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Dr. Hootan Zandifar, MD

Plastic Surgeon | Otolaryngology/Facial Plastic Surgery

8920 Wilshire Blvd 604 Beverly Hills CA, 90211


Dr. Hootan Zandifar is a double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon practicing in Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Zandifar specializes in the enhancement of facial appearance. Improving aesthetic, symmetry and proportion are key goals in cosmetic surgery. Having training in head and neck surgery as well as facial plastic and reconstructive surgery gives Dr. Zandifar a unique ability to be able to consider both the cosmetic outcome of the surgery as well as the functional outcome.

Education and Training

University of California, Los Angeles Bachelor of Science in Physiological Sciences 1998

UCLA School of Medicine/Charles R. Drew University MD 2002

Board Certification

American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

American Board of Otolaryngology

Provider Details

Male Spanish, Persian
Dr. Hootan Zandifar, MD
Dr. Hootan Zandifar, MD's Expert Contributions
  • The Timeless Elegance of Rhinoplasty: How Long Does a Nose Job Last?

    Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job, is a transformative surgical procedure that can enhance facial harmony and boost self-confidence. However, many individuals considering this procedure wonder about the longevity of its results. In this article, we'll explore the factors that influence how...

  • How Long Does a Surgical Facelift Last? Unraveling the Beauty of Longevity

    A surgical facelift is a transformative procedure that can rejuvenate your appearance and restore youthful contours. However, it's natural to wonder, "how long does the effect last?" In this article, we'll delve into the factors influencing the longevity of a surgical facelift and discuss tips for...

  • Is Hair Transplant a Safe Procedure?

    Is Hair Transplant Safe?Understanding Hair Transplantation: The Basics And ProcedureA hair transplant is a surgical procedure aimed at restoring hair growth in areas affected by baldness or thinning. It involves moving hair follicles from one part of the body, known as the donor site, to the balding...

  • How Long Does a Hair Transplant Last?

    How Long Does A Hair Transplant Last?Introduction: Understanding The Basics Of Hair TransplantsHair loss can have a significant impact on an individual's self-esteem and overall well-being. For those seeking a permanent solution to their thinning or receding hairline, hair transplant surgery has...

  • How Does Getting a Hair Transplant Actually Work?

    Hair loss is a devastating condition for both men and women. Research has shown that both men and women lose self-confidence as they lose the fullness and vigor of their hair. There are many remedies available to anyone who suffers from hair loss. However, in the end, hair loss typically...

  • What are the Best Medications for the Treatment of Hair Loss? Comparison of Dutasteride, Finasteride, and Minoxidil

    In a recent article published in JAMA Dermatology, a comparison of three commonly used prescription medications for hair loss was performed. The study compared two 5 alpha reductase medications (Dutasteride and Finasteride) as well as a third medication which is typically used for blood pressure...

  • 4 Reasons Why Eyebrow Transplant is Superior to Microblading and Nano Blading

    Eyebrow hair loss can be a devastating condition for patients. For years the best way to make your eyebrows appear fuller was to use eyebrow pencils. Permanent makeup via tattooing in the form of microblading and nano blading was also used to give an appearance of a fuller brow that was more...

  • 5 Common Causes of Female Hair Loss

    In an earlier article, we discussed the 5 common causes of male hair loss. It is only fitting to now discuss the 5 common causes of female hair loss.  First, a little about hair loss in women. Female hair loss may seem like a condition that only affects a small portion of the population, however,...

  • Does a Nose Job Change Your Voice?

    Singers and professional voice users who suffer from nasal congestion or want to change the cosmetic appearance of their nose are usually faced with a dilemma. They are often told that have a nasal surgery can change your voice.  But is that true? The answer as usual "It Depends". First, lets...

  • What is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Technique for Hair Transplantation?

    Over the decades, hair transplantation has undergone significant changes in technique and results. Early on in the history of hair transplantation, the grafts included several follicular units and the type of graft was called a macro graft. These macro grafts, however, gave the "hair plug"...

  • Five Common Causes of Male Hair Loss

    Male hair loss is a very common condition that can affect as many as 50% of males. Here are 5 of the most common causes of male hair loss.1.  The first and most common cause of male hair loss is genetics. Usually, if you have males in your family that have hair loss then you have a higher risk of...

  • What are the Patterns of Male Hair Loss?

