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Dr. Josephine Stokes is a Dentist practicing in Eugene, OR. Dr. Stokes specializes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases and conditions associated with the mouth and overall dental health. Dentists are trained to carry out such treatment as professional cleaning, restorative, prosthodontic, and endodontic procedures, and performing examinations, among many others.

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Dr. Josephine Lynne Stokes DDS
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  • How should I prepare for my root canal?

    There is no special preparation for a root canal. Unfortunately they have a bad rap, but most root canals are very uneventful. If I could recommend anything, bring your favorite music or podcast to listen to as sometimes a root canal can be long and boring. Hope this helps, Jossi Stokes, DDS READ MORE

  • Do I need antibiotics for a tooth extraction?

    Typically no, but you should ask the surgeon that is performing the surgery. Hope it goes well, Jossi Stokes, DDS READ MORE

  • How can gingivitis be treated?

    Gingivitis is a inflamatory response by our body by something that is foreign to it. Typically we see gingivitis in folks that have plaque buildup. Plaque can be removed simply by brushing and flossing. If good oral hygiene practices are followed and plaque is the culprit, the gingivitis should go away. And there are other reasons our body has inflamatory responses. This is when you should see a dentist. So if after 2 weeks of routine steller oral hygiene the gingivitis doesn’t go away, see a dentist. Hope this helps, Jossi Stokes, DDS READ MORE

  • Is tooth whitening safe?

    Tooth whitening is safe and effective if directions are followed. Too often I see patients whiten for too long. Whatever system you choose, follow the instructions and you will be safe! Jossi Stokes, DDS READ MORE

  • Would I need to take opioids after my extraction?

    It would be absolutely ok to take ibuprofen. It is a great medication that can be very helpful in extraction surgery. Talk to your dentist about your feelings and even if you still get the prescription, you don't have to fill it! Hope this helps, Jossi Stokes, DDS READ MORE

  • Can teeth grinding cause headaches?

    Yes, it can absolutely be related. Jossi Stokes, DDS READ MORE

  • Can tooth grinding be a serious issue for kids?

    How old is your daughter? Typically it is common for kids to grind. This usually decreases when they start loosing baby teeth because the relationship of their teeth change. Depending on the stage of her teeth and age, there is likely not much that can be done. If she has a full arch of permanent teeth, you should visit the dentist. Otherwise it could wait until the next time she goes in for a cleaning. It's not an emergency. Hope this helps, Jossi Stokes, DDS READ MORE

  • When is a root canal recommended?

    A tooth will need a root canal when it is so painful, there is nothing that will calm it down or if it is infected, which may or not be painful. A radiograph (X-ray) will be helpful in the case of an infection. Hope this helps and congratulations on not needing a root canal so far! Jossi Stokes, DDS READ MORE

  • How can I tell if I'm grinding my teeth?

    It is highly likely that you are either clenching or grinding in your sleep due to the symptoms you have when you wake up. If you are grinding, it can wear teeth faster, but you may or may not be able to tell right away. A dentist is trained to look for early symptoms of grinding and clenching, so you should consult a dentist. He or she can give you tips and possible solutions to ease the discomfort you have in the morning and protect your teeth from future wear. Hope this helps, Jossi Stokes, DDS READ MORE

  • My child accidentally ate toothpaste. What should I do?

    This is a good question and difficult to answer. Do you have an idea how much she swallowed? If it was just the small pea size she puts on her toothbrush, she should be fine. I think the bigger question is why is she swallowing the toothpaste now. Is she somehow gagging herself and accidentally swallowing what is in her mouth? If you are concerned a habit is forming, there are other toothpastes on the market that have no fluoride, but have other cavity-fighting components such as xylitol. Hope this helps, Jossi Stokes, DDS READ MORE

  • Can my diabetes affect my teeth?

    Diabetes can absolutely have an effect on oral health. If the diabetes is uncontrolled, the mouth can show signs of gingivitis, periodontitis, and frequently no amount of brushing and flossing will fully bring health back to the the mouth until the diabetes is under control. Hope this helps! Jossi Stokes, DDS READ MORE

  • How often can I use a mouthwash in a day?

    You can use mouthwash as often as you wish. Just don't swallow it. Hope this helps, Jossi Stokes, DDS READ MORE

  • My son grinds his teeth. What can you do to help him?

    This is a good and common question. If your son is young (under 5), he will likely grow out of it without any treatment. If he is older, a night guard could be fabricated. More recent studies are showing that grinding is associated with sleep apnea. If you are noticing snoring or pauses in his breathing, take him to his pediatrician. Hope this helps, Jossi Stokes, DDS READ MORE

  • I have severe pain in my deep cavity filling. What could this be?

    When a cavity is deep, it is close to the nerve. If it is too close, the nerve becomes inflamed/angry and can be the symptoms you described. There is a chance you will need a root canal to save the tooth. You should return to your dentist and have it evaluated. Hope this helps, Jossi Stokes, DDS READ MORE

  • What could be the reason behind the burning sensation in my gums?

    This is a tough question to answer. It could be something systemic (going on in your body) which might need bloodwork from your MD. It could be an allergic reaction to something touching your gums or it could be an infection of some kind. The only advice I can give is go see your dentist and possibly your medical doctor. It could be hard to find the answer and need a team of experts working together to do so. Good luck, Jossi Stokes, DDS READ MORE

  • Is chewing gum often bad for your teeth?

