Dr. John D. Ure, DO, Family Practitioner in Deepwater, Missouri, 64740 | FindATopDoc.com

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Dr. John D. Ure, DO, Family Practitioner | Obesity Medicine

Dr. John D. Ure, DO

Family Practitioner | Obesity Medicine

8768 North East 1174 Pvt Road Deepwater, Missouri 64740



36 years

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Dr. Ure is an excellent doctor. He is very upbeat. I enjoy going to his clinic. He is very thorough and takes time to help with any medical problem. He is concerned with the whole person and takes time with you so you do not feel like just another number.

I know this is one of the best all around physicians that I have ever been to. He is good for all ages of patients. He is especially good with children. He has worked for many years in the emergency rooms and has vast experience. Overall an outstanding doctor and I recommend him to anyone!!

I was recommended to Dr. Ure from a friend. He was seeing patients that did not have insurance. I have seen him for the past several months, and he has helped me loose weight, and helped me to get off of blood pressure medicine. He is easy to talk with, the atmosphere is relaxed, and he takes the time to listen to you. He came up with up with a plan to help me with my medical needs. I highly recommend Dr. Ure as a physician.

I have seen several doctors over the years, and I have not had much luck in doctors addressing my problems. When I saw Dr. Ure he addressed my problems immediately and now I am living much better and certainly more healthy.

I have seen Dr. Ure for several months. He will take the time to listen to you, and does not ignore your concerns. He is concerned about the whole person and does not just focus on one thing.

Dr. Ure came to me and saw me at the home because I could not get out to see the doctor. I was so happy to have him come to see me. Dr Ure treats you just like you are a member of the family. It makes a big difference. I would recommend him to anyone.

Dr.Ure goes out of his way to make sure his patients have what they need. Even if he has to go to their home to see them. He is overall a great doctor. He is also very trustworthy.

Dr. Ure is the epitome of a country doctor. He is a no nonsense doctor with a great personality. He does not hesitate there is nothing wrong with you. Perhaps I am feeling sorry for myself, or just having a bad day. He will tell me "go take a walk instead of giving me a pill." More often than not he is correct.

Dr.Ure is a caring doctor. He spends time dealing with medical problems. You do not feel as though time is rushed. I do not feel like I am just another number. He always greets you with a smile and welcomes you to the clinic. In conclusion, in my opinion he is a remarkable man and a wonderful doctor.

I have been to numerous doctors in my lifetime. Dr. Ure has helped me tremendously. I am not sure if I would have survived if it had not been for him. He will go out of his way to meet your health needs. When other doctors refused to care for me, he gave me the medication and care that I needed.

If you are interested in a doctor that will listen to you, and help you to get healthier, you will not find a better doctor than Dr. Ure. He takes time with you, answers the phone, and serves me with respect and concern. He takes time to find out what is wrong with you and does not just hand me some pills and send me out the door.

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