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In September 2002, Dr. Manjoney opened the Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa, and in 2004, she left her hospital practice to devote all her medical efforts to treatment of varicose vein disease and performance ...

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University of Vermont College of Medicine M.D. 1978

Board Certification

Thoracic SurgeryAmerican Board of Thoracic SurgeryABTS

SurgeryAmerican Board of SurgeryABS

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Dr. Deborah Manjoney, MD
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  • Is walking good for varicose veins?

    Some varicose veins may go away on their own after pregnancy. Usually, however, if they are still around at 3 months postpartum, they are there to stay. Walking is excellent for vein health in general, because as you walk, you contract your calf muscles, and help pump the blood out of your legs. To strengthen veins, you can try horse chestnut pills, or Diosmin from a natural food store. Prescription Vasculara contains diosmin at a regulated level. These products will not make your varicose veins go away, but may strengthen other veins. There are many minimally invasive treatments for varicose veins that can be performed in a medical office, without the need for hospitalization. READ MORE

  • Can I work after a spider vein treatment?

    Spider vein treatments are performed by injecting a special irritant into the veins that causes the inner lining to dissolve. The veins can then be gradually absorbed by the body. We also sometimes use a laser device on the surface of the skin, or a tiny electric needle to get spider veins to disappear. None of these treatments necessitate you being off from work. Spider vein treatments are a PROCESS that take, on average, 2-3 sessions to fade away the veins. READ MORE

  • How do I get rid of spider veins on my nose?

    There are many laser devices, and another light-based treatment called IPL, that can get rid of spider veins on the nose. Other techniques include a tiny electric needle that zaps the veins away. A dermatologist or a professional at a laser center or medical spa can help you. READ MORE

  • Why do I have so many spider veins?

    Spider veins are very common, especially in women. They are also more common as we age. There is often a hereditary component. Sometimes spider veins are a reflection of a larger vein not functioning properly. If you have any aching, leg swelling, fatigue or leg cramps, then you should have an evaluation that includes an ultrasound of your leg veins to see which ones may have a problem. READ MORE

  • How dangerous are spider veins?

    The only time that spider veins may be considered potentially dangerous, is when they protrude from the skin and are very dark, "hypertensive" spider veins.  If these veins break through the skin, they can bleed.  If this happens when a person is unaware, for instance, when they were sleeping, this can be quite dangerous.  It is hypertensive spider veins at the ankle which are most often at risk for bleeding.  Spider veins are almost never dangerous, and usually, they have no associated symptoms.  This makes them a cosmetic concern which can be handled with a technique known as sclerotherapy.  Sclerotherapy involves a series of treatments using FDA approved solutions that can be injected in very small amounts through tiny needles. Sometimes the treatments may be combined with the use of a surface laser to speed up the resolution. READ MORE

  • What exercises can I do to get rid of varicose veins?

    Unfortunately, there are no exercises that will get rid of, or prevent, varicose veins. The good news is, there are  minimally invasive treatments that can eliminate the appearance of varicose veins. You should seek out a center that specializes in vein disease to discuss options after a thorough evaluation. On Thursday, January 30, 2020, 04:49:29 PM CST, FATD Patient Questions <answers+1022224_1139686_e5e7077cbeac102b7aae06173c69134d@expert.findatopdoc.com> wrote: You have a new patient question! All you have to do is reply to this email to answer. All questions and answers are for informational purposes only. | | | | |   | | | | Someone has asked you a question | | Click here to view this request online | | | | | | | | Dr. Manjoney | | Question Alert | | You Have A New Question | | Simply reply to this email with your answer. | |   | | | |   | | | What exercises can I do to get rid of varicose veins? | | |   | | I'm 41 years old, and I have varicose veins on my calves. I don't want to have medical treatment for it because they're not causing me to have severe discomfort. Are there any exercises I can do at home to get rid of them? | |   | |   | | | |   | | Reply to this email to answer, or Login to see all questions. | | | | | | | | If you don't want to receive patient questions, click here IT IS SAFE TO PARTICIPATE. Answering this question does not constitute medical advice or establish a doctor-patient relationship. All questions and answers are for informational purpose only. All question submitters are advised to seek the care of their local medical provider. | |   | | Find A Top Doc 1350 Ave of the Americas New York, NY. 10019 United States (866) 664-DOCS Copyright 2020 FINDATOPDOC. All Rights Reserved. | | | READ MORE

  • Can spider veins go away on their own?