    Chewing sugarless gum is perfectly healthy for teeth. It has benefits (increase salivary flow, increase pH in the mouth, removal of food particles after eating) and no downfalls to teeth. If one has jaw joint issues, gum is not recommended as it could exacerbate the problem. Otherwise- chew until your heart's content! Hope this helps. Jossi Stokes, DDS READ MORE

  • How can flossing help in maintaining the health of teeth and gums?

    Great question and there have been many discussions around flossing in the media lately. Flossing is wonderful for the health of teeth and gums to cut back the biofilm between teeth. For flossing to be effective, it should be introduced slightly under the gum tissue and hug the tooth, rubbing the floss vertically along the long axis of the tooth. With that said, there are other tools that can be used to be effective towards the same result. Interproximal brushes, end tuft brushes, picks and waterpicks can be very effective cleaning the same areas that floss does. What works the best is the tool you will use on a daily basis. Floss can be harmful if used too forcefully, cutting the gum tissue and causing recession in the long run. So floss carefully! Hope this helps, Jossi Stokes, DDS READ MORE

  • The dentist has recommended my son’s tooth extraction. Is it the right way to go?

    As your son is 4.5 years old, there is a chance in a year's time, he will lose these teeth anyway. If the teeth have small cavities, the dentist might be able to monitor and only extract them if the teeth become compromised. If the cavities are large, the risk of leaving the teeth there is infection and it might affect the adult teeth that are underneath. If there is any question, I would get a second opinion. Hope this helps, Jossi Stokes, DDS READ MORE

  • How can I stop pushing on my front teeth when I swallow?

    This question is difficult to answer without having a professional evaluate the situation. There are so many growth changes that occur from childhood to adult, a tongue thrusting issue might not have the same outcome on the adult dentition as it did on the child dentition. Ortho rention is usually indefinite and this will help with any continual tongue habits that remain even after the braces are removed. So wear your retainer! Hope that helps, Jossi Stokes, DDS READ MORE

  • Can a tooth abscess be seen on an X-ray?

    The simple answer is - yes- an xray is very helpful to diagnose an abscess (or infection). Depending on how long the infection has been present, it can appear small or large. On a radiograph, it appears radiolucent (dark) like a void. If one is to look in the mouth, frequently there is also swelling present that appears like a blister (or larger) near the tooth involved. If there is evidence in the mouth, the abscess has been there for a while. Hope this helps, Jossi Stokes, DDS, FAGD READ MORE

  • How can flossing help in maintaining the health of teeth and gums?

    Flossing can only benefit oral health. The main purpose of flossing is to disrupt the biofilm that is in between teeth. It is important to rub the floss along the wall of the tooth, creating a C shape on both teeth and the floss should slip just underneath the gums. One risk of flossing is being too aggressive. Floss can actually cut into the gums if aggressive pressure is used, resulting in recession. There are limitations to flossing as well. If periodontal disease is present, there is no way floss can clean out periodontal pockets. It is still a great benefit and flossing is recommended once a day. Hope this helps. Jossi Stokes, DDS READ MORE

  • I don't understand how I got Periodontal disease

    There are a variety of reasons people can get periodontal disease and age and genetics play a part. Home care can help keep periodontal disease under control for a while, but a professional should be measuring sulci on a yearly basis. The mouth is constantly changing and with all the things we do with our mouths, there is wear and tear on our teeth and gums. If there is a biological defect (due to an extraction, recession or alignment of teeth), homecare isn't enough to keep those areas healthy. Many adults have periodontal disease and some are more susceptible and have a faster disease process than others. Hope this helps, Jossi Stokes, DDS READ MORE

  • Is water-flossing as effective as regular flossing?

    I am a big fan of flossing. It is cheap, easy and clean. With that said, no matter how hard some folks try to create the habit, it just won't stick. To a healthy individual, a waterpik can be a great alternative. There is an upfront expense and a learning curve (the bathroom mirror may need wiping down afterwards), but if all other aspects of oral health are present, it can take the place of flossing. It is better than not doing anything inbetween the teeth. Hope this helps! Jossi Stokes, DDS READ MORE

  • Wisdom teeth removal

    General dentists have training to remove teeth, but because of the location and difficulty of some extractions, a general dentist may refer the treatment to an oral surgeon. Oral surgeons have advanced training for the more difficult extractions. When teeth are impacted, sideways or anatomically difficult to reach without complications, they are frequently best handled by an expert. If the general dentist feels he/she can deliver the treatment at the level of the specialist, he/she may choose to preform the extractions in office. Hope this helps! Jossi Stokes, DDS READ MORE

  • Adult tooth is loose. What should I do?

    You should go directly to your dentist. He or she can stabilize the tooth to minimize mobility. Then it is a wait and see game. It depends on how much damage was sustained whether the tooth will recover. Likely there will be future treatment needed, but when the trauma is recent, a certain period if time needs to pass before the treatment needs can be assessed. Hope this helps, Jossi Stokes, DDS READ MORE

  • Skin is shedding on the inside of my mouth (my cheeks). Is this normal?

    This is something we typically see in response to an allergic reaction. Usually it is an ingredient in toothpaste that is the culprit, but it could be a variety of other causes. It can be annoying, but not usually harmful. If sores or bleeding begin to occur, you should see your dentist. Hope this answers your question. Jossi Stokes, DDS READ MORE

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