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Specializes in Holistic/Medical Care of Lower Limb Pathologies and the Pediatric Lower Limb Studied for Over 35 Years with Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh University, and Royal Homeopathic Hospital in London, UK. Currently Retired from Clinical Practice

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Queen Margaret college Univesity Edinburgh university Glasgow Royal infirmary aberdeen Royal infirmary

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Male English 26 years of experience
Pamela A M Mills
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  • What can I do about chronic neck pain?

    Poor you. It’s very painful. Probably due to your job it sounds as if it is repetitive strain syndrome in other words your posture ,your job , is contributing to your discomfort. Please have a proper examination to ascertain this is indeed the problem and nothing else such as arthritic changes cervical changes etcetc. A Physciatrist is a good start who will get an accurate diagnosis. From there treatment may be anti inflammatory medication nerve block physiotherapy neck brace. In the meantime check when the pain is worse. Night time. How are you sleeping is it worse in the am. ? How is it during the day. ? Is always very painful ? is it worse after working ? or during working is there a time it feels better ? .how are you sleeping it’s a good idea to try and immobilize your neck giving it a rest. You can get a cervical collar. This is used to rest the muscles not as a crutch. Do get your neck checked out. You are young and recovery ought to be excellent. Many people as I say are google drs. They self treat without understanding the underlying problem. Don’t do that. You can use heat and ice alternatively if you have inflammation. I hope this helps please be sensible. READ MORE

  • Is it ok to work out if I am still sore from an injury?

    Hamstrings are quite painful. Pain is the key as to how much you can exercise. The body tells you how much you can do. It’s not normal to have pain, so if it’s still hurting, it’s a signal the hamstring is not yet healed. Please don’t be foolish. If you are hurting, stop making it worse and find something else to do until healing has completed. Upper body exercises are just as good a work out. You can make things worse and then it will take much longer to get back to your normal routine. Listen to your body. If you continue to have pain as you describe after around 4/8 /12 weeks, you probably should be seen by a sports doctor or physiatrist to check range of motion, etc. Good luck. READ MORE

  • Why does my knee hurt when it's cold or when I sit?

    It is quite a known fact knees are like barometers. Patients can tell if the weather changes due to a change in the temp in the knee circulation (nerve endings). So, you can indeed experience pain in the knee joint. You know this, so make sure you keep your knee warm, such as with a neoprene knee brace or warm leggings. If you are a man, wear long johns. Sitting for prolonged time also can affect the circulation. Make sure you are walking/stretching every 5-10 minutes in the hour. You may have some arthritis, so it’s best to see a sports doctor or physiatrist for a complete examination of the range of motion of your knee joint. Just make sure, if it’s cold, be sensible and keep your knees warm. Even warming up a small hand towel in the microwave and wrapping it around your knees increases the circulation. You can also get wraps which you can put in the microwave. Just keep your knees warm. Don’t suffer. Be sensible. READ MORE

  • Treatment options for spinal stenosis?

    Oh poor chap. This condition can be quite debilitating and frightening. Pain is the worst symptom ,but with proper physiotherapy pain medications and keeping as active as possible is the key to managing this condition. New research is happening every day with new techniques in treatment. I would have him seen by a physciatrist to get on a pain medication schedule. This may be epidural with lidocaine for pain relief. Of course other medications. May also be used. In today’s medical world there is a lot that is being done to control,pain .its the pain that prevents patients moving forward. So getting a full examination by a physciatrist to ascertain level of mobility. Then on a program to maintain physical movement. Physiotherapy is helpful ,but have a proper head to toe examination and into a pain management program. Sometimes surgery is recommended, but this is a last resort and it does not always make things better. There really to date is no known cure. just management, pain being number one. Some patients find meditating helps and just more recently stem cell therapy. I hope this helps please feel free to get back in touch. Good luck READ MORE

  • Is it bad when my heart rate increases when I exercise?

    The basic way to calculate your maximum heart rate is to subtract your age from 220. So, if you are aged 45 (just an example), 45 from 220 = 175. This would be the maximum number of times your heart should beat per minute during exercise. If it is more than that, you should see a cardiologist. In fact, it’s a good idea anyway to be seen by a cardiologist. I have no knowledge of your age. Your heart rate does increase on exercise normally, but using my simple calculations, it will give you an idea. Do take care. READ MORE

  • How can physical therapy benefit my son?

    It’s unfortunate I do not know your son's age. Children develop at different stages in growth and development. Physical therapy will help, but you ought to have him checked out by his pediatrician. It may be he is just a slow developer, or he may have some underlying problem (i.e., hips, legs, and feet). Does he have an in-toeing walk? In other words, is he pigeon-toed? Have you noticed him limping? Does he play, running, jumping, etc.? Children do not usually complain; if there is a problem, you must be observant. If you can take a video with your phone, it will help the doctor. So, have him run around and watch him walking. Before doing anything else, please have him checked out thoroughly. It is imperative you get this checked now. Good luck. READ MORE

  • What is a "gait analysis"?