    Male pattern baldness is a common condition that affects as high as 30-50% of men by the age of 50. Not all of these men will go on to develop the full tell-tale baldness that has come to be associated with male pattern baldness but most will be somewhere along the spectrum of male hair loss. But...

  • Top 5 Reasons People Will Get a Rhinoplasty

    Rhinoplasty or a nose job surgery is a commonly sought after procedure. This surgical technique to improve the appearance of the nose has been around for decades. But what are some of the common reasons that patients want to have a nose job procedure?One of the most common reasons is to improve the...

  • What is the Common Presentation of Female Hair Loss?

    When men lose their hair, it is almost expected. However, when women lose their hair, it comes across as a shock. In females, hair is more than a cosmetic concern. For women, hair is a source of gender identity. This is one of the major reasons why female hair loss is so devastating to those who...

  • Does Fixing A Deviated Septum Change The Shape Of Your Nose?

    As a facial plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty and functional nasal surgery, this is a very commonly asked question. The answer to this question truly depends on the need and the want of the patient. The nasal septum is the middle wall of the nose and in the case of a deviated septum, it...

  • Signs That You May Have a Deviated Septum

    In my experience, one of the most common patient symptoms that leads them to see a facial plastic surgeon is the inability to breathe through their nose. This is a fairly common and bothersome symptom. It can affect a person's sleep, exercise, and general day-to-day functioning. Treatment of nasal...

  • Eyebrow Transplant

    Beautiful luscious eyebrows are meant to be forever right?  Well, unfortunately not for everyone. Just like the hair on your scalp, eyebrow hair can also become thin and even disappear forever. Although there are many factors that can lead to this, the main cause of eyebrow hair loss is over...

  • What Is Ear Molding? Who Can Have It?

    At times, newborn ears are misshapen or deformed. If this deformity is not the result of a loss of cartilage and only as of the result of misshapen cartilage then a simple, non-invasive procedure called ear molding can result in the return of the shape of the ear and prevent the need for surgery in...

  • How long is nose swollen after rhinoplasty?

    Typically, the nose is noticeably swollen for a few weeks after rhinoplasty. However, there will be some swelling that remains and over the course of a year will slowly go away. The final results are usually apparent around one year after surgery. READ MORE

  • How many times can you have nose surgery?

    You can certainly have a second nose job after you had one several years ago. However, a revision rhinoplasty as it is called, has a higher risk of poorer outcome than the original rhinoplasty. If you need a revision rhinoplasty, you should see a facial plastic surgeon with particular expertise in revision surgery. READ MORE

  • What helps with pain after rhinoplasty?

    typically, after a rhinoplasty procedure, patients may require a few days of strong prescription pain medication. Usually after the first 3-5 days, the pain can then be controlled with over-the-counter pain medications. READ MORE

  • Are neck lift scars noticeable?

    A proper necklace scar is usually hidden nicely around the ear, behind the ear, and in the hairline. There is also a small incision along the chin which hides nicely. READ MORE

  • How long does it take for plastic surgery scars to heal?

    Typical scars on the face go through a few phases. Initially, they are red and bumpy. this can last about 1-2 months. After that, they are a bit firm but less red and not as bumpy. After about 3 months the scars mature and have their final appearance. There are certain treatments you can do to improve the appearance of the scar. Silicone sheets can help with the redness and bumpiness of the scar while lasers such as IPL and PDL can improve the final appearance. READ MORE

  • Can I shower after rhinoplasty?

    As long as you don't get the dressing wet or take a very hot shower, you should be able to shower after a rhinoplasty surgery. READ MORE

  • At what age should you get a facelift?

    A facelift procedure is performed to address the laxity of the lower face, jawline, and neck region. Patients who undergo a facelift procedure are usually in their mid-50s and older. However, if you have increased laxity of the lower face and jawline then you may benefit from a facelift procedure in your 40s. READ MORE

  • Can I brush my teeth after rhinoplasty?

    After a rhinoplasty procedure, the swelling of the base of the nose and the upper lip may make it feel odd to brush your teeth. However, you can brush your teeth the same night as your procedure with out any risk of damaging the surgery. READ MORE

  • What are the risks of a neck lift?

    The risks associated with neck lift procedures are the same as most risks associated with facial plastic surgeries. There is a risk of bleeding and infection but it is well controlled with the use of dressings and antibiotics. There is always a risk of scarring but we hid the scars in areas that are well hidden. Finally, there is a risk of nerve or muscle weakness or numbness but if your surgeon is an experienced facial plastic surgeon then that risk is very low. In general, a neck lift procedure is a low-risk procedure with very high patient satisfaction. READ MORE

  • Does a facelift get rid of wrinkles?

