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Dr. Joseph Mlakar, MD, Plastic Surgeon
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Dr. Joseph Mlakar, MD

Plastic Surgeon

10215 Auburn Park Dr Suite B Fort Wayne IN, 46825



Dr. Joe Mlakar is a cosmetic medicine and surgery specialist practicing in Fort Wayne, IN. Dr. Mlakar specializes in the enhancement of appearance. Improving aesthetic, symmetry and proportion are key goals in cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic medicine has nothing to do with these specific areas not functioning properly; therefore, this elective field solely focuses on aesthetics and anti-aging.

Education and Training

Northeastern Ohio College of Medicine Medical Degree 1985

Board Certification

American Board of Plastic Surgery

Plastic SurgeryAmerican Board of Plastic SurgeryABPS

Provider Details

Dr. Joseph Mlakar, MD
Dr. Joseph Mlakar, MD's Expert Contributions
  • How small can you reduce your breasts?

    How small do you want to reduce them? For Transgender reaffirming surgery, a normal-appearing female-type breast can be reduced down to a normal-appearing male breast/chest contour. Consult with your local plastic surgeon. READ MORE

  • Are you awake during a blepharoplasty?

    I am the surgeon, so, yes, I am awake during a blepharoplasty. The patient is generally given a choice of awake surgery, twilight sedation, or general anesthesia. It depends on the setting, the surgeon, the anatomic needs for surgery, and the preference of the patient/surgeon. Consult with your local plastic surgeon. READ MORE

  • How long does it take to recover from eyelid plastic surgery?

    Typically, it takes about a week to recover from eyelid plastic surgery. READ MORE

  • How painful is a breast lift?

    A breast lift is less painful than a tummy tuck or caesarian section, but more painful than a facelift or a rhinoplasty. READ MORE

  • Is breast reduction possible without surgery?

    Yes, and no. A dedicated weight loss program often times will result in a reduction of overall breast size, but often the change is proportional to generalized fat reduction. If you a considering a breast reduction, consult a plastic surgeon. For a few select patients, breast reduction can be achieved with breast liposuction and minimal scars. Consult your local plastic surgeon. READ MORE

  • Can I get rid of back fat?

    Yes, you can!! At age 34, your best first option is to find a personal trainer and nutritionist in your area and go for a consultation. Eating better, in combination with a structured exercise program, is always the best, first option for body transformation and recontouring. If you need a faster solution, liposuction remains the surgical gold standard for body recontouring. Consult your local plastic surgeon. READ MORE

  • Can I get a BBL?

    Yes!! The real question is: is it the right operation for you. The BBl procedure takes advantage of the fact that the butt area often "deflates" with the aging process, and the midriff area simultaneously slowly accumulates more subcutaneous fat. So fat is sucked from one area (the midriff) and transferred to another ( the buttocks). Many 16-year-olds don't have adequate fat for a meaningful transfer and may be better candidates for butt implants. Consult your local plastic surgeon. READ MORE

  • Does arm liposuction leave scars?

    Liposuction is completed through a small stab incision the size of a pencil eraser. These scars are often so small that they appear hidden to observers. Talk to your local plastic surgeon. READ MORE

  • Can you change your eye shape?

    If you mean eyelid shape, the answer is "yes". But is it the best choice for you at 31 years old? Make-up may more effectively and reversibly change your eye shape and give you a wider range of options at a better price. See an aesthetician in your area. READ MORE

  • How painful is a neck lift?

    In the scope of plastic surgery, neck lift surgery is well tolerated by patients and is less painful than tummy tucks, breast lifts, butt lifts, arm lifts, or breast implants. It is less painful than childbirth or bunionectomy. But it is more painful than hangnail removal or a pulled tooth. Talk to your local plastic surgeon. READ MORE

  • What is the best nose straightening procedure?

    Rhinoplasty is a surgical treatment designed to reshape the nose. Consult with your local plastic surgeons. READ MORE

  • What happens if you don't wear a compression garment after liposuction?

    You don't stay compressed. Swelling is greater, and you have a higher risk of post-op bleeding, bruising, and contour irregularities. Generally, if you don't want to wear compression garments after liposuction surgery, you are probably better off not having liposuction surgery at all. Discuss this with your local plastic surgeon. READ MORE

  • What is the cost of a complete tummy tuck?

    Typically $6500- $14,000, depending on size, city, and meaningful extras, such as the addition of liposuction. Not all "tummy tucks" are equal. Consult your local plastic surgeons. READ MORE

  • What is the fastest way to recover from a septoplasty?