    It’s a very important examination watching a person walk (gait ). Tells a lot to the expert eye. It shows all sorts of discrepancies such as hip mal alignment back torsions. You would be amazed how much you can learn from the way people walk. I constantly diagnose people when I am out. I can tell if they have scoliosis if they have hip mal alignment knock knees pigeon toed knee problems. Neck problems. Don’t forget this is how we are trained. Gait analysis has become very sophisticated and measurements are taken to help in diagnosis. For example, one leg may be longer than the other. This can put your hip out. Many measurements are computerized. It is a fascinating study of the body for drs who are going into the study of functional anatomy. Many are gait analysis specialists. This all they do. I can tell by the heel wear in ones shoe how your foot strikes the ground. Ground reaction forces come up from the ground first point of contact is your foot if your foot is not stable to absorb the shock of these forces they radiate up the body to the knee the hip and back. Even the jaw. A great number of patients who have knee ,hip ,back problems even jaw problems can be traced to unstable feet when walking. Like I say fascinating. One of my colleagues in Edinburgh was treating a patient with knee problems. The patient was also seeing the orthodontist for jaw problems. When the patients feet were stabilized. The jaw problem was solved I know difficult to believe. But remember the body is all connected. Hope this helps . READ MORE

  • What's the difference between a physiatrist and physical therapist?

    A physciatrist is a medical doctor. You have to also complete a further 4 year residency after one's medical degree. It’s an Intensive study . Physical therapists or physiotherapist are not medical drs. They work alongside medical drs also. Many are in private practice. I always suggest you get examined by a physciatrist first to establish proper diagnosis and then appropriate treatment plan. Physciatrists also can do much more re pain relief nerve blocks injections. I hope this helps. They are the experts in rehabilitation of the whole body. I was always taught by an old professor of medicine. The body will heel itself if you give it the right environment. Also with the help of the right Practitioner. READ MORE

  • What else can I do to help my son's muscular dystrophy?

    I am very sorry to hear that. You do not mention your son's age and this disease progresses at different stages. I am sure you know it’s genetic, so therefore getting family members tested pre-pregnancy is important. Apologies, as you are probably aware of this. The good news is that life expectancy is getting better and there are new methods of research. All very positive. I am very up to date in this disease as I have looked after lots of children with a team of my respected colleagues. Absolutely, the child needs therapy. It’s important to have this every day. In fact, the physio can show you the exercises to be carried out at home also. I find water therapy the best. You have to have a support team around you, and at different stages of the disease, you will need different specialists. This is how I would help you, but do remember this is my way. You may have these people in your child’s life already, so again, forgive me. You need to have a pediatric neurologist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, orthopedic physician, clinical nurse specialist, psychiatrist/psychologist, dietician, care coordinator, social worker, and genetic counselor. At later stages, a pulmonologist and a cardiologist. This is the team I work with to improve the quality of life in a child. It is imperative that you surround yourself with the best. You may, if not already, get referred to a social worker to get things in place. You will probably require adjustments to the home, etc. You must get all this in place. In Edinburgh, where I trained, we all work as a team in the children’s hospital to make life easier for the parents and the child. I also would encourage you to get in touch with a group of like-minded parents and join in the research of this disease. Though it’s rare affecting boys more than girls, there are substantial amounts of parents who you should get in touch with to help support you also. I wish you all blessings for the future and it will be bright. I have had some of my children go on to be married and have degreed education. READ MORE

  • What can I do for my chronic pain?

    Chronic pain, nothing worse. There are a million and one conditions that can cause chronic pain. Firstly, you have to have a head-to-toe examination. My advice is to see a physiatrist. Secondly, pills only mask the problem. Physical therapy helps keep joints well, but in chronic pain patients, I find they are not inclined to do any exercise due to the pain and lack of energy. Water therapy is the best for you, even getting into a warm bath with epsom salts and doing some leg lifts and arm movements help. With chronic pain, it can be a form of fibromyalgia. Relaxation therapy, yoga, meditation, all can help, but you need a definitive diagnosis. I wish I could help you more, but please have a consultation with a physiatrist. READ MORE

  • Can musculoskeletal cancers benefit from physical medicine?

    Physiatrist is the other name for physical medicine. They most certainly can treat any patient effectively to alleviate suffering. It is a branch of highly trained physicians who undergo a vigorous 4 years post-graduate residency in this fabulous medical field. They do not do surgery, instead working with the body to heal with some help, of course, from medications, etc. More a holistic healing, but of course using state of the art equipment to alleviate pain. Your friend will do well with the help of these colleagues. Undergoing chemotherapy is debilitating in itself. I wish nothing but love and healing. READ MORE

  • Do I need lifelong physiotherapy for sciatica?

    My golly. No, not lifelong. I hope not. First, you have to find out the diagnosis. What is causing sciatic pain? I would go to a physiatrist to have a head-to-toe examination find out the cause and the treatment is simple. Absolutely you will not need lifelong physio. It can be alleviated if you find out the underlying problem. I have treated lots of patients and it can be caused by lots of things. Bad posture, the way you sit, your work maybe, back problems, hip problems, even jaw problems. Something is pressing on your sciatic nerve. Find out the cause. All will be well. READ MORE

  • Can physical therapy help my mom?

