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As medical director and founder of the Edmonds Wellness Clinic I have brought together a highly trained and energetic group of providers focused on providing the best in natural health care and wellness. We have seasoned providers of Naturopathic Medicine, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, and Massage.

I am a Certified BioTE physician which is now the focusof my age management (anti-aging) program. I offer the Physio-Agesystem of aging bio markersas part ofmy program.

Education and Training

Bastyr University

Board Certification

Diplomate of the National Certfication Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Diplomate of the National Board of Acupuncture Orthopedics

Certified BioTE Physican

Provider Details

Dr. Mark Harrison Nolting, ND
Dr. Mark Harrison Nolting, ND's Expert Contributions
  • Can you recommend natural treatment for back pain?

    Low back pain is so common, most of us experience some level of lower back pain occasionally or, for many, constantly. Simple lower back aching and discomfort uncomplicated with no disc or other structural problem can usually be relieved with stretching, yoga, posture correction, massage, chiropractic adjustment, hot packs or soaking, acupuncture, or acupressure. These are a few suggestions, but usually the right stretches and correcting your posture will help. Dr. Nolting READ MORE

  • For what conditions does hydrotherapy work?

    Great question. Basic hydrotherapy is the use of water to affect physiological change in the body, such as warm lavender baths to promote calming; hot, therapeutic bath to promote fever management when appropriate; and cold, wet sock treatment for boosting the immune response, to name a few. Not so common these days, but nonetheless they're very effective in certain cases. Constitutional Hydrotherapy (CH) indicates the use of wet towel wraps alternating hot and cold on various body areas sometimes employed with diathermy or other devices to stimulate digestion for instance. Where basic hydrotherapy is usually for short spot treatments, CH is meant for immune support, cleansing routines, fever support, and a host of other conditions. It is difficult to find qualified doctors who know what they are doing with CH and who understand when it is medically appropriate. "Do no harm" is the guiding principle. READ MORE

  • Is there a cure for PCOS with naturopathy?

    No cure, but a well-trained and licensed Naturopathic Physician can take your history and perform an exam and develop a plan that would include natural supportive therapies to deal with your PCOS. Also, if you need help with fertility, acupuncture may be an option. READ MORE

  • Is there a cure in naturopathy for a cold due to allergies?

    Sounds like allergic rhinitis. Have an ND help sort out the possible allergies and sensitivities. The ND can develop a safe and effective natural remedy plan for him. READ MORE

  • Everytime I follow a naturopathy diet plan I end up with a headache. Is it normal?

    Not knowing any of your history, it’s difficult to speculate, but weight loss is not simple and several issues may be causing that symptom. Always speak with a doctor to help understand your unique case. Could be as straight forward as getting off of coffee or caffeine too quickly. There may be vasoactive chemicals in products you are taking. Share this with the doc. READ MORE

  • How can I lose tummy fat with natural medicine?

    See a doctor trained in working with hormones. Work with that doc to find a natural solution to what may be a hormonal imbalance. Did you know high stress raises the cortisol, or stress hormone, levels, which can affect blood sugar and create that weight gain? READ MORE

  • What are the ways to treat fluid retention naturally?

    The most important question is what is the root cause of the fluid retention you are experiencing? Find a doctor, ND or otherwise, who can help you figure out why your body is retaining fluid, then options for addressing the cause can be discussed. READ MORE

  • Is there a treatment in naturopathy for a diabetic foot?

    You don’t mention what type of injury you have or what type of diabetes you have. Also, are you on medication and any supplements to address your type 1 or 2 diabetes Naturopathic physicians will look for effective ways to support your diet and nutrition to address the diabetes. There are medicines and supplements that NDs will consider for diabetes. READ MORE

  • What is the best way to treat blood pressure using naturopathy?

    The best way to treat high blood pressure is to understand what the cause is and what your general health is. Proper diagnosis is key. Hypertension can often be successfully treated with a combination of lifestyle changes, stress and weight management, proper medicines including supplements such as magnesium for instance and herbal strategies such as crategus for example. Find a trained ND or other informed doctor to address your condition. READ MORE

  • Is it true that naturopathy medicines only work with the right diet?

