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Christian Psychiatric Services is the private practice of Dr. Valerie Augustus and is located in Germantown, Tennessee, where we proudly serve the greater Memphis metropolitan area, which includes the neighboring cities of Little Rock, Arkansas; West Memphis, Arkansas; Southaven, Mississippi; Olive Branch, Mississippi; and Tupelo, Mississippi. We are committed to providing excellent mental health care and improving patients' quality of life. We were recognized as the #1 Mental Health Practice in Memphis by the Commercial Appeal and Memphis Most in 2017. Additionally, Dr. Augustus has been elected a Top Doctor in 2018, 2019 and 2020. For more about CPS, check out their website at www.christianpsychiatric.com.
Dr. Augustus has over 20 years of experience in adult psychiatry and 18 years in private practice. With a calling to holistically address the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of people, she emphasizes a healthy diet and regular physical activity, while optionally integrating her spiritual beliefs and principles into each patient's healing process. In 2011, Dr. Augustus began offering TMS as a proven and effective alternative to traditional medication for patients dealing with depression and unfavorable reactions to antidepressants. FDA-cleared in 2008, TMS is a non-medication, outpatient treatment option generally tolerated well by patients; find out more about TMS at www.christianpsychiatric.com/about-tms.

Education and Training

Louisiana State University Medical Center/Shreveport

La State Univ Sch of Med In Shreveport, Shreveport La 1992

Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans 1992

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Dr. Valerie L. Augustus, MD
Dr. Valerie L. Augustus, MD's Expert Contributions
  • How do drugs affect cognitive testing results at the hospital?

    This is a very complicated situation and it is important to first say that I cannot second guess the decisions of the medical team treating your father. I would suggest that you reach out to those who treated your father. It will be important to get the hospital records that show that your father was impaired after receiving the ativan . It might also be helpful to have your father's cognitive status re-evaluated now that he seems clear, this can rule in or out whether there is really any cognitive impairment. If your father wishes to continue to drive, it is going to be necessary to show documented proof that he is not cognitively impaired. READ MORE

  • Can a breakup cause a nervous breakdown?

    When there is a disruption in an important relationship, an emotional response is to be expected. The degree of that response will differ from one person to the next. For one person it may temporarily cause depression, anxiety, low motivation, loss of appetite, etc. For another individual, they may experience similar symptoms but in addition, they may find it hard to function in their usual daily activities. In either case, it is important to reach out to others in your support system or possibly a professional counselor. READ MORE

  • What is prescribed for anxiety and depression?

    There are multiple medications prescribed for anxiety and depression. A full evaluation by a qualified professional is necessary to determine the best medication for each individual. READ MORE

  • Do I have an eating disorder?

    It is not possible to diagnose you without a full assessment. You should seek a mental health professional to do this. READ MORE

  • Can stress and anxiety cause sleep problems?

    It is very common for people to develop sleep problems due to anxiety. READ MORE

  • I get nauseous after meeting a guy I like?

    My recommendation would be for you to have a full psychological evaluation and possible counseling to uncover the cause of the symptoms you describe. READ MORE

  • What can I take to calm my nerves?

    It is not advisable to make medication recommendations to someone that I have not examined. You should seek a medical professional if you believe that your anxiety requires medication. READ MORE

  • Is it bad to take antidepressants for many years?

    This is a decision that has to be made by the individual taking the medication and their prescribing physician. There are many individuals that take antidepressants for years without detrimental effects. READ MORE

  • Where can I get diagnosed with bipolar disorder?

    I would recommend that you seek out help from a qualified mental health professional. READ MORE

  • What vitamins help control anger?

    I know of no vitamins that have evidence that support their usefulness for controlling anger. Counseling may be more helpful to get at the cause of the anger. READ MORE

  • Can I do virtual therapy for anxiety?

    Many therapists and other mental health professionals are doing virtual therapy for patients. I know of no reason why you could not do virtual therapy for anxiety. READ MORE

  • What foods should you eat to lose weight?

    I usually recommend to patients that the goal is to eat a healthy, balanced diet. I recommend eating healthy sources of protein such as fish and chicken and a good variety of plant based foods such as kale, spinach, broccoli, beans, etc. I usually also recommend that they add at least thirty minutes of aerobic exercise five days per week and some weight training. It is always helpful to have a good baseline physical exam with your BMI established before embarking on a weight loss program. READ MORE

  • How do doctors test for geriatric depression?