    It’s abnormal after surgery to have limited mobility, etc. I would go to a physiatrist to have an examination and then a treatment plan. Physio is good for her to get the correct exercises, but getting a medical doctor to make sure all is okay post-surgery. I hope this helps. READ MORE

  • Are topical sprays good for sprains?

    Yes, topical sprays are good short-term. There are some good ones out there. I am particularly cautious about sprains as many doctors think they are nothing to worry about. I am still the old school. RICE: Rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Sprays help ease the pain, but should not be used so you can do more as in the long run it takes time to heal 4-6 weeks, in some cases 8-12. Do not overdo activity. Hope this helps. READ MORE

  • I have severe back pain at the bottom of my spine. Do you think a surgery might be required?

    Poor you. Well, surgery should always be the last resort. How long have you had the pain? What do you think started it? Is it worse sitting, standing, or lying down? It could be coccyx. You may even have a fracture (tail bone). Did you fall? How old are you? I would see a physiatrist or sports medicine doctor. Keep away from surgeons. You must understand surgeons are trained to cut, not to rehabilitate, just cut. Please get a diagnosis first, then it is simple to get a treatment plan. Pills will only mask the problem. Sports medicine doctor is also okay. But get checked out to find out why you are in pain. Baths with Epsom salts may help, and anti-inflammatory cream. I use natural with peppermint oil and plant extracts. Very effective, no side effects, but please get a diagnosis. READ MORE

  • What's physical therapy like for kids?

    It would and should be fun and give a positive experience. Do try and find a pediatric physio to help her. READ MORE

  • Why do I have sharp abdominal pain when I run?

    I have seen this a lot and here is what I believe to be the cause in simplistic form. Breathing too shallow. If you have too much fluid in your stomach you can’t take large breaths. It can be associated with something you ate or drank before workout. Breathing too shallow. So if you get a pain in running slow down and walk put your hand on your belly and breathe deeply. If you are breathing from your lower lungs your tummy should rise and fall I have never seen anything sinister ,but if it continues then get checked out by a physciatrist or sports medicine dr. Check to see what you are eating it can be a digestive issue. I had a patient who ate bananas and got abdominal pain. But eating apples he was fine. Listen to your body. How are your bowels ? Let me know if I can help you further READ MORE

  • Is my constant body pain for real?

    Of course it’s not in your head. Bad husband for saying such a horrible thing to you. There is nothing worse than pain. Why do you think men do not have babies? When did the pain start? Does something make it worse or better? Does it prevent you from sleeping? You need to get checked out by a physiatrist from head to toe. No point in suffering, get a proper diagnosis, and certainly it is not in your head. I have been in medicine over 40 years and women do not complain of pain if it’s not real. There has to be something making you feel bad. A little consideration from your husband might go a long way in some empathy for you. Take care. READ MORE

  • What should I be doing for tennis elbow?

    Poor you. Such a painful injury. Thousands of athletes suffer from this condition. Well, of course, it is not my job to recommend products or companies. I have no association with anyone and am certainly not in the business to promote companies. However, you have no insurance. I know some people have used Just check it out. You need to rest the elbow and it should be strapped or wrapped. Ice compresses to the area. It can take 6-12 months to heal. Stopping any exercise that may have caused it is imperative. It is of course an overuse Injury. You will know best what has started it. Surgery is not something you ought to even consider. I am off the old school RICE: Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation. And patience. Lots of patience. READ MORE

  • My son has awful shoulder pain. How can I help him?

    So, firstly, because X-rays do not show anything, that’s good, but does not help your son. Obviously he is not feeling well. Children do not usually want to stay put unless there is a problem. If as you say he loves baseball, it makes sense he would want to get back to playing as soon as he can. Children often suffer growth plate injuries. If your child is overusing the upper part (humerus). Actually, throwing a baseball is very common. It can be that he is scared to throw the ball again due to the pain that might come back. Children develop at different stages in their bone growth. I would take your son to a physiatrist to check out the mobility of his shoulder, as certain movements might be worse than others. Check all this; a treatment plan can then be put in place. Physiatrists are medical doctors who help heal the body without surgery. He will be fine, but listen to him if he says it’s painful. I am old school where we did not rely on tests, X-rays, etc. We did a proper head-to-toe check and listened to the child. Two hands and ears are still the best equipment a doctor can possess. Hugs for a happy child. READ MORE

  • How can I treat my neck pain?

