Dr. Syed Osama Sher D.O.?
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Dr. Syed Osama Sher D.O., Family Practitioner

Dr. Syed Osama Sher D.O.

Family Practitioner

1431 SW 1ST AVE OCALA FL, 34471


Dr. Syed Sher is a family practitioner practicing in OCALA, FL. Dr. Sher specializes in comprehensive health care for people of all ages. In addition to diagnosing and treating illnesses, family practitioners also put focus on preventative care with routine checkups, tests and personalized coaching on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Sher possesses immense general knowledge on maintaining health and today, family practitioners provide more care for the underserved and rural populations than any other medical specialty.

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1431 SW 1ST AVE -
OCALA, FL 34471
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New patients: 352-401-8319
Fax: 352-401-8313

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