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Ramona Yousefipour, DDS, is a dentist working at her private practice, Delta Family Dentistry, located in Oakley, California. Dr. Yousefipour graduated from University of California, San Francisco, in 1998 and is proud to provide gentle, family-oriented dental care to the adults and children of this community. Dr. Yousefipour has been practicing at this Oakley, California location since July 2002. She combines the latest dental knowledge and technology together with care and compassion. She is a professional member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine

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Dr. Ramona Yousefipour D.D.S
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  • Are raisins good for your teeth?

    Absolutely NOT!!!! Dried fruits of any kind are not only have very high glycemic index, they are also sticky which are the worst for your teeth. I would rather see my patients eat chocolate than dried fruits READ MORE

  • I have halitosis. Is there a permanent solution to help with this?

    Hello, this is a tough one. Although tongue brushing can be affective, but the true reason of halitosis is not known! You might pay attention to your diet and frequency of your eating. What you eat as far as garlic and onion has a lot to do with it as well. I highly recommend that you see your dentist to rule out gum disease which can cause a very bad odor in the mouth. READ MORE

  • Does a charcoal toothpaste really work?

    There are many products in the market now a days that makes it difficult to decide which o e to choose from. The only thing I can recommend is that to look for ADA seal of acceptance to make the product truly works. It is like FDA APPROVAL. If the product doesn’t really deliver what it claims, then ADA will not approve of it. READ MORE

  • What can I do about my sensitive teeth?

    Hello, Teeth sensitivity maybe due to different reasons. The best thing that you can do is to ask your dentist to make you a night fairs to protect your teeth at night time from grinding while asleep (the most common cause of sensitivity in teeth). There are also Fluoride gels that you can purchase over the counter which, by brushing with them twice daily, will subside your sensitivity. Best thing to do is to visit your dentist for the real reason behind your sensitivity. Since I mentioned earlier, it could be due to many different reasons. Best of luck, Ramona READ MORE

  • What can be done for chipped tooth?

    Hello, It depends how badly you chipped your tooth. If it is a small chip, it would be a simple fix. If you chipped a large part of the tooth, unfortunately, you need to get a crown. You should consult your dentist and discuss the options. Ramona READ MORE

  • How long will a teeth whitening treatment last?

    Hello, I believe personally that teeth whitening is worth every penny of it. Not only do you get a much better shade and esthetics, also this process is highly beneficial for your gums as well. Depending on your lifestyle and diet, it can last from 3 up to 12 months. That does not mean that you are going to go back to the original shade, it means that you may get slightly darker. Usually, with take-home bleaching, that should be no problem. You just apply the jell for one or maximum 2 nights and you are back to where you were. Ramona READ MORE

  • I have a pain coming from my back tooth. What should I do?

    Hi there, I would definitely see a dentist as soon as possible regarding this tooth. From what you describe regarding the intermittent pain, there is a possibility that you are dealing with a root canal case. I would seek professional advice as soon as possible. READ MORE

  • My front tooth got chipped at the bottom. What can be done about it?

    Hi there, No worries, you are not even close to extraction!! Depending on the depth and extent of the fracture, this can be fixed with a simple tooth color filling or, worst case scenario, a crown or root canal. It seems like you are not in pain, so my guess is that it could be restored beautifully just by a tooth colored filling. Ramona READ MORE

  • Can pomegranate cause teeth staining?

    Yes, any food with any color can potentially stain teeth. That does not mean that you should eliminate them from your diet, it only means that the coloring in them can stain teeth. The only food or beverage that does not stain teeth is just water!!! So, please don’t worry and carry on enjoying your fruits. Just brush with a good sonic toothbrush and a whitening toothpaste and you are good to go. Ramona READ MORE

  • What calcium supplements do you recommend for my son's calcium deficiency?

    Hi there. Surprisingly, milk is not the only source of calcium as advertised. There are many milk alternative drinks that have more calcium than milk itself. Vegetables such as broccoli contain great amounts of calcium as well. I have 3 children and we are all lactose intolerant. We have been supplementing our calcium through calcium containing vegetables such as broccoli or milk alternatives such as the Ripple brand. It is a very tasty drink from peas with less sugar than milk and so much more protein and calcium. If you live in an area that you have access to Whole Foods or any high-end groceries, you will find many milk alternatives with more calcium content. In the end, you can always give them the chewable calcium tables as well, which are not my personal choice due to their sugar content and being sticky (which is not healthy for the teeth). I hope I could answer your question. Best of luck. Ramona READ MORE

  • What should I do for my chipped tooth?

