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Dr. Cristiane Oshiro mocelin Carvalho MD, Nephrologist (Kidney Specialist)

Dr. Cristiane Oshiro mocelin Carvalho MD

Nephrologist (Kidney Specialist) | Nephrology

1500 Nw 12th Ave Jmt-East 1007 Miami FL, 33136


Dr. Cristiane Carvalho is a nephrologist practicing in Miami, FL. Dr. Carvalho specializes in the care and treatment of the kidneys. As a nephrologist, Dr. Carvalho most typically treats conditions like kidney stones, chronic kidney disease, acute renal failure, polycystuc kidney disease, high blood pressure and more. Nephrologists are also experts on kidney transplantation and dialysis. They are usually referred to by primary care physicians for problems related to the kidneys, and while they can perform tests to diagnose kidney disorders, they do not perform surgeries.

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Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz (UESC)

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Female English


  • Jackson Memorial Medical Center 2008

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Dr. Cristiane Carvalho, MD

1500 Nw 12th Ave -
Miami, FL 33136
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Cristiane Carvalho

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