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Dr. Anthony Mobasser is a renowned clinician and educator in his field of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dentistry, and is internationally known for teaching the latest advances in this rapidly evolving ...

Education and Training

University Of Pennsylvania DMD 1980

Provider Details

MaleEnglish 39 years of experience
Dr. Anthony Amir Mobasser D.M.D
Dr. Anthony Amir Mobasser D.M.D's Expert Contributions
  • What should I do if my permanent crown is not feeling right?

    For your loose crown, call your good dentist asap. Possibly need to be xray, cement wash out, not enough cement, or poor retention, among the host of other things.... your dentist will know! https://best.celebritydentist.com/porcelain-crowns/ READ MORE

  • What is a dental bridge?

    Dental bridge is one more way to replace missing tooth or teeth. The key factor is the health of the teeth anchoring for the missing teeth. Depending on many factors, such as bone quality, your bite, etc... bridge may be chosen instead of dental implant. https://best.celebritydentist.com/dental-bridges/ READ MORE

  • How often do I need to get the crowns on my teeth replaced?

    Your dental crown according to ADA, may last 7 to 10 years, however there are crowns that I have seen and done that have lasted 30 years, and some only few years, depending on many factors, including but not limited to the experience of your dentist, retention form, gum, bone structure, your bite and many more factors..... https://best.celebritydentist.com/porcelain-crowns/ READ MORE

  • What is the procedure for restoring a missing tooth?

    I am sorry to hear about your tooth. First, the surgeon must preserve the bone, then to restore the missing tooth, you have several options: 1- tooth implant (if you have enough bone): https://best.celebritydentist.com/dental-implants/ 2- a permanent fixed bridge, if you have teeth on both sides of missing tooth with enough bone: https://best.celebritydentist.com/dental-bridges/ 3- partial removable denture Which way is the best to restore a missing tooth? It all depends on your X-rays, bone level, and the adjacent teeth next to missing tooth, see an expert dentist right away for a consultation, duration of treatment, and the cost. Best of luck! READ MORE

  • Should I get an implant if my tooth is cracked?

    If you have cracked tooth, I would try to save the tooth period. Depending if the crack is on the crown of the tooth, you can preserve it with placing a porcelain crown. https://best.celebritydentist.com/porcelain-crowns/ If the tooth cannot be saved, unfortunately, it needs to be extracted, and the missing tooth needs to be replaced by tooth implant, possibly a bridge or possibly a partial removable denture! For the best advice, see an expert dentist so he can do an evaluation and advise you further. READ MORE

  • I had an accident and my tooth broke. What can be done about it now?

    Your broken half of the tooth can be restored with porcelain crown IF the root of the tooth is not fractured. https://best.celebritydentist.com/porcelain-crowns/ If the nerve is exposed, and the root is not cracked save the tooth by a root canal, then a post build up and then crown. Always remember your original tooth is way better than tooth implant or dental bridge! READ MORE

  • In a fall, my tooth broke off in half. How can this be fixed?

    If you broke your tooth, it is best to see an expert dentist near you asap. After his evaluation, he will advise you in regards to saving your tooth, either with dental bonding, veneer, or possibly crown and root canal. After 38 years in practice of dentistry, I highly advise you salvage your tooth no matter what vs. removal and placing a dental implant. READ MORE

  • I knocked out my two front teeth. What's the procedure for implants?

    Sorry to hear about your 2 front teeth trauma. Best is to see an expert dentist for evaluation of your bone, gums, and bite. After all options will be given, depending on your bone density. Implant surgery requires 2 visit ( root placement with titanium fixture) about 3 to 4 month apart. After you can start restorative procedure the crown part. For more information see here: https://best.celebritydentist.com/dental-implants/ Best of luck! READ MORE

  • I wear dentures. My gums are aching! What can I do?

    Sorry to hear that. Did your medical history change? New medication? Did food got under your dentures? Have you been taking antibiotics? All these can cause achy gums, plus many more... Your best bet is to see an expert dentist right away, possibly to rinse with chlorohexidine solution, but it is a prescription! You might want to ask the dentist to do tissue conditioning treatment! Best of luck. READ MORE

  • How do I care for my dental implants?

    You must take care of dental implants like your own teeth, proper oral hygiene, brushing, flossing, bridge threader,check the gums and your bite and have periodical xrays to make sure there is no loss of bone around your tooth implant READ MORE

  • What can I do to maintain my dental implants?

    To maintain dental implants is the same as your own teeth. See your dentist for special cleanings, have periodic X-rays to make sure no bone loss, ask the implant dentist when he recommends to change the screws, and make sure your bite and occlusion are not changed. READ MORE

  • How do you know when you need a dental crown?

