Dr. Michael I. Rouff D.M.D., Naturopathic Physician
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Dr. Michael I. Rouff D.M.D.

Dental Therapist

16 Buckingham Pl Cherry Hill New Jersey, 08003


Are your teeth making you sick?

That could be a real possibility!

Dr. Michael Rouff is a retired holistic dentist.  Dr. Rouff's mission in to guide and support clients in their holistic dental care. To prevent diseases and conditions associated with the mouth and overall health. Dr Rouff consults with clients to help them asnwer specific questions about their dental health and how that affects their overall health. Dentistry has some toxic components that need to be avoided. Issues such as mercury/amalgam/silver fillings, fluoride, root canal therapy, metal and other toxic issues. Dr Rouff created Holisti Dental Advisors to do all these things.

To get more information and to take his FREE dental toxicity survey go to

www.holisticdental advisors.com

There you will find a reliable source of the latest science behind holistic dentistry that could possible save your life.

Education and Training

University of Pennsylvania


Board Certification

Board certified in Integrative Biological Dental Medicine

School of Integrative Biological Dental Medicine; Board Certified Naturopathic Physician

Provider Details

MaleEnglish 35 years of experience
Dr. Michael I. Rouff D.M.D.
Dr. Michael I. Rouff D.M.D.'s Expert Contributions
  • Can crooked front teeth be fixed with veneers?

    It is possible to correct minor irregularities in tooth alignment with veneers. It will also correct color issues as well. But actually aligning the teeth with orthodontics is usually less expensive and more conservative of tooth structure. READ MORE

  • Can you get dentures for 3 missing teeth?

    Yes, you can! It is called a removable partial denture. If possible, I would recommend it be made without any metal. Other options: 1. Bridge-again all ceramic no metal 2. Implants-again all ceramic no metal 3. Nothing 4. Partial Denture as described above READ MORE

  • Is bone grafting necessary for getting a dental implant?

    If you want an implant, then a cone-beam 3-d X-ray should be taken to assess the amount and location of available bone. If there is enough bone no grafting is needed. If not enough bone then grafting will be needed. Make sure you get a ceramic implant as the metal titanium implants are much less biocompatible. If you want more guidance: Drrouff@gnail.com. READ MORE

  • Is a white filling better than silver?

    Silver fillings are half mercury and are toxic. I would avoid all metal in the mouth. Check my website: Www.holisticdentaladvisors.com READ MORE

  • Does coconut oil whiten your teeth?

    Interesting question, If your teeth are stained from external reasons like coffee, tea, or other issues it may lighten from oil pulling with organic coconut oil. If your teeth are clean and without extrinsic stain, oil pulling with organic coconut oil will not whiten your teeth. To whiten, you would need to use some form of peroxide. This can be obtained from your dentist with in-office and at-home options, as well as over the counter option. Please be advised that whitening can cause tooth sensitivity. READ MORE

  • Can a bottom tooth make a top tooth hurt?

    Thank you for your question. If your occlusion/bite is not right, any tooth that is in traumatic alignment can be symptomatic. That would be temperature sensitive, sore and even can become mobile. Sometimes all that is needed is an occlusal adjustment, it depends on the situation. Hope this helps, Dr. Michael Rouff, DMD, NMD READ MORE

  • Can you sleep with your dentures on?

    You actually can. But they can be a choking hazard if they become loose. Also, the prevailing wisdom is to not wear them when you sleep to allow the gum tissue to not be covered for a few hours. Hope this helps. Dr. Michael Rouff, Dmd, NMD READ MORE

  • How can I fix a gap in my teeth without braces?

    There are restorative solutions. If the gap is on the small side a well skilled dentist can bond composite resin( tooth colored filling material) and sculpt and change the dimensions of your teeth. If the gap is wider, veneers would be needed. These are lab fabricated and bonded to your teeth. One thing to be aware of is that if your teeth are already wide and or big. The ideal size ratio could be off. Good luck READ MORE

  • Are you awake during dental implant surgery?

    Most people are awake and the dentist uses local anesthetic injected to get you numb. Some people opt to be put to sleep due to anxiety about dentistry and needles. READ MORE

  • How can I get rid of an abscess without going to the dentist?

    Warm salt water rinses will help draw out the infection. Oil pulling. which is taking organic coconut oil and actively swishing for 10 minutes. Depending on the reason why you have the abscess, you will need to see a dentist at some point to resolve the problem. Dr. Michael Rouff READ MORE

  • How long do dental implants last?

