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Dr. Claire Vines PsyD. PHD PSY D LMFT

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Dr. Claire Vines PsyD. is a Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology, licensed, board certified practicing in Marina del Rey, CA. Dr. C. Vines PsyD. specializes in psychological mental health services assisting individuals on how to cope with emotional conflict conditions. As a psychoanalyst psychotherapist,, Dr. C. Vines PsyD. evaluates and treats patients through modalities such as, relationship attachment, traumatic healing from the present and post traumatic, distress, emotional focus, and expressive creation. Common symptoms related to emotional trauma are anxiety/ depression, traumatic distress, unwanted behaviors which can be unlearned. Psychologist, Traumatologist, Psychotherapist and Counselor may provide patient evaluations and purpose of assessing emotional healing.

Education and Training

Psy.D., LMFT, TF-CBT, EBP, DAPA 2005

Board Certification

Cytopathology (Pathology)

Clinical Pathology (Pathology)

Provider Details

Female English, Spanish, French
Dr. Claire Vines PsyD. PHD PSY D LMFT
Dr. Claire Vines PsyD. PHD PSY D LMFT's Expert Contributions
  • Touching Words of Kindness

    Never Stop Touching Words of Kindness.Never stop kissing a good morning kiss, holding hands, a good night kiss.Always mean what you say and say what you mean; kindly. Always maintain eye-to-eye contact. Read the soul.In your discussions avoid using the words, “Always and Never.” Unless, it is,...

  • Marriage Connection

    Do opposite personalities attract in a romantic relationship? Perhaps there is an initial intrigue when our own personal individual vulnerability is admiring another’s traits that are different than ours, while at the same time hoping to achieve a balanced romantic relationship. What often happens...

  • Healing Traumatic Injury

    Remembering traumatic stress is connected to fears which are related to unattended emotional injury. It is very important to remind yourself when the trauma is over and you have survived it. You are now in the present. Free yourself from emotional memories. It is difficult to override the...

  • Traumatic Stress and the Externalization of the Healing Process

    Remembering traumatic stress is connected to fears which are related to unattended emotional injury. It is very important to remind yourself when the trauma is over and you have survived it. You are now in the present.The response to trauma is fear and confusion. Your brain wants to re-create the...

  • How can I help my daughter recover from accident trauma?

    Find a psychotherapist who specializes in trauma from injury as well as emotional trauma, certified and licensed. Not all therapists are qualified in trauma. Also, find a therapy group for individuals who might struggle with similar symptoms. Sometimes creative expression, and visual narratives can reduce fears, as well. READ MORE

  • I have extreme mood swings.. Could it be due to my thyroid levels?

    You first must get a complete medical check-up from an MD. Following the results, seek a psychological assessment on your mental and emotional health. Dr. Claire, PSY. D. READ MORE

  • How can I get over a fear of going to a psychologist?

    Just remember that a psychologist is human, has chosen the profession as a way of giving to another person. You and the psychologist are on the same side. Dr. Claire PSY. D. READ MORE

  • Do therapists lead therapy sessions or do I?

    Psychotherapy is an Psychological Art-form of exchange to help bring new awareness to the self. There are various models of reflection of your emotions, while you do the internal work. If your therapy process needs additional feedback or response or lead, you must request it. A therapy session is your time and it's about what your needs are. Dr. Claire PSY. D. Sent from iPhone READ MORE

  • Patient privacy when it's a child being seen

    A psychiatrist provides medication. A psychologist or psychotherapist assist with the emotional process. The answer to your question depends on the age of your child the doctor qualifications and type of treatment. Ask your child's therapist or the psychiatrist. They will provide you with the appropriate answer to you and your child's situation. Best, Dr. Claire PSY. D. Sent from iPhone READ MORE

  • Dealing with pain anxiety depression

    I see you are in Florida? My response to you was for California. Call your health insurance Co and ask them for a referral list from their doctors in psychopharmacology. READ MORE

Areas of expertise and specialization

Assessment, Emotional Balance, Custody Court Reports, Psychological Traumatology-CBT, Emotional Focused, Solution Focused, Psychodynamic, Relationship Attachments. TF-CBT, Psychoanalytic Psychodynamic Observations Emotional Evaluations Psychotherapy Marriage Counseling Mediation

Faculty Titles & Positions

  • Primary Psychology Independent - 2017


  • Best Marriage Counselor in Marina del Rey 2014 Marina del Rey Chamber of Commerce
  • Certificate of Appreciation 2007 Vista del Mar Child & Family Services
  • Diplomate 2015 APA

Professional Memberships

  • Board of Behavioral Science
  • Los Angeles County Psychological Association
  • Diplomate American Psychotherapy Association


  • Psychological Traumatologist

Professional Society Memberships

  • Los Angeles County Psychological Association, California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, American Psychiatric Association

Articles and Publications

  • Mirrors of the Mind 3: The Psychotherapist as Artist

    Mirrors of the Mind 2: The Psychotherapist as Artist

    Mirrors of the MInd;  The Psychotherapist as Artist

What do you attribute your success to?


    Psychotherapy is the Art of Psychology.

    The Psychology of Art is a healing tool.

    Assisting individuals with present positive development, leading to one's path of emotional wisdom. 

    Staying aware of internal emotional life.

    Externalize emotions with creativity.

Areas of research

  • Relationship Attachments 

    Solution Focused

    Emotional Focused

Hobbies / Sports

  • Creative Expression, Expressive Art Therapy

Favorite professional publications

  • Psychology Today

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