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Dr. Jesse Grimm is a Dentist practicing in Kernersville, NC. Dr. Grimm specializes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases and conditions associated with the mouth and overall dental health. Dr. Grimm graduated From University of Detroit School of Dentistry as an Honor Student. After completing an Advanced Education General Dentistry Residency at Travis AFB in California Dr. Grimm served his country in the Air Force for two additional years Wurtsmith AFB in Michigan. Upon relocating to North Carolina his wifes home state Dr. Grimm built two practices before starting his own in the Triad in 2001. Dentists are trained to carry out such treatment as professional cleaning, restorative, prosthodontic, and endodontic procedures, and performing examinations, among many others.

Education and Training

University of Detroit School of Dentistry DDS 1990

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Male English
Dr. Jesse A. Grimm DDS
Dr. Jesse A. Grimm DDS's Expert Contributions
  • Will asprin help my tooth pain?

    Yes. Aspirin (acetysalicylic acid) is still a very good non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain reliever. It can be taken in combination with acetaminophen (Tylenol) as directed on their respective containers to achieve even greater pain control. Together they are better than opioid (codeine type) pain relievers. As with any medications, you may be taking other medications that aspirin can not be taken with, or have conditions where aspirin is not recommended, so check with your doctor and or pharmacist before taking any medications. Dr. Grimm READ MORE

  • I have some back teeth missing. Should I consider dental implants?

    Yes to both questions. Lost teeth puts more stress on the remaining teeth and increased wear and a hi potential for shifting of other teeth and loss of vertical dimension of occlusion- which is hoe far your jaws are from each other when your teeth are together. Loss in this distance can cause other jaw and hearing issues like tinitis-ringing in the ears, and tmd or jaw joint issues. So an oral exam and consult is best for a treatment plan for your situation. Dr. Grimm. READ MORE

  • I have really bad breath, even though I brush and floss. What could be causing it?

    Bad breath can be a combination of many factors. Flossing and brushing well after every meal will go a long way to curb the issues involved if you include brushing the roof of your mouth and your tongue far back as you can comfortably get. Food particles, bacteria and there waste products-volatile sulfates are the contributors. Avoid alcohol containing rinses or sprays because they contribute to the problem by drying out tissues and saliva which increases volatile sulfates (rotten egg) and methyl mercaptan (barnyard) smells. So, drink plenty of water, use alcohol-free mouth washes and antibacterial sprays, and get your teeth and gums professionally checked cleaned three times a year. READ MORE

  • Does a wisdom tooth need to be removed?

    No, not all wisdom teeth need to be removed. Removal or keeping depends on many factors that need to be evaluated intraoraly and with special X-rays. These can usually be done  at your local dentist.  READ MORE

  • Will being on a liquid diet affect my teeth in any way?

    The main concern for any patient and liquids and amount of exposures per day. Many liquids we like to drink are acidic. Whether it is from a natural source, citric acid in fruit juices, tannic acid in teas, or an added source,carbonic and phosphoric acid in soft drinks. Some vegetable juices such as tomato are acidic as well. There are many resources online easily accessed that give acidic PH of many drinks and juices. Teeth start to dissolve at a ph of 5.5. Any liquid ph lower than that will dissolve teeth over time. This is where amount and duration of exposure to these liquids becomes a concern. A few exposures with short duration like a three meal day are usually no problem. More exposures with long duration like sipping drinks of this type often through the day are very damaging. Stomach acid is just as bad. If a liquid diet produces an acid reflux problem, that can be just as damaging. Sugary drinks like juices contribute to the problem by feeding bacteria that are naturally in our mouths and use these sugars to produce acids of their own that dissolve the teeth and cause tooth decay. So taking steps to avoid these issues by limiting the intake or exposure to the teeth, rinsing thoroughly with water after consuming acidic liquids and flossing and brushing regularly is a sensible plan for any diet pattern and will do you well. READ MORE

  • My son has a habit of biting ice. Will this harm his teeth?

    Yes. Ice is a very hard structure damaging to teeth. Crushed ice that is not just fresh out of the freezer is not as bad but still can damage teeth. READ MORE

  • How long will I have to wait for my next session after first round of root canal?

    If a root canal therapy cannot be completed in one visit there can be different reasons and length of time before reappoint can very with each reason. with standard root canal therapy time of treatment may require more visit. excessive inflamation may require a second visit. excessive infection may require more than one visit to control and complete treatment. There is no set amount of time to wait for any of these scenarios. Usually two weeks will be enough time for reappoint but depends on the clinician and the case. As long as the patient is careful to follow post op instructions and avoid eating on the tooth,finish treatment with in one to two months should be fine. Dr. Grimm READ MORE

  • What is the best way to treat dental plaque?

