Dr. Khiem D. Lai, MD, DABFP, MMed, MSurg (Aesthetic), Family Practitioner
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Dr. Khiem D. Lai, MD, DABFP, MMed, MSurg (Aesthetic)

Plastic Surgeon

12502 Brookhurst Street Garden Grove CA, 92840


Dr. Lai is a master aesthetic plastic surgeon at Garden Grove Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery in Orange County, California. He has formal education and trainings with Masters' degrees in both aethetic medicine and aesthetic plastic surgery. He is also a Diplomate of American Board of Family Practice. He considers himself a generalist in all the specialties that he has been trained. He is still learning more about the art and science of surgery and is now commited to doing aesthetic surgery.

Education and Training

California State University Long Beach B.S. in Biochemistry 1995

California State University Long Beach Health Care Administration Master of Science Program 2001

Queen Mary, University of London School of Medicine and Dentistry Post-graduate Diploma in Clinical Dermatology Program 2009

Instituto de Estudios Superiores en Medicina Master’s Degree in Aesthetic Surgery 2017

TECH Universidad Tecnologica, Mexico/Spain Professional Master’s Degree in Aesthetic Medicine 2003

TECH Universidad Tecnologica Professional Master’s Degree in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 2023

Ross University School of Medicine MD 1999

Board Certification

American Board of Family Practice—2004-2011



Provider Details

Male Spanish, German, Vietnamese
Dr. Khiem D. Lai, MD, DABFP, MMed, MSurg (Aesthetic)
Dr. Khiem D. Lai, MD, DABFP, MMed, MSurg (Aesthetic)'s Expert Contributions
  • Can eyelid plastic surgery do any harm?

    Thank you for your question. I may have answered this question before. I don't think there is any harm. Still there are risks when you do any surgical procedure. Since I only do aesthetic surgery, the thing that I often see is the altered shape of your eyelid. And if it is not done well, there may be complications that affect your eyelid functions such as closing and opening your eyes. READ MORE

  • Will my eye shape change after blepharoplasty?

    Thank you for your question. Answering to you directly, Yes, I believe so since some skin and soft tissue may be removed and where you make the cut. It will always become less volume. It is important to have the best shape that makes your eyes look more pleasing, and it also depends on your eyes shape. You may not see the results after weeks or months. So be patient. Rember we can always improve the results if you don't screw up the shape at your first surgery. Don't rely on before and after photos. Every eye is different on every individual. READ MORE

  • How long does a blepharoplasty surgery take?

    Thank you for your question. It takes me at least an hour and a half to complete the procedure that I prefer, upper or lower eye lid surgery. I don't ever over-correct, removing too much skin or soft tissues (usually some fat). And I do the local anesthesia myself, so it may take me a bit of time. It's a safe procedure and I try my best to get the aesthetic results that both the patient and I are happy about. READ MORE

  • What should I avoid after ear plastic surgery?

    Thank you for your question. Please discuss with your doctor what change do you want with your ear (or ears) as you are seeking a plastic procedure? I am not sure what specific concerns you have considering plastic surgery. As with other plastic surgeries, there are risks and a wound healing process. And I guess you are considering an aesthetic procedure. Ask your surgeon if he can do and get the results that you expect. To answer your answer directly, you need to avoid the things that you should when you have any plastic procedure done. You need to let your surgeon know your concers, the more specific, the better. I do facelift and I try not to alter the natural shape and size of your ear on both sides. READ MORE

  • How can I speed up healing after eyelid plastic surgery?

    Thank you for your question. I don't think you can't speed up the healing process but may prolong it if you don't follow your post-op care instructions. The healing process is different depending on each individual and the procedure done. I think I have talked about this in my other posts. Just be patient, your wound is healing naturally if the procedure was done well. READ MORE

  • How can I change the shape of my nose?

