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Dr. joel Duchon is a Chiropractor practicing in Webster, TX. Dr. Duchon specializes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating conditions associated with the neuromusculoskeletal system, while improving each patients functionality and quality of life. Conditions treated include sciatica, neck pain, and arthritis pain, among many others. Dr. Duchon seeks to reduce pain and discomfort through manipulation and adjustment of the spine.

Education and Training

University of Marryland BS in Kinesiology 1998

Texas Chiropractic College Doctor of Chiropractic 2005

Board Certification

National Board of Chiropractic Examiners

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Male English, Spanish
joel Duchon
joel Duchon's Expert Contributions
  • Does stretching help back pain?

    Hello, Yes, it is one of many ways to help alleviate back pain. Sincerely, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • What will happen if scoliosis is not treated?

    Hello, There are numerous things that can happen, not many of which are advantageous to your health or future quality of life. 1. Typically, if your curve is below 20° it is a watch and maintain prognosis with spinal adjustments and physical therapy provided and assigned by your chiropractor. You, have the most responsibility to perform daily exercises at home to minimize the advancement of your curve. 2. If your curve is between 20 to 40° you are typically advised to employ a brace with chiropractic and physical therapy, provided by your chiropractor. 3. If your curve is between 40 to 60° typically that is a surgical consultation. In short, starting with a chiropractor would be a good initial step. They should be able to help you or get you referred to the appropriate in the doctor to improve your quality of life and minimize the risk of your scoliosis negatively impacting your quality-of-life Sincerely, Dr. Duchon P: 281-557-5525 READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help with bad posture?

    Hello, Yes, chiropractic care can restore function and mobility to his/her spine, but posture is something that starts at home, at a young age and continues for life. Sincerely, Dr. Joel D. Duchon READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor align your jaw?

    Hello, There are many factors that complicate answering your question. TMJ has varying degrees of severity and causes, but a chiropractic evaluation is a great place to start. Sincerely, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • How do I strengthen my back with scoliosis?

    Hello, A chiropractor or physical therapist would be your best option(s). A scoliosis depending which region of the spine and the severity of the curve complicates a workout. There will be certain things you want to avoid and other things you want to engage in. Professional guidance will be of benefit until you're in a comfortable and confident what to do and what not to do. Sincerely, Dr. Joel D. Duchon READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help with headaches and dizziness?

    Hello, It all depends on the what is causing your symptomology, but a chiropractor would be a great starting point. Sincerely, Dr. Joel D. Duchon READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help SPD?

    Hello, Yes, it may but it is hard to predict how any patient will respond to chiropractic care. If it is pregnancy related, I strongly encourage you to seek out chiropractic care to both, make the transition from your non-pregnant body to full term pregnant. It will also help during delivery. Sincerely, Dr. Duchon P: 281-557-5525 READ MORE

  • Is a chiropractor a real doctor?

    Hello, Yes, chiropractors are real doctors. One major difference that exists between chiropractors and medical doctors is their treatment of dysfunction/disease in the body. Your nervous system and immune systems have an amazing innate ability to help your body heal itself when properly aligned to do so. Sincerely, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • Is it ok for a chiropractor to crack your spine?

    Hello, Cracking is fine and is also known as an adjustment or manipulation. As long as they did their due diligence before the adjustment, you should be fine. Like with everything, there are contraindications or side effects, i.e., muscle soreness, tightness, and/or stiffness. A good chiropractor will explain everything they’re about to do to ensure you, the patient, are comfortable and confident in what they are about to do. Sincerely, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor relieve hip pain?

    Hello, In most cases, yes, but you won’t know until you try. All patients are different with no two problems being the same and no two patients responding to treatment the same. Sincerely, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • What is the best treatment for neck pain?

    Hello, I would start with a chiropractic evaluation to determine the causation of your problem. A chiropractic manipulation, passive therapies, and active therapies may help. Ultimately, X-rays and a potential MRI may be further diagnostic tools to better assess your condition. Sincerely, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • Do chiropractors treat muscle pain?

    Hello, Yes, chiropractors are neuromusculoskeletal specialists. Sincerely, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • How many chiropractic adjustments does it take to work?

    Hello, That is a hard question to answer depending why you are going. If you are looking for pain relief, you should be able achieve results in 6 to 12 treatments. If you are looking for spinal correction, depending on your spinal health, it could take anywhere from 36 to 48 treatments. There are many forms of chiropractic care so make sure you seek the appropriate one for the outcome you desire. Sincerely, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • Is a chiropractic treatment effective for muscular pains?

