Dr. Kurt M. Tamaru, MD, Family Practitioner | Adult Medicine
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Dr. Kurt M. Tamaru, MD

Family Practitioner | Adult Medicine

5325 N Commerce Ave Ste 2 Moorpark CA, 93021


Dr. Kurt Tamaru is a board certified family practice physician and founder of an innovative virtual care medical group that specializes in the care of chronically ill older adults and other high need populations.   His company Guardiant Health provides 365 day wrap around medical care and support with a specialized team of adult medicine trained clinicians, pharmacists, and specialty advisors all available to the care needs of each and every patient and their caregivers.  Founded out of a need for his own mother, Guardiant has quickly grown with services available through all of California under traditional Medicare coverage,  managed care plans, or by a monthly membership fee.   

Education and Training

Loyola Univ of Chicago Stritch Sch of Med, Maywood Il 1992

Board Certification

Family MedicineAmerican Board of Family MedicineABFM

Provider Details

Male Spanish, Filipino
Dr. Kurt M. Tamaru, MD
Dr. Kurt M. Tamaru, MD's Expert Contributions
  • A Perfect Storm Brewing in Healthcare for Older Adults

    Original Article by Kurt M. Tamaru, MD, FAAFPAs the U.S population continues to age, we are seeing over 10,000 Medicare enrollees entering into the system each and every day. As a result of the aging generation, the US Census Bureau, predicts older adults are expected to outnumber their children for...

  • Virtual Care in the Home Setting - A Better Solution to Caring for Older Adults

    Original Article by Kurt M. Tamaru, MD, FAAFPAs a primary care physician with an older surviving mother, I found myself in territory similar to millions of families across America. Concerns around an aging mother and her changing health care status, as well as more immediate needs for her to remain...

  • What should I eat before general anesthesia?

    Anytime you undergo general anesthesia, the typical protocol is nothing to eat or drink 6 hours prior. No alcohol prior within 48 hours. Also, any medication you are taking should be reviewed by your anesthesiologist, and instructions on which ones to hold. The reason for not eating or drinking is to have the stomach empty of food content to reduce any risk of aspiration during anesthesia. I hope this helps. READ MORE

  • Lost taste and smell?

    Loss of taste/ and or smell can be caused by COVID infection and can persist many months after the acute exposure. Other causes can be sinus or upper nasal/throat infections which usually have symptoms of persistent congestion. Allergies are another potential cause. Some medication can also cause change or loss of taste. Dicyclomine often causes dry mouth and can impact taste sensation as well. Hope this was helpful. Dr T - Guardiant Health READ MORE

  • Should I stop taking blood thinners?

    Blood thinners often are prescribed for treatment of blood clots or risk for developing blood clots due to irregular heart rhythm. Typically, for more surgical type of procedures, blood thinners may be stopped prior and resumed soon after. For procedures like acupuncture, you may get some pinpoint bruising, but not at risk for any severe bleeding complications, but always safe to ask your treating acupuncturist what they would recommend. Hope my comments are helpful. Dr. T/Guardiant Health READ MORE

  • Cholesterol levels?

    Cholesterol is made of various types of fats in your blood. Regular alcohol ingestion can raise one form of your cholesterol called Triglycerides. These are a form of fat that, if elevated, can affect your liver. As I tell most all my patients, moderation is the key to life and such applies with your diet and lifestyle as well. Hope that is helpful. Dr. T/Guardiant Health READ MORE

  • What to do for treatment?

    Some of your numbness sensations may be due to problems related to your diabetes condition. Often, nerves can be affected that cause numbness or tingling or what we call "neuropathy." Having good control of your diabetes as well as blood pressure, cholesterol, and protecting your kidney function are important for you. Most importantly, your finding more permanent shelter and safe housing is the best medicine to find. Hope this is helpful. Dr. T/Guardiant Health READ MORE

  • Can enlarged prostate be fixed?

    Enlarged prostate is a common condition for men as we get older. Often first signs may be decreased urine stream, frequent urination need, difficulty initiating urination, or dribbling. Symptoms are related to the enlarged prostate blocking the urine channel that empties from your bladder. If untreated, can cause bladder issue over time or result in acute blockage of ability to empty your bladder. Can be treated with medications early and surgical treatments for more severe conditions. Hope this is helpful. Dr. T/Guardiant Health READ MORE

  • What is the best breakfast for high blood pressure?

    Best diet for high blood pressure or "hypertension" is typically low sodium "salt" less than 1000-2000mg per day. Also, foods rich in Vit C/minerals like citrus fruits, Omega-3 fatty acids, Potassium/Magnesium rich foods, and antioxidant agents seen in berries. I typically like oatmeal with nuts, cranberries, and a side of fresh fruit. Hope thats helpful. Dr. T/Guardiant Health READ MORE

  • Bruising very easily?

