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Dr. Salhab is double board certified, by the American Board of Family Medicine and by the American Board of Multi-Specialties, and she has already become renowned as one of Florida’s leading addiction medicine specialists, as well as being an expert in preventive medicine and behavioral medicine. Dr. Salhab also provides dermatological aesthetic procedures, weight loss treatments, urgent care services, medical marijuana consults, and so much more. She is a member of many professional organizations, including the Florida Medical Association, the American Academy of Family Physicians, and the American Academy of Florida Physicians. Dr. Salhab attributes her success to her hard work and her caring and compassionate attitude.

Education and Training

Xavier University School of Medicine M.D. 2010

University of South Florida B.S. in Biomedical Sciences 2004

McLeod regional medical health MD 2013

Board Certification

American Board of Addiction Medicine

American Board of Family Medicine

American Board of Physician Specialties

Family Practice (Physician Specialties)

Psychiatry (Physician Specialties)

American Board of Preventive Medicine

American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Addiction Psychiatry (Psychiatry and Neurology)

Provider Details

Female English, Arabic
Suzanne Salhab
Suzanne Salhab's Expert Contributions
  • PTSD: Maybe This Will Make Sense, or Maybe Not

    PTSD AKA Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is not a mental illness. It's an injury to the brain, causing psychological symptoms that lead to significant changes in the brain as a result of trauma. Diagnosed, and even worse, undiagnosed, PTSD is confusing, and understanding your own mind is confusing....

  • It's Called Substance Use, Not Addiction or a Disease

    I may have a substance abuse clinic that treats 'addiction' but that's only because that's how things are labeled in society today when you think of the word 'addict'. Addiction is just a habit; it can be good or bad. Some people are addicted to Coke Zero, so whats the difference? A habit is a...

  • The Five Easiest Questions that Should Be Asked Whenever a Patient Comes in with a Complaint

    I see it every day; a patient comes in with a chief complaint, and instead of asking five questions, it's a quick referral and acute meds! One example is a headache; a male in his 30s came with a few days of recent headaches, albeit small headaches, so I asked,...

  • Mental Health: An Area Only MDs Who Know What They Are Doing Should Work In

    Mental health AKA psychiatry is a field that boggles my mind. Its one of those areas where if you do not know how to diagnose someone or if you don't know every single thing about the medication you're about to prescribe, please don't.It amazes me even more how many patients I have come across this...

  • My daughter has more freckles than anyone else in our family. Why is this?

    Freckles are not a big deal. If she’s light and goes in the sun, make sure she wears sunscreen. READ MORE

  • Do acne face washes really help in preventing acne?

    I have found in my practice some things just work for certain people. I give patients tretinoin and have them use as directed. Consultation with your doctor first. READ MORE

  • Can laser hair removal treatment cause any major side effects?

    Everything has side effects. Make sure you're going somewhere well-trained. READ MORE

  • Can my daughter go swimming with ringworm?

    She can. But it’s only going to make things worse. She needs to see a dermatology doctor READ MORE

  • Can using vaseline during sex have any side effects?

    It can cause some side effects down the road. Consultation with your physician if you're worried. READ MORE

  • I underwent laser treatment for hair removal and I still have a reaction. What should I do?

    Make sure you apply sunscreen daily. Consultation with your physician if you're worried. READ MORE

  • What causes skin darkening in the neck region?

    Dark patches around the neck is seen in obesity as early sign of diabetes. PCOS is also sen in overweight woman. Consultation with your physician if your worried READ MORE

  • Are there any natural treatments to get rid of Eczema?

    Unfortunately the best remedy as far as home remedies is a few things you can do don’t change any of the detergents warm showers are the best not too hot after taking a shower make sure you use obviously bar soaps nothing with any type of fragrance and once they shower pat dry and glove that lotion and hydrate them. Hydration hydration hydration is the key. Unfortunately when does become severe patients do you need a steroid READ MORE

  • Are acne marks permanent?

