Dr. George Henry Engel MD, Dermatologist
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Dr. George Henry Engel MD

Dermatologist | MOHS-Micrographic Surgery

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Dr. George Engel is a dermatologist practicing in Oak Brook, IL. Dr. Engel specializes in skin care and Mohs Micrographic Surgery. He was trained at the University of Illinois, Chicago Medical School, and Cook County Hospital. Following training, he spent 2 tours with the US Army in Vietnam. He has extensive surgical training and consequently cares for even the most difficult surgical conditions and their complex repairs. There are almost no cases that cannot be done under pain-free local anesthesia.

Education and Training

Chicago Medical School MD 1968

Board Certification

DermatologyAmerican Board of DermatologyABD- Dermatopathology

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Dr. George Henry Engel MD
Dr. George Henry Engel MD's Expert Contributions
  • Pilonidal cyst?

    If this lesion is small and moveable, I suggest you have it removed entirely. Do not let someone open and drain this. You should have the sac removed. READ MORE

  • Cancerous?

    This lesion is most likely not cancer......but a definitive diagnosis cannot be made without a tissue biopsy and microscopic exam. This is simple to remove and since your wife is worried about it, get it removed. Easy to do in office with a little local anesthesia and maybe 1 or 2 suture repair. It will keep peace at home!! READ MORE

  • How to prepare for Mohs surgery?

    Shower well the night before surgery. Have a light breakfast the day of surgery. Take your normal dose of medicine that you would regularly take in the morning. I would consider re-washing the area of surgery with soap and water (usually the face but any area) and relax!! The surgical area will be anesthetized and you should have little or no pain. The Dr. may prescribe pain pills afterward if necessary, but I have frequently used a small icepack or a few cubes in a plastic bag directly on the surgical area if painful. Realize that this is the very best of surgical procedures to ensure complete removal of the cancer. READ MORE

  • Big Splinter That Won't Come Out?

    You will need to see your dermatologist or family doctor who can anesthetize the area and open it to remove object. It may or may not need a suture closure. READ MORE

  • What are the side effects of Mohs surgery?

    You have the very best method for being certain the tumor is completely removed. No other procedure can compare to the accuracy of the Mohs technique. READ MORE

  • How do doctors remove skin tags?

    The tags are anesthetized so there should be no pain. The lesions are removed with a scissors. READ MORE

  • More of an opinion than a question?

    The correct answer is that a cyst needs to be surgically removed as there is a sac under that needs to be removed to cure this READ MORE

  • Does this mole look suspicious?

    I think this is totally benign and no problem but if you are worried it can be easily removed with no down time. Hope that helps READ MORE

  • Why has a line appeared on my fingernail?

    Usually, this is from an accident to the finger such as dropping a heavy object near the first joint. Not uncommon, but if the streak darkens, have your dermatologist examine it. READ MORE

  • Suspicious mole?

    This should be surgically removed and submitted for pathological exam. It may be a benign growth that has become irritated but to be safe get it removed and examined. READ MORE

  • Is Mohs surgery painful?

    The area to be operated upon will be numbed with a local anesthetic. You should have no pain after that treatment. READ MORE

  • What are the risks of Mohs surgery?

    There is no risk to Mohs Surgery!! This is the BEST procedure to make sure the entire tumor is completely removed. READ MORE

  • Is Mohs surgery painful?

    The area to be removed will be anesthetized prior to the start of any procedure. Mohs surgery is the most accurate way to remove malignant tissue. There are some longer-acting local anesthetics that can be used to keep pain to a minimum. READ MORE

  • What are the most effective treatments for acne?

    That is a very difficult question!! Several variables depending on type and severity. Certainly an antibiotic in the tetracycline family orally will help. There are many topical treatments also mostly dependent on your skin type and severity. See your dermatologist! READ MORE

  • How can I effectively fight acne?

    If you really have cystic acne and you are not pregnant or are not going to get pregnant while on treatment a course of accutane in the full dose is the correct treatment for you. It is almost 100% successful in shutting down cystic acne. READ MORE

  • What is the best topical cream for acne?

    Depending on the type and severity of your acne, Retin-A cream and/or a topical antibiotic like erythromycin will be effective. READ MORE

  • What symptoms accompany a Poison Ivy rash?

    This may very well be poison ivy or one of the more irritating rashes associated with plant contact. First wash all clothes you wore while hiking including the shoes or boots. Use cool water wash and no soap on area. You can get cortisone 10 without a prescription which will help with the itching and irritation. If not better in a day or two, better see the doctor. READ MORE

  • What are skin tags?

    These are mostly small growths that are totally benign (nothing to worry about) on the skin that are easily removed. There is an inherited tendency to get these. READ MORE

  • Is a Brazilian waxing safe?

    It is safe and should be no problem READ MORE

  • Can women get jock itch?

    Certainly, women can get jock itch just like men. Some of the causes can be perfumes, after-bath lotions, moisturizers, certain soaps, especially if not rinsed off entirely. If you are diabetic, get it under control. Also, detergent used to launder underwear should be rinsed twice if you are having a problem. Hope that helps!! READ MORE

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George Engel, MD

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