    Spider veins can go away on their own, but it is not likely.  During pregnancy, there is increased venous back pressure in your legs.  Spider veins can form because of this venous hypertension.  It is especially likely if you suffered from leg swelling.  A vein specialist can evaluate your problem and ask specific questions to see if you need further studies or if spider vein treatment alone is likely to be successful.  Sclerotherapy, or injection of an FDA-approved drug into the spider veins, works by causing the small veins to go into spasm, and injures the vein lining.  The veins eventually get absorbed by your body.  Please be aware that spider vein elimination is a process, and you will need 2-3 treatments on average to make them disappear. READ MORE


  • Women of Influence  Milwaukee Business Journal 
  • Woman of the Year  National Association of Professional Women 
  • Best of Pewaukee Doctors 2009-19 Best of Cities 


  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Varicose Veins
  • Spider Veins
  • Vein Treatments
  • Venous Ultrasounds
  • Vein Care Plan
  • Facial Procedures
  • Skincare products
  • Spectra Treatments
  • CoolMini
  • Skin Tightening
  • Intense Pulsed Light
  • Dermaplaning
  • Acne Treatments
  • Chemical Peels
  • Customized Facials
  • NovaThread
  • Injectables
  • Belotero Balance®
  • Botox® Cosmetic
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  • Radiesse® Hand Rejuvenation
  • Restylane®
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  • PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Hair Restoration
  • Body Procedures
  • Cellfina
  • Coolsculpting
  • Vanquish Me
  • Exilis Ultra
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Laser Tattoo Removal
  • Fractional Laser Resurfacing
  • Microneedling (with PRP)
  • Hydrafacials
  • Dermasound facial
  • Varithena
  • Clarivein
  • Venaseal
  • Laser Vein Closure
  • Minimally Invasive Vein Treatments
  • Genius RF microneedling
  • LaseMD
  • Bioidential Hormone Therapy
  • Femilift
  • Emsculpt
  • EMSculpt Body Sculpting
  • Almi for Hair
  • Melasma Treatment
  • Sclerotherapy (for Treatment Of Spider Veins)
  • Phlebectomy
  • Endovenous Ablation Of Varicose Veins

Professional Memberships

  • Professional Member Pewaukee Chamber of Commerce 
  • Professional Member Vein Experts 
  • Professional Member American College of Surgeons 
  • Professional Member American College of Phlebology 
  • Professional Member Medical Spa Society 
  • Professional Member National Association of Professional Women 
  • Professional Member Milwaukee TEMPO organization 
  • Professional Member Waukesha Alliance 


  • University of Vermont Medical Center  General Surgery 
  • University of Chicago Medical Center Cardiothoracic Surgery 

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Media Releases

Get to know Surgeon Dr. Deborah Manjoney, who serves patients in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. 

Board-certified thoracic surgeon, Dr. Manjoney, is the Founder and Medical Director of Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, which she opened in 2002.

Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa is a physician-owned and operated facility dedicated to providing the most effective treatments and products available with the highest standard of care. Dr. Manjoney and her experienced team offer state-of-the-art non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures in the Milwaukee area medical spa that actually give patients’ results that they may have thought were unattainable or only achieved by costly plastic surgery. Their specialties include treatments targeting lines and wrinkles, texture and tone, volume loss and facial contours, veins, and body contouring, all of which are designed to improve patients’ skin and enhance their overall appearance and comfort.

A recognized leader in office-based treatment of varicose veins, Dr. Manjoney has performed over 2,500 endovenous laser ablation of saphenous veins and over 8,000 ambulatory phlebectomy and sclerotherapy procedures. She was the first female surgeon to bring the “medispa” concept to the area, and although it was difficult to leave a high-powered career as a heart surgeon, she saw a need for the services she now offers. Her vision was to offer premium care in a state-of-the-art facility that had a comfortable, calming environment.

