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Ms. Kelli Kaska PT, Physical Therapist

Ms. Kelli Kaska PT

Physical Therapist

39450 W 12 MILE RD STE 1A NOVI MI, 48377


Kelli Kaska is a physical therapist practicing in NOVI, MI. Kelli Kaska specializes in physical treatment to help a patient reduce pain, restore mobility, rehabilitate an injury, or increase movement and overall function. As a physical therapist, Kelli Kaska can treat multiple conditions with exercises, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, joint mobilization, heat, ice, massage, laser or light therapy and more. Kelli Kaska will create a treatment plan based on the patients specific injury or condition, and might target a specific body part or body system based on the individual.

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39450 W 12 MILE RD STE 1A -
NOVI, MI 48377
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