    The way I practice I actually use a cocktail to pretty amazing things, however, it is up to the patient in the sense of following what to do as far as post care if you get acne that causes you to have scars. To me, I think it’s a waste of time to use all the other products. I put a patient on something called Trentonoin cream and show them how to use it very minimally and make sure that they are hydrated as far as a Cetaphil lotion and then must wear sunscreen 24/7 or they will get burned. This is the most important thing; if you do this, can you get that cream prescribed? I have done it where patients got their acne scars and acne gone in one weekend. However, it is critical that the patient really focuses on caring for the skin afterwards and always see your physician before any of this. READ MORE

  • Is a laser treatment for hair removal safe?

    Laser hair removal is amazing especially depending on which machines. It’s all about the pre-care and post care of our safety and unloaded the machines are different but most of the Pre and post Care guidelines Are pretty much the same someone who works at the clinic should inform you about this prior to coming in. I do advise that you do you listen to the instructions because you can really hurt someone or hurt yourself if you Do not follow these. As far as pre-care again depending on the system you will be told not to Tan From weeks to days prior. All types of creams on your face at least for a week as well some of them even say no threading. You will also be told that after it you cannot tan in a tanning bed you must wear sunscreen you must wear lotion And of course you don’t restart your other place of products so quickly. Moisturize sunscreen most important things and always if you’re pregnant consult your physician READ MORE

  • What is the best way to treat wrinkles around my eyes?

    Obaji is the great skin Caroline that I love. They have an under eye cream that works wonderful for both black bags and wrinkles. Also, you can go get a prescription for some tretinion cream that is used for both wrinkles, however, I would use caution when using that one as it must be used sparingly; do not recommend using anything such as Botox as you can cause multiple problems. READ MORE

  • 77 Year Old Man With Jock Itch

    Jock itch doesn't have to do with age, it's basically a yeast/fungal infection. It's the same stuff that causes tinea versicolor, tinea pedis (foot fungal infections) (tinea corporis)- it's basically areas you sweat in. To avoid it- if you sweat, shower shower shower. Selenium sulfide works great, OTC in selsin blue. Of your doc's giving you a steroid with an antifungal, they are actually doing wrong. READ MORE

  • When will my burn go away?

    I've been in the same position. Depending on skin type and family history sometimes burns turn into keloids aka keloids. Let's hope that doesn't happen. When you say burn. Ark are you referring to the discoloration it has caused. You can do two things. I've asked a plastic surgeon once he recommended pure over the counter silicone pads. Walgreens has it. I used it abd did wonders. It gets rid of or reduces both scarring abd the discoloration. Another thing I've used is tretinoin cream! It's used for acne. Wrinkle prophylaxis as welll but just a small dab on the area will reduce thr color overtime. I'd stop the neosporin cream after seeing your family doctor to make sure it's not infected. Good luck ! READ MORE

  • Skin is itchy after sun exposure, what can I do?

    First, always wear sunscreen when sitting outside no matter how light your skin is, also, its important to know that with some creams on your face like tretinoin cream, you need to wear sunscreen for sure as your more likely to get sun burned, Alot of patients with Rosacea get that red cheeky looking skin after sun exposure, but always go see a dermatologist if something doesn't feel right. READ MORE

  • Compression knee highs

    Compression stockings are for patients that have venous stasis, where you have abnormal blood flow, so wearing those stockings causes the blood flow to go back up to the upper part of your body, as if you look at your legs, you should see a discoloration right below the knees - a bluish red color and patients complain of swelling of legs. Usually after workup, yes you get stockings. As far as varicose veins, those are from standing all day and doesn't have anything to do with wearing the stockings, venous stasis is where you can see the discoloration in a patient's leg usually below the knee, it's a bluish red color and they complain they have swellings of the legs- yes, you must wear them, you need to push the blood back up and you need workup up, but they do not have to do with the varicose veins, that's either inheritance or job-related. And yes, I know they are hard to get on, I'm sorry, elevate legs at night too that will help, but please make sure you see why you were placed on them as varicose veins isn't the proper reason, venous stasis is. READ MORE