The doctor’s model of excellence is continually implemented through offering the best training and education for her staff.  Her high standards are evidenced by her expert staff and the quality of care she offers her patients. She provides the most advanced medical and aesthetic treatments and has a strong desire to continue helping women and men to feel great. Recognizing the need for helping women manage and overcome perimenopausal symptoms, hormone imbalance, as well as sexual and bladder issues, she joined forces with Dr. Joi Davis, formerly of Age Defy Wisconsin. This portion of the center offers bioidentical hormone therapy, FemiLift treatments, and more.

Pertaining to her educational background, Dr. Manjoney earned her medical degree from the Robert Larner, M.D. College of Medicine at The University of Vermont in Burlington, Vermont in 1978. She was elected to the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha National Medical Honor Fraternity in her third year, and was the recipient of the Senior Surgical Research Award. She completed an internship, residency, and chief residency in general surgery at the University of Vermont Medical Center before pursuing and finishing an additional residency in thoracic surgery at the University of Chicago.

She then served as Assistant Professor of Surgery at the State University of New York in Brooklyn and as Chief of Thoracic Surgery at the Kings County Hospital from 1986 to 1990. She subsequently worked as an attending Cardiothoracic Surgeon in Erie, Pennsylvania before moving to the Milwaukee area in 1992.

Once in Wisconsin, Dr. Manjoney served as a Cardiac and Thoracic Surgeon on staff at several area hospitals in both Milwaukee and Waukesha for over 10 years, with an active practice until 2004. That is when she left her hospital practice to devote all her medical efforts to the treatment of varicose vein disease and performance of minimally-invasive aesthetic procedures.

With years of experience in her field, Dr. Manjoney has been a speaker at regional and national conferences on the subject of heart disease in women and a nationally-sponsored educator of physicians on laser therapy of varicose veins. She has lectured extensively to audiences on local, national and international levels,  and has been featured in magazines, news articles, radio and television. She continues to educate the public on both medical and aesthetic procedures through regular appearances on The Morning Blend television show and through lectures at colleges and local seminars. She is a firm believer in educating the public on taking charge of their own health and well-being.

Honored as a pioneer in both business and medicine, she received the Milwaukee Business Journal’s prestigious Entrepreneur “Woman of Influence” Award in June of 2009. She was also cited as the “Nurses’ Choice” for Best Cardiothoracic Surgeon in The Milwaukee Magazine, and listed as a “Top Doc” in the January 2013 edition of M magazine in the area of vascular surgery.

A Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, Dr. Manjoney remains a member of several professional organizations, including the American Vein and Lymphatic Society, the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery, American Medical Spa Society, and the National Association of Professional Women. She was board-certified in surgery by the American Board of Surgery, in thoracic surgery by the American Board of Thoracic Surgery, and is a diplomate of the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine.  She also is a Registered Physician in Vascular Interpretation.

Her current appointments include being a preceptor/lecturer for Dornier Med Tech, and editorial board member for Vein Therapy News and Luminary for Alma Lasers. Moreover, she has been extensively published in a variety of medical publications, including Phlebology, The American Journal of Surgery, The Journal of Surgical Research, and The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery.

Among her philanthropic endeavours, Dr. Manjoney has served on the Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital Foundation Board. She is an active sponsor and participant of the Go Red for Women movement of the American Heart Association and she is a supporter of many local and national charities.

In her personal life, Dr. Manjoney resides in Nashotah with her husband, Dr. Scott Stanwyck, an orthopedic surgeon. She has two adult children, Cole and Lauren. She credits her family as her motivation to change careers and is appreciative of the love and support they have given her.

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  • How are Varicose Veins Diagnosed?

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    Veins that are twisted, engorged and noticeable are referred as varicose veins. They normally form in the legs, although they can also develop anywhere on the body. This condition is frequent. The signs and symptoms of varicose veins are not many. Mild, skin ulcers and blood clots can arise from...

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    Varicose veins can affect your self esteem, since they are distressing and painful. These veins can develop anywhere in the body, although the legs are commonly affected. They are usually twisted, swollen and deep purple or blue in color.When blood starts accumulating in the veins as a result of...

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