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Dr. Louis Mes M.D.

Plastic Surgeon

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General Plastic and Reconstructive surgery with a special interest in body contouring. This includes all aspects of breast surgery and restoration of the trunk following pregnancy and weight loss and for familial problem areas.He almost always is able to do such surgery in an out-patient setting and can minimize patient expenses in this fashion.

Education and Training

University of the Witwatersrand

Royal College of Surgeons (Ed.) Fellow 1974

Univ Of The Witwatersrand- Med Sch- Johannesburg- So Africa 1964

Board Certification

American Board of Plastic Surgery

Provider Details

MaleEnglish 50 years of experience
Dr. Louis Mes M.D.
Dr. Louis Mes M.D.'s Expert Contributions
  • Is a rhinoplasty safe?

    The answer to your question as always, is yes, BUT... Safe surgery does not guarantee that there may not be complications and the safest surgery is done by the best trained surgeons. So, choose your doctor carefully and never use price as a reason for your choice. Board certification in Plastic Surgery or Facial cosmetic surgery (some ENT surgeons) should be a MUST. I hope this helps. Dr. Louis Mes READ MORE

  • Will a rhinoplasty change the way I breathe through my nose?

    If you are having breathing difficulty now, a well performed rhinoplasty should improve matters and if your breathing is normal a well performed rhinoplasty shoul not change the status quo after the swelling has receded. Notice my emphasis on “ well performed “. Rhinoplasty is a very demanding operation, so be SURE you are in very experienced hands and that your surgeon is Board Certified to perform the surgery. You do not want to end up on “ Botched “. Dr. Louis Mes READ MORE

  • What are the non-surgical methods to reduce breast size?

    Other than weight loss (which has very limited effectiveness), there is nothing left besides surgery. However, the best operation is chosen based on your breast size and desired outcome. Dr. Louis Mes READ MORE

  • Large scar on my hand. Can it be removed?

    Scars cannot be removed. Time usually improves them and surgery can help to a certain extent but only replaces the original with anonther one. Sometimes this is a worthwhile trade and sometimes not. Discuss your options with an experienced Board certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Louis Mes READ MORE

  • What can be done for age spots on hands?

    At a well equipped skin care facility you should have access to bleach creams, chemical peels and laser treatments, all of which, together or alone can significantly fade age spots. However, you will probably have to have multiple sessions for best results. READ MORE

  • How long does skin tightening treatments last?

    It depends on the type of tightening and your skin condition, especially your age. This has to be discussed with a properly trained Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist. There are numerous machines and other modalities out there, so do due diligence and be careful. READ MORE

  • Which implants are the best implants?

    From the point of view of quality, I have always used Mentor products and they have served my patients very well and are reasonably priced. Which would be best for you has to take into account so many variables including shape, size, texture, and saline or gel fill material. This is something you and your board certified, experienced surgeon should discuss in detail before your operation. Dr. Louis Mes READ MORE

  • How long would I need to wear a splint after a nose job?

    Usually about one week but it varies with the extent of the operation. READ MORE

  • Does a double mastectomy prevent breast cancer?

    A mastectomy removes ALMOST all of the breast tissue and as such cannot guarantee that a patient will not develop breast cancer. Having said that, breast cancer ALMOST never occurs outside the breast. So the answer is PROBABLY but not definitely. I hope that helps. Dr Mes READ MORE

  • Are there any risks with lip injections?

    The risks are minimal but you should be sure that the person performing the injections is properly trained and discuss this in detail with them. A lot depends on the type of filler to be used and how drastic is the change you are looking for. This is a procedure that is easily overdone. Dr. Louis Mes READ MORE

  • Is it possible to gain the fat back after liposuction?

    Liposuction does not remove all the fat in any area. The aim is to contour and “match” a problem spot with the rest of the zone in question. So, it is certain that if a patient gains weight, they will also gain in the areas treated, but the basic alteration should be permanent, i.e., you can choose to have a fat or thin version of your new shape. The cells of fat that were removed do not return. I hope this answers your question. Dr. M READ MORE

  • How long is a recovery from a breast augmentation?

    A lot depends on variables like the surgical technique, the size on the implants (how tightly they fit), your job description, etc. However, a week off work is generally sufficient, and if you are tough, less than that. You need to ask your chosen surgeon these questions in order to be more specific. Dr. M READ MORE

  • Does a rhinoplasty also affect the bone?

