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Christina Durchholz, MD, is a pediatrician at University Hospital in Cleveland, OH. As a recent graduate of Ohio State University, she is currently completing her residency at University Hospital. In order to stay current on developments in her field, she maintains a professional membership with the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Education and Training

Ohio State University

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MaleEnglish 5 years of experience
Dr. Christina Durchholz M.D.
Dr. Christina Durchholz M.D.'s Expert Contributions
  • How are hot water burns treated in toddlers?

    Hi, It depends on the degree of burn your son has, but typically, we recommend daily antibiotic ointment dressings (apply antibiotic ointment and cover with gauze) for burns with blisters and redness (second-degree burns); try not to pop any blisters. If there are no blisters but redness (1st degree burns), you could treat it by simply keeping it well-moisturized with a non-fragranced lotion for sensitive skin like aquaphor. If the burn is worse than described above or you're concerned for any reason, however, I would recommend scheduling an appointment with his pediatrician for it to be further evaluated/treated. Hope this helps! READ MORE

  • How can I distinguish between a strep throat infection and a sore throat in my 3 year old?

    Hi there, Physicians typically use criteria from the CENTOR score to determine whether a patient is likely to have strep - one point each for: - absence of cough - fever greater than 100.4 - pus on the tonsils - tender/swollen lymph nodes along the front sides of the neck Given your son’s age (strep is more likely in kids 3-14) and the symptoms you described, his CENTOR score is in the range in which physicians would definitely test him with a rapid strep test to assess for strep. I would highly recommend you take him to his doctor to find out for sure with this test if he has strep. Hope he feels better soon! READ MORE

  • Can my child give me chickenpox?

    Hi! Yes, unfortunately you could catch the chickenpox virus from your daughter if you have truly never had chickenpox before (although sometimes adults have had it without knowing it when they were very young and don't remember). The virus is most contagious from 2 days before the rash appears until the rash is completely dry and scanned over, and unfortunately the shingles vaccine you received won't provide you guaranteed immunity. The incubation period for the virus is 10-21 days, so if you do get it you'll start experiencing symptoms anywhere from 1.5 - 3 weeks after you were exposed to the virus. The virus is relatively contagious, but there is still a chance you won't get it. It's spread by contact with blisters and saliva and through airborne droplets made by coughing and sneezing, so frequent hand washing, coughing into elbows, and throwing away tissues right away are all recommended to prevent catching it. Hope this helps! Christina Durchholz, MD READ MORE

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  • University Hospital (Currently Enrolled)

Professional Society Memberships

  • American Academy of Pediatrics

Hobbies / Sports

  • Running, Painting, Singing, Hiking

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11100 Euclid Avenue -
Cleveland, Ohio 44106
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