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Rodolfo Rodriguez, PhD., is a Psychologist working at Cross Cultural Services And Evaluations, Inc. Dr. Rodriguez received his degrees from University of Nevada, Las Vegas; University of Nevada, Las Vegas (Bachelor's In Psychology); California School of Professional Psychology (Masters). Additionally, Dr. Rodriguez has extensive expertise in Psychology, PTSD, Anxiety, Political Asylum.

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Rodolfo Rodriguez
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  • Can one start showing symptoms of ADHD as an adult?

    In my many years of clinical experience I have never seen an adult start showing symptoms of ADHD. Anxiety can cause some of the same symptoms. Sometimes I have seen adults diagnosed with ADHD but it was because it was not diagnosed as a minor. READ MORE

  • Would I be able to cure my depression with just exercise?

    Exercise and nutrition are important in reducing depressive symptoms, but psychotherapy and anti-depressant medication are sometimes indicated. READ MORE

  • Small penis and crossdressing?

    A small penis has nothing to do with cross dressing. Most male cross dressers are heterosexual. The psychological reason for cross dressing is still unknown. Cross dressers and transgender are two very different things. READ MORE

  • Is constantly worrying about getting a sick a disease in itself?

    Constantly worrying about getting sick is not a disease, but a mental disorder. It's either due to severe anxiety or hypochondriasis, which is a condition in which a person is excessively worried about having a serious illness. READ MORE

  • My father started hallucinating. What can we do to help?

    The hallucinations could be due to the start of dementia. Talk with his primary health care provider to ensure that the medications are not causing the symptoms. Sometimes people who are close to dying will see dead relatives. READ MORE

  • I am always anxious and have been this way for the last 7 years. What can I do to get a break from this anxiety?

    There are many reasons and causes of anxiety. Suffering from depression or anxiety is common among people who are grieving the loss of a loved one. Anxiety is best treated with good nutrition and exercise. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is helpful in identifying our worries as irrational. Psychologists have proven that 95% of our worries are worthless. Distractions such as music or art can be helpful. READ MORE

  • Is OCD a disease or a habit?

    OCD is a mental disorder where people have irrational obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors. It is usually hereditary and incurable. Psychotherapy and medication is sometimes indicated which can be very helpful. There is a personality disorder called Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder which is much different from O.C.D. O.C.P.D. individuals are very perfectionist and everything has to be a certain way READ MORE

  • How can I help my daughter recover from accident trauma?

    Your daughter suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. P.T.S.D. It occurs after a trauma and the symptoms are nightmares, flashbacks, hyper-vigilant behaviors, startled response (startles easily), and dissociation (spacing out). Recovery time is different for every individual. Psychotherapy is very helpful as part of the recovery is cognitively processing the trauma. The best help you can do is to continue emotionally supporting and validating her feelings. READ MORE

  • Should I take my son to a psychologist to remove the fear of exams from his mind?

    Most fears and phobias can be treated with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy by a trained psychologist. The psychologist can conduct systematic desensitization technique where his fears will slowly cease. READ MORE

  • How can one identify the signs of depression?

    Sadness and depression are very different. Sadness is a state of mind and depression is a mental disorder. The most common symptoms are disrupted sleep and appetite. Crying, feeling hopeless and helpless are very common. Depressed people lack motivation, feel empty inside and tend to isolate themselves. Suicidal ideation or wishing to be dead is common. Some females suffer from depression around their period. There is a zen saying: "if one understands the impact of negative thoughts they would never have one." Depression leads to negative thoughts, irritability and easily frustrated. READ MORE

  • My 17 Year Old Daughter Has Bulimia.

    Eating disorders (anorexia and bulimia) are extremely dangerous and difficult to treat. Psychotherapy is often helpful. Most individuals with eating disorders are often depressed, which might need to be treated with anti-depressant medication. Eating disordered individuals are constantly obsessed with their weight and body image. Most severe eating disorders need eating disorder groups or psychiatric residential hospitalization. Eating disorders need a therapist and medical doctor to work together. READ MORE

  • My mother seems to be obsessed with her health. Is this abnormal

    It depends on your mother's health. But if she is healthy and is obsessed with her health she might be suffering from hypochodriasis (a mental disorder) which is a condition in which a person is excessively worried abut having a serious illness. Psychotherapy might be helpful in identifying her irrational thoughts and help her cope with anxiety. READ MORE

  • What could be the reason my mother is just not eating?

    It sounds like your mother is definitely depressed. People will often suffer from major depression after the loss of a loved one. The symptoms of depression are disrupted sleep and appetite. Individuals will often cry or feel like crying. Most depressed individuals feel hopeless and helpless. They will lack motivation and tend to isolate themselves. Your mother should make an appointment with her primary healthcare provider for an evaluation for anti-depressant medication, which is helpful with the physical symptoms. READ MORE

  • Difference in treatment between a psychiatrist and psychologist?

    Clinical psychologists have Ph.D.s (Doctorate) in clinical psychology and are trained to treat all the mental disorders. They are also trained in conducting extensive psychological or neuropsychological (brain damage) evaluation. Psychiatrists have a Medical Degree in medicine and are mainly trained in treating medical conditions. Psychiatrists have to spend many years on medicine and then they specialize in psychiatry. Psychiatrists mainly prescribe psychotropic medication while psychologist mainly conduct therapy. Most depressed individuals go to therapy first and they are referred to a psychiatric if the psychological believes that medication is warranted READ MORE

  • Will I have to be on anti-depressants throughout my life once I start them?

    The question is how long have you suffered from depression? If one suffers from depression as a child or adolescent they will probably have bouts of depression throughout their lives. If your depression is not long term than anti-depressant medication is helpful. Important to note that these type of medications are not addictive. My recommendation is to continue taking them until you have about 6-12 without symptoms. READ MORE

Professional Society Memberships

  • PTA

What do you attribute your success to?

  • Compassion, understanding, and validating peoples' feelings with a personal touch.

Hobbies / Sports

  • Hiking, Chess, Bowling

Favorite professional publications

  • The Therapist, Journal of Personality Assessment

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Get to know Psychologist Dr. Rodolfo Rodriguez, who serves the population of Sonoma County in California.

Dr. Rodriguez completed his undergraduate degree from the University of Nevada Las Vegas with a Bachelors in Psychology in 1978, giving him over four decades of experience in his field. Wanting to further his education he then completed his Masters from the University of Nevada Las Vegas in 1983. He then received his Ph.D in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology in 1989.

Dr. Rodriguez holds an expertise in Psychology, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, and Immigration Evaluations, such as Political Asylum, and currently practices with Cross Cultural Services and Evaluations, Inc. In 1994, he was Nominated as Hispanic Person of the Year, with the Santa Rosa Police Department. He attributes his professional success to having compassion, understanding, and validating people’s’ feelings with a personal touch. When he is not working, he enjoys hiking, playing chess and bowling.

Psychology is the science of behavior and mind, including conscious and unconscious phenomena, as well as feeling and thought. It is an academic discipline of immense scope and diverse interests that, when taken together, seek an understanding of the emergent properties of brains, and all the variety of epiphenomena they manifest. As a social science it aims to understand individuals and groups by establishing general principles and researching specific cases.

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