    The term "Rhinoplasty" is generic for correctional surgery on the nose. Therefore, what is altered during the surgery depends on the problem and of course most of the time does involve reshaping the contour of the bones; but not always. In your case, I would venture to guess that reducing the size of your bones would be an essential part of getting you the result you would like. I hope this helps. Dr. M READ MORE

  • What is a tummy tuck?

    A "tummy tuck" is an operation aimed at restoring the damage done to the abdominal wall during pregnancy or to remove excess skin after significant weight loss, or both. It is a fairly routine procedure when done by Board Certified Plastic surgeons, but can be "botched" when not done by properly trained professionals. Unfortunately, this happens more often than you might imagine. Do your due diligence before embarking on this path. Regarding the surgery, it does leave a significant scar on the lower abdomen and you have to consider this a trade off. Further; it can be painful depending on how mush muscle repair is required to restore your anatomy to normal. Your surgeon has ways of minimizing the pain and should discuss them with you beforehand. The actual technique that you doctor might choose depends to a large extent on your particular situation and can vary widely. Kindest regards, Dr. Louis Mes READ MORE

  • Is a butt lift safe and all it's made out to be?

    I have a personal dislike for the “butt lift” procedure because I anticipate problems with implant failures down the road. However, when it is done by properly trained, and I emphsize PROPERLY trained, surgeons, it seems to be a safe and effective choice for many patients. Just choose your surgeon carefully! The implants are in serted into the buttock muscles and do not move about and for that reason it probablyfeels a lot like sitting on your wallet, but that is a choice only you can make for the long term. READ MORE

  • Can I get dimples through plastic surgery?

    Dimples form from an attachment of the skin close to the mouth to the smile muscles. In theory, one should be able to reproduce this with surgery, but it is not as easy as it might seem and the chances of disfiguring the smile are very high. This produces a “Joker”- like appearance. I strongly suggest that you NOT pursue this. Responsible surgeons would probably turn you down as a candidate and irresponsible surgeons could permanently ruin your face and you could end up on “Botched.” Sincerely, Dr. M READ MORE

  • Does laser treatment work for correcting acne scars?

    Dear patient, A laser is simply an instrument that produces a very coherent, focused beam of light, that can be used to burn organic material such as human tissue. The operative word here is "burn." There is no real magic to a laser, although the advertising hype would make one think otherwise. So, if you take one scar, such as an acne scar, and replace it with another caused by a burn, you will still have a scar. Maybe even a worse one. Laser treatments can be tailored to help burn away unwanted pigmented birthmarks and excess blood vessels in others and the burn effect can tighten loose, wrinkled skin if used correctly. Burning out blood vessels in very active scars can sometimes help the scar to resolve and soften more quickly than by relying on time alone, but results are very variable. Specifically for acne, lasers can be used to equalize uneven areas of scarring, but usually at the expense of bleaching the involved skin. It is a calculated trade-off. You need to find a doctor very experienced in laser surgery who will use very good judgement in his/her recommendations before having your scars treated. You may do very well, but please choose carefully and ask pointed questions. Expect honest answers. Board certification of your surgeon is imperative. Dr. Mes READ MORE

  • Will my diabetes hinder my lip surgery?

    There is a small additional risk of infection and other wound healing problems when a diabetic patient has surgery, but your proposed surgery is "clean" and so your surgeon will probably simply use an antibiotic as a precaution and you should have no problems. READ MORE

  • I have a scar because of a fall from when I was a kid. Can the mark be cleared through a cosmetic surgery?

    The answer is, "maybe." From your description, it might be possible to revise the scar in such a way as to disguise it better, but it is impossible to completely eliminate the blemish. You need to go to a reputable Board Certified plastic surgeon and have him/her give you an honest opinion. Good luck, Dr. Mes READ MORE

  • I have discoloration around my chin area. Can chemical peels help in treating it?

    The simple answer is, as usual, that it depends. The reason for the discoloration may be inflammatory and in that case chemical peeling would probably make it much worse. You need to let a qualified dermatologist diagnose your problem and listen to his/her advice. Be careful. READ MORE

  • Can I undergo surgery with diabetes?

    If your diabetes is well controlled, there is no reason for you not to have surgery. However, your doctor will probably do your surgery with an antibiotic “cover.” READ MORE

  • Can plastic surgery put one at a risk of nerve damage?