    The facelift procedure is a surgical procedure that addresses the skin laxity of the lower third of the face and the neck. This is done via incisions around the ear, in the hairline line, and under the chin. With this procedure, we can remove extra skin from the lower face and jawline and improve the contour of the jawline and the neck. You do have significant improvement in the wrinkles of these areas however, a facelift procedure does not address fine wrinkles of the skin or wrinkles around the mouth, eyes, or forehead. READ MORE

  • How long after rhinoplasty will my nose feel normal?

    After about 2 weeks from a rhinoplasty, your nose will look normal. However, it may feel firm or swollen for up to one year. READ MORE

  • How long does rhinoplasty take to heal fully?

    There are several healing phases to rhinoplasty. The initial stage includes swelling and bruising and this heals quickly. After about 2 weeks you can go out and about with no one knowing you had anything done. After the first 2 weeks, however, the swelling continues to decrease at a slower pace. Typically, the final result is apparent at about the one-year mark. READ MORE

  • Is nose plastic surgery permanent?

    Nose plastic surgery which is sometimes called a nose job or a rhinoplasty is a completely safe surgery when performed by a well-trained and well-qualified facial plastic surgeon. The results are permanent and your new nose will be with you for the rest of your life. READ MORE

  • Can plastic surgeons fix ears?

    Otoplasty is the surgical name we give to a collection of surgeries done to fix the ear's cosmetic appearance. It is usually performed on ears that are protruded or have some deformity of their outline. If an ear is partially formed or not formed at all, we perform a surgery called microtia repair. Depending on what issues you have with your ears, one of these procedures can be used to correct it. READ MORE

  • Do facelifts leave scars?

    All surgeries leave a scar, however, when you have your surgery done by an expert facial plastic surgeon, the surgeon hides the scars in locations that are not noticeable. These areas include the lines around the ear, the hair line, and the lines under the chin. READ MORE

  • What is the fastest way to recover from eyelift surgery?

    the fastest way to recover from your eyelift surgery is to follow your surgeon's recommendation. Typically, it is recommended that you do not overuse your eyes during the first week. Applying ice will decrease the swelling and bruising. Taking care of the incisions will allow for a fast healing with an unnoticeable scar. READ MORE

  • Does facelift surgery last forever?

    This is a great question. A facelift surgery elevates the musculature of the lower third of the face and removes the excess fat and skin. The incisions are hidden around the ear and into the hairline. The typical result can make someone look 10-15 years younger. These results last a lifetime, however, after a facelift we continue to age at the same rate as our actual age so over time laxity will return. However, you will always look younger than your actual age. READ MORE

  • How long does brow lift surgery take?

    The length of brow surgery depends on the approach that the surgeon takes. An endoscopic brow surgery can take a bit longer than a hairline or direct brow lift. However, in general, brow surgery can take anywhere from 2-4 hours. READ MORE

  • What is the safest procedure to get rid of neck fat?

    One of the best procedures to get rid of neck fat is submental liposuction. However, when you do liposuction, it is possible that you will have some skin laxity. So it may be best to combine liposuction with a facelift or a neck lift to remove the excess skin. READ MORE

  • Why does my nose still look bigger after rhinoplasty?

    4 weeks after a rhinoplasty procedure, I would expect you to have some swelling of the nose. This may appear to make your nose look wider or bigger than you are used to. It should be resolved over the next few weeks. If it does not please consult your surgeon. READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Facial Plastic Surgeryhair transplantationFaceliftNose jobRhinoplastyBlepharoplastySeptoplasty

Faculty Titles & Positions

  • Conducts Lectures through the Head and Neck Institute -


  • Regional Top Doctor 2019 Castle Connely 
  • Top Physician Award 2017 Castle Connely 
  • Top Physician Award 2018 Castle Connely 
  • Top Physician Award 2019 Castle Connely 
  • Southern California Rising Sta 2013 Super Doctors 
  • Southern California Rising Sta 2014 Super Doctors 
  • Southern California Rising Sta 2015 Super Doctors 
  • Southern California Rising Sta 2016 Super Doctors 
  • Best of 2012 Plastic and Cosme 2012 Plastic Surgery Practice 
  • Top 100 Health Professionals 2014 The Leading Physicians of the World 
  • America's Top Physicians 2014 America's Top Physicians 