    Depression can be assessed by questionnaire or by an in person exam by a qualified practitioner. If dementia is suspected there are additional exams necessary to rule this out. READ MORE

  • Does high functioning anxiety give you speech issues?

    Anxiety can cause many symptoms in individuals affected with it. Some people will find that they become flushed when speaking, their heart may race, they may stutter, they may lose their train of thought mid-sentence, etc. Public speaking is the most problematic situation for people afflicted with anxiety. READ MORE

  • Which antidepressant medication is the least addictive?

    Antidepressants as a class are not considered to be addictive. Once a person has taken an antidepressant for a period of time, one month or more, it is best to taper from the drug rather than stopping it abruptly. This is not a sign of being addicted to the medication. READ MORE

  • How long does generalized anxiety disorder last?

    Anxiety is a disorder that has a waxing and waning course. This means that there are times when the symptoms are fairly mild and there are times when the symptoms cause significant difficulty with daily functioning. Generalized anxiety disorder means that a person tends to worry excessively about things that most people worry about to some degree. As a person resolves the problematic situations, the anxiety symptoms tend to abate. READ MORE

  • What is talk therapy used for?

    Counseling or "talk therapy" is used to assist a person in addressing sources of distress that interfering with daily functioning. The therapist is an objective source of advice and guidance for the patient. The goal is to assist the patient to gain insight into their source of difficulty and to find constructive ways of addressing it. READ MORE

  • Can anxiety cause a stroke?

    A stroke is caused when the blood supply is cut off or severely limited in an area of the brain. Anxiety can cause a person to feel as if they are having a heart attack and other serious medical problems. I am not aware of any incidence in which anxiety has caused a stroke. READ MORE

  • How does geriatric psychiatry help the elderly?

    People continue to have issues that they need to work through regardless of their age. There is therefore still a need to assist older individuals who are struggling with issues related to aging, losing loved ones, loss of independence, etc. READ MORE

  • How do I know if I have bipolar or borderline personality disorder?

    The best way to distinguish which disorder you may have is to have a professional evaluation by either a psychologist or psychiatrist. READ MORE

  • Which antidepressants help with pain?

    Duloxetine or Cymbalta is one antidepressant that has been shown to be helpful in reducing pain in some individuals. READ MORE

  • How can I lower my social anxiety?

    Systematic desensitization is a therapy technique in which a person exposes themselves to problematic situations until they become comfortable with them. When done with a therapist, the person is challenged to place themselves in situations that cause anxiety, starting with a mildly uncomfortable situation and over time placing themselves in more challenging situations. This therapy is best done with the assistance of a therapist. READ MORE

  • What are the symptoms of a manic depression?

    I will give a very broad, general answer. Classic bipolar I disorder is a disorder of extremes of mood. One extreme is very serious depression in which the individual can become suicidal and will pose a danger to themselves. The other extreme is called mania. When manic a person can be very irritable, happy, grandiose about their abilities, they may overspend or engage in other high risk behavior that is not characteristic for them. This behavior can lead to some very serious consequences for the individual as well. If you suspect that your father has this illness, he should be evaluated by a mental health professional and receive appropriate treatment. READ MORE

  • Can certain foods help with depression?

    I am unaware of a specific food that helps with depression. In general good nutrition is important to mental health overall. The Mediterranean diet is a good diet for most individuals. In general I recommend to my patients that they consume a more plant based diet consisting of fruit and vegetables, low in animal protein, and high in salmon and other fish that are high in omega 3 fatty acids. For diabetic patients, it is important that they consume fruit that is low in sugar, ex. blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. Along with a healthy diet, I suggest regular exercise as tolerated by their health. I usually suggest thirty minutes per day of something aerobic, outdoors when possible to take advantage of getting vitamin D. READ MORE

  • Why does a person become aggressive?

    Since I do not know any specifics about your friend, my answer is a general one. For most people aggression is an unhealthy avenue for expressing anger or frustration. When a person does not acknowledge that something or someone is bothering them appropriately, it will show itself in some form. Counseling is a good way for a person to learn healthy ways to express their emotions in the right context and to the right person in a way that is not destructive. READ MORE

  • What is best medication for anxiety?