    Usually this is a very easy fix. Just contact your dentist and they will correct the chipped area with tooth colored resin and it will look as good as new. READ MORE

  • How should I maintain my gum health?

    Flossing frequency and technique is very important in oral health. Make sure you floss every night before bed time and also while flossing, make sure you are dropping the floss completely under the gum. At first you will experience some tenderness and bleeding but that is good. Continue on flossing deep under the gums and in just one week you notice no tenderness and no bleeding. READ MORE

  • I am having excessive saliva secretion in my mouth. Does it mean an infection?

    Hello there. Not at all. Excessive Saliva never means infection. This could be due to some metabolic changes or dietary changes. If any thing, more Saliva is better than less Saliva. No worries at all READ MORE

  • Does yellow teeth ever mean tooth decay?

    Yellow teeth does not mean decay. However, if this yellow turns brownish then we are dealing with decay. Just be very deligent a out removing plaque from your teeth. My preference are sonic toothbrushes. Other wise I would not worry about it at all. READ MORE

  • I am bleeding after 6 hours of my tooth extraction. What should I do?

    Yes, you will be fine. Depending on what type of extraction was done, some times it is within normal range to see some bleeding after extractions. Specially if you were dealing with infection and swelling. For hour and maybe days after extraction, infection and pus may come out of extraction site and there is nothing to worry about. Your body is getting rid of infection. However, if there was no infection or swelling involved, you can soak a black tea bag under cold water and bite down heavy on it. It will stop the bleeding immediately. If none of these work, I would check my liver and vit K. READ MORE

  • What could be the reason for my mouth dryness?

    Most medications cause dry mouth, so if you recently are taking a new medication, it is very normal to experience dry mouth. You should make sure that you are drinking plenary of water as well. Allergies can make your mouth dry as well. If dryness persists, I would recommend you visit your dentist. You want to make sure your Pratid gland is working fine. READ MORE

  • Can cavities in one tooth affect other teeth as well?

    Oth senarios are possible. Number one, right after fillings, it seems s very normal to have some temperature or biting sensitivity which should resolve in few weeks. Second, there is always a chance of bacteria affecting the adjacent tooth. I would highly recommend that you see your dentist and ask them to take an X-ray to be in the safe side. READ MORE

  • I recently read an article that said poor dental health could cause respiratory problems. Is it true?

    Absolutely. Poor oral hygiene is the mother of all diseases in our body. Recently, the world of medicine has come to the understanding of almost all diseases in the body, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, etc. (the list goes on and on), are related to bad oral hygiene. So, it is very important, in order to have great health, you should maintain great oral hygiene. READ MORE

  • Can brushing my teeth with salt whiten my teeth?

    I would not do that, salt crystals are abrasive to the enamel of the tooth. In the long run, it would be harmful to your teeth. READ MORE

  • What are natural ways to deal with tooth sensitivity?

    Tooth sensitivity may be due to several reasons. It may be due to grinding and clenching or due to gum diseases. In either case, you should definitely consult your dentist. There is not much of natural remedy for sensitive teeth. Please consult your dentist. READ MORE

  • Rash in the mouth

    The question is: how long after extractions did these rashes occurred? This rash could be and autoimmune response to trauma. I don’t believe this is any thing serious. Since it is happening on both sides, it has to be autoimmune. READ MORE

  • How can I prevent yellowing of my teeth?

    It is hard to tell. It could simply mean discoloration and plaque accumulation or it could be due to development of decay. This needs to be examined by a dentist to determine how to address it. READ MORE

  • My mother lost all of her teeth. What can be done?

    Hi there, unfortunately yes, that is the only way. However, with today's technology, your dentist can offer her implant retained dentures, which are screwed into the jaw bone and will not come in and out. They are basically fixed to your jaw bone. The cheapest one will be “all on four” procedure. You will be amazed by the results. Your mom will get her beautiful smile back. Best, RY READ MORE

  • Does clove oil really work in easing tooth pain?

    Hi there, sorry to hear you are suffering from toothache! Yes, oil of clove is often used in many dental sedatives. However, this is only for temporary relief. I highly recommend that you see your dentist since you might have an infection in the tooth. Wish you the best of luck. RY READ MORE

  • I feel pain and pressure on my gums. What could this be from?

    Hi there, it seems like you have gum disease. I️ assume if you floss the area, there is lots of pain and bleeding involved. I highly recommend you see your dentist and have a deep cleaning done followed by every night of proper flossing before you go to bed. Best, RY READ MORE

  • Why are my gums swollen?

