Michael Willoughby Nixon, General Practitioner

Michael Willoughby Nixon

General Practitioner


rural and remote Indigenous health.

Retrieval coordinator

telemedicine consults

Education and Training

University of Papua New Guinea MBBS

Board Certification


Provider Details

Male English 33 years of experience
Michael Willoughby Nixon
Michael Willoughby Nixon's Expert Contributions

Areas of expertise and specialization

General PracticeIndigenous HealthIndigenous PatientsRural and Remote


  • Family amedicine


  • Papua New Guinea

Professional Society Memberships


What do you attribute your success to?

  • Love Of People and Hard work!

Philanthropic Initiatives

  • lots

Teaching and speaking

  • Rural nurses- Aboriginal Health Professionals, medical students, junior doctors and registrars 

Hobbies / Sports

  • Jogging, Walking, Movies

Favorite professional publications

  • New England Journal of Medicine

Hospital Affiliations

  • Royal Darwin Hospital

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