Dr. Andrew Klymiuk M.D., Addiction Psychiatrist
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Dr. Andrew Klymiuk M.D.

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Andrew Klymiuk, MD, maintains KRK Medical Research based out of the state of Texas. KRK was established in 2000 by Andrew Klymiuk, M.D. and Robert Freedenfeld, Ph.D. as a way to provide the latest treatments to the people in the area. Dr. Klymiuk has approximately 20 years of experience in the field of psychiatry, with specific expertise in pain medicine and addiction medicine. Some fields that are researched in KRK include bipolar disorder, depression, migraines, diabetic neuropathy. Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Dr. Klymiuk has demonstrated the quality and passion for continued education necessary for such honor. Aside from his research facility, Dr. Klymiuk also maintains a position at West Spring Pain in Alabama and is a member of the American Medical Association.

Education and Training

Wroclaw Medical University

Akademia Med We Wroclawiu Im Piastow Slaskich- Wroclaw- Poland 1990

Board Certification

American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology- Psychiatry

Provider Details

MaleEnglish 33 years of experience
Dr. Andrew Klymiuk M.D.
Dr. Andrew Klymiuk M.D.'s Expert Contributions
  • Will a psychiatrist help me with my depression?

    Yes. Psychiatrists deal with people who struggle with depression on a daily basis. They are the most knowledgeable in treating this condition out of all medical specialists. If you have active thoughts of suicide, you need to go to emergency. There, the hospital would provide psychiatric care for you and keep you safe. READ MORE

  • What can I do to help cope with the loss of my mother?

    It is not uncommon for depression not responding to medications. Many times, the meds are not taken at sufficient doses. It is important to be treated by a psychiatrist. But if therapy and meds are not working, there is very effective treatment called dTMS (deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation). Look it up on Brainsway.com and find one close to you. READ MORE

  • Has my mother's illness affected my wife?

    Yes by all means. It is emotional stress and physical exhaustion that affect your wife. Also most likely she feels guilty that she cannot do something more for her mother. Your wife is depressed which causes irritability, anger, hopelessness, helplessness, feeling overwhelmed. Mild antianxiety medication may help some. But the best way to help your wife is to have someone like a nurse or home health care relief her 2 to 3 times a week. It would allow your wife to have some time for her. READ MORE

  • With my mother's illnesses, I am becoming extremely depressed. What can I do about this?

    Your depression is caused by feeling hopeless, helpless, overwhelmed. Most likely you are also physically exhausted. You need some relief. If your mother has health insurance you may ask about home health care or a visiting nurse to help you. Medicare usually covers some of the services. You have to request it. READ MORE

  • Can chemotherapy cause depression?

    Being diagnosed with cancer is a life-changing event that can cause depression itself. Then, on top of it, treatment with very powerful chemotherapy causing severe side effects. Yes, it can cause depression. It is very important to be positive and not give up. Antidepressant medication can help a great deal. There are several of these meds that are safe with chemotherapy. Also, having emotional support from family is very important. READ MORE

  • I had severe postpartum depression after giving birth to my son. Is it likely I will have it with my second child?

    It is very probable you may experience postpartum depression again. I would recommend you start an antidepressant medication in your last trimester when it is generally safer to take the medication. It can prevent depression and be happy to have a baby. READ MORE

  • I am very shy in public. What can I do?

    Most likely you have a "social phobia," which belongs to anxiety disorders. You should see a psychiatrist who can diagnose you correctly and prescribe adequate treatment. The treatment may involve medications, 1 on 1 counseling, or self-study material. There are books on how to control the phobia. Antidepressant and anti-anxiety meds are very effective as well. Do not hesitate to see a doctor asap. Good treatment will change your life. READ MORE

  • Why do I find it hard to remember people's names?

    Age, depression, anxiety, ADD, head trauma, etc. All can affect memory, especially short-term memory. But it is not uncommon for people to have this problem. It also has to do in what kind of circumstances you meet people. In stressful situations like, for example, a job interview when your mind is on how you will be assessed, your brain does not process it to your memory. Repeating the name during introductions can help one remember, e.g., "Hi, I'm Kyle," "Hi, Kyle, I'm Kathy," instead of, "Hi, I'm Kyle," "Hi, I'm Kathy." READ MORE

  • Can high TSH levels cause depression?

    High TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) indicates low thyroid (hypothyroidism), which causes depression due to medical illness. It is different from MDD (major depressive disorder), which is mental. Depression due to medical illness does not respond to antidepressants well. The medical illness has to be treated first. Take your daughter to your family doctor or endocrinologist for proper diagnosis and treatment. Low thyroid not only causes depression, but many other health issues. It is very important to treat it asap. READ MORE

  • Am I depressed?

    You have classic symptoms of MDD (major depressive disorder). You should see a psychiatrist asap. Depression is a serious illness. It can come for no apparent reason. It is not any type of weakness as some think. People with long-term, untreated depression are more prone to developing high blood pressure, heart disease, infections, even cancer. There is also a high risk of suicide. Don't wait. See a doctor. Get treatment. READ MORE

  • I saw my daughter stealing money from my bag. Could it be kleptomania?

