Dr. Roger J. Friedman M.D., Doctor

Dr. Roger J. Friedman M.D.

Plastic Surgeon

11210 Old Georgetown Road North Bethesda Maryland, 20852



Broad based practice of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery

Facial cosmetic, rhinoplasty, breast all aspects including revision breast surgery, body contouring, Vaser liposuction

Education and Training

George Washington University

Mechanical Engineering 1978

University of Michigan Medical School 1981

Board Certification

American Board of Plastic Surgery - Plastic Surgery

Plastic SurgeryAmerican Board of Plastic SurgeryABPS

Provider Details

Male English 42 years of experience
Dr. Roger J. Friedman M.D.
Dr. Roger J. Friedman M.D.'s Expert Contributions
  • What to expect after a face lift?

    What to expect after a facelift? In my practice my patients leave my surgery center in a bulky dressing serving two purposes. It is intentionally bulky to get in your way and limit your neck motion and secondly to apply gentle pressure. The most common post operative complaints are soreness around the ears, the location of the incisions, and tightness in the neck as those muscles are tightened during the surgery. Soreness take a pain pill, tightness take a muscle relaxant. The dressing is changed the day after surgery and a similar one are applied which is then removed on day 4 with your sutures. On day 8 you return for a quick check by me and for makeup. You will be presentable with makeup at 8 days and doing well at one month. You will have numbness of your cheek for a period of months. As the numbness resolves, you will experience itching. Roger Friedman, MD READ MORE

  • Is nose plastic surgery safe?

    Nasal surgery is incredibly safe. An operation I perform weekly. I prefer to do this procedure with you completely asleep. This is not a painful operation. The most common complaints are a stuffy nose due to swelling inside forcing you to breathe out of your mouth making your mouth and lips dry. Roger Friedman, MD READ MORE

  • Is this cosmetic surgery unhealthy?

    Calf augmentation is not unhealthy. There are two ways this can be accomplished: using your own fat or the placement of calf implants.The calf implants are designed to mimic the two heads of the gastrocnemius muscle. That said, you will need two implants per leg. Out patient surgery either way. Roger Friedman, MD READ MORE

  • Is nose surgery painful?

    Nasal surgery is not a painful operation. The most common complaints are "stuffy nose" from swelling inside the nose and a "dry mouth" as you are forced to breath out of your mouth, like having a bad cold. Saline nasal spray and Afrin (no more than twice a day and no more than 5 days) may be helpful for the stuffy nose and vaseline on your lips and drink a lot of liquids for the dry mouth. Roger Friedman, MD READ MORE

  • Is face lift surgery safe?

    As long as you are healthy and you are being treated by a board certified Plastic Surgeon, the procedure should be extremely safe READ MORE

  • Is a breast enlargement safe?

    This is a very straight forward operation which I perform on a regular basis taking an hour to an hour and a half, out patient with a several day recovery. Results are great and recovery uneventful. Exercise is limited during the first two weeks. READ MORE

  • What should I do if my eyelid is drooping after botox?

    Contact your plastic surgeon. There is an eye drop which can help counteract the Botox effect in your lid opening mechanism, READ MORE

  • What are the non-surgical methods to reduce breast size?

    The only non-surgical way to address breast asymmetry is a bra. I am sorry your friend's experience seemed so long, it shouldn't have been. I would reconsider a breast reduction of the larger size unless you prefer that size than you may need a lift on the larger size and an augmentation on the smaller. I routinely perform intercostal nerve blocks at the time of breast reduction, after you are asleep. This involves injections of a long acting local anesthetic along the ribs, anesthetizing the nerves to the breast. You then get less narcotics during the procedure and less chance of nausea post-operative. You then require less pain medicine after the procedure and are more active sooner. Often, my patients will drive themselves to their visit on day 4. Return to work is typically at approximately one week and at most 1 1/2. Exercise is gradually resumed at 2 weeks. Roger Friedman, MD READ MORE

  • I lost a lot of weight very fast. What can I do with my skin?

    First, congratulations! You have lost a whole person! In light of the amount of weight you have lost, sight unseen in all likelihood you will need to have that excess skin excised in the form of a tummy tuck and brachioplasty (arms). The scars for the most part can be hidden based on the design of the procedures. Roger Friedman, MD READ MORE

  • What's involved in an eyelid lift?

    The first question is, what is the position of your eyebrows? If your eyebrows are low, they contribute more skin to your upper lids. If that is the case, you need a brow lift. If the brows are above the rim of your eye and there is still extra skin, then you need that upper lip skin removed. Either procedure is outpatient. Roger Friedman, MD READ MORE

  • Does liposcution help one lose weight or does it only tighten the skin?

    Weight loss after liposuction is a bonus. The goal of liposuction is to improve contour. Vaser/ultrasonic liposuction does provide a component of skin tightening. It does not replace skin removal if the skin excess is significant. Liposuction enables the surgeon to selectively remove fat in areas where you are having a difficult time with weight loss alone. READ MORE

  • I am planning to get a nose job done. What are the chances of success?

