Cynthia Saltzer M.A./CCC-A, Audiologist

Cynthia Saltzer M.A./CCC-A


1126 Ansel Rd Hearing Clinic At Wi Cleveland OH, 44108


Dr. Cynthia Saltzer is an audiologist practicing in Cleveland, OH. Dr. Saltzer evaluates, diagnoses and treats hearing loss, balance issues and tinnitus. Audiologists can care for patients of all ages and treat almost all types of hearing loss. As an audiologist, Dr. Saltzer takes part in services like prescribing and fitting hearing aids, recommending assisted listening devices and providing hearing rehabilitation. Audiologists can work in a number of settings such as hospitals, schools, clinics, private practices as well as government, military and VA hospitals.

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Practice At 1126 Ansel Rd Hearing Clinic At Willson School

1126 Ansel Rd Hearing Clinic At Wi -
Cleveland, OH 44108
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