    Choice the right surgeon, and the right procedure. Septoplasty is a general term for a wide range of surgical treatments. Find an experienced plastic surgeon, facial plastic surgeon, or ENT surgeon (otolaryngologist) in your area. READ MORE

  • How long does facial liposuction last?

    Facial liposuction is a high-risk procedure due to the presence of the facial nerves and vessels and does nothing to tighten underlying facial architecture or skin. What you should be asking is "How long is my facelift going to last?" At 53 years old, facial liposuction alone is prone to poor outcomes and is unlikely to give you improved contours for any length of time. Consult with your local plastic surgeons. READ MORE

  • What are the risks of ear plastic surgery?

    Otoplasty, or ear pinning surgery has minimal risks, other than scarring and recurrence of deformity. Since cartilage has a memory, some corrected ears may not stay properly "pinned". Post-op scarring in ear cartilage may produce long-term ear discomfort at night when laying on the affected ear. Talk to your plastic surgeon. READ MORE

  • What surgery makes you look younger?

    Tummy tucks, breast lift or augmentation, and facelifts are all designed to make women look and feel younger. But at age 35, to look and feel younger, look first to skin care, a healthy diet, regular exercise, a positive life outlook, and good sleep. Non-surgical helpers can include Botox, fillers, peels, laser and other skin treatments. But consult with an esthetician to help unlock the power of make-up. READ MORE

  • What happens after a rhinoplasty surgery?

    Rhinoplasty surgery can effectively and permanent change the shape and perception of your nose. Generally, a splint is worn for a week or so after surgery. After the splint is removed, most of the swelling will resolve in 3 to 6 weeks. But the nose will not obtain its final appearance for 6 to 12 months. On occasion, breathing may also be improved. READ MORE

  • How many years does a neck lift last?

    Forever, but not forever. The twin study that came out of the Cleveland Twins Festival demonstrated that the operated twin who had undergone neck lift /facelift always looked better than the unoperated twin. But aging continues. Many of the operated twins chose to have a second neck lift/ facelift after 8 to 14 years. READ MORE

  • Is brow lift surgery permanent?

    In thirty years, I've never met a 38 year old that would benefit from brow lift surgery. And no, brow lift surgery is not permanent. Did you know that you can get a temporary, non-surgical lift with the use of Botox? Consult a professional. READ MORE


  • American Medical Association’s Physician’s Recognition Award Year  
  • Bausch and Lomb Science Award Year  
  • Golden Scalpel Award Year  
  • Krist/Mlakar Endowment for Burned Children 1998  
  • America’s Top Plastic Surgeons Year  
  • America’s Top Surgeons Year  
  • Top Doctors in Fort Wayne Year Upstate Indiana Business Journal 

Professional Memberships

  • American College of Surgeons - Fellow  
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons  
  • American Burn Association  
  • American Medical Association  
  • Society of Critical Care Medicine  
  • American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery  


  • University of Southern California, Los Angeles Children’s Hospital craniofacial and pediatric plastic surgery  1992
  • University of Texas Medical Branch  burn surgery and critical care  1991


  • University of Texas Medical Branch (1991); University of Southern California, Los Angeles Childrens Hospital (1992)

Professional Society Memberships

  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons, American Burn Association, American Medical Association, Society of Critical Care Medicine, American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Dr. Joseph Mlakar, MD's Practice location

Dr. Joseph Mlakar, MD

10215 Auburn Park Dr Suite B -
Fort Wayne, IN 46825
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New patients: 260-490-4673
Fax: 260-490-2165

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Dr. Joseph Mlakar, MD has a rating of 5 out of 5 stars based on the reviews from 47 patients. FindaTopDoc has aggregated the experiences from real patients to help give you more insights and information on how to choose the best Plastic Surgeon in your area. These reviews do not reflect a providers level of clinical care, but are a compilation of quality indicators such as bedside manner, wait time, staff friendliness, ease of appointment, and knowledge of conditions and treatments.

Media Releases

Get to know Plastic Surgeon Dr. Joseph Mlakar, who serves patients in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Dr. Mlakar, also known as “Dr. Joe”, is a well-respected plastic surgeon whose extensive training, skilled hand, and personable nature make him the go-to plastic surgeon in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area. Specializing in a wide range of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, he is the Founder of Plastic Surgery Innovations. 

As the name indicates, Dr. Joe and his staff are constantly looking for innovative solutions in aesthetic plastic surgery, which lead them to utilize ultrasound technology for more efficient fat removal surgery, as well as skin treatments for hair removal and wrinkle reduction. They establish a caring bedside manner that helps them to focus on each patient individually, inform them of what they need, and best match their wishes for final results.