    Thank you for your question. This is a very very difficult question that you have asked to me. I haven't the shape of your nose in relations to other structures of your face and more importantly what shape you want, how it makes you look more aesthically attractive. Then I can see if I can do anything to make you happy, not much that I really think it looks good on you. So ask yourself why you want to change your nose shape. Remember you could not see how that shape looks on your face until it was done. You might not like it then. I don't use software to show you before and after pictures, and I don't rely on it. There are so many factors that may affect the outcome. So just work with your surgeon and he can do his best to get the shape that you want if it is in his ability. I don't think I have really answered your question but hopefully made you think more about it. READ MORE

  • How to fix scars from eye plastic surgery?

    Thank you for your question. It is tough to fix scars anywhere on the body. We want scars to be less noticeable, flat and more like skin tone. You ask eyelid scars. If you still have enough skin there, I will try to remove the skin with the scars and reshape your eyelids but you need to wait for 6 months after your previous surgery. If you don't have enough skin there, I cannot do much. We may try to inject steroid to flatten the scars and soften them and wait until we can do the revision. Usually the scars get better with time; so If your eyelid shape is good, just be patient. As with any aesthetic surgery, you should not expect perfection. There are many factors that affect the outcome. Your skin and soft tissue are living things, not a piece of plastic or clay. They change with time. And like a sculptor, your doctor can only do that much considering safety first. READ MORE

  • Is eyelid plastic surgery safe?

    Thank you for your question. Yes, aesthetic plastic eyelid surgery is safe. Still any surgical procedure carries some risks and complications. I only do aesthetic blepharoplasy; so I can say it safe. The problem that I may have to deal with is the aesthetic outcome. It depends on so many factors, not the surgical technique itself. READ MORE

  • How long after eye plastic surgery will I see results?

    Thank you for your question. To answer your question directly, it takes 3 to 6 months to really see the results. It depends on the particular patient and the procedure done. The healing process varies a lot. I try not to injure the soft tissues and control the bleeding without so much cauterization and minimize the damage to the skin. Normally you may have swelling for the first few days; if you have bruises, it takes a week or two to resolve. I do remove sutures that I do to close the skin in a week or so. You look pretty OK in 2 to 3 weeks. Be patient. If there is a adverse problem or complication, especially aesthetic concerns, we can always deal with it, since I do it conservatively and can improve the results later if we need to. READ MORE

  • When can I swim after neck plastic surgery?

    Thank you for your question. There are a few techniques to do necklift and it may be combined with facelift. I don't do deep necklift. So you should always communicate with your doctor if you have any concerns. I just give you my post-op care instructions that I tell my patients. You may expect swelling especially in the first few days; and if there are bruises, it will take a couple weeks to resolve. I do remove the sutures in a week to 10 days. You should be able to move your neck almost fully in 2 weeks but be aware the wound is still healing. If you don't move your neck side to side a lot when swimming, you can start doing it in 2 weeks. I advise you to go back to swimming in 6 weeks. READ MORE

  • How long after rhinoplasty can I breath normal?

    Thank you for your question. In general you breathe better as the swelling is going down. It may take a few days or sometimes weeks. I don't know how your surgeon dressed your wounds and if he or she needed to remove some sutures. The inflammation and healing process may be different from person to person. If you didn't have any breathing problem before surgery and the procedure was done well (no complications), you should breathe almost normally now after 10 days post-op. A sure thing is asking your doctor and may have him or her have a look (and make an exam) of your nose. READ MORE

  • How long after rhinoplasty can I swim?

    Thank you for your question. It depends on the specific procedure you have done and the style of your swimming. In general, if your head is above the water, you can start swimming after 2 weeks or so; but if you swimming butterfly style, I would advise at least 3 months. You just need to be aware that you have had the procedure done, don't let too much sudden pressure on it. So anywhere about 6 weeks you may enjoy swimming again. READ MORE

  • How long after eyelid plastic surgery can I wear sunglasses?

