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Dr. Douglas Krell, MD, FACOG, OB-GYN (Obstetrician-Gynecologist)
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Dr. Douglas Krell, MD, FACOG

OB-GYN (Obstetrician-Gynecologist)

4705 Montgomery Ne Suite 301-302 Albuquerque NM, 87109



Dr. Douglas Krell is an obstetrician-gynecologist practicing in Albuquerque, NM. Dr. Krell specializes in women's health, particularly the female reproductive system, pregnancy and childbirth. As an obstetrician-gynecologist, or OB-GYN, Dr. Krell can treat a number of health issues related to the vagina, uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and breasts. Dr Krell can also treat women during pregnancy, labor, childbirth and the postpartum period. In this specialty, doctors focus on reproductive care from puberty through adulthood.

Education and Training

Univ of Az Coll of Med, Tucson Az 1978

University of Arizona College of Medicine 1978

Board Certification

Obstetrics and GynecologyAmerican Board of Obstetrics and GynecologyABOG

Provider Details

Dr. Douglas Krell, MD, FACOG
Dr. Douglas Krell, MD, FACOG's Expert Contributions
  • Period bleeding?

    You need to see the doctor, get an exam and have some blood work done. READ MORE

  • I accidentally cut my vagina and now it burns when I pee?

    Go see the doctor. READ MORE

  • Bleeding in early pregnancy?

    I think we’ve seen these situations turn out to be implantation bleeding and a menstrual dating that was somehow unreliable. Inevitable miscarriage is more often the cause of the bleeding. Just have to wait and repeat the ultrasound in 7-10 days. You may miscarry in the meantime. READ MORE

  • Medicine related problem?

    Sorry. I’ve never heard of any of these drugs before. READ MORE

  • Which week is best for C-section delivery?

    If everything is normal and you have no prenatal complications such as preeclampsia, diabetes, or other conditions, 39 weeks is optimal. READ MORE

  • Pregnancy possibility?

    Get a blood test for quantitative HCG. If the result is less than 5, then pregnancy is very very unlikely. On the other hand, anything over 5 should be monitored with repeat blood testing within a few days. If you had a tubal pregnancy, for example, you might have a very low HCG value. Watching the values go up or down over time could tell you a lot about what might be happening. The pee tests are unreliable and one positive result might have been a false positive. You gotta see your doctor. READ MORE

  • Contraception decision?

    Good idea. The number 1 cause of pregnancy is having sex. Number 2 is having sex without contraception. Number 3 is having sex with the wrong contraception or one you don't use properly. Go see your doctor or GYN practitioner to get started on the contraceptive that is right for you. READ MORE

  • Pregnancy and painkillers?

    What is the strength of the percocet? How many tablets were you given? How often are you taking them? Where was the burn and how big was it? Taken in the appropriate dosages and at the appropriate intervals, the medication itself is not dangerous for the baby except if you are taking too much or too often. As you know, opioids are powerful medications, but can be safely taken within a narrow window. Make sure your doctor knows your concerns about both you and the baby and ask him or her to be sure they are monitoring you properly. READ MORE

  • Is this normal on the depo shot?

    Yes, pretty common. Get another shot and the see how it goes. Check a pregnancy test just to be sure. READ MORE

  • Could I be pregnant?

    As long as you are having regular periods with cramping that last 3-4 days, you probably are not pregnant. Plus, sperm floating around in bath water is never going to get you pregnant. Don’t worry. I would recommend seeing a regular OBGYN and talk to them about your period cramps. They could also run a urine preg test - no needles! Thanks for reaching out to us. Most women your age are too timid. Way to go. READ MORE

  • What could be the issue?

    There are a number of possibilities, but offhand, I’d suggest that you did not ovulate and therefore the menses haven’t resumed. Get script for a 10-day course of Provera. READ MORE

  • Why do my breast hurt?

    Just do a pregnancy test, then we can talk… READ MORE

  • How do I get pregnant?

    Your fertile days will depend upon whether or not your ovaries are releasing eggs. If they are, then you are generally fertile for about a week or so on the days in between your menstrual periods. For most women with predictable menses, this is usually 14 days before your next period. If your periods are unpredictable or irregular, then you may not always be ovulating. You should see your OBGYN and figure out how to get them back on track. READ MORE

  • Nexplanon effectiveness?

    Hi there, I certainly understand your concern. Once your menstrual function has resumed with a Nexplanon implant you would expect to see it regularly and not be associated with any unusual symptoms. However, there are situation where pregnancy can occur with Nexplanon, and I would not hesitate to do a home pregnancy test if your menses are delayed. But still, the odds are that this is not due to pregnancy and might be the result of a small ovarian cyst producing excess progesterone, or just some other temporary variance in your hormonal metabolism. So, get that preg test done and put all those worries to rest. Hopefully the result will be negative and your other symptoms will resolve when you get a little withdrawal bleeding. If they don’t, make sure to see your doctor in a timely way. READ MORE

  • How do I find a doctor to treat me thoroughly for my issue?

    I don't know where you live, but you should be able to call around and find someone who treats pelvic infections or who completely understands why you have this discharge and these symptoms. What has been the explanation for your symptoms? There are many reasons for a discharge that have to do with hormones, allergies, autoimmune conditions etc...There are more reasons for a discharge than pelvic infection. Perhaps a doctor that does not do obstetrics and focuses exclusively on gynecology. READ MORE

  • Masturbation?

    Good. If you’re not a cardiac cripple, you should. READ MORE

  • 7 days late period- 2 negative tests?

    Menstrual irregularities do happen under different circumstances. Hard to discuss by email, but keep checking preg test every week until you can get into see your doctor. If you get a heavy normal period and preg test is negative, then this may be a one time occurrence. If you start spotting or have abd pain, get right in to see your doctor. READ MORE

  • Early adenomyosis?

    Maybe not that early! By the time bleeding is heavy, it may be more extensive. Usually adenomyosis is accompanied by pain. So it’s possible there may be another cause such as hormonal irregularity. You need an exam and some blood work. Also, keep a menstrual diary to track your bleeding pattern. READ MORE

  • Am I pregnant ?

    Take a preg test. If negative, repeat it every week for two more weeks. That should tell you. READ MORE

  • Menopause?

    You might…but it’s possible that simply withdrawing from the estrogen is not enough to induce a withdrawal. I would recommend a trial of progestin for 10 days and see if that induces withdrawal bleeding. READ MORE

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Practice At 4705 Montgomery Ne Suite 301-302

4705 Montgomery Ne Suite 301-302 -
Albuquerque, NM 87109
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New patients: 505-727-7600, 505-254-6500
Fax: 505-254-6532, 505-727-7640

103 Medicine Way Rd -
Peridot, AZ 85542
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Dr. Douglas Krell, MD, FACOG has a rating of 4 out of 5 stars based on the reviews from 17 patients. FindaTopDoc has aggregated the experiences from real patients to help give you more insights and information on how to choose the best OB-GYN (Obstetrician-Gynecologist) in your area. These reviews do not reflect a providers level of clinical care, but are a compilation of quality indicators such as bedside manner, wait time, staff friendliness, ease of appointment, and knowledge of conditions and treatments.

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