  • Skin feels bumpy after IPL

    IPL is very tricky, first depends on who you went to and the machine. They should have told you no lotions- nothing on the face, as this can cause some weird looking colors but patients don't always tell you either. Also, you need to be good at the laser, people think lasers are easy, its a whole another ball game! When you say it's a bump, I'm not sure if I know what you mean, but I had one lady get it done on her back which she didn't tell me she had lotion on and I ask as if you have any type of lotion, etc., it will cause a little-like line, and it did, no burns, but it did. I had informed her and she did not pay attention, but as long as it's not a burn, it will go away. However, I would call the place you went to and have them look at the results. READ MORE

  • PRP before or after fillers?

    Hello, So for Juvederm, as far as fillers under the eyes - I wouldn't recommend it, I've done it for the dermal filler smile lines and lips. I have heard patients get that done, but it's approved for certain things. I know they have voluma, but I cannot honestly tell you about getting both of them together. You probably can, but it depends on who does it, the machine and their product. I recommend you find a place you like and go in for a consult to see their products. READ MORE

  • Best laser resurfacing for 33 year old for anti-aging

    As far as lasers, I have not heard of those, are they home lasers? I initially worked with Cutera which I loved, but now the Alma XL is amazing, but perhaps you could use something else. Usually downtown with lasers shouldn't be that much if you go somewhere good that knows what they are doing - OBAJI is an amazing product, yes at first, you'll say no way 6 steps, but it's one of those things to do to maintain your skin and let me tell you before and after pics made one person look 20 years younger. There's a wash, and then 5 other steps - at first, it's like wow can I do this everyday, but 10 minutes becomes 3 seconds I promise, but you should get the whole kit - and it's expensive, but it lasts for more than a year as if you add up the products you buy you spend more, and if you get the right one or you can ask for Tretinoin cream with it, which is for wrinkle prophylaxis, the tretinoin you need to make sure you sunblock and the first few weeks you may flake off, but even I used it and had compliments. It's really a great product, you can get facials by them too like a peel, but make sure you stop that tretinoin cream as well, they have an amazing under eye cream as well, it really is a great product and you are only 33, the laser is good to do in between, but trust me the Obaji kit is well worth it. READ MORE

  • Do varicose veins come back after treatment?

    From my experience, doing Derm lasers to get rid of superficial veins, many of my patients had had the surgery and it did not work and came to me for the laser treatment and it did amazing things, and yes they were permanently moved. Now depending on how many you have, you may have to go through multiple treatments as you have to know what your doing. My advice is going to someone highly trained, but someone who knows what they are doing can get rid of the small little red veins, but if they are all over, or if it's the darker ones, it will take few sessions, but depends on where you go and how good they are at it and of course, the machine. READ MORE

  • Skin rash during pregnancy?

    I have heard a lot of women that get this and it can be normal. HOWEVER, because there are dangerous things that can cause this, my advise is to go see your OB-GYN and see what they say and get creams they advise you to be on. READ MORE

  • There's a red blood spot on my chest. What does it mean?

    A small red dot on your chest - I'm sorry, to be honest with you, I cannot answer how serious it can be, as i would need more information. Please go see a dermatologist as it's hard to tell from the history. READ MORE

  • Small itchy bumps on thighs, is it serious?

    From the pictures I cannot tell, but if it's sudden and itchy, you need to go to your physician and have them look, as it's something that would need to be seen before telling you what it is. READ MORE

  • My psoriasis is starting to hurt. Is there something I can do?

    Psoriasis is not fun! Have you been to a dermatologist yet? Depending on how much steroids are used, some creams are used, even sometimes I've heard dermatologist tell patients to go sit in the sun!!!! if its gotten worse always, always go get it looked at. You may need to be given medications. READ MORE

  • Does sunscreen prevent me from absorbing vitamin D?