    Thank you for your question. I guess you mean aesthetic plastic eyelid surgery. To my patients, I advise to wear sunglasses the day of surgery when they are good to go home but on the day of surgery and maybe the next day too, if it is still swollen a lot, you have to have someone to drive you. Since eyelid surgery does not affect your vision, you just need to wear your reading glasses if you need to and you should put on teardrops if your eyes are dry. Sunglasses you can wear whenever you want to wear to protect your eyes from the bright light. And makeup you can wear whenever you want just keep the wound clean and moist. Don't touch the wound too much if you don't have to. And try to avoid makeup powder get in the wound, it may irritate it or cause allergic reactions. READ MORE

  • Do I have to take antibiotics after a rhinoplasty?

    Thank you for your question. You don't have to and some doctors don't think it helps. Still I recommend and give antibiotics after the procedure and pain med to take as needed. READ MORE

  • What is the recovery time for upper eyelid surgery?

    Thank you for your question. Every doctor has his or her way to do the procedure and will answer your question. I only tell you what we expect if I do it. The first couple you may have some swelling. I only cut the skin and manipulate soft tissue, your vision should not be affected. We don't worry about damaging any nerves there but I do need to control bleeding, so you don't have a big bruise. If you have bruises, it may take a week or two to resolve. I close the skin with unabsorvable sutures, so you need to have suture removal in a week. There may be some swelling in the morning for a couple weeks. At sixth week it should be good. But healing time may be 3 to 6 months or even longer. And remember each person is different. READ MORE

  • When can I touch my nose after rhinoplasty?

    Thank you for your question. You should ask your doctor when you have any questions or concerns. I just give you my answer to my patients. You can touch you nose whenever you feel like doing it, just don't push or pull hard on it and be careful if you touch the wound, keep it clean and moist with antibiotics oilment, not wet. Follow your doctor instructions. READ MORE

  • How long will the swelling last after eyelid plastic surgery?

    Thank you for your question. You can expect significant swelling in the first few days, but you may have swelling for weeks or even months especially in the morning. We just need to monitor the process and treat if there is a complication. READ MORE

  • How long after blepharoplasty do you see results?

    Thank you for your question. If I have done it, I would advise you: It could be swelling for a couple days, and if you had bruises, it might take a week or ten days or more to get resolved. I would remove the sutures in a week. It may take 3 to 6 months to see the results. But you look pretty good at 6 weeks. A lot of my patients look good in much shorter time. READ MORE

  • How long do you stay in the hospital after facelift surgery?

    Thanks for your question. It depends on the procedure you have and your surgeon who do it. I don't do any procedure under general anesthesia. I am convinced the less I do the better. I only touch where it may help improve the result overall. So I need to see your face and see what we can do to make you look better. It's not the lift that help but the rearrange of soft tissue and redrape the skin over it for a natural look depending the shape of your face. To answer your question directly: my patients go home the same day since I manage to control pain under local anesthesia even if it is a pretty major procedure. READ MORE

  • leaking saline implant cause bilateral pleural effusions

    Thanks for your question. Please see a physician or a surgeon to evaluate your condition. It sounds serious when you have a leak. Sorry I can't answer your question in general READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Face and Body Surgeryskills in skin cancer surgery and facial reconstruction with skin grafts and local flaps

Faculty Titles & Positions

  • Locum Physician Delta Locum Tenens, Dallas, Texas 2007 - Present
  • Per-diem Physician Kaiser Permanente Southern California Permanente Medical Group 2007 - 2010
  • Center, Las Vegas, Nevada R Concentra Medical Center, Las Vegas, Nevada 2002 - 2003
  • Analytical Chemist Stason Pharmaceuticals, Irvine, California 1994 - 1995

Professional Memberships

  • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery  
  • European College of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery  
  • American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine  
  • National Association of Cosmetic Physicians  
  • American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery  
  • American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery  
  • American Academy of Family Physicians  
  • American Association of Public Health Physicians  
  • American Medical Association  
  • American Geriatrics Society  
  • American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine  

Dr. Khiem D. Lai, MD, DABFP, MMed, MSurg (Aesthetic)'s Practice location

Khiem D. Lai, MD, Garden Grove, California

12502 Brookhurst Street -
Garden Grove, CA 92840
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Media Releases

Get to know Plastic Surgeon Dr. Khiem D. Lai, who serves patients in Garden Grove, California.