  • Sinusitis
  • Hearing Loss
  • Allergies
  • Acid Reflux
  • Deviated Septum
  • Nasal Polyps
  • Hay Fever (allergic Rhinitis)
  • Ear Wax
  • Tonsillitis

Professional Memberships

  • American College of Surgeons  
  • Fellow of American College of Surgeons  
  • American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery  
  • American Academy of Otolaryngology Resident Member  
  • Aesculapians – UCLA Medical Alumni Association  
  • UCLA Alumni Association  

Charities and Philanthropic Endeavors

  • Osborne Head and Neck Foundation
  • Face to Face


  • State University of New York, Upstate Medical University2004General Surgery


  • Beeson Aesthetic Surgery Institute (Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery)

Professional Society Memberships

  • American Academy of Facial, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Articles and Publications

  • Multiple Peer Reviews, 2 Chapters

What do you attribute your success to?

  • Hard Work and Dedication, Perseverance

Hobbies / Sports

  • Traveling, Family Time

Favorite professional publications

  • JAMA-Facial Plastics

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Hootan Zandifar MD

8920 Wilshire Blvd 604 -
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
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Media Releases

Get to know Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr. Hootan Zandifar, who serves patients in Los Angeles, California.

Dr. Zandifar, a remarkable facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, serves as the Director of the Skin Center at the Osborne Head and Neck Institute located in the Cedars-Sinai Medical Towers in Los Angeles, California. He specializes in “natural looking plastic surgery,” where every patient’s anatomy and natural appearance is restored but not drastically altered as a result of their surgery. 

Osborne Head and Neck Institute is an innovative ear, nose, and throat / head and neck surgical practice. Its mission is to be the premiere referral source for the delivery of subspecialty care in pediatric and adult advanced ear, nose, and throat disorders, head and neck surgical oncology, and plastic and reconstructive surgery on a national level.

A native of Los Angeles, Dr. Zandifar received his medical degree from the prestigious David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. He completed his residency in otolaryngology – head and neck surgery at the SUNY Upstate Medical University in New York City and was then accepted to one of a few highly sought after fellowships in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery at the Beeson Aesthetic Surgery Institute in Indiana. The rigorous training he received under the tutelage of world-famous plastic and reconstructive surgeons enables him to provide the best and most advanced treatments available.

At the forefront of his profession, the doctor is board-certified through the American Board of Plastic Surgery, whose mission is to promote safe, ethical, efficacious plastic surgery to the public by maintaining high standards for the education, examination, certification, and continuous certification of plastic surgeons as specialists and subspecialists.

To date, Dr. Zandifar remains a member of several professional organizations, including the American College of Surgeons (Fellow), the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (Fellow), the American Academy of Otolaryngology, and the UCLA Medical Alumni Association. He also practices plastic and reconstructive surgery at the Derm & Rejuvenation Institute, where he provides the latest techniques in plastic surgery alongside Dermatologist Dr. Kormeili.

Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty involving the restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of the human body. It can be divided into two main categories – reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. A plastic surgeon’s primary responsibility is performing surgical and non-surgical procedures, and they use a variety of reparative and reconstructive techniques to get the job done. 

Throughout his line of work, Dr. Zandifar has published peer-reviewed articles in various scientific journals, including Laryngoscope, ENT Journal, Journal of Pediatric Otolaryngology, Brachytherapy, Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology, and Journal of Investigative Medicine. He has also presented in many national meetings, including the Annual American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Meeting, the Combined Spring Otolaryngological Meeting, and the Triological Meeting.

Attributing his success to hard work, dedication, and perseverance, Dr. Zandifar has received several awards of distinction from his patients and colleagues. These include: Super Doctors® on the Southern California Rising Star℠ List (2013), Top Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills, California by the International Association of Healthcare Professionals, inclusion in the The Leading Physicians of The World publication (2013), Plastic Surgery Practice Best of 2012 Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons, and Walter P. Work, M.D. Award for Outstanding Performance in Otolaryngology / Head and Neck Surgery.

In his personal life, Dr. Zandifar is a proud father of two, a devoted husband, and a true humanitarian. He volunteers annually to help the underserved internationally as part of various medical missions. Outside of the office, he enjoys traveling and spending time with his family. His favorite professional publication is JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery.

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  • Can Men Get a Breast Augmentation?

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  • Alternatives Used to Treat Acne Scars

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