Dr. John Toumanios D.D.S., Dentist
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Dr. John Toumanios D.D.S.


271 Route 46 West Suite C105 Fairfield New Jersey, 07004


John Toumanios, DDS, works at a private practice in Fairfield, New Jersey. He has a special interest in cosmetics, crowns and bridges, and family dentistry. A guest lecturer at Columbia University, Dr. Toumanios is also on staff at Columbia University.

Education and Training

Columbia University Dental School

Provider Details

MaleEnglish 35 years of experience
Dr. John Toumanios D.D.S.
Dr. John Toumanios D.D.S.'s Expert Contributions
  • How do you get the swelling to go down after a dental implant?

    Call your implant surgeon....now. You may need an antibiotic. If you are not allergic, and you are medically able to take advil or motrin, 600mg every 6 hours. Ice pack, 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off. The most important thing is to contact your implant surgeon! READ MORE

  • Can a crown on an implant come loose?

    Yes. It depends on the type of restoration you have. If it is a screw-retained implant, the screw can loosen. The composite plug is removed to get access to the screw. The screw is tightened and the composite plug is replaced. If it is a cemented crown, then the crown is removed, cleaned internally, and re-cemented. If the actual implant is loose, the implant is failing. Please follow up with your restorative dentist immediately.  READ MORE

  • Why is my tooth sensitive to cold after a crown?

    Your bite is probably a little off. When you grind too hard on a new crown (or filling), the tooth will become sensitive to cold, temperature change, or biting. A small adjustment to the porcelain is needed. The newer porcelains are very hard and won't adjust on their own. Call your dentist to get an appointment to get your crown adjusted. During the appointment bite hard and grind your teeth so the proper adjustments are made. READ MORE

  • My jaw is loud?

    You have been very patient so far, but now it is time to be the squeaky wheel. Absolutely follow up with your oral surgeon and be very specific about your symptoms. It sounds like you have trismus, which is the inability to fully open your mouth. Inflammation in the temporomandibular joint area can possibly be the cause. The popping sound you are hearing is your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). The bone is scraping against the disc, causing the popping sound. Having a custom bite splint made for your lower teeth should help. This is an appliance you would sleep in at night. A general dentist can make this for you. Following up with the orthodontist would also be a good idea but let's hear what the oral surgeon has to say. Your incomplete healing of the lower wisdom teeth may also be contributing to the popping sound. I am sorry you are going through all this discomfort, but hopefully you will get relief soon.   READ MORE

  • I have pain in the roof of my mouth?

    Not enough information. You need a full medical history. Possibly trauma related. READ MORE

  • Will a dry socket heal on its own?

    Dry socket is uncomfortable. I wouldn't define it as serious. It will eventually heal. If you were diagnosed with dry socket, why wasn't it treated? READ MORE

  • I had a recent extraction procedure but there are fragments still in the x-ray?

    An X-ray of the extraction site would alleviate your concerns. During the healing process the extraction socket may present with something called a "bony spicule," which is like a bone splinter. These normally are pushed to the surface and disappear. Sometimes the extraction socket feels like there is something sharp, but that is just the way the gum is healing. Your surgeon probably didn't explain things fully, or during such an anxiety filled appointment, the information wasn't fully understood. I would not stress over this. The photo enclosed appears like the extraction site is healing within normal limits.   READ MORE

  • Do you need a deep cleaning before getting crowns?

    A deep cleaning is because you have early symptoms of periodontal disease. A crown is needed because there is not enough natural tooth surface to support a filling, or the tooth is brittle from having a root canal procedure. You do not need a deep cleaning before a crown procedure unless your gums have been compromised by periodontal disease. READ MORE

  • Can I scrape plaque off my teeth?

    Plaque is soft, and that is removed using a toothbrush with toothpaste. Tarter, or calculus is hard and needs to be removed using a dental instrument by a dentist or hygienist. Please do not attempt to do this yourself. READ MORE

  • Can grinding your teeth cause TMJ?

    Grinding your teeth can cause pain and sensitivity to hot and cold to your teeth. It can also cause you to wake up with headaches. Jaw pain is a common symptom of grinding. Yes, you should see a dentist, who will probably recommend a bite splint. READ MORE

  • Are sealants bad for your teeth?

    Sealants are a noninvasive procedure place on permanent molars of preteens to help prevent caries on the biting surfaces when those surfaces have deep pits and fissures, making them more susceptible to decay. No. READ MORE

  • Can mini implants be used on the upper jaw?

    Mini implants have a poorer prognosis on the upper jaw because the upper jaw bone is more porous and by decreasing the length of the implant increases the likelihood of the implant loosening over time. READ MORE

  • Can you still get dental implants with bone loss?

    Yes. There are ways of increasing the thickness of the bone using cadaver bone or synthetic material. Speak to your surgeon. This area may not be a good candidate for an implant and a conventional fixed bridge may be a better treatment option. READ MORE

  • Is drinking hot water good for teeth?

    Drinking hot water has no effect on the health of your teeth. READ MORE

  • Is jaw surgery necessary for a crossbite?

    There is not enough information to give you an answer. There are different types of cross bites and different severities of a cross bite. Your age may also help determine which treatment plan will give you the best success. READ MORE

  • Does gingivitis go away?

    Gingivitis is reversible with the proper treatment. Gingivitis, untreated, can lead to periodontal disease. READ MORE

  • How do you treat an exposed root of a tooth?

    I would restore the tooth with a composite, which is tooth colored and will blend in with the shade of your tooth. This protects the root (and nerve) from further damage. Dr. T. READ MORE

  • Can a tooth infection affect your whole body?

    Yes, in rare occasions an infection starting from a tooth can seed itself in your heart or brain and the consequences can be very severe. Don't ignore an infected tooth, especially if there is swelling. READ MORE

  • Is baking soda safe for whitening teeth?

    Baking soda can be abrasive to your enamel. There are over the counter bleaching methods but to get the desired result schedule a consult with a dental professional. It is always desired to get a professional teeth cleaning [hygiene appointment] before you start whitening your teeth. READ MORE

  • Is teeth whitening safe for your mouth?

    If done gradually there is no contraindication to teeth whitening. Unfortunately you may not be a good candidate for whitening and you may be dissatisfied with the result. Get a dental evaluation to best get the desired result. READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

CosmeticsCrowns and Bridges

Faculty Titles & Positions

  • Guest Lecturer, Columbia University -


  • Pierre Fouchard Award   

Professional Society Memberships

  • Academy of General Dentistry

What do you attribute your success to?

  • Treating Each Patient as if he was the Person Being Treated

Hobbies / Sports

  • Wine, Gardening, Personal Fitness, Travel

Dr. John Toumanios D.D.S.'s Practice location

271 Route 46 West Suite C105 -
Fairfield, New Jersey 07004
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New patients: 973-227-1256
Fax: 973-227-5985

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