    When dental implants are done properly and placed and restored well, dental implants can last indefinitely. READ MORE

  • Can a tooth be filled if the nerve is exposed?

    If the nerve is exposed, it usually means it has been invaded by microorganisms. Conventional dentistry would recommend Root Canal Therapy to stop the progression of infection. Holistic dentistry would recommend not doing the root canal therapy due to its toxic effect on your immune system. Instead, extraction and replacement would be advisable. READ MORE

  • Can I get a crown without a root canal?

    Yes, you can have a crown placed on a tooth without a root canal. A root canal is only done when the nerve of a tooth is damaged or infected. Make sure that the crown is ceramic without metal. Metal causes disturbances to the body and should be avoided. READ MORE

  • Can you get a cavity under a veneer?

    Unfortunately, yes, you can. A veneer is a ceramic covering that is adhered to the tooth structure. The cement that is used can leak and or the tooth that is around the veneer can decay if exposed to the wrong elements. READ MORE

  • What is the most natural looking crown?

    A ceramic crown would be the most natural looking. Finding a dentist with cosmetic training and experience is important. Dentistry is both science and art. Look at before and after photos on websites and interview a few doctors. Make sure there is no metal in the crown, tooth, or implant if that is required. Be picky and hold the dentist to a standard. You may need to pay a premium depending on how demanding you are going to be. Hope this helps. Dr. Michael Rouff, BS, DMD, NMD READ MORE

  • What happens if you don't have enough bone for dental implants?

    A few things: 1. Find a qualified dentist who is an expert on bone grafting 2. Use smaller diameter implants where there is enough bone 3. Have excellent dentures made Also, make sure if you do get implants that they are ceramic/Zirconium. The body doe not like or want metal. Good luck. READ MORE

  • Can a dental bridge be repaired?

    Depends on the issue. Repairing and/or rebonding to metal and/or porcelain can be done, but is unpredictable. It may buy you some time, but can easily break again. Also, it is very technique-sensitive, and many dentists are reluctant to do it due to lack of expertise and unpredictability. Dr. Michael Rouff READ MORE

  • What procedures require an oral surgery follow up?

    There are a few options for tooth replacement depending on the situation and configuration: 1. Is a removable partial denture. A fake tooth on a framework that you wear. Make sure there is no metal. This is the least expensive option. 2. This is called a bridge. This is a fake tooth that is attached to the teeth ahead and behind. Again no metal. Be advised that the teeth ahead and behind need to be strong enough and must be reshaped or shaved down to allow room for bridge 3. The other option is a dental implant. Make sure again no metal. There are ceramic implants that are more biocompatible and better for your body. This is a new root and tooth that looks and acts like the real thing. 4. Not replacing the tooth is an option if finances and logistics are a concern. Esthetics and function are what matters most. Good luck. READ MORE

  • Can root canal treatments cause diseases?

    Conventional dentistry does not know or acknowledge that teeth with root canal therapy can cause health problems. The movie Root Cause was pulled off of Netflix due to pressure from organized dentistry. You can go to iaomt.org or iadbm.org and see the science. In the holistic dental world, many do not believe RCT should be done. Some believe if done with ozone and a laser and with biocompatible filling materials, the body can tolerate it. READ MORE

  • Which are the best dental implants?

    The best implants many dentists have never heard about are the ceramic implants. Made of Zircinium, these implants are much more biocompatible than the conventional titanium implants. The titanium is not inert and has trace amounts of Nickel which many people have sensitivity. Thanks. READ MORE

Expert Publications

Data provided by the National Library of Medicine

Areas of expertise and specialization

Dental Toxicity, Mercury Toxicity, Fluoride Toxicity, Root Canal Toxicity, Cavitation Toxicity. Ozone Therapy

Faculty Titles & Positions

  • CEO Holistic Dental Advisors 2019 - Present

Professional Memberships

  • International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology  
  • Member International Association of HealthCare Professionals 

Professional Society Memberships

  • International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, Academic of General Dentistry, International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine, American Society for Geriatric Dentistry, American Society of Dentistry for Children

What do you attribute your success to?

  • His patients, Adding new Procedures and Communication Skills, Helping his Patients with their Medical and Dental Issues.

Hobbies / Sports

  • Golf, Crossword Puzzles, Family Time, Basketball

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Holistic Dental Advisors

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Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08003
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