    Neck pain can be so painful it sounds as if your posture is contributing to the problem. Especially sitting at a computer, which can cause neck spasms all to do with how you are sitting, etc. Stretching is important and changing your position; I often recommend a neck brace to hold your neck in position which actually takes of the stress in your neck muscles Many of my colleagues would not recommend neck braces, but if you use it only when working it can help. This is not using the brace all the time. I would like you to go to a physiatrist or a sports physical therapist for an assessment. It may be you have some cervical disc problem in your neck. Osteoarthritis or just simply your posture at work sitting at a computer, which causes your neck muscles undue strain. I am not a chemical girl, but you could take some anti-inflammatory; it’s always best to have it checked. A physical therapist can show you some excellent stretches. Also, some people go to chiropractors; I recommend osteopaths. You may need an X-ray to ascertain the condition of your cervical anatomy. Always best to err on the cautious side. When you get up in the morning, simply stretch, turn your neck towards your left side as far as possible. Then, do the same looking to your right side. See how far you can move, then look downwards and then upwards. If you get stuck in any of these positions, please see someone. Good luck and take care. Remember, you only have one body. Look after what you have. READ MORE

  • Can I go on a treadmill or go cycling with back pain?

    It depends as exercise can make back pain worse. Why are you getting stiffness in your back? There has to be reason it. It can be as simple as you pulled a muscle, overdid something you are not used to. In any event, it is not normal. My suggestion is first try stretches such as yoga, but you should be checked out. Perhaps a physical therapist to see your range of motion and when you get the pain or discomfort. Do not go to a doctor who brushes it off and gives you pain pills or anti-inflammatory medications. Have your back assessed by a physiatrist or physiotherapist first. It is not normal to have problems in your back. Check it out before doing any exercise as I said it can make it worse. READ MORE

  • What is the solution for a calcaneal spur?

    These spurs occur due to abnormal pressure, usually from a shoe. More common in females due to the shoes we wear. Do not have it removed surgically as, usually, unless you get the proper diagnosis and/or change your foot wear, it will recur. I recommend you protect your heel with a fleecy web protection. Podiatrists do this. Or a heel cut out so that the back of the shoe is not pressing directly on your heel. It is quite easily solved. Do not have it removed surgically. I stress this again. READ MORE

  • Effects of a spinal cord injury?

    Golly, not very nice. You do not say where the Injury is in the spinal cord. There are normally two types: one is complete, the other incomplete. However, I do not want to alarm you. These injuries can take a long time to heal The first year is the hardest. Did he bruise the spinal cord? Does he have paralysis? Has he had an MRI to find out the type of spinal cord injury he has? The sooner treatment is implemented, the better. The location of his injury will determine his prognosis and his mental health is a huge part of getting him to feel better. Often, patients suffer from depression, so emotional support is key. Physical therapy is very important and sometimes steroid injections to reduce inflammation. Stem cells are used in Europe and some clinics are involved in the US, but this treatment is still being studied. These cells have the ability to regenerate damaged tissue. I would have the family look into this treatment. There are a number of sports medicine clinics doing this treatment. However, in the US, it is not covered through insurance. Other forms of treatment are spinal laser therapy and shock wave therapy. It is a long haul unfortunately, and getting his team of doctors to ascertain the best treatment plan is very important. READ MORE

  • What is the best medicine for stomach cramps?

    It is not healthy for you to be cramping. Lots of reasons for this. But I suggest you go and see a gastroenterologist to rule out any serious problems such as colitis irritable bowel, etc. From your question, is it all the time? Do you have any diarrhea? Constipation? Weight loss? Are you drinking enough fluids? You would be surprised, but you may be a bit dehydrated (not drinking enough fluids). It can also be a build-up of gas. You ask about treatment. First, please get yourself checked out. You can apply heat to your tummy, but really you need a check-up to make sure it’s nothing serious. If you need more help, I would never advise on any medication until I have a diagnosis. Do please get yourself checked. You do not mention how long you have had this, either, another important factor. Have you been traveling recently? I think of parasites. Please do go and see a gastroenterologist. Look after yourself. READ MORE

  • What can I do to relieve my joint pain?

    First, have you seen your doctor for a diagnosis? Joint pain is usually caused by something, ex., overuse of the joints like exercising more. Or it can be more serious like arthritis etc. I recommend anti-inflammatory cream such as Voltaten, but you may require a prescription. I have no idea if you are on current medications, but an X-ray would not go amiss. Rule out any arthritis. Of course, I do not like you to have radiation of any kind, but ascertain a diagnosis. It is so important, then treatment is much more effective. I am very holistic and do not like chemicals. You do not mention how long you have had the joint pain or where it is, and you are young. You could also see a physiotherapist to check out mobility in the joint. READ MORE

  • Is there a medicine for chronic pain in older patients?

    There are lots of good medications for chronic pain. I would take her to a pain specialist for diagnosis. I am not really an advocate of chemicals. Rather, I prescribe more homeopathic remedies for pain. However, I have no history of your mother and there is no such thing as a magic pill to cure all ailments. I certainly have my favorites which work well, but I would need more medical information. Why not take her for a diagnosis? Pain is the worst thing to experience in the world, so the sooner you get someone, the better. Make sure you have recommendations re the practitioner. READ MORE

  • After a fall I have not been able to walk comfortably. Why?