    Yes, chiropractic adjustments to your spine improves motion to spinal joints causing better nerve conduction. The better your nerves transmit information, the better your body functions. Sincerely, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • What can be the tingling in hand be?

    Hello, There are too many reasons to list from nerve pressure, poor nutrition to poor posture and many things in between. A chiropractor is a good start. You may want to consider nutritional testing, it is a great way to determine insufficiencies in your body that aren’t allowing your nervous system to function optimally. Sincerely, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • What are the side effects of a chiropractic adjustment?

    Hello, A few common feelings after an adjustment may include but are not limited to: euphoric feeling, better movement, less stiffness, less tightness, possible soreness, reduction in pain, improved energy, better sleep, etc. Sincerely, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • Can pregnant women go see a chiropractor?

    Hello, Most definitely. I treated my wife who was high risk with all three of our children. Her pain throughout each pregnancy was minimal with more effective labor and delivery. Our children were in delivery position by weeks 16-18. In addition to adjusting my wife, all three of our children have been regularly adjusted since birth. A well maintained spine from a young age helps a developing nervous system function better. Sincerely, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • Can chiropractic help with nerve pain?

    Hello, It may. Chiropractic treatments mobilize the spine improving nerve transmission by improving biomechanics and function of the spine while reducing nerve pressure. Sincerely, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • Does chiropractic treatment really work for kids?

    Hello, That isn’t a yes or no question, but if you believe in chiropractic like I do, yes. There are too many factors to take into account to answer yes or no. For me personally, adjusting my children has made a tremendous improvement in their quality of life. Respectfully, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • What is making my spine hurt so badly?

    Hello, I apologize for the vagueness of my answer, but the causes are too expansive to review them all. With that being said, a few examples could be your sleep position, your pillow, your mattress, your medical health history, and so on and so on. The best advice is to go to a chiropractor. Ask colleagues, family, friends, or Google your area. Ready the reviews and make your best informed decision. You should be comfortable with the path you have chosen. I hope this helps. Sincerely, Dr. Joel D. Duchon READ MORE

  • Is a chiropractic adjustment a good option for chronic headaches?

    Hello, Chiropractic has been proven to be effective for headache treatment. Depending on the cause of your headaches, which can vary widely, chiropractic should be a good option. Google local chiropractors in your area, read their reviews, and ask family and friends who they recommend. Sincerely, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • Is it ok to feel bad after first chiropractic adjustment?

    Hello, No, but it is common to feel worse after your first adjustment. If you have never had an adjustment in 33 years, then your spine has never moved like it does during an adjustment. Talk to your doctor and let him/her know. Good communication is the foundation of any relationship, especially a doctor/patient relationship. Sincerely, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • Pain and large round knots mid-back

    Hello, I would advise an ER visit if your condition worsens. Otherwise, you may want to explore a functional medicine chiropractor who can perform numerous tests, i.e., micronutrient, parasite, fungal, food sensitivity, etc. I apologize for my overall vagueness and hope this helps. Dr. Joel D. Duchon READ MORE

  • Is it OK to exercise after an adjustment?

    Hello, I strongly encourage my patients to workout after their adjustments. Adjustments mobilize (move) spinal joints, which increases mobility and reduces pressure on nerves. Less pressure on nerves should mean better nerve flow, which ultimately means better nervous system function, so a more effective workout. Sincerely, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • Should a chiropractor help me with my leg stiffness?

    Hello, It would be a good start. Functional medicine and nutritional testing may also be beneficial. Sincerely, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • Can I get adjusted without an underlying condition?

    Hello, Spinal hygiene or maintenance is paramount to health. You only get one spine so take care of it. Spinal manipulation has a multitude of benefits, not just pain relief. Spinal manipulation can also help the nervous system continue to function as optimal as possible. I received my first adjustment at 18 following a car collision. I only wish I had known the benefits prior to the collision. I hope this helps. Sincerely, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help with spinal stenosis?

    Hello, Chiropractic may or may not help, but if you don’t try you will never know. If you have an MRI report, I recommend you take that with you to your initial chiropractic visit. I hope this helps. Sincerely, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • How do I choose a good chiropractor?