    Without evaluating your nose, it is difficult to say to what degree improvement is realistic. Typically, asymmetries can be corrected through a combination of removing a hump if present, braking the nose to provide alignment, and cartilage grafts to address asymmetries. READ MORE

  • How long would I need to wear a splint after a nose job?

    I leave nasal splints on for 4-5 days. They serve two purposes: protection and help to minimize swelling. Roger Friedman, MD READ MORE

  • I have a scar because of a fall from when I was a kid. Can the mark be cleared through a cosmetic surgery?

    It cannot be eliminated but it may be able to be minimized by a scar revision performed under local anesthesia. READ MORE

  • What are some of the possible side effects to a breast reduction surgery?

    First, Breast Reduction patients are some of my happiest patients. I have never had a person regret having a breast reduction only regret waiting so long. Risks may include: infection, bleeding, scars, sensory changes of the nipple, asymmetry, need for revision and depending how the procedure is performed might impact on the ability to breast feed (this is procedure dependent). READ MORE

  • Are breast augmentations safe?

    Breast augmentations are safe and as far as healing the incision is typically limited to 3cm. I would want your sugar to be under control and would anticipate no issues. READ MORE

  • Whats the earliest age you can get a cosmetic nose job?

    For girls, I wait until one year after you start your menstrual period. For boys, once they are well into puberty, usually around 15. READ MORE

  • What is a tummy tuck?

    Tummy tuck can have three components: skin removal, fat removal and muscle tightening. You may need all or some of the above. This is determined at your consultation. Depending on the extent of your procedure will determine the discomfort. There are multiple factors that can help to minimize the discomfort: oral medications for pain and tightness, abdominal wall blocks (TAP blocks) and pain pumps which provide local anesthesia for several days. READ MORE

  • Does a fall mark heal on its own, or do I need plastic surgery?

    Not the simplest of questions. The first is the location and the second the orientation. You will have a scar, but these factors play a role. All scars are initially red and raised. Massage, time, and sunscreen will help to give you the best scar. If in spite of this the scar does not heal to your satisfaction, a scar revision could be considered. This is typically performed with local anesthesia. READ MORE

  • Are tummy tucks painful to get?

    There are two factors which can contribute to discomfort associated with a tummy tuck: muscle tightening and liposuction. Abdominal wall blocks called TAP blocks help to minimize the discomfort as do pain pumps. Many physicians are providing oral medication prior to the procedure which also seems to help: gabapentin and tylenol. READ MORE

  • How long is a recovery from a breast augmentation?

    First question is what kind of work do you do? If raising your arms above your head or extensive lifting that would take longer. Otherwise, you should be back to work within 4 or 5 days. READ MORE

  • How long will I be under during my nose job?

    Depending on the extent of the procedure, it may be 2 hours or more. READ MORE

  • Can I apply makeup after a plastic surgery?

    In all likelihood you will have stitches. They can be covered with neutral colored tapes, which will help to hide the stitches. A day after the stitches are removed, I allow my patients to apply makeup. Roger Friedman, MD READ MORE

  • My daughter is 4 years old and has burnt her hand by dropping hot water. Is skin grafting recommended for her considering age?

    This would depend on the extent of the burn. If it is first or second degree, it should heal uneventfully with dressing changes. If deeper, it may require a skin graft. This could be determined at pathetic time of a physical examination. Please call my office to schedule a consultation. Roger Friedman, MD READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 28yrs

Faculty Titles & Positions

  • George Washington and Georgetown Universities, Clinical Faculties -


  • Clinical Faculty George Washington University   
  • Clinical Faculty Georgetown University   


  • Gynecomastia
  • Skin Cancer
  • Breast Cancer


  • Univ Of Mi Hosps & Hlth Ctrs, Plastic Surgery; Univ Of Mi Hosps & Hlth Ctrs, General Surgery  
  • University of Michigan Program   
  • University of Michigan (General and Plastic surgery)


  • Facial cosmetic, rhinoplasty, breast cosmetic and reconstructive and body contouring including VASER liposuction


  • University of Michigan


  • Hand, Microvascular, Cosmetic and Breast Surgery Fellowships in Honolulu and San Francisco

Professional Society Memberships

  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons, American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

What do you attribute your success to?

  • Developing relationships with my patients, listening to their concerns, educating the patient with regard to the procedure of interest and then presenting options and goals. Computer imaging is often used to assist in this education process.

Teaching and speaking

  • November, 2012 guest lecturer at the 1st Kuwait Aesthetic Meeting in Kuwait

    Topics presented: Augment Mastopexy

                            Rhinoplasty with Spreader Grafts

    Rhinoplasty with Goretex Grafts

    Combining Abdominoplasty, Breast Surgery and Liposuction as an outpatient procedure

Favorite Place to Vacation

  • Carribean

Hobbies / Sports

  • Sailing, Snow Skiing, tennis and bicycling

Favorite professional publications

  • Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgery

Hospital Affiliations

  • Sibley Hospital
  • Suburban Hospital
  • Shady Grove Hospital

Dr. Roger J. Friedman M.D.'s Practice location

11210 Old Georgetown Road -
North Bethesda, Maryland 20852
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