Dr. Mark D. Noar M.D., Gastroenterologist
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Dr. Mark D. Noar M.D.

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7402 York Road Suite 100-104 Towson Maryland, 21204



Mark D. Noar, MD, maintains a position at The Endoscopy Center of Towson, Maryland. Dr. Noar is a gastroenterologist certified by the esteemed American Board of Internal Medicine. He has over 30 years of experience specializing in gastroenterology, endoscopic correction of reflux, inflammatory bowel disease, and fecal incontinence. Speaking within the local medical community, Dr. Noar additionally is on staff at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University Montgomery County Campus.

Education and Training

Central University of the East

School of Medicine

Univ Central Del Este (Uce)- Esc De Med- San Pedro De MacOris 1981

Universidad Central del Este (UCE) Facultad de Medicina 1981

Board Certification

American Board of Internal Medicine-Gastroenterology

Provider Details

MaleEnglish 44 years of experience
Dr. Mark D. Noar M.D.
Dr. Mark D. Noar M.D.'s Expert Contributions
  • What is the best medication for colitis?

    This is not a simple question. Everything depends upon the stage of your disease, the type of your disease, and how you were bearing up under the symptoms. It also depends upon potential complications that you may have. There is no best medication there's only what's best for you in particular based upon who you are in your disease. You need to see a gastroenterologist to be properly staged and then they can begin a discussion on your therapeutic options. READ MORE

  • What is wrong with my wife?

    These are very concerning symptoms in fact they are what we would call alert symptoms and suggestive of some sort of obstruction either of the stomach or the esophagus. I'm uncertain of the age of your spouse but certainly cancer should be considered as well as other things such as pyloric dysfunction, ulcer disease, gallbladder disease, or even esophageal motility disturbances such as achalasia. She needs to see a gastroenterologist immediately. If she is losing weight or if she is dehydrated you may wanna take her to an urgent care center or the emergency room. READ MORE

  • Stomach and intestine issue?

    Based upon your description, it appears that you are suffering from food poisoning. It is unlikely that this came from fried chicken that was freshly prepared. It is likely that you ate something else like coleslaw or potato salad or something with mayonnaise. If you are feeling dehydrated you must get to an urgent care center or the emergency room as soon as possible. If you're still doing well then you should consider seeing your primary care physician. At the very least you definitely should speak to the restaurant where you bought the food and let them know. Hydrate hydrate hydrate and make sure you get lots of salt containing foods to hold onto the fluids. Many people use things like Pedialyte. READ MORE

  • Severe constipation?

    You are reacting to the chemo and what you experiences not unusual.I would suggest the following simple steps to maintain food bowel movements1) 1/3 cup of bran buds daily this will satisfy your 30 grams of fiber daily requirement2) Align probiotics taken daily to maintain proper flora of the gut READ MORE

  • LFT blood test?

    Yes… it is disease dependent.  READ MORE

  • Iron supplement constipation?

    There is no guarantee that iron supplementation will cause constipation nor should it be used to try and induced constipation. If you are concerned about preventing constipation from occurring, use an iron supplement that is derived from beets Instead. As always, one way to ensure a good colonic health and regular bowel movements is to eat foods rich in fiber trying to get 30 g of fiber per day. An easy way to do this as long as you are not gluten intolerant is 1/3 of a cup of Kelloggs all bran bran buds every day. Mix this with chocolate milk and it’s almost like eating dessert. Finally, rather than taking a stool softener, you’re always better to change the iron preparation to one that doesn’t constipate. READ MORE

  • How do you get rid of acid reflux in your throat fast?

    The answer to your question is not simple. Everything depends upon why you have the reflux of acid into your stomach. This can be due simply to reflux with a poor pressure of the lower esophageal sphincter or it can be due to problems with gastric emptying or motility. Simple measures that you can take now until you can have proper diagnostic testing done by a gastroenterologist, include drinking alkaline water. Eat meals that are free of acid containing food. Do not eat within 4 to 5 hours of bedtime. Eliminate caffeine chocolate and alcohol from your diet. You can make a solution of bicarbonate water using 1 L of alkaline water and 2 tablespoons of baking soda and use that to gargle to help relieve symptoms. In addition, you could buy bicarbonate gum that goes by the brand-name between! Which you can buy on the Internet. I would highly suggest you join the Facebook group Stretta for Gerd and LPR reflux.You can also to antacid tablets or use over-the-counter acid lowering medication temporarily until you can be more properly diagnosed and treated. In the Facebook group, you will find many discussions about your issue as well as in the files section of that Facebook group you will find instructions on controlling your disease. There is another very good website you can visit to teach yourself about reflux disease that has a lot of good questions and answers that apply. That group is www.refluxdoc.com READ MORE

  • Annual check up with new doctor?