    The best way to treat dental plaque is to prevent build up by regular proper flossing and brushing daily and regular dental visits for exam and maintenance. If your gums become sore it could be gingivitis or a more severe periodontitis. Both of which could require a more involved treatment. Your best solution is to visit a dentist for evaluation and diagnosis to formulate a treatment plan and follow through with treatment. Dr. Grimm READ MORE

  • Is the fluoride treatment at the dentist really worth it?

    Yes, you should take advantage of the in office professional fluoride treatment. Most dentists are now using the varnish just like for children which incorporates over 6 hours you can eat and drink. It comes off when you brush before bed. It provides an extra benefit of fluoride over about a 3 month period preventing decay. The professional rinse is more effective than the home rinse as well and is worth the investment. It is not the same as the home rinse. The home rinse can act as an added replenisher that is beneficial as well if you chose to use it in addition. Dr. Grimm READ MORE

  • I just got a crown fit on my teeth but it hurts a lot. Does it require re-treatment?

    Crown are restorations for significantly broken down teeth Some of those teeth have pulpal (internal dental soft tissue) problems that may require root canal therapy. Some times just a crown being too high in occlusion(too tall, not fitting with opposing teeth) can make them very uncomfortable and need adjustment. Either way you should call your dentist and discuss your symptoms so an evaluation can be done and a diagnosis of your condition and discuss prop. Dr. Grimmer treatment READ MORE

  • At what age can my little one start brushing her teeth on her own?

    Her motivation is a great thing to foster. Continue to guide her in proper brushing. Following a certain pattern. Starting on the outside back right top work around the top front to the other side. Move to the inside and flow back around to the right again. Drop to the bottom right and around outside to left side. back inside and around to right again. Having a pattern set up and guided will encourage not missing any area. As her proficiency improves you can give her more freedom in the task. It is usually best to pretty closely monitor the process until about 6 yrs old. Lack of proper home care and diet can have serious consequences on teeth (significant decay-cavities). So, this short-term good supervision can have big results long-term. It is absolutely worth the effort. Dr. Grimm READ MORE

  • Are electric toothbrushes any better for the teeth?

    Yes. Most all studies will show that electric tooth brushes do a better job than a manual. Just like a manual tooth brush you need to use them properly. you can damage the gum tissue around your teeth by over brushing- being to aggressive, pressing to hard.The electric tooth to purchase to purchase is one that will let you know if you are pressing to hard ie-changes sound has a light that comes on. Something that indicates to the user they being to aggressive and will cause damage- Recession loss of gum tissue on the tooth. Proper use just gently guide the tooth brush over all surfaces and let it do the work. Dr.Grimm. READ MORE

  • For small kids how frequent should dentist visits be?

    Children should be seen every 6 months. They are growing fast. Oral home care is typically less than ideal. Diet and habits can contribute to caries(cavity) development. Things can progress rapidly. Prevention is always best. Early detection is better than late. All these add up to a best practice 6 month recall program. Dr. Grimm. READ MORE

  • My mother lost all of her teeth. What can be done?

    Either traditional complete dentures or implant supported overdentures or implant retained full arch fixed restorations are the options. Traditional complete dentures are the least expensive quickest and least complex restoration option. Implant retained full arch fixed restorations are the most involved best and more costly of the choices. Which restoration is best for your mother would best be determined by your dentist in a consult. Dr. Grimm READ MORE

  • I am not very satisfied with my RCT. What should I do about it?

    Not necessarily. It really depends on the case. Some require time to fully heal and recover. The first step would be a follow up with the treating dentist to review your treatment and the expected outcome. The level of your sensitivity and how it effects your daily quality of life and function are important aspects in your overall plan. Dr. Grimm READ MORE

  • How many times should I floss?

    How many times a day you should floss really depends on your specific oral care needs. For most people with good oral health and dietary habits, at least once a day is recommended. This is because studies show that bacteria damaging to your gingiva (gums) starts to develop within 24 hours of removal. Individuals with a high caries (cavity) rate (more than one within the last 6 months) should floss at least 2 to 3 times a day (after meals), followed by brushing with a fluoride toothpaste. Dr. Grimm READ MORE

  • Why are my gums swollen?

    Swelling and pain of the gums usually indicates an infection. This can be from the bacteria in the gum tissue, only a periodontal abscess or it can be from an infection from a dead tooth, an endodontic abscess. In either case, an exam by a dental professional is indicated for diagnosis and recommended treatment. Dr. Grimm READ MORE

  • How long after my extraction stitches are removed can I drink or eat?

    Usually, once stitches are removed after extraction, soft food and drink is permitted. Dr. Grimm READ MORE

  • What is the medication that the dentist will use as an anesthesia before my root canal?

    The type of anesthesia used for root canal therapy or surgery depends on the specific patient. Your dental professional should review your health history and choose an anesthetic that would be amenable to your specific situation. Dr. Grimm READ MORE

  • My daughter chipped her front two teeth. What are our options?