    Shoplifting could be kleptomania. Stealing from your purse is not. Kleptomania is more like spontaneous, not planned stealing. Going to your purse is planned. In many cases of teenagers stealing money from parents or siblings, it's to support their drug habit. Have a serious talk with your daughter about using illicit substances. READ MORE

  • Is thinking about diseases a mental disorder?

    Your mother is what is called a hypochondriac, meaning that she thinks she is ill. If you eliminate one disease, the person quickly finds symptoms of another and so on. It is very difficult to persuade her that there is nothing wrong. It is a form of anxiety disorder. Antidepressants or anti-anxiety meds can help. Regular doctor visits and blood work can temporarily alleviate the symptoms. 1 on 1 counseling can very effective as well. READ MORE

  • My son displays sociopathic behavior. Can anything be done to help him?

    It is hard to assess your son from the info in your question. His behavior may be just transient teenager anger or rebellious acting out. More serious, he could have conduct disorder that, if not resolved, can become antisocial personality disorder when 18 y/o. Conduct disorder is characterized by a lack of empathy, cruelty towards animals, stealing, skipping school, running away from home, lying, physical fighting, drugs, abusing alcohol, and others. Medications have little effect. The preferred treatment is therapy. Intensive 1 on 1 counseling the sooner the better. Often, high-discipline settings are very beneficial similar to military camps. READ MORE

  • Why is my 27 year old daughter only reading depressing things?

    Speaking to her is always a good idea. What does she do other than reading? Does she have a social life? Friends, a boyfriend? Is she more to herself? Seems like she may have a social phobia, which characterizes with avoiding things that cause anxiety like going out, meeting people, difficulty looking someone in the eyes when meeting or speaking, writing when somebody watches, dining or speaking in public, and others. Constant anxiety may cause depression and question the reason for existence, negativism (e.g., reading only sad, pessimistic literature). It would be beneficial for your daughter to see a psychiatrist. Depression is a serious illness that can be successfully treated. READ MORE

  • I am taking medication for my OCD, but I don’t feel very good. What should I do?

    Medication in treatment of OCD are helpful. They, however, need to be prescribed in higher doses than for depression. If one causes side effects, it is prudent to try a different one. 1 on 1 therapy may be very beneficial. Therapy and meds work better than either one alone. There are self treatment materials available (books, exercises, etc. Google it. Very helpful stuff). The best treatment I believe is recently approved by FDA d.TMS (Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation). Look it up at www.brainsway.com READ MORE

  • Is stress a medical condition or an emotional term?

    It is neither. Stress is an environmental pressure put on a person. It can be work, school, finances, children, illness, etc. It can affect people mentally as well as physically. Mental effects can be anxiety, depression, anger, irritability, decreased concentration, difficulty making decisions, decreased sex drive, etc. Physically, it can contribute to high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, decreased immune system function, even cancer if it continues for prolonged periods. There are some technics to relieve stress (google it). Medications may be helpful. See a psychiatrist. READ MORE

  • Can depression cause physical symptoms?

    Depression can manifest in mental as well as physical (somatic) symptoms. Somatic symptoms or somatization can be very disturbing. They can present as headaches, nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting, body aches, insomnia, dizziness, stop menstruation for months, Cause rashes on skin, ulcers in mouth and others. They resolve with treatment of depression. READ MORE

  • Winter leaves me feeling very depressed and dejected. Is it normal?

    You are right. It sounds like seasonal affective disorder, or seasonal depression. I don't know where you live, but is common in northern states in the USA or Canada. Treatment with antidepressants may be very helpful. Start in the fall and continue until spring. Many people with this problem use special lights you can buy. They are very powerful lights specifically designed for this condition. They are called day lights, depression lights, or therapy lights. Many styles are available. Very effective. READ MORE

  • How can my teenage daughter be cured of anorexia?

    Anorexia is a mental condition causing serious physical damage. It can be very serious even lethal. Many internal organs can be affected or damaged. It is very difficult to treat. If the counseling is not helpful, you need to find a psychiatrist who specializes in eating disorders asap. Also, there are eating disorder clinics. Don't wait. It is not likely it will resolve on its own. READ MORE

  • Is schizophrenia hereditary?

    Schizophrenia is not hereditary. However, people with a family history of this illness have a greater chance of becoming schizophrenic. It depends in part on lifestyle. A healthy life with minimum stress, moderate use of alcohol, loving family, etc., will most likely prevent developing schizophrenia. Most men become schizophrenic between 18 to 30 y/o. It is rare to be diagnosed with schizophrenia later in life for men. Women age bracket is late twenties to 40. Early signs of schizophrenia are: less frequent bathing, being detached, apathetic, isolated, etc. READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Addiction MedicinePain Medicine

Faculty Titles & Positions

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Professional Society Memberships

  • American Medical Association

What do you attribute your success to?

  • Dedication, Helping Others, Improving Patients Lives, Making a Difference

Hobbies / Sports

  • Family, Friends, Flying Planes, Traveling

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Andrew Klymiuk

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