    I am sorry you have had a fall do be careful and take care. It’s quite possible you have bruised yourself badly or you could have stretched muscles tendons, which are all quite painful. It can take six weeks plus to heal depending on many factors. How you fell, if you are on any medications, etc. Increase your protein in your diet. That helps healing and if you are still not better, please get an appt with your doctor or a physical therapist to check out your mobility. The body does not like to be jarred. Please go and get checked out. In the meantime, no more falls. READ MORE

  • Is there a medication that will help with my pain from constipation?

    I always get concerned when I hear a patient tell me they have difficulty pooping. It is so important and can lead to all sorts of unpleasant problems. You do not say how long this has been a problem. Of course, there are all sorts of things you can take, but first and foremost I would see a gastroenterologist. Have you tried taking a glass of warm water with lemon in the morning? Prunes, figs, high-fiber foods such as oatmeal, bran, and coffee sometimes help and, of course, more fruit to the diet senna laxative. Enema from the drug store. You really ought to get checked first, you must not mess about with your colon. My first recommendation is to see a gastroenterologist. READ MORE

  • What can I do to reduce my neck pain?

    You seem to have identified why you are getting neck problems. So, I would of course urge you to change your position at work. You mention posture. Is this sitting or standing, which makes it worse? Continuing to do this will increase your neck to spasm due to muscle tension. Wearing a neck brace can help during work, but should not be used as a crutch. Can you change your posture? I would see a physical therapist for exercises. If you know for sure it’s your job, then you must change how you work or you can end up with chronic neck problems. READ MORE

  • Is there a test to diagnose nerve damage?

    Nerve conduction tests are the most common. This test is not painful and will ascertain if indeed you have nerve damage. I would have this scheduled as soon as you can. Pain is very debilitating and the sooner you have a proper diagnosis the better the outcome for you a treatment plan can then be formulated to help you. I do hate how drs give out Information without a definitive diagnosis. I would see a specialist a physiatrist who is conservative and will do the necessary testing. Good luck READ MORE

  • My mother underwent a joint replacement surgery. How long will the recovery take?

    She should have been given a program for rehab prior to leaving the hospital. It is of the utmost importance to start rehab as soon as possible. Knee replacement surgery patients do very well, but you need a good exercise program to be successful. It can take up to 12 weeks or more, depending on many factors. Please see her doctor to get physio started. She needs to be walking every day with specific exercise to the knee. Swimming can helpful. She is not very old, so she has age on her side and she should do well. Good luck. READ MORE

  • Suffering from hallucinations, sleeping issues and headaches. Can this be due to glaucoma?

    What an interesting question and I happen to know quite a bit about this. Given I am not missing anything more in your medical history. I think you have Charles bonnet syndrome. He was a Swiss philosopher from Geneva and he identified this problem due to macular degeneration in the 17th century. There is a website called Elmes umbrella. Also, the blind association can give more information; it is not a mental problem, but you ought to get this diagnosed properly. You fit the picture for me anyway. Many people suffer from this condition. It can be managed. Regarding your sleep pattern. Again, see a doctor to ascertain my diagnosis. Have you been told you have glaucoma? In any event, you can get help with sleep. Some things you can do: you can leave the light on. Fix your eyes on something in the room, move your eyes quickly back and forth. It is always good to hook up with other people going through similar problems. Do first get a diagnosis. I have had a few patients myself with this syndrome. Hopefully, you will go and see an ophthalmologist as soon as you can. Good luck. READ MORE

  • What is rehabilitation like after a stroke?

    I am very sorry to hear this about your beloved husband. Prior to leaving the hospital, please make sure rehab is in place for his ongoing recovery at home. A social worker is usually there to help, but check with your insurance to see how many times he can have rehab. It may mean you have to take him to a facility. Usually, rehab continues on an out-patient basis, but you must ascertain this prior to discharge. Patients continue to do well if they continue their exercises. Do get all the facts written down prior to discharge; do not just assume and, as I said, please check with insurance. Wishing you well. READ MORE

  • What is the right spot to get an injection for pain?

    This is not a straight forward answer because the spine is complicated and depends on your symptoms re: back pain. Will depend on how and where you get injected. Only your doctor can determine the procedure. It also depends on what is actually the diagnosis and what outcome one is looking to achieve. The common types of injections are lumbar epidural steroid injections, and selective nerve blocks sacroiliac joint block injections. I cannot give you the exact spot to inject as I do not know your diagnosis, but it’s all around the spine area. Prior to getting any treatment, it is of the utmost importance you understand fully all the Information regarding your treatment. I personally am a huge advocate of these injections as they bring immense relief to many patients, including myself, as I, too, suffer from back pain. I hope this is helpful. READ MORE

  • I had a hip replacement. What can I do to improve my activity level?

