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Dr. Bradley G Seto D.D.S., Endodontist
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Dr. Bradley G Seto D.D.S.

Endodontist | Endodontics

1234 7th St Suite 3 Santa Monica CA, 90401


Dr. Bradley Seto is an endodonist practicing in Santa Monica, CA. Dr. Seto is a specialist dentist, focusing on tooth pain, root canals and other issues related to the interior part of the tooth. Endodonists can diagnose problems and perform procedures to fix them. Treatment from an endodonist can often save a diseased tooth. Root canal treatment is one of the most common procedures performed by an endodonist.

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Dr. Bradley G Seto D.D.S.
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  • Can two root canals on the same tooth be a problem?

    Not necessarily. If a tooth needs a second RCT (root canal treatment), it can still be successful when properly restored. Generally, the second RCT can further weaken the tooth and the overall success would be lower than ideal first RCT. The primary future risk is reinfection and loss of the tooth. READ MORE

  • How to fix cracks in the teeth?

    Craze lines on teeth are shallow, common and not significant. Cracks are deeper and can progress like a crack on a windshield. You have to rely on your dentist to guide you when it might be more serious. It can be very difficult to distinguish which will worsen (like the windshield crack). READ MORE

  • I let a cavity go way too far, and it's causing a lot of pain. What should I do?

    See your dentist ASAP. The need for extraction vs. root canal treatment can be determined then. READ MORE

  • I think I have infected soft pulp tissue in my back tooth. What's the treatment for this?

    Pulp tissue is inside the tooth and not visible. You probably have an infection of the gum tissue. This can arise from the pulp or gum tissue. Your dentist should be the first evaluation to screen the problem. The treatment will depend on what is found. READ MORE

  • What does endodontic retreatment involve?

    Essentially the same as initial nonsurgical root canal treatment from the patient perspective. Technically, it is more difficult for the endodontist because the prior treatment materials have to be removed and any procedural problems must be corrected/repaired. To reflect this additional challenge, the duration of time for retreatment is frequently longer than initial root canal treatment. READ MORE

  • What are the signs of a failed root canal?

    Pain to bite/touch and swelling are the typical symptoms of infection arising from a failing root canal treatment (RCT). An conventional X-ray or 3D X-ray could show a "hole" in the bone at the tip of the root also. For chronic infections, there can be a "bubble" on the gum. READ MORE

  • How successful is an apicoectomy?

    Apicoectomy is a highly successful procedure if the tooth has sufficient length and sufficient room to place a good retrofilling. The prognosis is best if there is a definitive deficiency that can be corrected and the tooth is not fractured. READ MORE

  • Endodontists and root canals?

    Endodontists treat all levels of root canal treatment difficulty. The reason your dentist refers you to the specialist can be complex-time availability, difficulty of treatment, condition of the tooth, etc. The endodontist has more training and experience in doing all root canal treatments. Therefore, the specialist can be more efficient, more capable of managing more difficult and varied situations. I would have higher expectations for the final result by the endodontist. READ MORE

  • Is my tooth infection spreading?

    Yes. Please treat the infection. READ MORE

  • I have a cracked tooth. Does this expose me to an infection?

    Yes. And potential loss of the tooth. READ MORE

  • Is a root canal treatment permanent?

    Root canal treatment is permanent in removing the cause of pain and infection. The longevity of the tooth is more dependent on the proper restoration and maintenance of the tooth and supporting structures (periodontium or gums). Recurrence of infection is relatively uncommon when root canal treatment is done by an endodontist but it can happen. READ MORE

  • Can a root canal have prolonged recovery?

    Recovery from root canal treatment is typically back to normal within two weeks. It depends on your symptoms of "not completely recovered." It is also important to know your prior symptoms and how they relate to now. READ MORE

  • What can be the risks involved in an endodontic surgery?

    The common effects of surgery are bleeding, pain, and swelling. There are other risks that are more site specific, i.e., if the infection is close to a nerve or blood vessels or maxillary sinus. There should not be much greater risk of surgery if the diabetes is well-controlled (assuming no other health issues). READ MORE

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1234 7th St Suite 3 -
Santa Monica, CA 90401
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