    No, generally speaking. Proper diet is, of course, very important to support good health and any good doctor should address that. Naturopathic medicines could be anything from Botanicals and supplements to medications and food (food as medicine is a good phrase to remember). But for medicine to function, diet is not key. READ MORE

  • What is hot yoga and how does it help?

    There are many forms of yoga originating in India. Hatha Yoga is the most common and what we associate with the Excercise forms call asanas. From Hatha Yoga came Bikram Yoga or hot yoga, popularized in the 70’s. Take a room heat to 95-108 degrees F, add 40% humidity, teach 26 yoga postures for 90 minutes and you have the very popular hot yoga. Not for everyone, but for those healthy enough to take up an active Excercise program in high heat will enjoy and benefit. READ MORE

  • Can a naturopathic physician help me maintain a healthy weight?

    Yes, most NDs are well trained to be able to review your history, order any necessary testing, and work with you to develop a workable plan to meet your needs. If you have no licensed NDs in your area, then be cautious. No need for any magic potions or unproven therapies. Good luck. READ MORE

  • Are there any natural treatments to treat anxiety?

    Thank you for your important question. Anxiety can be a serious and debilitating problem. Mild to moderate episodes can effectively be treated without drugs, when appropriate in conjunction with counseling. I particularly find acupuncture to be a safe, simple method to treat anxiety non-chemically. Even a brief 20-minute visit to a licensed provider can calm anxiety and allow you to move on with your activities. In addition, doctors trained in Naturopathic therapies also can recommend various calming plant-based therapies, biofeedback, and relaxation methods to treat anxiety. READ MORE

  • Can naturopathy help in preventing diabetes in a person?

    Yes, licensed Naturopathic physicians are well trained in natural medicine approaches to prevent diabetes. I applaud you for looking ahead and searching for preventive methods in order to prevent diabetes from occurring. Through nutritional and lifestyle counseling your ND will work with you in planning and implementing a safe and effective program of prevention. Best of health in your path. READ MORE

  • Should I take my daughter to a naturopathic physician for her pain during her period?

    Yes, absolutely! The licensed ND will employ a variety of methods of safe effective natural therapies for your teen while searching with you and her for the root cause of her problem. I suspect as I am sure you do that hormones maybe at the root of her issues. Your ND should be well trained in understanding what the imbalance is and in treating it. I would also add that a well trained acupuncturist may also be a good option in this case. As an ND and an acupuncturist, we are well equipped to work with pain and the imbalance creating it. Best of health to you and your daughter. READ MORE

  • Is there any natural treatment for PCOD?

    This is an all too common problem for young women. There are natural options. I suggest you find a licensed (check your States laws) Naturopathic Physician or other licensed physician who have experience working with PCOS. There are effective ways of using bio-identical hormones to help women such as you with this problem. Check medical resources in your area that use such hormones and natural support therapies. READ MORE

  • Does a naturopathic physician treat conditions through medication?

    Many NDs are qualified to use prescription medications when indicated and safe to augment our use of natural products which of course is our specialty or at least it should be. And lifestyle counseling is at the root of a holistic Naturopathic approach to health. NDs are licensed in half of the states so check your States regulations. READ MORE

  • Can naturopathy help us with my mother's diabetes?

    Type 2 DM is pretty much epidemic now in the USA and qualified NDs are in a perfect position to support and treat these conditions. Find a qualified ND, get current with blood tests, and begin a comprehensive plan to work with your body to correct imbalances. READ MORE

  • Is immunization a part of naturopathy medicine?

    Yes, NDs are trained as primary care docs and will counsel you about proper vaccinations as well as giving you natural approaches to support your child’s health as he grows and develops. READ MORE

  • I have severe bleeding during my periods which leaves me very tired. Can I take some natural supplements during this time?

    Yes, you should seek a doctor who can work with Bio-identical hormones, check your blood levels, gather a complete history and physical exam. There are effective natural ways to balance your hormones. READ MORE

  • Can acupuncture treat digestive problems?