With over 30 years of experience to his credit, Dr. Joe has extensive experience in performing cosmetic facial and eyelid surgery, breast enhancement surgery, surgical body contouring, as well as breast reconstruction, breast reduction, and pediatric reconstructive surgery. He is also considered an expert in rhinoplasty, having performed several hundred of these treatments.

Committed to compassionate care and the artistry of cosmetic surgery, the doctor is board-certified in plastic surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). The mission of the ABPS is to promote safe, ethical, efficacious plastic surgery to the public by maintaining high standards for the education, examination, certification, and continuous certification of plastic surgeons as specialists and subspecialists.

Growing up in Amherst, Ohio, Dr. Joe finished high school at the age of 17, college at the age of 19 years, and medical school at the age of 23 at Northeastern Ohio College of Medicine (1985). After completing a combined general surgery/plastic surgery residency at Michigan State University and Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan (1990), he performed an advanced fellowship in burn surgery and critical care at the University of Texas Medical Branch (1991). He also completed an advanced fellowship in craniofacial and pediatric plastic surgery at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles Children’s Hospital (1992). 

Following his training, he served as the Blodgett Burn Center Director in Grand Rapids, Michigan (1992-1994), and then as the Cleft Clinic Director at the Shriners Hospital in Galveston, Texas (1994-1996).

After his son was born, Dr. Joe moved back to the Midwest to be closer to his extended family and began his plastic surgery practice in Fort Wayne in 1996. He served as the Director/Co-Director of the St. Joseph Hospital Regional Burn Center (1996-2006) and as the St. Joseph Hospital Chief of Surgery (2000-2006). Finally, he founded Plastic Surgery Innovations in 2006.

A regional expert for a variety of plastic surgery procedures, he is a Co-Founder of the Kids-First Cleft/Craniofacial Clinics, a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals who are dedicated to the treatment and care of children with birth anomalies. Kids-First Clinics is nationally verified by the American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association and one of three verified cleft care programs in Indiana.

Encompassing exceptional knowledge and expertise in his speciality, Dr. Joe is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, as well as a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Burn Association, the American Medical Association, the Society of Critical Care Medicine, and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty involving the restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of the human body. It can be divided into two main categories – reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. A plastic surgeon’s primary responsibility is performing surgical and non-surgical procedures, and they use a variety of reparative and reconstructive techniques to get the job done.

On the subject of his professional recognitions, Dr. Joe is the recipient of the American Medical Association’s Physician’s Recognition Award, the Bausch and Lomb Science Award, and the Golden Scalpel Award. He has been honored with the Krist/Mlakar Endowment for Burned Children (1998), and has won clinical teaching awards as an outstanding plastic surgeon in Michigan, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. In addition, he has been listed in “America’s Top Plastic Surgeons” (2002-2017), “America’s Top Surgeons” by the Consumers Research Council of America (2007-2017), and “Top Doctors in Fort Wayne” by Upstate Indiana Business Journal.

On a more personal note, he is happily married. He and his wife, Lori, have a son.

Recommended Articles

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    Blepharoplasty is a procedure whose aim is to reconstruct the upper or lower part of the eyelids. The procedure concentrates on the lower areas below eyes to reduce the eye bags caused by the excess skin. Through blepharoplasty, the extra skin is repositioned or removed, extra fat removed or added,...

  • What Are the Risks of Blepharoplasty?

    Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)One of the most carried out cosmetic surgery today is blepharoplasty. Sometimes, it is also performed for medical reasons. If your field of vision is blocked due to a sagging eyelid skin, then you might need an eyelid surgery. The primary goal of the surgery is to...

  • Thinking About Getting a Nose Job? Here is What You Need to Know

    What is it? Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job, is a surgical procedure done to reshape the nose to improve its appearance. This is a cosmetic surgery done for people who are unhappy with the way their nose looks, or to correct certain deformities which resulted from injuries to their nose...

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    What is blepharoplasty?Sometimes known as eyelid surgery, blepharoplasty is a delicate surgical procedure performed on the eyelids. Its purpose is to improve the general appearance of the upper and lower eyelids. It can, therefore, be categorised as a plastic or cosmetic surgical operation. All...

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    Silicone breast implantsSilicone gel-filled implants have an outer shell made of silicone. The gel has a natural feel just like a natural breast. The silicone gel has a shell that prevents the breast implant from collapsing.If you go for silicone implants, you will need to pay regular visits to your...

  • What to Expect After Blepharoplasty

    Blepharoplasty, in simple terms, means the surgery of the eyelid(s). It is performed on either the lower or the upper eyelid. Sometimes, blepharoplasty is also performed on both eyelids (the lower and the upper one). The two major reasons people opt for eyelid surgery are:...

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