    Hi there. Unfortunately, it seems like you are dealing with periodontitis, also known as GUM DISEASE. The only way to treat this is with deep cleaning, followed by flossing properly every night before bed time. I find sonic toothbrushes highly beneficial as well. Best, RY READ MORE

  • How long after my extraction stitches are removed can I drink or eat?

    Hi there. You can always eat and drink after your extraction. You just have to be careful what you eat. Drinking non-alcoholic beverages should be no problem. Take it easy on chips, nuts and popcorn, otherwise you can eat. Best, RY READ MORE

  • Why do my oral ulcers keep coming back?

    Hi there. There are several reasons for mouth ulcers. Number one is viral, which is know as cold sore. Cold sores can happen inside the mouth as well. Another source of mouth ulcers is autoimmune such as aphthous ulcers. Whether the source is viral or autoimmune, the fact that they keep coming back only indicates that your immune system is down!!! If the source is viral, this can be treated with antiviral medication upon onset. If not viral, you just have to let it run its course. Taking extra vitamin D/E will boost your immune response and might help you with the recurrence of these lesions. Best, RY READ MORE

  • Can a toothpaste help with tooth sensitivity?

    Hi there. Yes, Sensodyne is one of the best brands for tooth sensitivity in the market. However, as indicated on the label, they only work for 3 months!!! You need to consult with your dentist to find out the reason for your sensitivity. It could be malocclusion (bad bite) which needs to be changed orthodontically, it could be gum disease or most commonly, grinding or clenching. Either way, your dentist can help you with the true source of sensitivity. Best, RY READ MORE

  • What does bone loss in the teeth mean?

    Dear Patient. Diabetes is an auto immune disease that deteriorates the jaw bone if it is not controlled. There is a direct correlation between blood sugar and bone loss in your jaw. You can stop the process by good oral hygiene(flossing) and controlling your blood sugar. You will never get the lost bone back but you can surely stop this prosess( periodontal disease). Y having implacable oral hygiene and low glycemic diet. READ MORE

  • Why do some dentists hurt during cleanings more than others?

    Dear patient, It is hard to tell what is really going on! Although having a gentle touch goes a long way, it you need to k ow that some dentists and hygienists only clean the top part of tooth and never touch underneath the gum! In that case, patient may have a very smooth gentle cleaning experience with no bleeding and pain. On the other hand, some dentists are much more thorough with their cleaning and spend more time and effort to clean underneath the gums as well ( this is the best kind of cleaning). Although more painful and bloody, this type of cleaning will help patient with gingivitis and inflammation of the gums. I hope this answers your question. Best of luck. READ MORE

  • Is the fluoride treatment at the dentist really worth it?

    Dear patient, Fluoride treatment helps patients for prevention of decay and sensitivity! I am one of those dentists that highly recommends fluoride treatment in my own office for all ages. Fluoride treatment is even more beneficial for people with acid reflux, sleep apnea, diabetes...I highly recommend to get your fluoride treatment done. READ MORE

  • Is it bad if a piece of an old filling falls out?

    Dear patient, yes, it is very bad when piece of a filling falls out and I will tell you why! There will be micro leakage of bacteria right where the filling has broken off your tooth. Although you may not feel any thing at the time, but this can soon easily turn into a root canal. Worse, you can wake up one morning with a swelling in the side of your face. I would highly recommend that you see your dentist and ask them to fix your tooth. READ MORE

  • I can't fix my teeth sensitivity. What do I do?

    Dear patient, anti sensitivity tooth pastes such as Sensodyne will not work over 3 months!!! If you read their label, you will see that it won't work after 3 months of use. You need to know the origin of your sensitivity. Sensitivity can be due to gum disease , malocclusion ( teeth don't touch each other in correct way) , or grinding and clenching. If your sensitivity due to gum disease, you should be treated for it and you need to floss on regular basis in order to aliviate sensitivity. If it is due to bad bite, your bite should be corrected orthodontically either conventional braces or Invisalign. If it is due to grinding and clenching, ask your dentist to make you a night guard. Usually the most common cause of sensitivity is grinding and clenching which can be prevented very easily by a night gaurd. Hope that answers your question. Best, Dr. Ramona READ MORE

  • Clicking in my jaw

    Dear patient, there are several reasons why the jaw clicks. The number one issue that the jaw clicks is the malocclusion. What it means is that your teeth do not come together in a correct way. Usually people with class II occlusion are very prone to jaw ailments. In my opinion and practicing more than 20 years, no oral surgeon has ever truly fixed any TMJ issue. Unless you are in severe pain, they have a tendency to watch it!!! The best way to correct this problem is to correct the bite by braces. You should definitely have a consultation with an orthodontist and ask for their opinion. 90 percent of the times the clicking corrects itself once the bite is corrected orthodontically. Hope that answers your question. Best, Dr. Ramona READ MORE

  • Is water-flossing as effective as regular flossing?