    I have practiced acupuncture in my primary care practice for over 30 years and find that acupuncture is an effective support for many digestive issues but the key is diagnosing the root cause. This may involve testing to understand the functioning of your digestive tract, assessment of flora and enzymes etc. and in mild cases acupuncture may be useful alone. READ MORE

  • What does naturopathic medicine include?

    I think so, but of course, I am biased, having practiced Naturopathic medicine for over 30 years. There are many NDs around, but many different styles of practice and specializations. Also, check in your state to see if NDs are practicing under a state law, otherwise unregulated practice can be inconsistent. For your problems and your interest in using natural approaches, an ND could be a great fit. READ MORE

  • What are precautions to take for a 14-day only water fasting?

    I do not recommend such a fast. There is too much risk at creating dangerous chemical imbalances and creating a potential harmful form of ketosis. I would suggest finding a healthy program that uses a combination of a modified low allergy non gluten diet along with some type of protein based protein powder. 3 levels of detoxifications can be achieved this way in a safe and supportive method. READ MORE

  • How safe are natural and ayurvedic medicines to treat constipation?

    Natural medicines such as those dispensed in Ayurvedic practice can be safe and effective when used appropriately by trained providers. Search for providers that have training and can discuss and recommend the appropriate medicines. Ayurvedic practice incorporates into the patient assessment a very specific form of diagnosis This is topic for another discussion. With respect to the case you present, one week of extreme constipation, this complaint requires a medical (naturopathic, ayurvedic or similar) examination to look for the cause. Simple constipation brought on by poor diet, medication side effects or other, may be relieved by laxative herbs, or food products (senna, soaked flax, rice gruel, mint, triphala, psyllium) among many others. Exercise and lifestyle also should be considered. But in the case of a more severe condition the source of a possible bowel obstruction but must properly diagnosed. READ MORE

  • Lab tests

    Excessive use of laboratory testing not weighed appropriately with medical necessity is not good medical practice regardless of the provider type. In addition the economics must be considered. I have seen patients pay $2,000 for a blood panel that others only paid $150 for. That is not right either. Always work with your doctors office to understand your insurance coverage. My practice has found major labs with very reasonable negotiated cash prices often far less than so called list prices. These rates are available for doctors to pass on to patients. Beware doctors who inflate these prices in order to make more money. This practice is illegal in some states. As for hormones work with your Naturopathic or other doctor to find the hormones necessary to check and best pricing as noted above. Again some doctors, often those with poor training in hormones, will order excessive hormone labs resulting in high unnecessary costs to the medical consumer. If your doctor cannot explain clearly why certain tests are needed, the benefit, and estimate what your costs will be then question and get a second opinion. READ MORE

  • Long term narcotic use

    Yes, constipation is a frequent and common issue for folks on narcotics and many drugs. Natural solutions include; Food, Supplements, and Excercise. Drink plenty of water , avoid dehydration. Move you abs including stomach and lower abdomen. Peristalsis is the natural muscle guided movement of your abdominal muscles to aid the flow of the stool. Huge help with sluggish stools. Yoga is a great way to assist as well. Fruits such as plums and prunes can help. Fiber to help bulk up helps. Senna and flax are very helpful. Check with you local ND or natural food store to find common herbal approaches to constipation. Ayurvedic herbs are also very helpful. READ MORE

  • Is my vitamin b12 deficiency from my change in diet?

    B Vitamins are critically important to our health. While it is easy to maintain adequate amounts in our diet once we decrease or stop eating meat and dairy levels may drop too low. While supplements are an effective and cheap way to restore the levels there are a variety of foods you can consider. Tofu, miso, and tempeh are good fermented products that contain B12. Visit your local natural food store and inquire about the variety of healthy ways to fortify your diet with non meat and dairy sources. After a few months have your levels checked again. READ MORE

  • Excessive burping with stomach pain -- what's the reason?

