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Michelle Lee L.AC.


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Michelle Lee is an acupuncturist practicing in NEW YORK, NY. Dr. Lee evaluates and treats patients based on the concepts of oriental medicine. Acupuncturists complete their evaluations by getting a patient history and looking at and touching the body. Then, they place very fine acupuncture needles into specific points on the body. Stimulating these points and nerves is how Dr. Lee treats the patients condition. Many of the bodys systems respond to acupuncture, and it can treat physical pain as well as emotional stress.

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National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

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Female English, Spanish, Korean
Michelle Lee L.AC.
Michelle Lee L.AC.'s Expert Contributions
  • Do you need a diagnosis to get acupuncture?

    Acupuncture can definitely be done without a diagnosis from a Western doctor. We do our own intake and provide our own diagnosis, so do not worry about that. Please search for a practitioner and make sure he/she is the right fit with you. READ MORE

  • Is acupuncture safe?

    Absolutely. If you have a Western diagnosis, we can definitely use that to assist our treatments as well. READ MORE

  • How often does acupuncture cause bacterial infections?

    In my experience, I have never encountered bacterial infections from acupuncture. We use sterile, one-time use needles that are immediately disposed safely after use. Never will I ever insert needles into an open wound site, so that eliminates any risk. Acupuncture can help to minimize scarring, and nerve damage (if applicable) when performed correctly. READ MORE

  • Will acupuncture help with knee pain?

    Acupuncture is highly recommended for pain, in almost all cases. Every acupuncturist is different and has different approaches to each situation. I cannot say the exact points another acupuncturist might use, but I will say that generally, local points near the pain, and distal points (hands, feet, back, etc) may be used as well. READ MORE

  • Does acupuncture relieve depression symptoms?

    YES!!!! I cannot stress the benefits of acupuncture for depression. First of all, acupuncture done correctly helps to de-stress by unblocking any obstruction of your energy flow. But because depression has many different causes/manifestations, addressing the root problem will help correct the main issue, without masking the symptoms. READ MORE

  • Is tiredness normal after acupuncture?

    Yes. It is a possibility. I recommend that each patient eats a decent meal at least 20-30 minutes prior to the session and to be hydrated well. I recommend that after the session, you take the rest of the day easy and sleep early, if need be. Most of patients report that the fatigue is only the day of the treatment and they feel better energized the following day. READ MORE

  • Should I consider acupuncture for anemia?

    Acupuncture is known to improve blood circulation, but what is not as well known, is that acupuncture can also help to create more blood in the body. There are specific acupoints in the body that boost production of blood and energy. READ MORE

  • I take blood thinners regularly. Is acupuncture dangerous for me?

    Acupuncture must be performed with caution. I always like to discuss with the primary care doctor prior to any session so that we can work together to help the patient receive the maximum benefit. A different form of acupuncture can also be used so that the risk of bleeding is significantly lowered. READ MORE

  • Chronic constipation. Should I go for acupuncture?

    Acupuncture helps promote blood and energy flow. Any blockage can cause problems for digestion and constipation. We would help to lubricate the intestines and promote blood and energy flow so that you can go back to a normal schedule. READ MORE

  • Does acupuncture raise blood pressure?

    Anything is possible. Which means acupuncture could have caused the temporary spike in blood pressure, but also, could mean that it was caused as a byproduct of stress or anxiety, bad digestion, etc. Without having seen the client myself, this is a difficult question to answer. I believe it is best answered as a case-by-case. READ MORE

  • Is acupuncture safe for people with hemophilia?

    There are so many alternative forms and modalities that can be applied by an acupuncturist and/or Eastern medicine doctor. I have a patient with hemophilia and have success with all modalities, including a lighter, traditional form of acupuncture to help maintain a good quality of life. READ MORE

  • Can my rash be from acupuncture?

    The needles that are normally used are surgical stainless steel, which means an allergic reaction would be almost impossible. However, some practitioners could use an atypical needle. Or, the rash could be a superficial bruise. There are too many variables to assume the origin of the rash. Please send a photo so that I can assist in narrowing down the problem. READ MORE

  • What can acupuncture do for the muscles?

    Yes. Acupuncture is highly effective for muscle pains, spasms, injury, etc. Depending on why you are experiencing muscle spasms, we can use acupuncture to unblock any of the pathways obstructing the nerve signals and strengthening the muscles themselves. READ MORE

  • How often should I go for acupuncture?

    Most of my chronic pain patients are recommended to see me 2 times a week for the first 3 weeks and then we do a re-examination. Then, we taper to once a week and so on and so forth, depending on the patient’s progress. READ MORE

  • How many points are there in acupuncture?

    Officially recognized? 388. Including extra points and whatnot, that number rises over 400. READ MORE

  • Is it normal to feel lethargic after my session?

    Yes. There are a few different conditions that follow a session of acupuncture, and lethargy and tiredness is a very common one. READ MORE

  • Are acupuncture needles reused?

    It is absolutely illegal to reuse a needle even in the same patient during a single session. Although all acupuncturists are aware and trained in biohazards, I cannot speak for everyone. I can confidently say that all of my colleagues and I will never compromise our integrity. READ MORE

  • Is acupuncture a better alternative to opioids?

    Absolutely! There is a hospital that has now officially incorporated acupuncture into their Emergency room to give alternatives to patients unwilling to depend on opioids. Acupuncture was first introduced to the West as a natural anesthesia. READ MORE

  • Where are the acupuncture points for fertility?

    That depends on which organs and systems are weaker for your specific condition. But basic fertility points are located on the midline of the abdomen and stomach area. More points will be added depending on your current condition. READ MORE

  • When should I get acupuncture treatment for fertility?

    I always recommend 3-6 months before actively trying to conceive. If you have already started, it takes roughly 3-6 months to reset and recondition the body to become optimum for fertility and healthy pregnancy. READ MORE

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NEW YORK, NY 10001
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