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My main concern is to compassionately facilitate a psychological healing process with my clients to help them overcome psychological difficulties and to achieve greater well-being. I am knowledgeable in many traditional psychological techniques and through a collaborative process with my clients different approaches are integrated and chosen for best treatment experiences and results. I draw from relational psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness based psychotherapy. I also teach and practice diverse coping strategies with patients for symptom relief.

I aim to provide a safe connection with my clients and to create a space where they can feel deeply listened to and understood, and to engage in a creative psychological treatment process to relieve distress and promote wellness. This process involves exploring feelings, thoughts and experiences, facilitating insight, relieving symptoms, deepening self-understanding, expanding awareness, growing and positively changing and manifesting a better and desired life.  I have a bicultural background and throughout my personal and professional life have experienced the power and value of culture (and race and other sub-cultures) in influencing one's psyche, behavior, relationships, and life experiences. I welcome cultural dialogues, the exploration of their impact on each client's life, as well as how they affect the treatment process.  

Anxiety, depression, relationship issues, adaptation to life issues, trauma, grief, culturally-sensitive treatment, bipolar disorder, psychotic spectrum disorders, and others are among the difficulties I help people manage and overcome. As a strength-based psychologist, I look into understanding each person' s unique constellation and their inherent strengths to promote a tailored treatment experience that builds on their resilience.

I offer some specific holistic practices  such as meditation and breath work for persons who are interested in adding alternative methods of healing, 

Education and Training

Williams College

BA; Psy..D at Long Island University/Post

Board Certification

NYS licensed

Provider Details

Male Spanish
Vanessa Porto Caskey
Vanessa Porto Caskey's Expert Contributions
  • Do psychologists ever have a "time frame" in mind?

    This is a tricky but very astute question. In some cases we get an estimate fairly quickly, which is often related to the specific presenting problem. But these estimates aren't always accurate. The main issue becomes how the patient collaborates with the therapist, how involved they are in the process, and whether and how they follow suggestions. In an ideal therapy, the patient works hard, which speeds the healing. Some patients have very, very serious problems and in those cases it's Important to say in therapy longer. But there are different kinds of therapy, as well as different approaches and beliefs. This will influence length of treatment. Professionally, I try to move fast (although always mindful of how ready a patient is. Personally, I love when patients bloom early, and give my full blessing for them to go; always telling them they are welcome back if they want. What complicates the speed is that our unconscious creates so much trouble, and without looking at it and accepting certain tendencies, the patient might be far from ready to go fast, and resistances to treatment go stronger. So there is less readiness. In these cases, it's most important to focus on this first (and of course deep listening, showing empathy and care, and cultivating trust). It's a delicate dance, and one that requires skill and sensitivity. If you are interested in short term therapy communicate that to your therapist from the get go. While I integrate different approaches, I am skeptical of professionals who give a number of sessions or months, because there is a lot to discover and different patients have unique styles, engagement in the process, and readiness. But yes, shorter therapies work for many. Through my 17 years of counseling, I learned that tools and coping strategies are wonderful and help a lot, but it doesn't last long. This is because it doesn't get to the root or bottom of the problem and doesn't resolve it. I believe that it's best to stick around until that is accomplished. And I will repeat that it is the real commitment, and ironically dedication and courage that heal the problem faster. What matters more: how long you go to therapy, or fully resolving the problem? The only valid answer here is your own... I have two questions for you: which would you prefer and why? Do you have any apprehensions about being in therapy? No need to answer. Just suggestions for thoughts. I hope this was helpful. But please know that therapists can think in very different ways. So my disclaimer is that all I said comes from my 17 years of counseling, what I learned from professionals I respected and who blew my mind away with insight and knowledge, and creativity, and some trial and error. What's most important, especially in the beginning (but better when always) is how you feel with your therapist, that you feel safe and can feel it will be possible to form a sense of connection with the therapist. Best of luck! Vanessa P. Caskey, Psy.D. READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

adaptation to changesanxietyBipolar DisorderClinical PsychologydepressionGriefPsychotic spectrum disordersrelationship issuestrauma


  • Psychological treatment for diverse psychological difficulties/psychotherapy

Professional Society Memberships

  • American Psychological Association (APA); New York State Psychological Assiciation (NYSPA)

Articles and Publications


Areas of research

  • Trauma, Sex Work

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New York, New York 10011
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