    There is no indication for you to have an annual digital rectal exam based upon what you have presented.  READ MORE

  • Colonoscopy prep question?

    Yes, not a problem. READ MORE

  • What's the difference between acid reflux and GERD?

    Acid reflux is the overall disease or cause of the disease. GERD Is one form of acid reflux disease that refers specifically to symptoms involving the esophagus. The other form of the disease is known as LPR which refers to acid reflux disease involving the upper airways larynx, nasal passages and pharynx. READ MORE

  • Why does everything I eat give me gas?

    There are many potential causes. Some to be considered include delayed gastric emptying nd small bowl bacterial overgrowth as well as pancreatic insufficiency. Of course this could be due to diet lone, which ia why a careful diet history Is required by a qualified meal practitioner. READ MORE

  • What's the difference between heartburn and indigestion?

    Heartburn is typically manifested as burning, or pain in the area behind the breast bone. Indigestion is more like a combination of burning or discomfort with nausea in the upper abdomen often accompanied by increased salivation or belching. Heartburn my also have certain elements in common with indigestion READ MORE

  • Are gallstones serious?

    Yes, if they are causing symptoms. READ MORE

  • How can I cleanse my gallbladder naturally?

    Although not proven by any studies, there are formulas that may assist you that are natural. These methods involve drinking fairly large amounts of lemon juice and olive oil over a short period of time. The effect is to use the high oil content to make the GB contract forcefully, thereby expelling stones and sludge. The risk is that if the stones or sludge get stuck you could actually precipitate a GB attack. You will need to check on the internet for the different formulas. READ MORE

  • What causes a gastric ulcer?

    There can be many causes including H. pylori, the use of Aspirin or NSAID's, as well as increased acidity. READ MORE

  • Why do I have rectal bleeding?

    There are many reasons including hemorrhoids, colon or rectal cancer, diverticulitis, AVM's or angiodysplasia or rectal fissure. Rectal bleeding is an alert sign and requires immediate evaluation by a gastroenterologist.  READ MORE

  • How to help my son's constipation?

    Assuming that your son is handling the constipation without pain or complaints and there is no abdominal distention you could try either some Miralax or a gentle fleets enema. He does still ned to see the pediatrician there are many cases for this READ MORE

  • How can I stop burping?

    There can be many causes for this problem. Things that need to be considered, include a slow emptying stomach known as gastroparesis, ulcer disease, and even gallbladder disease. You can try taking some liquid antacid, and if this helps that suggests ulcers or inflammation. The fact that you continue to have symptoms, suggest that you should see a gastroenterologist for further evaluation.. READ MORE

  • Why is my body emitting a very strong eggy odor /fart smell?

    This can be a very difficult problem, because it is unusual, and most physicians will not be very familiar with potential causes. I am assuming that you are not finding yourself passing a lot of rectal gas and flatulence.. Normally in these cases you need to consider you need to consider poof digestion or emptying of the stomach, or something like small bowel bacterial overgrowth. In this particular case, the gases that carry the odor are conveyed through the bloodstream, and expelled in the lungs and then subsequently through your mouth as you breathe. It is reasonable to see a gastroenterologist, to then should order a gastric emptying scan to look for  slow stomach emptying slow, as well as a breath test for small bowel bacterial overgrowth. READ MORE

  • What should I do when my little one feels nauseated?

    I believe it is important to determine what is causing the nausea. That would be the best thing that you could do to help your daughter. Otherwise it's just a guessing game. There are many things that can cause nausea following meals in the pediatric patient and this is often related to what the child is eating and either allergy or intolerance of that particular food. Since this is happening once in a while, you should begin by keeping a diet diary history to see if you can pin down what particular food may be causing the problem. If there are any signs of vomiting or weight loss. You really should be taking her to her pediatrician READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Gastroenterology/Endoscopic Correction of Reflux/Inflammatory Bowl Disease/Fecal Incontinence

Faculty Titles & Positions

  • Local lecturing and public speaking. -


  • Crohn's Disease
  • Acid Reflux
  • Colon Polyps
  • Gallstones
  • Pain
  • Gas
  • Vascular Disease


