Muzaffar Awan, MD, DAAPM, Pain Management Specialist in Allen Park, Michigan, 48101 |

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Muzaffar Awan, MD, DAAPM, Pain Management Specialist | Interventional Pain Medicine

Muzaffar Awan, MD, DAAPM

Pain Management Specialist | Interventional Pain Medicine

7105 Allen Road Allen Park, Michigan 48101

34 years

Muzaffar Awan, MD, DAAPM

 Integral Medicine  including Pain Management, Physical Rehabilitation, General /Family Medicine, Medical Acupuncture, Preventive & occupational medicine and Electromyography.
Board Certification
Diplomate of the American Academy of Pain Management
American Association of Physician Specialists certification in General/Family Medicine
Physical Rehab and Medical Acupuncture Specialist.
Hospital Affilliations
Henry Ford Hospital System
Areas of expertise and specialization
Medical Acupuncture integrative medicine
Pain Management
Physical Rehab
Faculty Titles & Positions
Local and International Teaching and Lecturing -
Numerous awards as a public serving physician
American Medical Association physician recognition award 1994-1997
American college of Occupational & Environmental Medicine award 1996
Leading Physician of the World, Doctors Of Excellence, Award 2015-2016 by the International Association of HealthCare Professionals
Pain Management,Physical Rehab,& Medical Acupuncture integrative medicine
Integrative Neuro-musculoskeletal Rehab,Pain Management & Medical Acupuncture
Professional Society Memberships
American Medical Association, Michigan State Medical Society
Articles and Publications

Presently working on writing a book on integral medicine.

What do you attribute your success to?

My parents raised me utilizing best of parenting and early development as a child, they always emphasized the importance of good early education and the highest college and professional education. I further attribute my success to my older brother who was a role model and inspired me the most during my college and professional training years.

Areas of research

At the Allen Park Health Center, we are in process of embracing regenerative medicine as an investment to the future of integral health care. The quest for finding genuine  patient's health-centric solutions to meet their ever changing needs that remain our mission and  we look for a system of  values, as we always treat the underlying causes of symptoms and find innovative and affordable health care solutions.



Our Center has several evolving focus areas, including integral medicine, musculoskeletal regeneration  & neurological regeneration. Each encompassing the discovery, development and delivery of next-generation patient care. In our Health center’s Programs, all clinicians take an interdisciplinary integral approach to medicine & neuro-musculo-skeletal conditions that are very difficult at times. The search for solutions is multifaceted, ranging from gaining basic science innovative understanding to clinical applications. In our center, we have  beautiful examples of integral team-based innovations in the field of basic science , primary care and  neuro-musculo-skeletal rehabilitation.



As director of the Health Center’s Integral Medicine & Rehab, I see firsthand the remarkable collaboration between intertispecialty physicians and across the rehab disciplines. In this new era of medicine, we are working together to use advanced second tier integral, regenerative technologies and therapies to essentially teach the human body to heal from within. We remain unrelenting in our mission to target the root cause of illness and offer the prospect of holistic healing and the mind — all with the objective of advancing the science and highest quality of health care and healing across the lifespans of our patients.



An integral medicine perspective is the one that calls for a whole system shift from a disease-centered to a healing-centered model for health care.It is a new paradigm not just for putting two or more disciplines together but a fundamental philosophical attitude firmly based on a vision and innovative guiding principles. It is an equilibrating  project of integral and biomedical models of current medicine to eliminate a misleading impression that there are differences in the technology and instruments used ( tools in the tool-box). The essential differences evolved over the last  several centuries in the underlying paradigms, basic philosophical assumptions, attitudes, and values. The tool-box used may be  the same but the manner of its use and the therapeutic overall health outcomes may be different for the two approaches. Here, I will present the concepts and practice of integral & bio-medicine still in the modern and post-modern context. I will then present Tauhidic-Integral  concepts on which futuristic integral medicine can be based: the integral concepts of life, health, illness, treatment and prevention of  disease. A parallel analogy is made of the two models and recommendations are made about introducing integral philosophy & concepts in the global  futuristic medical practice context. 








Philanthropic Initiatives

Anti-aging medicine and helping enhance the quality of care & quality of life for the adults & the  elderly in Michigan.

Teaching and speaking

During his travels in the US and overseas, Dr. Awan, engages in debates on healing and the mind during his conversations with his colleagues. He is convinced that the Medicine of the future is bound to be integral, regenerative, preventative and rehabilitative.He welcomes medical students, interns and residents from South-Eastern Michigan medical schools and hospitals for clinical rotations and introduces them to the next-generation patient care including  best of present day health care. 

Hobbies / Sports
I have a great deal of interest in world-peace, the enlightenment thought in the East-West participating in intellectual exchanges and interfaith dialogues. I have written numerous articles in the newspapers and magazines. I am also writing a book on the East -West relations.
Favorite professional publications
Journal of the American Medical Association, Pain Practitioner, Journal of Integrative Medicine & World Affairs Journals/ World Public forum for peace literature

Education and Training

B.Sc. PT & MD-University of Karachi

Pakistan & UCE


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