    You must have rehab, which might consist of physiotherapy 2/3 times a week. If you are unable to attend a clinic, you must get the exercises to do at home. It is imperative you get moving, but in the right direction. Please do get these exercises as soon as you can and be diligent in doing them every day. We become very complacent about surgery these days. In my opinion, it is major surgery. It is not always a walk in the park. The most common reason for such surgery is usually severe pain and I do hope you are feeling better, but please don’t forget to do your specific exercises. Attend an out-patient clinic to be shown how to do the exercises and have a follow-up to make sure your new hip is performing in excellent shape. READ MORE

  • My father had a stroke and needs rehabilitation now. Will a physiatrist be able to help?

    I am very sorry to hear about your father’s stroke. Physiatrists are excellent for pain relief and getting the body back to a level where one can rehabilitate. The best person, if he is not in pain, is a physiotherapist, but one who specializes in rehabilitation. These patients do very well in my experience if they are in good hands to get them walking, etc. It’s very important to get the body moving. READ MORE

  • I have a lot of pain from heel spurs. What can I do?

    Heel spurs are very painful, as you well know. A podiatrist can be very helpful. Do not do surgery as they often just return. The important thing to understand is the underlying cause. Use heel pads with cut outs to take the pressure off your heel. If it is the back (the Achilles area), I suggest special heel pads. It’s important to take any pressure off the back of the heel, so make sure the back of the shoe is not rubbing on your heel. Do not buy a bigger shoe. This will make the foot more unstable. Surgery is not the answer. READ MORE

  • I have been experiencing a lot of back pain for the past two days. What medication can I have?

    Back pain is very debilitating. I am more holistic and use in my patients various natural,pain relief. I have no idea of your medical history and therefore do not want to advise on medications as many have side effects. There are various excellent creams also natural on the market You should go to a Physciatrist. To ascertain the underlying cause of your back pain this may require an mri to find out the condition of your spine. It’s always wise to find out why you have back problems and not just take various medications. Yoga stretching physical therapy. go first to get a diagnosis and get the proper treatment READ MORE

  • How does a physiatrist treat musculoskeletal health problems?

    A complete examination of your body to ascertain where the problem is and why. Then a treatment plan, depending on the findings. Physiatrists do not cut you up; these doctors are highly specialized in getting your body back to normal without surgery. Surgery is always a last resort and as my professor told me 40 plus years ago “Nothing is better than what you came into this world with." So keep what you have and work to improve what you have. READ MORE

  • Should my mom see a physiatrist after her hip bone replacement surgery?

    If she is in a lot of pain, a treatment plan can be given to get her back to walking, however, the best person is a physiotherapist for rehab. READ MORE

  • Is there any medicine for feeling numbness?

    Go to see a physiatrist for nerve conduction tests. Pins and needles are nerve related. It may be something simple, but it’s always best to check things out. Keep what you have in good condition. Don’t ignore your body signals. READ MORE

  • Is there any medication to prevent osteoarthritis?

    Osteoarthritis is not hereditary. It’s a wear and tear condition on the joints. Keep your joints supple. Do not put too much strain on any of them. Stretch as much as possible. Walk, swim. There are lots of natural supplements on the market to keep your joints in good cellular level shape. I would see a natural doctor and keep away from chemical drugs. I have no idea of your medical history and can’t really recommend some things I like. But a holistic practitioner could. Make sure you have at least calcium and magnesium supplements. And I recommend taking them at night when the body heals. READ MORE

  • I am having a lot of pain around my hips and buttocks. Could it be sciatica?

    Yes, it could be, but you must get a definitive diagnosis first. I would see a physiatrist to have a complete examination. It may require X-rays, an MRI, etc. It’s always best to find the underlying cause. READ MORE

  • I have a pain in my lower back while sitting. What can I do?

    Get this checked out. You could go and see a physciatrist have an assessment always pay attention to your body signals. It’s not normal do have it checked READ MORE

  • My husband fell off his bike and suffered a spinal injury. What will recovery be like?

    If he is not in any pain that prevents his mobility, I would go to a physiotherapist for rehab and see a holistic practitioner for natural supplements to help heal the Injury. I do not like chemicals, so always think more natural. READ MORE

  • I had a back injury after a car accident. Will a physiatrist help me improve my condition?

    I would go to a physiotherapist trainer to get your bids. I would go to a physiotherapist or personal trainer to get your body back to normal READ MORE

  • I have soreness in my shoulders. Can a physiatrist help me feel better?

    Firstly, you must understand the underlying cause. A physiatrist can help if you are in pain. Physiatrists give excellent care and attention and will find out the cause, then treat accordingly. You could also see a physiotherapist. READ MORE

  • After my c-section my back is extremely stiff. What should I do?

    As a previous midwife, I love your question. This is actually not uncommon. It could have been when you were actually on the delivery table that your back was stretched somewhat or the way you are sitting to feed the baby. Usually, it’s a muscular strain. Stretching before and after feeding the baby as well as a pillow on the small of your back. If this gets worse, then you must see a physiotherapist or physiatrist for assessment. Wishing you well. READ MORE

  • My husband has been diagnosed with tennis elbow. How long should he rest?

