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6767 West Tropicana Avenue #222 Las Vegas Nevada, 89103



Diplomats in Pediatrics, Certified in the Webster technique, Certified in acupuncture. Certified in pain management, certified I manipulation under anesthesia ( MUA).

Accepting patients from pediatric to geriatrics.

" Treating the whole family to achieve wellness through physical medicine."

Education and Training

Doctorates & Bachelors from Cleveland Chiropractic College- Kansas City

Board Certification

NBCE; Doctor of Chiropractic and Manipulation Under Anesthesia

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Male English, Arabic 9 years of experience
Rabiyyah Hazziez
Rabiyyah Hazziez's Expert Contributions
  • Is a chiropractor helpful in treating kids?

    Absolutely. Seek out a doctor that specializes in pediatrics care. Go.To the icpa.org website and see who is in your area by zipcode. They should give plenty of choices. Best of health to you and your son. READ MORE

  • I am suffering from anterior tibial tendinitis. Should I quit my job?

    Try custom made orthotics in your shoes. This will help releive pressure in your feet, knees , hips and low back. Your job should be able to accommodate you if not get an doctors order requiring light duty. Your job should give you a desk position per dr orders or cut your work hours. I would try different avenues, especially if it's a job you need for livelihood instead of quitting.. Your diagnosis is inflammation of the tendon. Estim, ultrasound in the area should help in time to heal the tendon. READ MORE

  • My husband has a bone growth in his ankle. What should we do?

    It sounds like it's becoming more of a cosmetic issue. This would be a good consult with an orthopedic surgeon to determine if they need to remove or shave it down. A lot like if he needed a bunion removed. READ MORE

  • Can a chiropractor help my son with his posture?

    Yes, he can get medical help from a chiropractor. I do not recommended a lot of manipulation. His growth plates are not fused. Having X-rays is a good start to determine any scoliosis in the spine causing abnormal posture. Depending on the degree of the curve, your chiropractor should co-treat with an orthopedic doctor as well. Furthermore, rehabilitation exercises in a chiropractor office or PT would be good to strengthen his muscles and ligaments, teaching postural awareness and postural exercises to improve body mechanics and dynamic mobility. READ MORE

  • Can vitamin deficiency cause muscle stiffness?

    Yes. A deficiency in Vit D. Can cause joint pain and musckes to ache. Best to get lab work done to determine the deficiency, then your doctor can tell you what is best to take and dosage. READ MORE

  • What can I do for muscle soreness around my thighs?

    Soreness after working out is not uncommon. The muscles release lactic acid, which causes muscles and soft tissue to be tender. Increase your water intake and electrolytes to help flush your system and prevent dehydation. Sometimes you can also have cramping if you are low in vitamin D, low calcium, dehydrated, and if someone is taking a diuretic pill (sometimes the potassium is too low). This can be determined by a complete blood count. Lab work is needed for this. In your case, if it's just exercises, increase your H2O. See if that helps. READ MORE

  • Can I visit a chiropractor to get my sinuses drained?

    Yes. Sinus cavities and lymph drainage ro upper and lower body extremities is a technique that chiropractor can do. I usually end with adjusting the ears as well. To open up the inner ear canal. READ MORE

  • Can being overweight lead to flat feet?

    As we get older, the transverse arch flattens. It can happen with anyone, especially during pregnancy. Excessive weight will put more weight on the joints, hip, knees, and feet. I recommended you get scanned for orthothics in the weight-bearing position. This will help your arches in your feet and hopefully prevent unnecessary surgeries in the future for your hips and knees. Also, it will decrease low back pain. READ MORE

  • I am having pain around my hamstrings. Can I see a chiropractor for this?