  • Beth Israel Medical Center


  • University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf

Professional Society Memberships

  • The American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, American Gastroenterological Association, American College of Gastroenterology

Hobbies / Sports

  • Family, soccer, running, squash, orchid cultivation, horseback riding

Favorite professional publications

  • New England Journal of Medicine, The Journal of Diseases of the Esophagus, The Journal of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

Dr. Mark D. Noar M.D.'s Practice location

The Endoscopy Center, Inc

7402 York Road Suite 100-104 -
Towson, Maryland 21204
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7402 YORK RD -
TOWSON, MD 21204
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New patients: 410-494-1846
Fax: 410-828-1706

Dr. Mark D. Noar M.D.'s reviews

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Patient Experience with Dr. Noar


Based on 28 reviews

Dr. Mark D. Noar M.D. has a rating of 5 out of 5 stars based on the reviews from 28 patients. FindaTopDoc has aggregated the experiences from real patients to help give you more insights and information on how to choose the best Gastroenterologist in your area. These reviews do not reflect a providers level of clinical care, but are a compilation of quality indicators such as bedside manner, wait time, staff friendliness, ease of appointment, and knowledge of conditions and treatments.
  • George

    I am so happy! I brought my husband in who is deaf. Thank goodness we caught lies polyps before he got cancer. Dr. and his staff treated him so thoughtfully.

  • John

    The Doctor is very professional. The staff and entire operation was great acne made me feel comfortable....and the music was amazing as usual.

  • Regina

    I am so relieved....finally an explanation for my bronchitis and sore throat..it is reflux. Dr. Noar confirmed it and I will now get better...after so many doctors I have my answer and can get fixed!

  • Corey

    Very nice overall experience. Staff is so amazing...I felt like I was the only one there. Doc was attentive and Good explanations.

  • Amy

    Very cohesive staff. Doctor made me feel confident in diagnosis and. Testing

  • Ryan

    First time here and the staff was professional. Doctor explained everything well.

  • Donald

    I have been having problems with severe pain and have been to three other gi docs in the area and all the testing was negative and no one could help me. At a family party I was told about Dr. Noar. It turns out most of my family sees him and raves about his staff too. Today I see why....I had a gallbladder problem and he found it on the first try. I am so grateful.

  • Jacqueline g.

    Dr. Noar is the top of the line. His staff rocks on and Tony Graham the anesthesia guy was amazing. I feel so comfortable here!

  • Linda w.

    I have been having pain for years since my gallbladder was taken. I just had an endoscopic ultrasound and the Dr. Said it was not my bile duct and just adhesions. At least now I know. Everyone else thought I was crazy and he believed in me,

  • Sandra

    Had my Stretta 3 years ago and still reflux free. My endoscopy today showed I was normal! Dr. Noar is the best and such a great staff...sweet as can be.

  • Alex

    Back today for a 5 year colonoscopy. Staff and Doctor as kind and professional as 5 years ago. With the all the changes in the world today it was nice to have consistency especially with this type of procedure.

  • Melinda

    Very informative interview. Great staff. Took a lot of time to explain my disease and to help me make it work. I have to come back due to ulcers but no Eason to worry!üòÖ

  • Gina

    A first time visit today for colonoscopy. Staff and Doctor made me feel comfortable. Will recommend all my friends.

  • stefan

    I have suffered for years with throat pain and reflux. No one would take my concerns seriously, and Dr. Noar told me it was reflux. I travelled from Taiwan to have him treat me with the Stretta and I am completely better. He is the best in his field for a good reason!

  • Jim

    Super staff. Doctor listened to all my questions and really explained it well to my wife and I. I will recommend to all my friends!

  • (5)

    This was my first visit to this office and I highly recommend there services from the office to my procedure thank you so much

  • (5)

    Very nice staff and operation. Doctor was kind and explained everything. I feel much better.

  • Crystal

    I had a positive experience when I was here for my endoscopy.

  • (5)

    Positive experience

  • J

    Felt taken care of by the doctor and his staff.

  • Diana

    Top notch service

  • C

    Pleasant experience

  • (5)

    Great doctor. Very efficient and good with patients.

  • (5)


  • (5)

    Really made me feel comfortable. I came here because he was supposed to be one of the best. He and staff exceeded expectations. I have hope again that I will get better.

  • Lindsey

    Great office

  • (5)

    Good experience

  • Brittany

    Excellent staff and wonderful physician

  • + Show More

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