Diana Stefani-Hunyady, Hepatologist

Diana Stefani-Hunyady

Gastroenterologist | Hepatology


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University of Medicine

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Male Spanish, French, Italian 28 years of experience
Diana Stefani-Hunyady
Diana Stefani-Hunyady's Expert Contributions
  • Should I be concerned about cirrhosis?

    Not due to alcohol. The liver regenerates when given the chance- and you have obviously done so. How do you feel? READ MORE

  • What is the effect of hepatitis C on the liver?

    Like any virus or bacterial exacerbation, the function of the affected organ will be affected during the inflammatory phase, mostly due to inflammation. Sometimes regenerative processes can lead to fibrosis- and the liver is a sensitive organ to both processes, because of the intensity of its multiple functions in the body. READ MORE

  • Can stopping alcohol consumption prevent liver cirrohosis?

    The liver is basically the key detoxifying "factory" in the body, having to process a lot more toxins than just alcohol (for example, any drugs/medicines we take, good additives, etc). So, the question to be asked is when and what are we doing to allow the liver to regenerate or prevent overloading it. Alcohol consumption alone should not be damaging (if moderate), but when all other toxins have to be processed, then the liver gets easily overloaded. Some things are also cumulative (meaning that they are not so easy to eliminate and, if consumed regularly, will just continue to pile up). Essentially, it is not the extreme of abstinence that is important, it is the moderation in everything and practicing regular liver detox days (every other month or so) that counts. READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization


Faculty Titles & Positions

  • Professor Assistant and Hospital Staff University Hospital "Sf. Spiridon" Iasi, Romania 1991 - 1995


  • Top Leading Physicians of the World 2013
  • Honor Award2010Emerald Who's Who for Executives and Professionals
  • "Sir Mark Richmond" Clinical Research Award1992University of Manchester, Hope Hospital, UK

Professional Memberships

  • American Gastroenterological Association
  • American Society of Clinical Oncology


  • Hope Hospital (Research)


  • Diabetes, Hormonal Balance, Nutrition, Weight Management


  • Universitiy of Medicine Romania


  • META-Health

Professional Society Memberships


Areas of research

  • META-Health, Epigenetics

Hobbies / Sports

  • Travel, Reading

Favorite professional publications

  • Psychology Today

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