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Dr. Steven D Aeschliman D.D.S., Periodontist

Dr. Steven D Aeschliman D.D.S.

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Dr. Steven Aeschliman practices Periodontics in Spokane, WA. A periodontist is a dentist who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease, and in the placement of dental implants. Dr. Aeschliman has expertise in the treatment of oral inflammation and often treats problematic periodontal cases, such as those with severe gum disease or a complex medical history. Some treatments that Dr. Aeschliman provides are scaling and root planing and root surface debridement.

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Dr. Steven D Aeschliman D.D.S.
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  • How can an abscessed tooth kill you?

    The answer to your question is yes, but it is unusual with today's medical care and antibiotics. It does happen on occasion though, and to answer your question, it can happen when the localized infection around the tooth becomes larger, and infects local blood vessels, that can in turn infect larger organs such as the brain on an upper tooth, and the lower jaw facial planes on lower teeth. Luckily, this is rare, as stated. Note that every individual case differs in anatomy and patient immune response, thus every abscessed tooth should be evaluated by a professional ASAP. READ MORE

  • Why are my dental implants hurting my gums?

    It depends on how long you have been hurting and what the reasons are behind the pain. There could be several. The best plan is to see your restorative dentist first, as there may be a cement, allergy, or other reason that would cause the pain, so check with them first, followed if no resolution by seeing your periodontist. READ MORE

  • Can salt water gargling help in curing tonsillitis?

    Hello, He may have developed a PTA or peri-tonsillar abscess. If so, likely his glands may be swollen, and possibly run a temperature. There are also other issues that could be causing the severe pain. He should see an ENT doctor ASAP. I would not utilize salt water for now, and ask the physician for advice once a diagnosis has been made. I hope that helps. Dr. Steven Aeschliman, DDS, PS. Periodontist READ MORE

  • Since yesterday I can feel my gums being slightly inflamed. What could be the reason?

    This could be any number of problems from something as common as gingivitis, to possible periodontitis, to a range of other conditions and problems. If you have had recent popcorn or similar that can get stuck, you may have developed an abscess. You should see a dentist if it persists, and they may recommend a Periodontist such as myself. Hope that helps. Dr. Aeschliman. READ MORE

  • Dentures have caused gum injury. What can I do?

    Hello sir, My suggestion is for you to have a full exam and a CT scan to assess the reasons for the dentures cutting into your gums. It is very likely that you are losing the bone underlying the dentures, and therefore the edges are being force further into your gums because of the lack of support. I can take this CT scan in the office, as well as complete an exam if you are interested. Sometimes, implants can help with this type of problem. I hope that helps. Dr. Steve Aeschliman, Periodontist. READ MORE

  • My stitches done for gum grafting have become loose. What can I do?

    If you still have stitches in your mouth after six months, they should be removed immediately, as they will wick bacteria into your gums around the grafted areas. You are welcome to email me so I can better assess your situation knowing all the details, which will help me help you. Steve@periocentral.com. I am a periodontist. READ MORE

  • Can gum bleeding in a diabetic patient get serious?

    Hello Sir, Yes, diabetes can have very serious issues when it comes to your teeth, and bleeding. If a diabetic has higher blood sugar levels, and if the A1C levels are above 6 or so, you will notice a higher bleeding amount, and likely this is not just gingivitis, rather it can have progressed to periodontitis. There can be a vicious cycle between the diabetic control and the infection around your teeth, and they are related at a very high level. You should have a full periodontal exam, along with making sure that your physician is happy with your diabetic control. I hope that this answer helps you. Dr. Steve Aeschliman. READ MORE

  • Why are my implants not working?

    There are various reasons that cause implant failure. Implants can be lost due to patients not taking appropriate care of them with consistent daily cleaning, as well as professional cleanings and exams, as well as other reasons such as genetic causes, loss of protective bone and gums, and a variety of other reasons. I suggest you have a full exam from a periodontist, make sure that you have had a recent physical, and have the periodontist take a CT scan of your jaw and surrounding structures to be better able to answer that difficult question. I can understand your frustration losing implants twice! Dr. Steve Aeschliman. READ MORE

  • What is the course of treatment for bleeding and swelling gums?

    Hello, The best answer to your questions would require a full comprehensive exam of your teeth, as well as a physical to make sure that there are no other systemic causes for your bleeding gums. In addition, full mouth radiographs (x-rays) and possibly a CT scan would better our ability to help you and correctly diagnose the issues. I suggest that you see a periodontist for the comprehensive exam. I would be happy to help. Thanks for your question. Dr. Steve. READ MORE

  • Gum recession

    Hello, Recession is very common, and has many reasons why it occurs. The most common one is that of what is called a thin biotype. That is, your genetics often can be the biggest factor in why the gums recede. The bone and gums can be thin from inheritance, and therefore recede with time and normal use/wear of the teeth. Another reason is brushing too hard, or having a frenum pull that pulls the gums down. READ MORE


  • Morristown Medical Center


  • Indiana University Medical Center


  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Philanthropic Initiatives

  • Providing surgical care to indigent patients in central and south America. Co-founder of UHMLA (Unidad Hospitalaria Movil de Latino America)

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