    Anxiety is common to some degree in many people. Some people worry more than others. Anxiety that interferes with daily functioning in work and interpersonal relationships should be addressed by a professional. Counseling may be the first avenue to pursue . There are several medications available to treat anxiety as well. The class most commonly used as a first line is called SSRI, (selective, serotonin, re-uptake inhibitor). READ MORE

  • How long does a psychologist appointment last?

    In general an initial appointment can last one hour or longer. Follow up appointments can last 45 minutes to one hour. READ MORE

  • What is the difference between manic depression and bipolar disorder?

    These are two names for the same disorder. READ MORE

  • How can I help someone with manic depression?

    Most people are able to accept help from someone that they know loves and cares about them. It is important that you share your concerns with your sister in a loving way and reassure her that you will be there to support her in any way that you can. If your sister truly is bipolar, she should be seen by a professional to substantiate this diagnosis and recommend appropriate treatment options. READ MORE

  • Is anxiety disorder curable?

    Anxiety is a very treatable disorder but it is chronic in nature. Appropriate treatment can help individuals live full lives without being unduly burdened by symptoms of anxiety. READ MORE

  • What are the best anti-anxiety medications?

    There are many medications that are used to treat anxiety. One primary class of medications are known as selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors. Medications in this class include Prozac, Paxil, and Zoloft. There are others as well. A type of counseling that is also helpful is cognitive behavioral therapy. READ MORE

  • Is generalized anxiety disorder different from just anxiety?

    Generalized Anxiety Disorder is the formal name used by professionals for what a layperson would possibly call just regular anxiety. READ MORE

  • What are the treatment options for schizophrenia?

    Medications known as antipsychotics are the primary choice for treating schizophrenia. Latuda, Geodon, and Quetiapine are members of this class of medication. READ MORE

  • How do you treat major depressive disorder?

    Counseling combined with medication is often recommended for the treatment of major depressive disorder. READ MORE

  • Is obsessive-compulsive disorder curable?

    Obsessive compulsive disorder is a chronic condition. Medication can be helpful along with a type of therapy called Exposure and Response Prevention. It is important to find a trained therapist if you have been diagnosed with this condition. READ MORE

  • What causes manic depression?

    I would suggest you seek out a complete evaluation by a qualified mental health professional if you think you may have bipolar illness. The only way to know with certainty what is causing the symptoms you've shared is to have someone do an evaluation, which will include but not be limited to: looking closely at all of your symptoms, your family history of mental illness, as well as current stressors affecting you. I would reach out to someone as soon as possible. READ MORE

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Adult Psychiatry


  • #1 Mental Health Practice 2017 Commercial Appeal and Memphis Most 
  • Top Doctor 2018 Findatopdoc.com 
  • Top Doctor 2019 Findatopdoc.com 


  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (ptsd)
  • Adjustment Disorder


  • La State Univ Sch Of Med, Psychiatry  

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Get to know Psychiatrist Dr. Valerie L. Augustus, who serves the population of Germantown, Tennessee. Valerie Augustus, MD, is a highly trained and qualified psychiatrist with over 20 years of practicing medicine. With a holistic approach to psychiatry, she utilizes her extensive expertise to provide emotional, physical as well as spiritual counseling to her patients. Upon completing her bachelor’s degree in microbiology at the University of Southwestern Louisiana, she went on to attend Louisiana State University Medical Center in Shreveport and obtain her Doctor of Medicine Degree in 1992. After completing her residency at Louisiana State University Medical Center of New Orleans in 1996, Dr. Augustus relocated to Memphis, Tennessee. Here, she worked at Charter Lakeside before deciding to branch out and establish her own private practice – Christian Psychiatric Services, PLC. In 2011, Dr. Augustus made a landmark decision within psychiatry and became the first physician in Memphis to begin offering an FDA-approved, non-invasive, and non-medication treatment for depression called transcranial magnetic stimulation – or TMS. With a great success rate and proven results, she has treated well over 50 TMS patients. As a licensed physician board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in Adult Psychiatry, Dr. Augustus treats a wide range of conditions – from anxiety and depressive disorders, to panic attacks and bipolar disorders – and continues to serve the greater Memphis metropolitan area at her office in Germantown, Tennessee. Psychology is the science of behavior and mind, including conscious and unconscious phenomena, as well as feeling and thought. It is an academic discipline of immense scope and diverse interests that, when taken together, seek an understanding of the emergent properties of brains, and all the variety of epiphenomena they manifest. As a social science it aims to understand individuals and groups by establishing general principles and researching specific cases.

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