    Having Vitamin D deficiency isn't' causing you to burn, you should get atleast 15 min of sun a day. To increase that however, you should wear sunblock of only SPF 20 when you do that. If you have sensitive skin, I do not recommend more than 15 min and with that sunblock, you should do great. READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Dermatological aestheticsPrimary carePreventative medicineWomans healthAddiction medicine and Mental HealthChronic pain managementmanagement of Chronic medical conditionsPediatricsWeight lossBotoxDermal fillerssubstance abuseAcute medical conditionsAutomobile EMC physicalsHarmony xl pro laserLip fillers Mood disorders ADHD PTSDPhysical exams Immunizations Lacerations SplintingAthletic physicals medical marijuana licenced physician to recommend Social Security Disability ExamimerUrgent care

Faculty Titles & Positions

  • Owner/Medical Physician Terrace Landing Finest Medical Center 2017 - 2017
  • Clinical Preceptor Univeristy of South Florida College of Nursing/Medicine 2018 - 2018
  • Clinical Preceptor University of Marryville- College of NP 2018 - 2018


  • Top Doctor in Temple Terrace  IAHCP 
  • Leading Physician of the World 2018 International Association of Healthcare Professionals 

Professional Memberships

  • Florida Academy of Family Physicians  
  • American Board of Family Medicine  
  • American Board of Medical Specialties  
  • American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry  
  • American Academy of Family Physicians  
  • American Society of Addiction Medicine  
  • American Medical Association  
  • American Academy of Disability Evaluating Physicians  
  • American Board of psychiatry and Neurology  
  • Adult Cardiac Life Support  
  • Basic Life Support  
  • American Board of Preventive Medicine  
  • American College of Physicians, Florida Chapter  
  • Florida Medical Association  

Charities and Philanthropic Endeavors

  • AMA
  • Aafp
  • ABFM

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Dr. Suzanne Salhab MD

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Suzanne Salhab has a rating of 5 out of 5 stars based on the reviews from 10 patients. FindaTopDoc has aggregated the experiences from real patients to help give you more insights and information on how to choose the best Psychiatry & Neurology | Addiction Psychiatry in your area. These reviews do not reflect a providers level of clinical care, but are a compilation of quality indicators such as bedside manner, wait time, staff friendliness, ease of appointment, and knowledge of conditions and treatments.
  • Stephanie

    I love Dr. Suzanne. She is amazing. Knowledgeable beyond belief. She is certified is so many different aspects and is interested in accurate diagnosis and making sure your taking the appropriate medication. She will go to whatever extent she needs to in order to accurately take care of you. I have never felt so comfortable in my dr patient relationship as I do with Dr. Suzanne. If you want a Dr. that cares and that does things the way they should call today. You will NOT be disappointed!!!

  • Suzanne

    Sorry, but i do not have a patient named Cathy, please get a life stop slandering good doctors thank you

  • Lidiana

    A doctor that spends time with you is priceless! That’s what you get when you come see Dr. Salhab! She actually gets to the bottom of the problem and not try to cover it up with pills.

  • Cathy

    Doesn't keep follow up appointments nor take insurance doesn't return calls doesn't listen just talks talks talks

  • Lidiana

    Very thorough in explaining and addressing my concerns! Very sweet and a Dr that actually spends time with you!

  • Aileen

    I have never met such a compassionate physician in my 45 years! A doctor that actually gives a crap about people and not money or insurance!

  • Deborah

    Best doctor I've ever had her knowledge is unreal she is thorough and cares and takes time to address all issues

  • Donna

    Dr. Suz is a very compassionate and thorough doctor. She's more interested in diagnosing and finding out what causing the medical issue. I've been going to specialist for 10 years and none of them interested in trying to find out the underlying problem. Dr. Suz immediately told me that I was being over medicated which was causing additional issues. If you want a doctor that truly cares about you the patient and not trying to rush patients in and out to make more money for themselves then Dr. Suz is your doctor.

  • Josh

    There are few remaining physicians as dedicated and compassionate as Dr. Salhab, M.D. She cares more about her patients than any doctor I've ever dealt with. That care begins as soon as you become a patient and continues throughout the time you continue with her as your provider. She goes the extra mile to ensure everything having to do with you treatment is done.

  • T

    She's amazing!

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