satisfaction of his patients. He is committed to providing an accurate and complete diagnosis for his patients.  After years of study relative to the causes of dental disease, his approach is to initially treat the conditions he finds by diagnosing and monitoring the bacterial sources of caries and periodontal diseases.  This is the best preventive measure that can be taken to assure each patient that their problems do not return or continually cause devastating conditions in their mouth throughtout their life.  Only then can he and his patients undertake complete and cosmetic restorations that should last a lifetime.  The staff that he has assembled and trained are all competently providing this same service and treatment philosophy for the benefit of every patient in this practice at Cumberland Valley Dental Care in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

Education and Training

The Ohio State University DDS 1976

Bowling Green State University Pre-Med 1974

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Dr. Steven M. Parrett, DDS, FAGD
Dr. Steven M. Parrett, DDS, FAGD's Expert Contributions
  • Share This Story To Help Anyone Stop Tooth Decay! Even You!

    What is YOUR kryptonite?One of the main factors we find with every patient who begins to develop frequent or multiple cavities, for no apparent reason, is that they have some weakness in the form of a daily, negatively contributing, Consumption Pattern of Carbohydrates, known as CPC. This creates...

  • How do cavities heal without fillings?

    So glad you asked that question! Daily application of a concentrated Fluoride Rx gel can remineralize some caries lesions. A newer treatment is called Silver diamine fluoride..I prefer that. It arrests and reverses decay by killing bacteria AND remineralizing decay. Google it. It does turn just decay black but not sound tooth structure. A filling can still be placed in the future to cover it, but it does preserve more tooth than just filling it to begin with. Ask a dentist. READ MORE

  • Should I treat the cavity or remove the wisdom tooth?

    If it is fully erupted into a healthy gum position with no histories of recurrent gum inflammation, it would be less traumatic and costly to you to go ahead and put a simple filling in it. If it becomes a complex multi-surface filling, you may want to go for extraction. READ MORE

  • Are there any remedies for teeth grinding?

    Sometimes daily life stresses can lead to this, so try to "chill" when you get home in the evening and destress. Otherwise, it is a common nocturnal habit that be less traumatic to teeth and jaws if you have a dentist make a custom fitted night guard. READ MORE

  • Why does my jaw hurt when I wake up in the morning?

    Could be an awkward sleep position, or you may be someone who clenches their jaw or grinds their teeth in their sleep. If you have some one you live with check you when you are asleep, they may be able to tell if you do this by seeing your tense jaw muscles or if it is really bad, your teeth may make loud screeching noises as you grind them hard against each other. READ MORE

  • Do you have to be put to sleep for wisdom tooth extraction?

    It is not an absolute, so no. The surgeon may feel you would be more comfortable going through this somewhat traumatic experience if you are asleep. The surgeon may be more comfortable if you are since he knows what you will have to go through and they may actually be able to get the job done faster if you are asleep and therefore face much fewer post-op complications. READ MORE

  • Can you eat normally with a dental bridge?

    Your oral chewing function and appearance will be restored very nicely with a fixed bridge...BUT, just like your own natural teeth, don't abuse the bridge by overdoing hard chewing on things that often break sound solid teeth (hard pretzels, candies, nuts, etc.). READ MORE

  • What can't you eat with braces?

    i would avoid hard pretzels, hard candy crunching and other similar items. Sometimes sticky things like caramel apples and taffy can pull small brackets loose. when in doubt....keep it out. READ MORE

  • What can I do for severe tooth pain?

    i would suggest an urgent care just in case they can determine if you have infection and can Rx antibiotics and maybe limited pain pills till the antibiotic kicks in..if it is pain brought on by hot,cold.sweets...the tooth may be a live...find a dental office that uses silver diamine fluorid (SDF) and they can at lease desensitize it relatively quickly and cheaply READ MORE

  • What toothpaste helps build enamel?

    Many over-the-counter TPs will help with that. Usually .14% active fluoride ion active ingredient. Mouth rinses usually have less. If you want maximum protection, get a dentist to RX a toothpaste that has 5000 ppm of active fluoride to actually help you remineralize weak areas of enamel. READ MORE

  • How can I instantly relieve tooth pain?

    Sorry, but the best way is to prevent it, which is too late for you. The dental section of most stores will have temporary relief products. Some work, some don't. Go to a dentist or an urgent care to make sure you do not have an abscess developing that could put you in the hospital if it gets out of control. READ MORE

  • Is there any way to make the pain caused by TMJ go away?

    Surgery would be my last resort. Try anti-inflammatories like advil or naproxen. If it's centered in the joint, try ice compress, on 5 mins, off 5 mins for 3 cycles. Repeat as needed. If it is your jaw and temporal muscles that can spasm, a moist heat compress off and on can help. There are stock mouth guards that you can self form in the dental sections of many stores. This will separate your teeth to stop interfering contact and it may allow you to sleep without grinding. READ MORE

  • Can wisdom teeth cause canker sores?

    It's possible. If it is directly around the wisdom tooth, it is more likely "pericoronitis," chronic inflammation of the loose gum that will never go away until the wisdom tooth is removed. READ MORE

  • How often should crowns be replaced?

    That would have to be decided by your dentist who you trust. Obviously, if you have many crowns, you would be considered a high risk for future caries patient. You should ask for a fluoride varnish treatment every 6 months and for a RX 5000 ppm toothpaste to use every day at home. These actions will protect the margins of your crowns and all other natural teeth from breakdown, and you may never need any fillings or new crowns ever again due to decay. READ MORE

  • How do you fix tooth enamel?