    Hello, I would strongly advise to start by asking close family and friends. It has been my experience that family and friends will usually send you somewhere they had a good experience. 2nd, check the doctors reviews on Google, Facebook and Yelp. Reviews can provide a lot of useful information. At the end of it all, use your best discretion. Not all doctors and patients are good fits. I pray this helps. Sincerely, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • How do you sleep after a chiropractic adjustment?

    Hello, Most chiropractic patients find treatments very relaxing with some experiencing soreness similar to starting a new exercise program. Many patients do experience improved sleep, but this isn't all the case. Many variables are at play regarding sleep: neurotransmitters, nutrition, stress, etc. Sincerely,  Dr. Joel D. Duchon READ MORE

  • Is it normal to feel worse after chiropractor?

    Hello, Normal, no, common yes. Soft tissue, muscle, tendons and ligaments that help stabilize the spine are also “moved” during an adjustment, meaning their lengths and resting positions are altered. You may feel like you got a deep massage or started a new workout program which is common. Sincerely, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • Which is better for back pain: acupuncturist or chiropractor?

    Hello, I would personally start with a chiropractor first and if you don’t achieve relief add acupuncture to your treatment plan. Ultimately, you must do what is right for you. Sincerely, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor fix a pinched nerve?

    Hello, Pinched nerves are very common, but not normal. Yes, pinched nerves fall in the scope of chiropractic.  Sincerely,  Dr. Joel D. Duchon READ MORE

  • Would going to a chiropractor help with headaches?

    Hello, Chiropractic may be a solution for you, but the only way to tell is by booking an appointment. An abundance of research does exist correlating headache relief from chiropractic treatments. I pray for your success. Respectfully, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • Can sciatica pain extend to my leg?

    Hello, Yes, it can. I have personally treated sciatica patients with spinal decompression with decent success. I would recommend a chiropractic evaluation with a lumbar spine MRI to determine your exact problem.  Sincerely,  Dr. Joel D. Duchon READ MORE

  • I have sudden severe hip pain. What should I do?

    Hello, Yes, I would recommend seeking treatment from a chiropractor in your area. One thing I can promise, it won’t get better on its own. Respectfully, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • X-rays again?

    Hello, All states board requirements vary, but if it has been five years since your last x-rays it would be a good idea to get a new set. A lot can happen in five years and without radiographic evidence, treatment could possibly be more harmful than helpful. Respectfully, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • Can I exercise after a back adjustment?

    Hello, I would check with your chiropractor since he/she is more knowledgeable with your current spinal health. I frequently tell my patients if it doesn't hurt, try it, and if it starts hurting, stop, stretch, ice, and inform me during their next visit. Respectfully, Dr. Joel D. Duchon READ MORE

  • Back injury at workplace. What should I do now?

    Hello, I would recommend filing a report with your Human Resources department and evaluate what they advise. Icing first is supported by numerous research. Following up with a highly recommended chiropractor is also advised. Sincerely, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • Can my son's sleep patterns improve with chiropractic care?

    Hello, It may help him. Without a full consultation and evaluation, it is hard to say 100%. There are different functional tests that can be performed to better treat your son, ie., nutritional, neurotransmitter fungal, etc. Sincerely, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • What can be done for my sciatica?

    Hello, Chiropractic treatment has been an effective treatment of sciatica for numerous patients. Spinal decompression has also been a useful treatment to relieve the symptoms of sciatica. Sincerely, Dr.Duchon READ MORE

  • What can I do to prepare for my adjustment?

    Hello, The best advice I can give prior to an adjustment is to relax. We are highly trained and educated doctors whose number one rule is to be safe and effective. Sincerely, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • Should I go to a chiropractor for massage therapy?

    Hello, Massage and chiropractic are quite different, so if you need a massage, I would recommended a massage therapist in your area. Sincerely, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • At what age is an adjustment safe for children?

    Hello, No, she is not too young. Your spine needs proper care for a lifetime. I’ve personally adjusted my children, only a few hours old. Sincerely, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help with spondalytis?

    Maybe. The best thing to do is schedule a consultation so a chiropractor can assess your mother and make treatment recommendations. She may be a stem cell therapy candidate. Sincerely, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help me get relief from muscle pain?

    Most likely. The only way to know is to try. READ MORE

  • Pulling pain in back in morning. Could it be due to sleeping position?

    Yes, it could or it could be something different. I recommend finding a quality chiropractor in your area and schedule an examination. Knowledge is power. Sincerely, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • Can stress be the reason for back pain?

    Yes there is a connection. Stress raises cortisol among other negative effects of stress. READ MORE

  • I have a back ache after my car accident. What can I do?