    Options for treatment depend on the extent of damage to the teeth involved. with minimal chipping no root fractures and the teeth still vital(alive) conservative composite bonded restorations should very well. If the chipping is extensive a porcelain veneer or crown restoration may be needed. If the tooth or teeth become non-vital root canal therapy would be indicated possibly followed by a crown. If a root fracture exists then the treatment varies depending on the extent and location. Dr. Grimm READ MORE

  • Does switching toothpaste matter?

    I know of no scientific studies that would indicate that switching from one toothpaste to another same tooth paste is going to have any benefit for your oral health. If however you have an issue with one tooth paste, sloughing of tissue witch can occur in some individuals with some whitening or tarter control tooth pastes then switching would be good for your oral health. Dr. Grimm READ MORE

  • How can I reverse yellowing of my teeth?

    Daily flossing and brushing with a whitening tooth paste and avoiding smoking, coffee, tea, and other such things that stain teeth will go a long way to remove stains and preventing new development of staining. Having your teeth cleaned regularly (every 6 months, or 3 months in some cases) is another important part in keeping whiter teeth. Many people find that they would like even brighter teeth. That is where bleaching comes in. Over-the-counter systems work to some degree. Dental office provided systems work even better. For some, there are in-office treatments with or without a light to get an initial quick start and may have an even better result. Dr. Grimm READ MORE

  • Do I have to be numb?

    Whether or not a patient needs to get numb for fillings depends on many factors. The size, location,reason for restoration, type of restoration, type of preparation, age of the tooth,clinician training and experience, patient perception of the feeling during the procedure all have some effect on the need for numbing(local anesthesia). There are many fillings(restorations) I and other dentists perform with out local anesthesia routinely. The answer is between you the patient and the treating clinician. Dr. Grimm READ MORE

  • Why are some people's canine teeth sharper than others?

    The shape of your teeth when they come in is genetically related. However the shape can change over time do to forces on them and wear of enamel- the outer layer of tooth structure, Canines can have a rather pointed appearance compared to other teeth in the mouth. With normal function some wear can be acceptable. Excessive or pathological wear and sharper appearance can occur with parafunctional ( other than normal) habits and is often a sign of bruxism or grinding of teeth and should be evaluated for the need of repair and an occlusal guard. READ MORE

  • How can I reverse yellowing of my teeth?

    Yellowing of teeth is a concern for many patients. A good solution for many of these patients is bleaching - a process of removing external stains in the enamel (outer layer) of teeth. There many different products available to accomplish this, the best and safest are obtained through your dental professional. Yellowing can be related to the underlying dentin which is yellow in nature. There has been some success in bleaching teeth thought unable to benefit from bleaching-Tetracycline stained teeth. The tetracycline stains this underlying dentin grey to yellow brown. Some success has been achieved even in these cases so it warrants a discussion with your dentist. Over the counter products just do not achieve the same results. Bleaching should not be performed until all present decay (cavities) are treated. Therefore bleaching should only be performed under the supervision of your dentist. Dr. Grimm READ MORE

  • My tooth in the back is half broken, what should I do?

    Any tooth that breaks should be evaluated by a dental professional because it could potentially cause serious oral(mouth) and or systemic( whole body) health issues. A fractured tooth causing pain has a higher need of evaluation. The fracture involves nerves and other vulnerable soft tissues either inside the tooth and or the supporting tissues( gums, connective tissue, bone). In either case infiltration and spread of bacteria can and will occur leading to potential serious health effects. Therefore it needs to be evaluated by a dental professional for treatment needs. READ MORE

  • Do dentists offer services to the uninsured?

    Many have third party lenders to help people afford and pay for their treatment. READ MORE

  • How often to use mouth wash?

    How often to use a fluoride rinse really depends on your specific caries rate and susceptibility (how likely you are to get and how often get cavities). This is something your dental professional can discuss with you. For the general population most fluoride rinses specify once daily. READ MORE

  • Can effects from TMJ ever be reversed?

    Unfortunately there is not much that can be done about the clicking in the TM joint( Temporal Mandibular - jaw joints). This is the result of an injury and displacement of the disc(cartilage) that sits between the condyle ( lower jaw portion of joint) and articular eminence(skull portion of jaw joint). The click is a result of the condyle popping on and off this disc. Fortunately this condition is often asymptomatic- pain free. Although in the beginning some individuals have a priod of pain until the surrounding tissues reorganize and become tolerant of the new stresses they are supporting.There have been many attempted treatments for TMJ problems including surgeries,which only have about a 50% success rate. Other treatments include splints(something worn in mouth). There has been limited success in recapturing the disk with splints in early treatment cases. Many will repeatedly relapse however. In some cases over time the click disappears probably due to further recontouring of the disk over time. READ MORE

  • Brushing too hard?