    Your description sounds more like tartar or calculus build-up. You need a hygienist to clean your teeth at least every 6 months. Use a strong fluoride toothpaste to protect your enamel. READ MORE

  • Is Invisalign as good as braces?

    They are very similar in timeframe. Some more difficult cases should have braces, but simple crowding and overlapping of teeth is prefect for Invisalign treatment and is much "prettier." READ MORE

  • Could my tooth pain be causing my headaches?

    Yes, you should get an X-ray of the root and a pulp test before they drill the tooth to see if the nerve is alive and healthy. READ MORE

  • Does a root canal require anesthesia?

    If the nerve is dead, you may not even need anesthesia and you won't feel pain. I would recommend that you get it just in case, but they are overblown as far as pain is involved. Sometimes they are easier than getting a filling done, pain-wise. READ MORE

  • How often do I need a dental cleaning?

    For some, once a year is enough. If you have a few or now fillings, you may be in that category. I would not recommend going longer than that; you need to have your teeth cleaned to help keep the gums healthy as well. READ MORE

  • Is Water Flossing better than Air Flossing?

    Whichever one you will do every day without fail is the best one for you. They both are effective. READ MORE

  • Can turmeric whiten teeth?

    Most products we use or ones you can get over the counter have carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. Those are sure bets and you won't waste your time or money. READ MORE

  • What is causing my tongue to look yellow?

    Most likely a form of tongue plaque. You need a tongue scraper or tongue cleaner. I use an Oolitt once a week. It is amazing how much build-up you can get in the deep pile carpet of your tongue papillae. It is a lot of exfoliated gum and cheek cells actually that anaerobic bacteria living on your tongue can breakdown and cause HALITOSIS! Tongue scraping prevents this. READ MORE

  • Do you feel sore after a dental filling?

    Possibly. It depends on a lot of things: location in your mouth, how deep the decay is, whether you even need anesthesia. Ask your dentist to be safe. Don't schedule an important speech or meeting after your appointment, just go home and chill. READ MORE

  • What keeps causing sporadic jaw pain?

    You may have a displaced disk in your jaw joint or muscle spasms. Try a mouthguard/night guard, over the counter from a drugstore may work, but you may need a custom made one from a dentist. READ MORE

  • Can you live with wisdom teeth?

    Yes. Get a couple of professional opinions though. READ MORE

  • How do you get rid of mouth bacteria?

    There is so much research going on these days to answer just that question! Due to the growing awareness that several different types of mouth bacteria are being connected to systemic diseases, it is becoming even more important to control them to SAVE your life, not just your teeth. Regular dental visits for tooth cleaning will help in the process of reducing bacterial colonies. Of course, daily brushing and flossing is one of the best ways to control bacteria as well. We don't want to get rid of ALL the bacteria in our mouth, just the couple dozen types that lead to cavities, gum disease and are connected to causing systemic health problems. Right now, there are no magic bullets to do that, but there are some very promising concepts on the horizon. READ MORE


  • Family Dentistry
  • Laser Dentistry
  • Zoom Whitening
  • Dental Implants (all Phases)
  • Digital X-rays
  • Invisalign
  • Dental Cleanings And Fluoride
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Tooth Extraction And Ridge Preservation
  • Root Canals, Implants, Crowns And Veneers
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Digital Cavity Detection

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  • Pennsylvania Dental Association  
  • American Dental Association  
  • Academy of General Dentistry  
  • Academy of Laser Dentistry  
  • Member American Dental Association 

Experience & Accolades

  • FellowshipAcademy of General Dentistrystudies in advanced and innovative dentistry techniques

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Media Releases

Get to know Dentist Dr. Steven M. Parrett, who serves the population of Pennsylvania. Dr. Parret currently practices with his private practice with Cumberland Valley Dental Care, where he holds an expertise in general dentistry. At Cumberland Valley Dental, they are dedicated to performing comprehensive dental care for all ages. The mouth is the gateway to the body and they strive to help their patients have a healthy mouth that aides their overall wellbeing. They offer convenient appointments before and after work or school and they will work to help maximize your insurance. Dr. Parret completed his undergraduate degree from Bowling Green State University in 1974 with a Bachelor of Science. Furthering his education he graduated with his Doctor of Dental Surgery from The Ohio State University, School of Dentistry, in 1976, giving him over four decades of experience in his field. To stay up to date in his field Dr. Parret remains a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry. The AGD offers Fellowship awards to members who truly go above and beyond in their learning. To earn a Fellowship award, a dentist must complete at least 500 continuing dental education hours, pass a rigorous and comprehensive exam, and maintain AGD membership for three continuous years. He remains active in the dental community serving in various positions with the American Dental Association. The American Dental Association exists to power the profession of dentistry and to assist our members in advancing the overall oral health of their patients.They are strong advocates for their members – promoting the art and science of dentistry by supporting dental professionals through services like Find-a-Dentist, credentialing tools, Third Party Payer Concierge, contract review and much more. Their mission is to ensure all member dentists have what they need, when they need it and even before it is needed to succeed. General dentists provide a wide array of services that are vital to patients’ continued health. These services include: preventive services — helping to maintain good oral health by stopping disease before it takes hold in the mouth; restorative services — receiving timely and appropriate treatment when a problem is identified; as well as cosmetic services — performing a range of cosmetic procedures, such as teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding – even porcelain veneers. General dentists also address overall health concerns, as oral health is seen as the mirror of general health. In fact, some dental problems may reflect issues in other parts of the body and vice versa.

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    One of the most common complications after the removal of a tooth is dry socket. Dry socket is more common with the extraction of wisdom teeth. Although the condition causes great discomfort, it is fully treatable.In most cases, the pain and discomfort experienced following a tooth extraction is...

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