    Your symptoms should be evaluated by a doctor. This could be due to a reflux problem where stomach contents are moving back up into the lower esophagus also called GERD. There are natural medicine options to this and similar problems but determining the root problem is important. READ MORE

  • Hand pain after carpal tunnel surgery

    Unfortunately carpal nerve entrapment can occur again even after surgery. I treated a patient who had three carpal tunnel surgeries in the past. There are some very effective acupuncture approaches to treating carpal tunnel. And yes there are also ulnar nerve entrapment issues causing symptoms more on the pinky side of the hand. READ MORE

  • I don't sleep well, Any help?

    I work with many women going thru menopause. The best natural approach to sleep issues may just be by taking the natural hormone progesterone in a compounded form, usually orally. Find a doctor trained in Bioidentical hormone replacement and have them assess your hormone balance. Progesterone in its natural form, taken in the evening at the right dose can do wonders for a women’s sleep. And yes there are other natural approaches such as melatonin, hops, valerian, green tea extract among others. Meditation, acupuncture, and various relaxation techniques can also help. READ MORE

  • I have lupus. How can I treat it naturally?

    I am Not surprised as Lupus is not considered curable. It is an inflammatory autoimmune condition that can be treated naturally. In my practice after a complete exam including blood testing I find tools such as acupuncture, nutritional intervention, and targeted nutraceuticals to be quite effective in managing patients such as you with Lupus. I encourage you to seek out a licensed ND who has experience with Lupus. READ MORE

  • What medication can you not prescribe?

    Good question and the answer will depend on which State you live in. Naturopaths are not licensed in all states. In Washington State where I am licensed NDs have a limited prescriptive authority. I can prescribe all prescriptive drugs but can only prescribe two class lll drugs, Codeine and Testosterone with a DEA license. Ativan is a class lV drug so in Washington State I cannot prescribe it. Honestly I don’t think any State allows NDs as yet to prescribe class IV drugs. The guiding principle for NDs is to prescribe natural supplements and try to minimize use of stronger drugs to support the bodies healing. READ MORE

  • Natural Appetite suppressant

    The most simple approach I know is drinking a large glass of water before sitting down for your meal. This fills your stomach and shuts off some of the desire for food. Careful with wine or other alcohol as this can have the opposite effect. Flax seeds are another approach, soak them overnight then drink the gelatinous result the next day. Flax soaks up fluid and swells up causing a full feeling. A number of herbs have various effects on appetite as well but try the simple approaches first. READ MORE

  • I don't like taking high blood pressure medication

    Dr.Nolting: Yes there are several considerations that may proof effective for your case. Of course any options depend on your history. Weight and exercise are important considerations, that along a review of diet and lifestyle are important factors. There are several herbal and supplement options that can be reviewed once your case is clarified. For example a common herbal remedy is Hawthorn which is often used for blood pressure. On the supplemental side Magnesium can be considered among others. There are amino acids and Chinese herbs that also may be considered. Good Luck. READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Age Management MedicineAsian MedicineBioidentical Hormone Replacement TherapyCertified Functional Medicine Acupuncture

Faculty Titles & Positions

  • Local and International Public Speaking -


  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement, Naturopathic Medicine, Acupuncture

Professional Society Memberships

  • Senior Medical Director- TivityHealth, Editorial Board of the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine, American Association of Naturopathic Physcians, Age Management Medical Group, American Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Association

Articles and Publications

  • Several editions of the Textbook of Natural Medicine, I authored chapters on Acupuncture and on Chinese Prepared Medicines.

    I am on the editorial board of the International Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

What do you attribute your success to?

  • Combination Of Persistence, Supportive Upbringing, Exposure To Different Cultures And Education.

Teaching and speaking

  • Ongoing speaking tour in China presenting BioIdentical Hormone Replacment and Age Management.

Hobbies / Sports

  • Golfing, Exercising, Tai Chi, Hiking, Walking Dog, Bonsai

Favorite professional publications

  • Many

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Media Releases

Get to know Naturopathic Physician Dr. Mark H Nolting, who serves patients in Edmonds, Washington.