    If used properly electric tooth brushes do a better job and are less damaging to gum tissues. Be sure to use only soft bristle heads light pressure, fingers not fist grip and gently move the toothbrush along allowing enough time to do the work it was designed to do. Be sure to cover all surfaces of the teeth even the interface between tooth and gum. READ MORE

  • Food getting stuck behind wisdom teeth

    Long term retention of any tooth in a mouth requires maintenance( brushing and flossing). With out this care it will eventually develop decay(cavity) and or gum disease. There are special end tuft brushes to improve access and cleaning in such areas. However a flap over a tooth can also in some instances be removed for better access and cleaning. In your case I would suggest you revisit keeping or removing these teeth with your dentist or an oral surgeon recommended by your dentist taking about the changing maintenance difficulties you are experiencing. Dr. Grimm. READ MORE

  • Is it bad if a piece of an old filling falls out?

    Loss of any portion of a previous filling can cause a food or plaque trap. This can cause leakage of material and bacteria into the gap between the filling and tooth. Bacteria in this area will cause eventual decay(cavity) with or without pain. Sensitivity.is a sign that leakage is affecting the nerve in that tooth to some degree. A visit to a Dentist soon would be best. Dr. Grimm READ MORE

  • I wear my retainer, so why are my teeth still shifting?

    Shifting  and what we call relapse or teeth trying to return toward their original position is common in orthodontic treatment( braces). Most often if worn for night only, retainers can retain teeth in there new positions after wearing the retainers for almost 24 hours per day for an initial length of time. Some cases are more prone to relapse however. In those cases if undesired shifting is noticed the best course of action would be to return to the original dentist or orthodontiist who did the treatment for a follow up visit to discuss the concern. Alternately seeing another orthodontist or dentist who treats orthodontic cases would be acceptable if the original clinician is unavailable. Dr. Grimm  READ MORE

  • What if only one tooth is crooked?

    The only way to straighten teeth is some form of orthodontic movement. This can be achieved by different methods- braces(fixed orthodontic appliances) removable orthodontic appliances( retainer type, clear aligners ie  Invisalign, elastics). With these space is usually needed to straighten this tooth so room is needed to accomplish movement. Therefore this involves more than one tooth. An exam by a dental professional will discover if movement can be accomplished simply or is more complex. There are some restorative options to make a crooked tooth appear straight. This also can be discovered and discussed during an exam and consult with a dental professional to formulate the best treatment option for your situation. Dr. Grimm  READ MORE

  • What is a dry socket?

    A dry socket is the result of the loss of the initial clot in the tooth socket. When a tooth is removed (extracted) blood flows into the socket from the surrounding bone, periodontal ligament (connective tissue holding tooth in socket) and surrounding soft tissue (gingiva-gums). This blood reorganizes into a clot that fills the socket. This initial clot is fragile and can be dislodged by negative pressure (sucking on a straw, spitting, smoking) chemical dissolution or breakdown by carbonated drinks, alcohol, or smoking. The resulting bare exposed bone is very sensitive to this harsh environment and becomes inflamed (alveolar osteitis). Therefore you get pain. Treatment involves flushing the socket with medication then packing the socket with medicament and material that both soothes the bone and protects it until epithelial tissue can grow back over it. Treatment is fairly common and most often done by the original surgeon or any general dentist. READ MORE

  • Skin is shedding on the inside of my mouth (my cheeks). Is this normal?

    Sloughing or peeling of cheek mucosa or lip mucosa is a somewhat common phenomena with certain formulations  of tooth pastes, Previous tartar control tooth pastes and now with some whitening toothpastes it has been reported. It is thought to be a mild allergic type reaction to ingredients in these tooth pastes. If it is a recent development since using a new type of tooth paste discontinue its use and switch to a formulation with out whitening or tartar control.Not having any known allergies does not preclude you from having this type reaction with these tooth pastes. Sloughing or peeling cheek tissue can have other causes. Habits of cheek or lip biting can cause a type of peeling or sloughing of tissue with out frank or notable sores. There are some more serious types of conditions that can cause tissue peeling or sloughing of mucosa in the oral cavity(mouth).Some of local and some of systemic (whole body) origin. So if switching to a different formulation of tooth paste does not clear the problem up, you should see a dentist soon for an evaluation.Dr. Grimm. READ MORE

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  • Academy of General Dentistry,American Dental Association, North Carolina Dental Association Forsyth County Dental Society


  • Advanced Education in General Dentistry, United States Air Force, 1991

Professional Society Memberships

  • American Dental Association, North Carolina Dental Society, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

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  • Spending Time With Family

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  • Academy of General Dentistry Journal, Dentaltown Magazine, Journal of the American Dental Association

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