    There is always a small risk of symptomatic nerve damage when undergoing surgery, but what is being referred to by your doctor as regards breast augmentation is a little different. Nerves which control sensibility to the nipple run in grooves under the ribs and send branches up to the skin as they go. These are next to the breast bone in front and at the side of the chest. Breast implants lie between them, but the nerves can be damaged when the surgeon is opening the pocket to house the prosthesis. Numbness of the nipple is a rare, but definite possibility post-operatively and may be permanent. They may interfere with breastfeeding, sexual gratification, etc., and, small though the risk may be, you should weigh this in your decision to have the surgery. I hope this helps, Dr. M READ MORE

  • Can 15 year old burn marks be removed with plastic surgery?

    There is a myth out there that plastic surgery can erase scars. I wish it were so. Certainly scars can often be improved, function restored and comfort increased, but totally removing scars is for science fiction or the fairly distant future. If your scars are 15 years old they are likely to be soft and to have regained some of their natural color. I would advise caution regarding any radical form of treatment but please do yourself the favor of having a consultation with a board certified Plastic Surgeon. Someone who can give you “hands-on” advice after assessing your situation. Good luck. READ MORE

  • Do all soft cleft palate surgeries require dental treatment as well?

    The answer like so many things medical is simply, it depends, much more often than not, even if the deformity does not obviously affect the bony skeleton of the face. Often, the dental issues show up much later. Typically, when teeth are erupting and the face is maturing. Children with cleft problems usually have to stay with their “team” of surgeons and dentisits for many years. READ MORE

  • What is the best treatment to get rid of stretch marks?

    There is no effective way to completely erase stretch marks because they are caused by a tear is the dermal layer of the skin. Lasers, creams and many other modalities have been used and at best, merely offer a mild improvement. Be careful of undergoing expensive procedures that cannot live up to the "sales talk". Your fresh, post pregnancy, stretch marks will improve on their own but will not disappear completely. READ MORE

  • What are the risks involved with a plastic surgery procedure?

    Any surgery exposes the patient to risks of infection, bleeding, wound healing problems, nerve damage and complications from the medicines used before, during and after the surgery. All operations leave scars somewhere and everything is a "trade-off". Cosmetic surgery is no different, except that it is elective in most cases and the patient has to decide whether or not they can live with the consequences should things go wrong, or the outcome not be what was expected. READ MORE

  • Can liposuction work for diabetic patients?

    Liposuction should NEVER be a treatment for obesity. It very effectively handles localized problem areas of fat such as "saddle-bags", "love-handles" and so on. However, most surgeons put a limit of about 10 pounds (usually less) on the operative fat removal even if there is very little blood loss during the operation. That makes it a very expensive and ineffective way to lose weight. Your diabetes, if properly controlled, not necessarily a contraindication to liposuction. READ MORE

  • How can I treat wrinkles around my eyes?

    The easiest way to improve wrinkles that are produced by muscle activity is to use Botox or one of its equivalents to relax the muscles. Sometimes, laser skin tightening or even surgery has to be added to the mix. You should let an experienced Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist evaluate your concerns and make recommendations. READ MORE

  • Is a cosmetic surgery the same as a plastic surgery?

    Surgeons who bill themselves as “Cosmetic Surgeons” almost always are not trained Plastic Surgeons and try to disguise this fact by using the Cometic Surgeon label. Such surgeons can even buy a so called board certification through their membership in their society. There is NO Board of Cosmetic Surgery recognized by the controlling American Board of Surgical Specialties. Be VERY CAREFUL of such clinics and their deceptive advertising. READ MORE

  • Is botox safe for a 56 year old woman with diabetes?

    Botox would probably not help the issues mention. You need to consult with an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist about some other approach to you skin damage, such as laser ablation etc.. Your diabetes need not be a contraindication but must be taken into consideration. READ MORE

  • What does Botox treatment include?

    Botox and its equivalents relax overactive muscles. In doing so, it improves wrinkles produced by such activity, very safely and effectively. However, it does NOT remove or improve loose skin. There are other treatments available for those problems. READ MORE

  • Does liposcution help one lose weight or does it only tighten the skin?

    Liposuction is primarily aimed at improving problem fatty deposits and is very effective when used correctly, but it relies on the skin’s ability to shrink after the underlying fat has been contoured. There are some modalities such as “Bodytite” that enhance such shrinkage, but fat removal must always take into account this process to avoid dimpling and wrinkles post-operatively. So excessive fat removal aiming at weight loss usually is not recommended and is usually unsuccessful, given that only four or five pounds of fat can safely be removed at a time in most cases. A very expensive way to try to loose weight. READ MORE

  • Is liposuction a permanent treatment?