    Bruising on the skin can be caused by aging and thinning of the skin and increased fragility of superficial blood vessels. As such, light trauma to the skin can easily cause a bruise. Over-the-counter use of fish oils, aspirin containing products can also contribute. If bruising is being seen in multiple areas without any known injury or trauma to the areas, then evaluation is warranted. Hope this was helpful. Dr. T/Guardiant Health READ MORE

  • What does this mean?

    Musculoskeletal is just a simple medical term used to describe something related to the muscle or bone and or ligaments. Good example is when a patient strains their back and has some low back ache with moving . Notes might say something like "musculoskeletal back injury" Hope this is helpful. Dr T/Guardiant Health READ MORE

  • BP problems?

    Looks like your medication seems to have brought your BP back down, but often individuals on BP meds should be taking them regularly to achieve better long-term control. New guidelines recommend that high blood pressure be treated with medication and lifestyle changes if you have had or are at risk for heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, or stroke. Also, proper measurement of blood pressure by sitting in chair at rest with feet on the ground and blood pressure cuff at heart level. Hope this is helpful. Dr. T / Guardiant Health READ MORE

  • Post covid symptoms?

    While we are still studying the long-term impacts of a COVID infection, joint stiffness and pain is often due to an inflammatory reaction which can be caused by many types of conditions common as we get older. Degenerative or osteoarthritis, but also other inflammatory conditions can cause such. Evaluation to understand the cause and best options for treatment would be recommended. Hope this is helpful. Dr T/Guardiant Health READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Adult MedicineGeriatric MedicinePalliative Medicine

Professional Memberships

  • American Academy of Family Physicians  
  • America's Physician Groups  


  • General Surgery - UC Davis East Bay ProgramFamily Medicine - USC/PIH

Professional Society Memberships

  • Diplomate American Board of Family MedicineFellow American Academy of Family Medicine

Teaching and speaking

  • National Lecturer / Speaker in Delivery Models of Care, Virtual Care, and Value Based Care Delivery

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Guardiant Health Admin Office

5325 N Commerce Ave Ste 2 -
Moorpark, CA 93021
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Media Releases

Get to know Family Physician Dr. Kurt M. Tamaru, who serves patients throughout an Innovative New Health Care Start-up 

After 25 years of practicing, building, and operating care delivery systems across the United States,  Dr Tamaru has embarked on an innovative and new way to provide proactive and responsive care to high need populations.  As theFounder and CEO of Guardiant Health based in Moorpark, California, this unique virtual primary care service company provides 24/7 proactive monitoring, diagnosis,  and medical care and intervention for older adults with chronic illness or high needs. Using bluetooth technologies and other digital/mobile communications, Guardiant provides an extra layer of protection and accessible proactive medical care to prevent adverse or undetected advancing illness through active engagement, passive monitoring technologies, and a dedicated clinical team skilled in chronic disease and health lifestyle management. Their mission is to keep seniors healthy, happy, and independent at home.

Before embarking on his professional journey, Dr. Tamaru graduated with his medical degree from the Stritch School of Medicine at Loyola University of Chicago, and completed his internship in general surgery at the University of California Davis- East Bay Program. He then went on to complete his internship and residency in family medicine at the University of Southern California. Later, he obtained his Master of Business Administration degree from the University of California, Irvine – The Paul Merage School of Business.

Distinguished as a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians (FAAFP), Dr Tamaru is a Diplomate of the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM). The ABFM is a non-profit, independent medical association of American physicians who practice in family medicine and its sub-specialties.  In good standing with a number of professional organizations, Dr. Tamaru has also been recognized for his vast experience having developed new lines of business and services for major health care companies like CareMore, Anthem, Optum, and United Health Group.  

About Guardiant Health: Guardiant is a technology enabled medical service company using monitoring and digital telehealth capabilities integrated under a single communications platform providing an early warning and intervention system for better management of chronic medical conditions. The goal is not to replace traditional “brick and mortar” service delivery systems or family care providers but rather to fill the gap between routine visits to the physician and home where many conditions first start to worsen. Early detection of these warning signs and immediate interventions can reduce unnecessary doctor visits, trips to urgent care clinics, emergency rooms and hospital admissions. Many of these early warning signs can be treated by the Guardiant clinical team in the comfort and security of a patient’s home. The utility of this technology is self evident and has been dramatically demonstrated in the context of Covid and its health risk to seniors.

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