    If your tooth is not strong enough to have it restored by fillings, or your bite can fracture the existing tooth, or of you had large fillings that are failing are just few examples of why you may need a dental crown restoration, in some instances a root canal tooth is better protected by crown, or a cracked tooth. READ MORE

  • Other than braces, is there a better way to close the gap between my teeth?

    For gaped teeth, besides braces, you can bond the gap between teeth or place dental veneers made by composite or porcelain also. READ MORE

  • Why are my dentures not setting right?

    If your dentures are not setting right, it might be due to fit, lack of bone, or the occlusion and your bite. See your dentist to adjust, reline or make you new ones. READ MORE

  • My son grinds his teeth. What can you do to help him?

    Of course to help you protect your teeth from grinding, it is advisable you see a dentist to check your bite, and possibly get a night guard or occlusal guard to protect other teeth from damage or fracture. I do not recommend medication. Grinding teeth can be due to bad bite, or possibly contributed to heredity factor and stress. READ MORE

  • I don’t like the shape of my mouth. Can it be corrected?

    You have canted smile. You need to see a cosmetic dentist for evaluation of the cant. You will need also bite analysis to see if cosmetics will be fixed, how is that going to affect the function of your teeth. READ MORE

  • What is the way to prevent fungal infections of the mouth?

    Due to diabetic condition you will need to do great oral hygiene, and see your dentist more often for preventative maintenance! That will help you immensely. The use of antibiotics can also cause increase risk of fungal infections. READ MORE

  • The crown over my molar cracked. What should I do?

    For a cracked crown, you must see your dentist ASAP, especially if you do have pain and discomfort. Avoid biting or drinking hot and cold things. Over-the-counter analgesic can help, or if the tooth did not have a root canal on it, place wax around the periphery of the crown. READ MORE

  • What are my options for having a missing tooth replaced?

    Missing tooth option is basically: 1- Fixed permanent bridge (if you have adjacent teeth next to missing teeth) 2- Dental implant (if you have enough bone to support an implant) 3- Removable fixed denture, flipper for a tooth, or partial denture READ MORE

  • Is there any medication to prevent tooth decay?

    Once you have decay, the decay will stay unless you place a restoration. If the decay is in the enamel, you can use prescription toothpaste to prevent decay from going further in conjunction with proper brushing, flossing, and great oral hygiene. If the decay has passed the enamel and it is into dentin, it is best to restore it with white filling or bonding. READ MORE

  • What is the life of a tooth implant?

    Tooth implant longevity depends on a variety of factors, such as the quality of the bone, your bite (occlusion), your oral hygiene, the surgeon who placed the implant, and many more. We have seen results where an implant has failed in the first year and some which lasted over 25 years. READ MORE

  • What causes mouth lesions and how are they treated?

    Mouth lesions can come from direct contact with a virus or bacteria, stress, deficiency in your immune system, unbalanced diet, and many more. It is best to see your dentist first, but in some occasions, you might be referred to a periodontist or an oral surgeon. READ MORE

  • Are these crackling sounds in my ear from TMJ?

    If you have TMJ issues or TMD, your best bet is to see an expert dentist to find the root cause of it, and then get options of treatment before it gets worse! READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Cosmetic Dentistry, Full Mouth Reconstruction, porcelain veneers, porcelain crown and Bridges, Dental implant restorations, Dental Bonding


  • America's Best Dentist 2015National Consumer Advisory Board


  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Cosmetic - Veneers
  • Dental Restoration
  • Full Mouth Reconstruction
  • Full Mouth Reconstruction And Rehabilitation
  • Dental Aesthetics - Smile Enhancement
  • Dental Bonding With White Filling
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Porcelain Bridges & Crowns
  • Porcelain Dental Bridges And Dental Crowns
  • Gum And Bone Disease
  • Teeth Bleaching
  • Teeth Grinding/night Guards
  • Teeth In A Day
  • Smile Correction
  • Smile Design / Makeovers
  • Smile Makeover
  • Bonded Fillings
  • Bonding And White Filling
  • Porcelain Inlays/onlays/crowns/veneers

Professional Memberships

  • DrAmerican Academy Of Cosmetic Dentistry AACD 1985
  • DrAda 1980
  • Dr California Dental Association 1980


  • University of Pennsylvania Perio Prosthodontics  1981

Experience & Accolades

  • Dr1982Dr Anthony Mobasser-celebrity DentistCosmetic Dentist and Dental Reconstructive Dentist

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    Positive experience and highly recommended!.

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    Honest and positive business! Highly recommended!.

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    Amazing dental experience!.

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    Very glad we found Dr. Mobasser! Thumbs up!.

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    Amazing doctor and staff! Highly recommended!.

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    Many thanks to Dr. Mobasser!.

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