    This is such a bad injury, it requires patience. It can, of course, be very painful. It takes 6-12 months to heal, might be longer if you do not look after your damaged tendon. A strap helps, but a physiotherapist can do this. This Injury can recur, so be very careful. READ MORE

  • I have been suffering from back pain because my job requires me to sit for long periods of time. Do you think medication will help me?

    There is nothing worse than back pain. It sounds as if your job is contributing to the problem. It is imperative to get up and stretch every hr at least; you must get up and walk. I would recommend yoga for stretching. It is also a good idea to have a physical analysis. This would check your range of motion of your joints, etc. From there, you can be put on a program to keep your muscles in shape. Sitting and standing for long periods are the worst things for accelerating back and knee problems. I do hope this helps. If your back problems continue, I recommend you get an MRI to check there is nothing more sinister going on. Some Drs are reluctant to order this, but I would insist as it is preventative health and always good to have a baseline. READ MORE

  • What could be the cause of my constant pain while sleeping?

    I have been traveling, but I will go ahead and answer your question anyway. Apologies for the delay. If your pain is only coming on whilst sleeping, it can be the way you sleep, lying for a long time in one position, and/or the bed. How old is your mattress? 10 years is the ideal time to change it if it's one used all the time. The fact that you seem fine during the day suggests it's your mattress. You can try a new mattress for, I think, 30/60 days and return it if it is not good for you. I would also try doing some stretching prior to bed, such as yoga stretches. It might be your muscles are very tight, depending on what you do during the day. Don't start taking medications. It's not the right direction to go find the cause. Hope this helps. READ MORE

  • My mother's foot has been amputated due to gangrene. Is there a way to help her recover faster?

    I am so sorry to hear this. Very sad. It's very difficult adjusting to the loss of a part of your body anyway, and adjusting is not easy. Yes, a physiatrist can help with the pain and of course less pain means better everything psychologically and physically. Pain management using the advanced techniques of nerve blocks, etc., can help immensely. Check also that the prosthetic is fitting well. I am sorry. It's one of the most important examinations in medicine to check diabetic patients frequently removing socks, shoes, etc., to examine the lower limbs are okay. I hope this helps you. READ MORE

  • My mother was diagnosed with triple personality disorder. How did she get it?

    Yes, it can be treated. You need to find out what is the underlying cause of the problem. Has she had it all her life? Was she born with it? She requires psychiatric care ongoing and it's a good idea for family to be with her to help support her. READ MORE

  • Can a psychiatrist help with my memory loss?

    Oh dear, I am so sad and sorry. No, not a physiatrist. He needs to be seen by a neurology specialist. He is very young. Needs memory testing to begin with brain scans, MRI of his brain, etc. It's important you get him into neurology. Sorry I can't help you in my field, but do not give up. It's important to get him tested asap. READ MORE

  • I am not getting relief from my back pain in spite of pain killers. Please advise.

    You need to be seen by a physciatrist who will test you and get to the underlying problem. It's not good to continue to take drugs without understanding where the problem originates. Drugs only mask problems in your case they are not working, but still going through your liver. Make an appt. asap. If you need further advice, let me know. READ MORE

  • I am on an allergy medicine. Could it cause asthma?

    Yes, go back to the dr and get on something else. All drugs have such effects, some more than others. READ MORE

  • Various aches and pains

    Yes, because you can give a more detailed history and various modalities can be put in place. You may want to think of water therapy with a personal trainer, physio also. Even massage. You have various aches and pains. Water therapy is one of the best ways to alleviate muscle stiffness, etc., however, be sensible and check things out. It's not normal to have pain. READ MORE

  • I cannot remember anything that I study. Is it a psychiatric problem?

    No, not necessary, but not normal if you are a healthy individual you need to be seen by a neurologist and have a brain scan MRI to ascertain if it is nothing serious. Memory testing is essential, do not go and spend money on supplements without first being seen by a neurological department. READ MORE

  • Please suggest some painkiller for my back pain.

    I do not like to suggest drugs without understanding what is going on with your back. Can you go and see a physiatrist first? Even a hot bath with epdom salts is good to relax muscles with 10 drops of pure lavender oil. READ MORE

  • How to get treated for panic disorder?

    Yes panic disorders are treated very successfully. First one needs to understand why you are getting them. You need to be seen by a psychologist or physician or physciatry Something is triggering the reaction. Get checked out. If you have a nice family dr see him or her. You can then be referred. Homeopathic practioners are also great as is acupuncture. I tend to be very holistic and do not like drugs. Find out the underlying cause READ MORE

  • Why is my wife behaving so negatively?

    Something obviously has changed. You need to sit down and talk to her. Firstly take her out on a date dinner. Somewhere quiet away from the home environment talk to her like you used to when you first fell in love. The other suggestion is counseling for both of you. Maybe she is tired maybe you are not communicating. Start with talking to each other, non judgmental. READ MORE

  • Why am I such a stressed out mother?