    Yes, you can make an appointment with your chiropractor. Sometimes we have symptoms which is called referred pain. Have there been any back problems? Any sudden movements, quick bursts of activities you have done to cause the pain? It's hard to determine without an exam. Some people with low back pain can have pain that wraps around the groin into the hamstring and stops at the knee. Some have pain that goes all the way down to the feet. Others just have localized pain in the back or a specific area. Usually, muscle spasms will ease up after a few days. If it continues, it could be neurological, following a dermatome pattern. Advise you to make an appointment and take Ibuprofen (if you have no contraindications) to reduce the pain and keep inflammation down. READ MORE

  • Back exercises after adjustments?

    Hello, It depends on what movements increase the pain. If you extend backwards and pain increase. I would do some William- Flexion exercises. You can google and see pictures of these exercises. (Double knee to chest, single knee to chest, pelvic tilts, abdominal core strengthening exercises, thoraco-dorsal spinal stretches is a good start). Hope this give you some relief. Continue the exercises, then add strengthening exercise. That will help to hold your adjustments longer. READ MORE

  • My left shoulder is broader than the right. Is this a growth problem?

    Best to have spinal check for scoliosis. Two types, 1. functional or 2. structural. Usually ruled out with xrays and orthopedic text. Correction depends on the degree of curve. 10-15 degrees still a chiropractic patient. Beyond that I would refer to orthopedic physician to monitor curve and determine plan of care. Most people will notice one shoulder, hip higher than the other. Some rib humping, clothing not even when wearing. IE: shirts, shirts, etc. If its ruled out, no scoliosis. I would modify your work out routine. Strengthen the opposite side and stretch muscles on dominate side. READ MORE

  • Experiencing numbness and pain after elbow fracture treatment. Why is this happening?

    Hello, Any numbness, throbbing ache is muscular pain. Tingling, burning, sharp, stabbing pain is nerve related. Is the pain localize in one area or referred pain going into hands? You can consult a chiropractic physician with a specialist in neurology or an neurologist MD, to rule out cubital tunnel syndrome located in the cubital fossa. This area is the crease between bicep and forearm when you bend elbow. It affects the ulnar nerve. A lot of times after surgery, there's pressure on the nerve from swelling. The nerve usually repair itself in time as the swelling goes down. Hope this helps, symptoms worsen consult your physician. Dr. R. Hazziez READ MORE

  • My back hurts when I sit down. Why?

    If you are still having referred pain that is intense, you should have an MRI done to determine further results. IE: disc injury, herniated, bulging disc, disc degeneration disease. Or could be something simple as nerve impingement, encroachment (pressure on the nerve). MRI in this case would be best to pick up any soft tissue / muscle/ nerve injury. READ MORE

  • Do chiropractors typically take x-rays?

    Hi there, Great question. Yes, it is very common. It is best to determine if you are a chiropractic patient. Also, to determine if we need to refer you out to a specialist or co-treat with your PCP. Usually with children and preganant women I will not do xrays, unless it's the cervical or upper thoracic region. For MVA (motor vehicle accidents) then its an x ray for that patient. No way around it. READ MORE

  • Should I see a chiro after a car accident?

    It's not too late . Of course the sooner the better. If you were able to see any other physician and/ or therapist take those results to your exam. The chiropractic physician. needs to have a baseline of the initial Start Of Care ( SOC). Hopefully, you had x-rays 4 months ago. If your claim is still open related to this accident, then it can be billed to Insurance company. If your claim is close, yes you can still get treatments but you will be responsible for payment. Best of Health, Dr. Hazziez READ MORE

  • I had back surgery. Should I see a chiropractor or avoid it?

    How long ago since the surgery? Do you have any metal, plates, rods or screws in the surgical area? I would recommend you not get adjusted in the region of surgery. Above or below the area would be okay. Make sure you get a thorough examination and share with your doctor your physical/surgical/accident history. Furthermore, have x-rays done and receive a radiology report. Never let a D.C. or D.O. adjust you without doing so. Thank you for your question. I hope I was some help. Best of Health, Dr. Hazziez READ MORE

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  • Carol

    Best physician I have seen in a long time. Help me get my quality of life back after my accident!

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