A master aesthetic physician and surgeon, Dr. Lai is the owner of Garden Grove Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery in California. With a commitment to excellence and a diverse skill set, he offers a comprehensive range of aesthetic and reconstructive procedures. 

Dr. Lai possesses formal education and training in both aesthetic medicine and aesthetic plastic surgery, complemented by numerous postgraduate medical training courses and workshops in the United States and internationally. Despite not being a US residency-trained plastic surgeon, he has acquired a comprehensive education and extensive training in dermatologic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery, incorporating essential skills into his aesthetic work. Utilizing knowledge of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, he enhances results in facial rejuvenation procedures.

Specializing in a wide range of aesthetic and reconstructive procedures, Dr. Lai showcases expertise in various areas of interest. In the realm of laser treatments, he employs Nd:YAG/KTP Laser for non-ablative skin rejuvenation, acne treatment, hair removal, and addressing pigmented and vascular lesions. Additionally, he utilizes CO2 Laser for fractional skin resurfacing. His proficiency extends to Thermage® RF for skin tightening and Zerona® for body contouring.

In the realm of non-surgical facial rejuvenation, Dr. Lai offers Mesotherapy, Botox/Dermal fillers, and Laser/Fractional CO2 treatments. He is skilled in performing medical facelifts and PRP Plasmajuv, as well as medical rhinoplasty.

Moreover, his expertise encompasses aesthetic facial surgery, including procedures such as blepharoplasty, browlift, rhinoplasty, facial implants, facelift, neck lift, liposculpting, and fat grafting. In the realm of reconstructive facial surgery, Dr. Lai employs techniques such as local flaps and grafts to achieve optimal results.

His proficiency extends to aesthetic breast surgery, covering augmentation, reduction, and breast lift procedures. Furthermore, he excels in body contouring surgery, offering liposuction and fat grafting, as well as lipoabdominoplasty. 

Born and raised in Saigon, South Vietnam, Dr. Lai initially pursued studies at the Institute of Financing and Accounting before fleeing the communist regime as a boat person. After arriving in the United States, he immersed himself in learning German while awaiting reunification with his family in Southern California. Driven by a passion for learning, he pursued studies in Math and Science at Community Colleges, initially aiming for a Degree in Electrical Engineering. However, his calling to become a healer redirected him toward a vocation in medicine. Adapting his major to Chemistry and Biochemistry at California State University Long Beach, he obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry before working as an analytical chemist in the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Lai’s journey continued with a Medical Degree from Ross University School of Medicine and a subsequent Master of Science Program in Healthcare Administration at California State University Long Beach. Following residency in family practice at the University of Nevada School of Medicine in Las Vegas, he returned to Orange County to practice family medicine. His interest in aesthetic medicine sparked during its early stages, leading him to explore lasers and injections for facial rejuvenation. 

Recognizing additional possibilities, Dr. Lai pursued further education, including a Post-graduate Diploma Program in Clinical Dermatology at Queen Mary University of London School of Medicine and Dentistry. Practical skills in skin cancer surgery and facial reconstruction with skin grafts and local flaps were acquired during his time in Australia. Dr. Lai capped his educational journey with a Master’s Degree in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery from the Instituto de Estudios Superiores en Medicina, one of the pioneering programs in aesthetic surgery at the time.

Dedicated to continuous improvement, Dr. Lai is committed to aesthetic surgery as both a clinician and performer. Grateful to the patients who have contributed to his ongoing learning, he never ceases to enhance his craftsmanship.

Aesthetic surgery is a central component of plastic surgery and includes facial and body aesthetic surgery. Plastic surgeons use cosmetic surgical principles in all reconstructive surgical procedures as well as isolated operations to improve overall appearance.

Beyond his medical pursuits, Dr. Lai finds joy in playing guitar and electronic music, engaging in drawing and paper folding, exploring arts and crafts, and delving into interests such as cognitive neuroscience and linguistics. A multilingual individual, he has ventured to numerous places, yet Orange County is where he calls home and lives happily.

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