Dr. Nolting, an internationally known naturopathic physician and acupuncturist, is the Founder & Medical Director of Edmonds Wellness Clinic in Washington. He brings together a highly-trained and energetic group of providers focused on providing the highest quality natural health care and wellness.

Serving Edmonds and the greater Seattle and Puget Sound region since 2001, Edmonds Wellness Clinic uses integrated medical and natural approaches to treating, managing, and preventing illness. The provider staff specialize in a variety of fields, including acupuncture and Asian medicine, naturopathic age management, bioidentical hormone replacement, and physical medicine including chiropractic care, massage, bodywork, and acoustic wave therapy. Edmonds Wellness Clinic provides full-service wellness care for pain management needs, fertility issues, injury recovery, neurological and mental health disorders, chronic disease and prevention. 

Throughout his academic career, Dr. Nolting completed his undergraduate studies at Virginia Tech, where he studied pre-medicine with a major in Geology. After transferring to Bastyr University in Seattle, he completed his bachelor’s degree in Natural Health Medicine. He also attended the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, where he completed his acupuncture and Asian medicine training. 

He was then one of the first 30 acupuncturists licensed in Washington State. Dr. Nolting culminated his studies at Bastyr University by earning his Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (ND) degree in 1984. He was licensed as an ND in the State of Washington in 1985. He completed an extensive externship in Traditional Chinese Medicine that same year at the Chongqing Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. He also served for several years on the Washington State Department of Health’s Acupuncture Board. 

The doctor maintains his national board certification as a Diplomate of the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, which is a non-profit organization in the United States that aims to “establish, assess, and promote recognized standards of competence and safety in acupuncture and Oriental medicine for the protection and benefit of the public.” He is also trained as a  BioTE® Certified Provider, delivering advanced hormone replacement procedures and education to hundreds of male and female patients since 2015.

With over three decades of patient care delivered to thousands of patients from Seattle to China, Dr. Nolting continues to work one-on-one with each patient seeking to guide them towards optimal health. He has developed a telemedicine program in Naturopathic Age Management that he delivers to his patients in China and the USA. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, he regularly traveled to China to teach his Naturopathic Age Management Program at the Shanghai Family Medicine Clinic. 

Most recently, he completed an advanced extensive training program, the Living Younger Clinical Mentorship Program, mentored by Dr. Gregory Petersburg and highlighting a telemedicine approach to age management medicine.

In order to advance his professional knowledge base and skill level, the doctor remains an active member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, the Washington Association of Naturopathic Medicine, the East Asian Medicine Program,the American Anti-Aging Medical Association (A4M) and the Age Management Medical Group (AMMG), where is currently completing the AMMG Certified Provider’s program. 

Well known in the natural health community, Dr. Nolting chaired the acupuncture program at Bastyr University, served on various local and national acupuncture organization boards, and has mentored many students along the way. He has worked the past 18 years, and continues today, as a Senior Medical Director for a leading national well-being company (TivityHealth). 

The practice of naturopathic medicine blends modern and traditional, scientific, and empirical methods. Naturopathic medicine is a distinct primary health care profession, emphasizing prevention, treatment, and optimal health through the use of therapeutic methods and substances that encourage individuals’ inherent self-healing process. Naturopathic physicians diagnose, prevent, and treat acute and chronic illnesses to restore and establish optimal health. This definition and view of Contemporary Naturopathic Medicine leaves no room for junk, unproven or quack medicine. 

Dr. Nolting attributes his success to his unique blending of humor,  persistence, supportive upbringing, spiritual pursuits and exposure to different cultures, and science education. And most importantly, striving to walk the talk; eating fresh, organic, whole foods; getting plenty of exercise; doing tai chi; getting fresh air; enjoying friends, family, and the community; gardening; and staying active mentally with his studies and teaching. 

He has authored chapters on Acupuncture and Chinese Prepared Medicines in the past 4 editions of the Textbook of Natural Medicine (2-Volume Set) and the new 5th edition published by Elsevier. 

Outside of his clinic and home office, he enjoys gardening, spending time with family, photography, exercising, practicing Tai chi, and hiking.

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