Richard John Deangelis M.D., Dermatologist in ANDERSON, Sc, 29621 |

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Richard John Deangelis M.D.

Dermatologist | MOHS-Micrographic Surgery




24 years

Richard John Deangelis M.D.

Dr. Richard Deangelis practices Dermatopathology in Anderson, SC. Dermatopathology is a medical specialty that focuses on dermatology and pathology, and involves the diagnosis of various diseases of the skin, hair, and nails by looking at cutaneous diseases at a microscopic and molecular level. By revealing the histology of diseases and results from a specific diagnostic interpretation, Dr. Deangelis is able to analyze the potential causes of skin diseases at a basic level. We will always look at any suspicious lesions of concern, while carefully scanning high-risk areas of your head and neck. This thorough examination will always be aided by the utilization of a state of the art instrument known as a Dermatoscope. Using such a specialized "skin scope" enhances one's ability to more accurately determine whether a skin lesion is benign or malignant. As a result, we only remove that which is most necessary, often times minimizing the need for biopsies and scars. We utilize our in-house tissue processing lab to quickly determine the results of a biopsy if required, often times on the same day of your visit. You should always expect communication that fully explains the results of that which was removed. We will clearly and promptly communicate to you in common language, the most pertinent details regarding the risks, benefits, and alternatives of any recommended treatment. We always endeavor to consider your interest and well-being our number one priority.
Board Certification
Dermatology American Board of Dermatology (ABD)
Hospital Affilliations
AnMed Health ( Anderson, SC )
Areas of expertise and specialization
MOHS-Micrographic Surgery
Early Detection
West Virginia Univ Hosps, Dermatology; West Virginia Univ Hosps, Family Medicine

Education and Training

Wv Univ Sch of Med, Morgantown Wv

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