    Do you have any family near by? You need to find help in coping. Motherhood is overwhelmingly exhausting for many new mums. It's not good to be how you are with a toddler. Can you talk to your family dr.? Do you have a new mums group in the area? If you can't find any help, write again, I will try and get you help in your area. READ MORE

  • Can someone with psychiatric problem enjoy married life?

    Of course you can. If you have an understanding of your mental health problem, seek out experts that can help you achieve the best life possible. READ MORE

  • Suffering from anxiety, and panic attacks for the last 3 years. Need second opinion.

    It's difficult to tell you what has triggered this in you, but something has. You require to be seen by a specialist such as psychologists psychiatric.. I do not like drugs unless one can ascertain the underlying problem even then there are other more holistic ways to deal with panic attacks. You must try and find the underlying cause. READ MORE

  • I have to get up to pee throughout the night and it interrupts my sleep. Is something wrong?

    There are lots of reasons. Firstly I do not know your age. Prostate can be a problem but also are your drinking lots of fluids priory to bed time. Try not to drink after 6 pm However I have no medical history so difficult to ascertain. Age any medications stress prior kidney history. If in doubt go to a urologist and get a scan of your kidneys and bladder plus a urinary sample to rule out any infection diabetes. also check your prostate. Certain medications make you urinate more blood pressure meds do this READ MORE

  • Really unhappy with physical therapy - should I try physiatry?

    Yes absolutely these Dr are the experts READ MORE

  • Life after a stroke?

    Personally I would recommend she go to a rehab center specializing in stroke patients. These centers have out patient facilities and probably need a dr's referral. It's of the utmost importance to get her back to as good as possible asap. She needs strengthening and balance exercises. READ MORE

  • I'm only 23 and experiencing knee pain during exercise. Why?

    I do not have any medical history, but I doubt it however it can be patella femoral syndrome very common with your age and your exercise. I would have an X-ray of both knees to rule out any abnormalities then start with a sports physio or sports personal,trainer to strengthen your knees READ MORE

  • Regaining strength after a stroke

    I have no medical history so balance is a problem and if course weakness. Is it left side or right side stroke? I would go to a rehab physio and get on a full rehab program. Certain rehab centers have out patient facilities. It's of the most importance to get her back to as full optimal health as possible. These centers can do wonders. READ MORE

  • Wiring a broken jaw

    Sounds like your sister is younger so healing is on her side there is an abundance supply of blood to the head and neck area without complications about 3 months but that is an average it can be longer hope all goes well READ MORE

  • Broken tibia, fibula and hole in ankle, surgeon suggesting amputation

    Golly. Amputation sounds terribly extreme. I think you should see a physiatrist for pain control and a second and even third opinion before any surgery is contemplated. Pain control is the first line of management. Today we have such sophisticated pain control measures a physiatrist can use nerve blocks etc etc. READ MORE

  • Post joint replacement

    Definitely a physiatrist, especially in the beginning for pain control. Then a physiotherapist, but make sure it's an individual who knows knees. Also, try and make sure you are not going to a clinic, which has 10 other patients at the same time. It's like a conveyor belt. READ MORE

  • Weak from a stroke

    Yes, absolutely. Physio occupational therapy, even getting a tennis ball and squeezing it in your hand, start with 10, then work up to 50 every day, three times a day. Or you can get these squeeze balls which actually is probably better, I am used to tennis balls. READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Homeopathic PracticeLaser Therapy ClinicSports Injuries and Rehabilitation


  • Woman of the year 2012


  • lower limb

Articles and Publications

  • Regular Columnist with Health Magazine in Canada

    tv talk shows

    radio talk shows

What do you attribute your success to?

  • Her father, who cherished and taught her no matter what happens in life. Always be a leader never a follower, and enjoy every moment.

    her loving family Especially her wonderful hudband Brad , . Who each day encourages her and tells her how much he loves her. and the many incredible wonderful people she has encountered through her work and life

    every day she gives thanks for her Medical Training from some of the greatest Physcians of all time

Areas of research

  • Healing of Fractures by Cold Laser, Arthritis and Homeopathic Remedies, Gait Analysis

    developed line of socks with seams on the outside for athletes diabetic patients

Philanthropic Initiatives

  • contributing to orphanages in Sounth Africa and instrumental in helping HIV Babies with necessary medical expertise

    homeless animals

Teaching and speaking

  • Development of Programs for Nurses in Rural Areas, Diabetes Foundation, Arthritic Foundation, Parkinson Foundation, Special Needs for Children and Adults, Autism, Brain Injuries, Delayed Speech Development, McMaster University (Lower Limb and Foot Care), Toronto Hospital Clinic (Bio-Mechanics), Various Talks to Sports Affiliated Stores Regarding Shoes and Running Techniques, Radio and TV Regularly throughout Canada, Talk Show on Various Health Topics, Various Articles in Magazines

Hobbies / Sports

  • Cooking, Entertaining, Traveling, Fashion

Favorite professional publications

  • Sports Medicine Journal and Surgical Journal

Pamela A M Mills's Practice location

2094 Aquetong Road -
New Hope, Pennsylvania 18938
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