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Dr. Eduardo Marquez is a Chiropractor practicing in Bettendorf, Iowa. Dr. Marquez specializes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating conditions associated with the neuromusculoskeletal system, while improving each patients functionality and quality of life. Conditions treated include sciatica, neck pain, and arthritis pain, among many others. Dr. Marquez seeks to reduce pain and discomfort through manipulation and adjustment of the spine.

Education and Training

Palmer College of Chiropractic

Palmer Coll of Chiropractic, Davenport DC 2012

Board Certification

American Red Cross- DC (Doctor of Chiropractic)

Active Release Techniques Certified

Graston Activator Methods

Provider Details

MaleEnglish 7 years of experience
Dr. Eduardo J. Marquez DC
Dr. Eduardo J. Marquez DC's Expert Contributions
  • My back has become very curved and is pushing my stomach out. Do you think it can be corrected?

    It depends on what is causing the curvature. If it is due to degenerative changes, correcting it is not possible, but conservative chiropractic care could help to stop the progression, along with rehab/exercise activities. You would need further examination, which would include some X-rays and possibly other exams performed depending on what is suspected after a full evaluation. READ MORE

  • I have a back ache after my car accident. What can I do?

    Whiplash can occur from falling on ice, so when patients tell me they were involved in a "minor fender-bender," I always suspect whiplash. If two weeks have passed and you are feeling pain, you injured some ligaments and tendons and I would recommended getting evaluated by a chiropractor or a physical therapist. If whiplash is not properly treated, it could result in a loss of spinal curvature, which leads to further problems. READ MORE

  • Can stress be the reason for back pain?

    You are definitely not overthinking this. When you are highly stressed your body will release a lot of cortisone, and at some point if it continues to be released it has difficulty managing this hormone. Cortisone is release by the adrenal glands, and other glands assist in helping regulate it. When these glands are also being stressed it can cause referral type of pain which is usually the back. Furthermore prolong elevated cortisone levels could lead to: weight gain, round face, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, muscle weakness, mood swings, increased thirst/urination, in addition to other symptoms. READ MORE

  • Is there a treatment for degenerative disc disease?

    The simple answer is movement. The kore movement she keeps the less likely the degenerative process will progress. Different treatments such as chiropractic physical therapy treatments have also proved to be beneficial for this condition. There is no way to get rid of the degenerative disc disease, but exercises, movements and therapies can help with the symptoms involved with it. READ MORE

  • My son suffers from ADHD. Should I bring him to a chiropractor?

    The research in chiropractic and the treatment of ADHD does not show much correlation, but there have been many cases where it can help. It does not help in all cases, but through chiropractic adjustments the nervous system can be affected. In addition most chiropractors give nutritional advice which could also prove to be beneficial. READ MORE

  • What are the possible causes of hip pain?

    Muscle imbalances, biomechanical changes, sprain/strain, labral tear, referred pain from organ/other soft tissue, muscle/soft tissue adhesions, there may be other things going on as well. An evaluation and possible imaging is recommended for best diagnosis and treatment. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help in treating pain due to weight gain?

    Yes one of the best things you can do is chiropractic treatment for back pain. Your added weight and recent return to working out will continue to aggravate it, but with treatment and additional therapies and exercises the pain will decrease in frequency and intensity. As your body adapts to the stresses applied and you gain core control the pain should eventually subside. READ MORE

  • I have a pain in my neck every morning. Can you tell me what could it be?

    There are many reasons why your neck would be hurting. An evaluation should be performed to determine what the problem is. and the proper treatment protocol can be recommend. READ MORE

  • Can you suggest a treatment for the pain in my calf muscles?

    Calf pain can be treated by chiropractors. You will most likely get the most/quickest relief from a doctor that does soft tissue treatment and extremities adjustments. READ MORE

  • My mother suffered Bell's Palsy and is now recovering. Can a chiropractor help at this stage?

    My experience is once it has been there for a month quick recovery is not likely anymore no matter what therapy's are performed. Chiropractic can help in controlling/reducing some of the symptoms and pain associated with Bell's palsy. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help in treating foot pain?

    Yes a chiropractor can treat foot pain. Not only will your weight be contributing to your foot pain but most likely there have been biomechanical changes which have put stress on parts of your foot that should not have excessive stress. A chiropractor can help correct that and give advise on nutrition to help with weight loss and control. READ MORE

  • My posture is getting a little slouched. What should I do?

    Chiropractic manipulation can help the proper movement of your back. Then postural exercises and ergonomic advise should be recommend so your back could maintain proper posture throughout your day. READ MORE

  • Can excess weight cause spine problems?

    This is a very good question. Having gained weight from pregnancy may cause issues in itself due to the changes that your body has to go through. In addition, excess weight on your spinal joints produces extra tension and stress on the spinal column, which may lead to pain. READ MORE

  • My back hurts when I sit down. Why?

    There could be a few different reasons why this is occurring, but if there is any abberent motion throughout the joints in your back it can cause other tissues in that region to not work properly. This could eventually cause pain and discomfort in general or with certain activities, like shooting pain going up the back. A consultation and exam should be performed to determine what is going on. READ MORE

  • Is fertility reduced with spina bifida?

    There is a possibility that spina bífida could affect male fertility depending on location and the nerves involved. In most cases, it is not an issue. If you feel it could be contributing, I recommend seeing your doctor for further evaluation. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor relieve muscle pain?

    Chiropractic therapy can really help many musculoskeletal conditions, including muscular pain from an injury. An exam should be performed to best determine the type of therapy most appropriate for your condition. READ MORE

  • Do chiropractors typically take x-rays?

    Depending on the type of pain and that doctors suspicion after his exam I would say yes it is common. READ MORE

  • Pain years after spinal fusion surgery

    Yes, it is not uncommon to have lingering pain after spinal fusion surgery. The segments that are fused do not move anymore thus putting more tension on the segments above and below the fusion. Having scoliosis puts an additional component to the equation. Due to the scoliosis the range of motion of the segments were already altered, and the fusion will complicate the motion to the segments above and below. The additional tension applied to the segments that are not fused can build and over time cause pain and discomfort. READ MORE

  • Do chiropractors offer free consultations?

    I wouldn't say it is common practice, but I know that some clinics do offer free consultations. I will add the Chiropractic care is beneficial not only for musculoskeletal conditions, but for general health. Statistics show that people who are under Chiropractic care have less visits tho the hospital, take less medication, and overall get sick less. READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Sports Medicine

Faculty Titles & Positions

  • Local Public Speaking; Teaching Classes -


  • Radiology Award, Palmer College of Chiropractic, 2012


  • Chiropractic Adjustive Therapy
  • Chiropractic Extra-spinal Adjustments
  • Active Release Technique
  • Modalities For Treatment Of Chronic Pain / Pulse Magnetic Wave Therapy
  • Soft Tissue
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Massage Therapy, Pain Management, Chronic Pain And More
  • Nutrition And Fitness

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Bettendorf, Iowa 52722
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