    I would strongly advise a chiropractic evaluation. One who treats car accident patients would be preferred. READ MORE

  • Is yoga recommended to treat sciatica?

    It is hard to say if it will help without knowing your entire medical history. It could help. If you start yoga and it hurts stop. READ MORE

  • Can you suggest some medication for treating my shoulder pain?

    If you want to fix the problem, medication isn’t the answer. They will hide pain. I would recommend starting with a chiropractic assessment and going from there. Sincerely, Dr. Joel Duchon READ MORE

  • I feel my posture has bent after delivery. What can I do?

    It takes a conscious effort 24/7, 365 to work on posture. I advise a chiropractic consultation to assess your current posture. The doctor will also be able to make recommendations for you on how to improve it.  Sincerely, Dr. Joel D. Duchon READ MORE

  • Can being overweight lead to flat feet?

    There are three arches in your foot that provide biomechanical stability: medial, lateral, and transverse. There are numerous reasons your arches may diminish and numerous exercises to regain them. Weight gain can definitely affect their structural integrity. We are Bay Oaks Physical Medicine, if you are in Webster, TX. 281-557-5525 Sincerely,  Dr. Joel D. Duchon READ MORE

  • I have pain in my back everytime I put on weight. Why does this happen?

    More weight equals more pressure on your spine and discs from everyday life; sitting, standing, lying, bending, twisting, etc. Start with a chiropractic evaluation and seek referrals as necessary. Strive, don’t survive, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • I have neck pain that only occurs when I lie down. What could be the reason?

    There are many factors that come in to play with your question. You may have degeneration in your cervical spine that is aggravated by the position you are lying in. Your mattress, your pillow, your sleep position and numerous other factors can also contribute to your symptoms. A chiropractic exam and/or an x-ray would be beneficial to assess the condition of your cervical spine. READ MORE

  • Will a chiropractor be able to help me with my hip pain in the 5 month of my pregnancy?

    It is possible. The only way to know is to go. I have personally had positive outcomes with numerous pregnant patients. Just be sure to let your doctor know you are pregnant so no x-rays will be administered. Sincerely, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • I have undergone about 5 X-rays in the last 2 months for my spinal problem. Are there any risks?

    Hello, This is a complicated answer. Overall, radiation exposure from an x-ray is usually minimal. That being said, a common step after one x-ray for a specific spinal region would usually be an MRI, depending on your clinical presentation and numerous other factors. Sincerely, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • I am having pain in my buttocks when I sit. What could this be?

    Hello, Even though you have removed your wallet, years of passive stress from your wallet on your sacral nerves has accumulated. A chiropractic assessment and possibly treatment would be a good call. Friends and family are usually good referral sources for your area or google may be of benefit to you. If your are local to Webster, TX I would be happy to consult with you. You may schedule an appointment at 281-557-5525. I hope this helps you get back to better health. Thrive, don’t just survive, Dr. Duchon READ MORE

  • I have lipoma under my arms. Can a chiropractor help?

    A chiropractor should be able to evaluate it, but I would start with a medical doctor first. Sincerely,  Dr. Joel D. Duchon READ MORE

  • Is it bad to suddenly stop chiropractic care?

    It may but it is honestly hard to say. If you have learned stretching and strengthening methods during your five years of chiropractic treatment you should be able to maintain a healthy spine at home with monthly adjustments maintaining proper spinal joint movement, reducing biomechanical stress on those joints. There are a lot of additional factors that should be taken into account, ie., physical, chemical and emotional stress to mention a few. I hope this helped and I apologize for the general answer but without knowing all the details it is difficult for me to be specific. Sincerely, Dr. Joel D. Duchon READ MORE

  • My back hurts when I sit down. Why?

    There are many reasons back pain presents throughout life. The best option I would recommend is to come in so we may talk and perform an evaluation to determine the problem.  Once we have assessed what is wrong we will develop a treatment plan to get you back to doing what you love to do.  If we are unable to manage your condition we will refer you to another specialist. READ MORE

  • Pain years after spinal fusion surgery

    Your pain could be coming from your surgery or compensatory changes in your spine since the surgery.  If you would like to schedule a consultation please call 281-557-5525. Thank you again for your inquiry. I look forward to hearing from you. READ MORE

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We offer spinal decompression, micro-nutrient testing, food allergy/sensitivity testing, stool testing and chiropractic care to better assess the needs of each patient and create an effective treatment plan.

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