    It all depends on what you are trying to achieve and often the two procedures need to be combined. Both are permanent but do different things. Tummy tucks remove excess skin and enable muscle tightening, whereas liposuction allows contouring of problem fatty deposits. READ MORE

  • Can plastic surgery remove a birthmark?

    There are many ways to treat a birthmark but all will leave some form of alternative blemish. You have to view treatment as a trade and this may or may not be worth it to you. Consult with a Board Certified plastic surgeon to get an honest opinion as to what you could reasonably expect and go from there. READ MORE

  • How does the plastic surgery to remove scars work?

    Plastic surgery does not remove scars but a skilled properly trained surgeon can often revise a scar that has healed poorly the first time, or rearrange the orientation of a scar to camouflage it better, or lengthen it to make it more comfortable. READ MORE

  • How to correct a scar that is present between the eyebrows?

    Usually a scar revision will help for a blemish resulting from poor healing after a laceration (cut). You should seek the advice of a Board certified Plastic Surgeon for an evaluation and advice. You may be told to wait a period of up to 6 months for the initial scarring to settle down; but results of scar revisions within hair bearing areas of the face are usually excellent. Unfortunately, surgery is probably the only way to correct your problem, if the disfigurement persists after 6 months. READ MORE

  • Lots of stretch marks. What can I do?

    Unfortunately, stretch marks result from tearing of the dermal layer of the skin and this can be due to hormonal changes, steroid abuse and simple mechanical causes such as over-stretching from pregnancy, weight gain, and so on. There is no truly effective way to reverse the damage despite a myriad of claims in the media and on billboards. Patients collectively spend vast amounts each year on "hope" and invariably are disappointed. That is not to say that the stretch-marks cannot improve wth time and that certain skin shrinking procedures such as "Bodytite" would not improve their appearance, but having them removed completely is unrealistic, given today's options. The god news is that the discoloration, or lividity, that comes with the hormonal changes of pregnancy does improve with time, so be patient. READ MORE

  • What is cool sculpting?

    In simple terms, Cool Sculpting involved freezing fatty tissue in selected areas of the body and then waiting for the damaged cells to break down and for the fat to be absorbed. The procedure is popular in busy surgical practices because the doctor him/herself does not need to be involved directly in the actual treatment. Results are modest at best but there is no down time to speak of, or open surgery, and if the procedure is combined with exercise and weight loss, many patients are pleased with their results. However, because the amount of fat removed is modest, cool sculpting is only suitable for those with modest amounts of problem fat and honest patient selection and counciling is very important if disappointment is to be avoided. Regarding putting on weight; the dead cells will not return but your new "contour" will be retained, whether it be a "fat" one or a "thin" one. READ MORE

  • Best laser resurfacing for 33 year old for anti-aging

    Whoever told you to have regular laser therapies is poorly informed. That is like regularly damaging your heart to keep it in good shape. Resurfacing skin is helpful if there is a specific skin problem that can benefit from heating or burning off the top layer of the skin. At age 33 you probably don't have such a problem but if you think you might, you should seek the advice of a good Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist before undergoing a potentially damaging procedure. Lasers all work by using a very focused beam of light to vaporize tissue and the various makes and models differ only in the way the beams are delivered. Which model is best depends on what is trying to be accomplished and many have a number of settings and patterns that can be changed for various functions. Training and good judgement is essential for good results and unfortunately manufacturers aggressively market and sell their products to even those practitioners with little knowledge of skin health and laser physics. My best advice to you is to find a well respected doctor and listen to his/her suggestions before doing anything drastic. READ MORE

  • Skin feels bumpy after IPL

    IPL uses a wavelength of light that selectively heats tissue with reddish pigment; most often, blood vessels. The hope is that such blood vessels will then scar down or shrink and that "red" skin conditions such as rosacea will improve. Such heating produces inflammation and temporary swelling where the light is applied and that is probably what you are feeling at the present. I would not be too concerned about it but why don't you call the practitioner who did the treatment for you and have him/her check you. READ MORE


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  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Louisiana State Medical Society

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  • Featured in New Beauty Magazine

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  • Hard Work and Dedication

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  • National environmental and conservation support and pioneer support for domestic alternative energy installation.

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