    Dear patient, there is nothing as effective as good old regular flossing. Water picks are great for braces and also elderly without any good hand coordination. The physical friction of floss against the gum tissue disrupts the bacterial activity. I don't even recommend floss picks, I highly recommend the thread itself since you can manipulate it to the curvature of your own tooth and actually remove debris from underneath. I hope this answer your question. I'll be happy to assist you further if you need any help. Best, Dr. Ramona READ MORE

  • What can I eat or avoid eating to reduce plaque?

    Dear patient, it is not much about what you eat than about what you brush your teeth with. Tartar control tooth pastes remove plaque much better than regular tooth pastes. So when you shop for your tooth paste, please make sure it is tartar control. Second, try a sonic tooth brush. This is one of the best investments you can do for your teeth. The best brands are Sonicare brand or Oral B sonic tooth brush. They are more expensive than conventional tooth brushes but they worth every penny of it. Try these methods and if you still have questions I'll be more than happy to help. Best, Dr. Ramona READ MORE

  • What if only one tooth is crooked?

    Dear patient, this is a great challenging question. When a tooth is rotated(crooked), if it is not in ma occlusion with the opposing tooth, there is no worries but esthetic concerns! Which means it is not causing any harm to the rest of the teeth, it is just rotated. In this case, I leave it up too you if you want to fix it only for esthetic purposes. On the other hand, if the crooked tooth is in mail occlusion with the opposing teeth, I highly recommend to address it as soon as possible before this rotated tooth make damage to the opposing tooth. In this case esthetic is not as much concern as the health and longevity of the opposite tooth. And yes, in order to make this tooth straight, the orthodontist needs to shift around other teeth as well but not as much. It would be to the benefit of all teeth once they are in correct position. I hope I answered your question. Best, Dr. Ramona READ MORE

  • Adult tooth is loose. What should I do?

    Hi there, usually there is nothing to worry about. Due to trauma, the ligaments that hold the tooth in the sicker , become inflamed that is why tooth becomes loose. In this situation, most likely the tooth requires a root canal and if it is still loose, it can be splinted to the adjacent tooth until the full recovery. I had a patient in my office who had a luxated tooth The tooth came out completely out of socket). She walked in with the tooth in her hand. We placed the tooth safely back in the socket and splinted it to the adjacent tooth. After the patient came back , we performed a root canal and after 6 years, the tooth is nicely in place with no problem. Ramona ( READ MORE


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  • American Academy of Sleep Medicine, American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine

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  • Skiing

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  • Allen

    Very good lotsa fun, will continue to return.

  • Shantavia

    You did great on my teeth thanks for doing them üòÅ

  • Linda

    Very caring and explained procedure well. Assured me everything would be fine.

  • Robert

    Dr Ramona provides exceptional dental care. It's always a pleasure! Keep up the good work :)!!

  • Diana

    I have been coming to Dr. Ramona for many years. I highly recommend Dr. Ramona Yousefipour & her Office Staff. They are willing to work with you on your dental work.

  • (5)

    Great office wonderful staff

  • Robert

    Excellent communication skills painless and friendly

  • Briget

    My whole family have been patients of Dr Ramona for 15 years. She is a wonderful and very knowledgeable dentist. Her staff is always pleasant and helpful!

  • Michael

    The office was great everyone was wonderful from the dentist to the receptionist

  • Loujuana

    I don't know what I would do without her. Excellent,

  • Deborah

    This has been the best experience as a parent. Dr Ramona is awesome and the staff is friendly and helpful. The atmosphere is pleasant and comfortable I love this office.

  • Dan

    Absolutely the best care of any dentist I have ever experienced! Kind thorough and the best staff. Highly recommended from this ole cowboy that doesn't like dentist! Need a dentist Dr. Ramona is my choice.

  • (5)

    Great office awesome staff

  • (5)

    Dr. Ramona is a great dentist! She always makes you feel so welcomed. She's the friendliest and prettiest person I know.

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